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Ranger Campers Hire Ranger Campers Hire

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									Ranger Campers Hire
Phone/Fax (03) 9312 3140. Mobile 0408 572 797
                                                                        Terms & Conditions of Hire
1.1 The Hirer or nominated 2nd Driver named in Section 1 of this Agreement form (“The          10.    Trailer Condition & Place of Return
      Hirer”) by agreeing to make a booking to hire the Camper Trailer. Vehicle and/or         10.1   The Hirer agrees to return the Camper Trailer and Camper Equipment in the same
      Camper Equipment enters into an agreement with Ranger Campers Hire (ABN: 33                     condition (except for normal wear and tear and NOT INCLUDING TYRE DAMAGE),
      499 694 109) whereby the Hirer agrees to the terms and conditions of hire as                    unless by mutual agreement, the Camper Trailer will be returned to the place where
      described below.                                                                                it was supplied.

2.     Definitions                                                                             11.    Towing Vehicle
2.1    In this Agreement the following definitions apply:                                      11.1   The Hirer must have full comprehensive insurance for the towing vehicle and must
       “Camper Equipment” means one or more of the Camper Trailer accessories listed in               not have been refused any motor vehicle insurance.
       Agreement.                                                                              11.2   The Hirer must ensure that all indicator, brake and clearance lights are operational
       “Camper Trailer” means 4WD Off Road Camper.                                                    throughout the hire period and must rectify any fault prior to travelling.
2.2    “Towing Vehicle” means the registered Motor Vehicle listed in Section 2 of this
       Agreement.                                                                              12.    Further Warranties & Achknowledgments by the Hirer
                                                                                               12.1   The Hirer is not permitted to sub lease or lend the Camper Trailer to any other
3.     The Hirer – Identification, Licence & Age requirements                                         persons not a party to this Agreement.
3.1    The Hirer warrants that he/she is 21 years of age or over as at the date of signing     12.2   The Hirer understands and agrees that Ranger Campers Hire shall not be liable for
       this Agreement.                                                                                any expenditure, damage, loss or inconvenience incurred by the Hirer arising out of
3.2    Only the Hirer or nominated 2nd Driver as specified in Section 1 of this Agreement is          any breakdown to the Camper Trailer, whether caused by fair wear and tear or any
       permitted to drive the vehicle towing the Camper Trailer.                                      reason whatsoever, during the period of the Hire Agreement. This includes cost
3.3    The Drivers must have a valid Australian driver’s licence or a valid international             such as accommodation, meals, flights, car hire, phone calls or any other costs
       driver’s licence as at the date of signing this Agreement, and that licence must               incurred by the Hirer.
       remain valid throughout the term of the hire period as specified in this Agreement.     12.3   All damages sustained to the Camper Trailer, during the hire period shall become
       The Hirer must not be the holder of a restricted, learner’s or provisional driver’s            the sole responsibility of the Hirer for repairs to be undertaken to a condition at
       licence.                                                                                       least equal to the condition of the Camper Trailer as existed prior to the damage
3.4    At the time of signing this Agreement Ranger Campers Hire requires the Hirer to                and/or theft event occurring.
       produce two (2) forms of identification, one showing the Hirer’s photograph and the            All repairs are to be undertaken only as authorized by Ranger Campers Hire using
       Hirer’s current residential address (e.g. Driver’s Licence or passport).                       qualified service personnel nominated by Ranger Campers Hire. All costs for repairs
4.     Bookings & Booking Deposits                                                                    or replacement required shall be paid for by the Hirer. Under no circumstances shall
4.1    A deposit of $150.00 is payable upon completion and signing of this Agreement. The             any third party be engaged, or act on behalf of the Hirer for the purpose of any
       booking deposit will be deducted from hire charge upon payment of the full hire                repairs or replacement of the Camper Trailer, unless specifically authorized by
       charge.                                                                                        Ranger Campers Hire. Any tyre repair or replacement is the responsibility of the
4.3    Where a booking is cancelled 22 days or more before the commencement of the                    Hirer. Tyres used for replacement must be of the approved type, brand and sized as
       hire, the booking deposit will be refunded less a $50.00 cancellation fee.                     nominated by Ranger Campers Hire.
4.4    Where a booking is cancelled 21 days or less before the commencement of the hire,       12.4   The Hirer understands and agrees that Ranger Campers Hire is not accountable for
       50% of the deposit will be refunded to the Hirer.                                              any damage or costs incurred to the Hirer as a result of damage to any towing
