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									                 Rees -
                 more crop per drop
                 Rees is a new drought tolerant wheat variety bred by CSIRO
                 plant scientists using innovative gene selection criteria.

                 The new wheat variety Rees, released in                              Plant characteristics
                 2003 is the second variety to be developed                           Rees is a semi-dwarf variety of similar
                 using scientific gene selection criteria based                        height, maturity and chaff colour to Hartog.
                 on measuring a plant’s carbon isotope                                The low carbon isotope discrimination (high
                 signature.                                                           water-use efficiency) of Rees compared
                 The DELTA technique gives plant breeders                             to Hartog results in higher yields in drier
                 the ability to breed varieties of wheat that                         seasons and regions. Rees has a higher
                 more efficiently exchange atmospheric                                 yield when compared with Janz, Hartog,
                 carbon dioxide for water during                                      Kennedy and Cunningham in Queensland. In
                 photosynthesis.                                                      NSW Rees is higher yielding than Sunstate
                                                                                      and Sunvale. Rees is resistant to lodging.
                 The DELTA technique has given Rees an
                 advantage over comparable wheats in dry                              Grain characteristics
                 years, so that it is producing about 5 per                           Rees is a hard-grained wheat that will be
                 cent more grain despite receiving the same                           received into the Australian Hard (AH)
                 rainfall.                                                            segregation in Queensland. It will receive
                 In addition, Rees has outstanding resistance                         the maximum classification of APW in other
                 to the major wheat diseases.                                         states until further quality data is available.
                                                                                      Rees has good milling and baking qualities
                 Rees is the second commercial release of                             and excellent noodle sheet colour and colour
                 a wheat variety from Graingene - a joint                             stability.
                 venture between AWB Limited, the Grains
                 Research and Development Corporation                                 Disease and pest resistance
                 (GRDC), CSIRO Plant Industry and Syngenta.                           Rees is resistant to stem, leaf and stripe
                                                                                      rust and has resistance and tolerance to
                 Rees facts                                                           root lesion nematode.
                 •   White, hard-grained wheat, classified
                     AH in Queensland                                                 Plant breeders rights
                 •   Outstanding grain quality for yellow                             Rees is protected by Plant Breeder’s Rights,
                     alkaline noodles                                                 any unauthorised commercial propagation
                 •   Transpiration efficient /water use efficient                       or any sale, conditioning, export, import
                     (WUE) therefore drought tolerant                                 or stocking of propagating material of this
                 •   Intermediate maturity, similar to                                variety is an infringement under the Plant
                     Cunningham                                                       Breeder’s Rights Act 1994.
                 •   Very high tolerance to root lesion
                     nematodes                                                        Growers are allowed to retain seed from
                 •   Very good resistance to Stem, Leaf                               production of this variety for their own
                     and Stripe rusts                                                 use as seed only. An end point levy (rate
                 •   Resistant to lodging                                             to be confirmed), which includes breeder
                                                                                      royalties, applies to this variety.
                 Rees has a higher yield than Cunningham,                             Acknowledgments
                 Hartog and Kennedy in Queensland and                                 Rees was bred using a new breeding
                 a higher yield than Sunstate and Sunvale                             technology for drought tolerance (carbon
                 in NSW.                                                              isotope discrimination) developed by the
                                                                                      Australian National University and CSIRO
                 Rainfall                                                             with support from growers through GRDC.
                 Rees is best adapted to the low-medium
                 rainfall zones of Queensland and northern                            It was bred and selected by Graingene (a
                 NSW where it yields well and produces                                joint venture between AWB Ltd, CSIRO,
                 good-sized grain. Rees has also performed                            GRDC and Syngenta) and Enterprise Grains
                 well in the medium rainfall areas of NSW.                            Australia, a joint venture between the
                                                                                      Department of Agriculture in WA, NSW
                                                                                      Agriculture, GRDC and the Queensland
                                                                                      Department of Primary Industries. Rees is
                                                                                      available exclusively through AWB Seeds.

                                                    AWB Grower Services Centre 1800 054 433

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