4.5    Where a booking is cancelled 14 days or less before the commencement of the hire,              vehicle.
       the Hirer will forfeit the whole of the deposit.
5.     Hire Period                                                                             13.    Insurance & Excess
5.1    Times for the collection and return of the Camper Trailer are to be agreed to           13.1   The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the care and security of the Camper Trailer at
       between the Hirer and Ranger Campers Hire prior to the commencement of the hire                all times.
       period.                                                                                 13.2   In relation to the hire of the Camper Trailer, a $1,000.00 excess is payable by the
5.2    For the purposes of this Agreement, the hire period commences and ends on the                  Hirer in the event of an accident.
       dates set out in Section 3 of this Agreement.                                           13.3   Recovery of excess payable in the instance of a “no fault” accident is the
5.3    Pick ups and returns of Camper Trailers must be done between 9.00am to 5.00pm                  responsibility of the Hirer.
       Monday to Friday.
                                                                                               14.    Repair & Breakdown
6.     Late Returns                                                                            14.1   In the event of a breakdown or malfunction of the Camper Trailer, Ranger Campers
6.1    Where the Camper Trailer is not returned by 5.00pm on the last calendar day in the             Hire must be notified as soon as practically possible.
       hire period, the Hirer agrees to pay an additional daily rate.                                 The Hirer is responsible for the security and care of the Camper Trailer.
7.     Early Returns
7.1    There are no refunds, partial or otherwise, and no future credit accrued as a result    15.    Care & Cleaning of Equipment
       of an early return of the Camper Trailer.                                               15.1   The Camper Trailer is to be returned in a clean condition to the satisfaction of
8.     Hire Fees                                                                                      Ranger Campers Hire. If the Camper Trailer is not cleaned to Ranger Campers Hire
8.1    The Hire fees applicable to Camper Trailer are specified in Section 2 of the                   satisfaction, Ranger Campers Hire will deduct a cleaning fee from the Security Bond
       Agreement.                                                                                     and a receipt for the cleaning will be forwarded to the Hirer via post if cleaning is
9.     Security Bond                                                                                  required.
9.1    A Security Bond is required upon collection of the Camper Trailer.                      15.2   No detergents are to be used to clean canvas items. Marks on the canvas are to be
9.2    The Security Bond payable upon collection is listed under Section 2                            wiped off with a cloth and water only. No severe scrubbing or high pressure hose is
9.3    The Security Bond is fully refundable with seven (7) working days at completion of             to be used, and no abrasive cleaners are to be used on any of the finishes of the
       the hire period provided the Camper Trailer is returned in the same condition, on              Camper Trailer.
       time, undamaged, LPG Bottles should be returned full.
       If Ranger Campers Hire is required to fill LPG Bottles the “at Cost” amount will be     16.    Accident, Damages & Liability
       deducted from Security Bond.                                                            16.1   The Hirer must make a report to Police regarding any accident involving the Camper
9.4    However, should further cleaning or repair work be required, then an additional cost           Trailer, or vehicle malicious damage caused by the Camper Trailer, or theft of the
       will apply and the Security Bond will be retained until such time as this cleaning or          Camper Trailer,
       repair work has been completed. The Security Bond will be refunded with seven (7)       16.2   In the event of an accident involving another vehicle the Hirer is required to obtain
       days of the completion of work.                                                                the Registration, make, model & colour of the other vehicle, Name, Address and
9.5    Ranger Campers Hire reserves the right to deduct any late return payments from                 Driver’s Licence details of the other party involved, and the name, address of any
       the Security Bond.                                                                             witness and forward these details to the Police and Ranger Campers Hire.
9.6    In the event of an accident requiring a claim against Ranger Campers Hire’s             16.3   The Hirer indemnifies Ranger Campers Hire against all damage to persons and
       insurance, the Security Bond is forfeited in total.                                            property in relations to the Hirer’s use and control of the Camper Trailer.
9.7    The Hirer accepts full responsibility that in the event that Ranger Campers Hire is
       required to commence recovery proceedings in order to make a claim against the          17.    Repair & Breakdown
       security bond, that these charges will be in addition to the                            17.1   Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
       outstanding Security Bond claim and become the sole responsibility of the Hirer.

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