Port Hedland Air Quality and Noise Management Plan Fact Sheet by lindayy


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									                                                                                    Port Hedland Dust Taskforce
Port Hedland Air Quality                                                            www.dsd.wa.gov.au/PHDTF

and Noise Management Plan                                                           Fact Sheet 1

The Port Hedland Air Quality and          The Port Hedland Air Quality and      Industry’s role – the Port Hedland
Noise Management Plan, along with         Noise Management Plan will help       Port Authority and exporters will
the Western Australian Government’s       manage these impacts, reduce          continue implementing new and
Pilbara Cities project, will help         risks to residents, ensure that the   better technology and practices
ensure that Port Hedland continues        town continues to grow and give       to manage and monitor dust and
its development as a major regional       the West End a new lease of life.     noise emissions (see Fact Sheet 5).
centre and an attractive place to live,
work and invest.                          What is the plan?                     Governance – The Port Hedland
                                                                                Air Quality and Noise Management
It provides a strategy for future         Health risk management –
                                                                                Plan clearly allocates
land use that balances the interests      the Department of Health will
                                                                                responsibility for implementing,
of Port Hedland residents and             continue to review environmental
                                                                                monitoring and enforcing
businesses with the export industries     health information, and assess
                                                                                regulatory standards, land use
which are vital to the town and to        and advise on risks (see Fact
                                          Sheet 2).                             planning and industry initiatives
Western Australia.                                                              (see Fact Sheet 6).
The Plan sets goals and allocates         Environmental management – the
responsibilities for managing the         plan recommends a maximum             Who made this plan?
impact of dust and noise on people        allowable level of dust. The
                                                                                The Port Hedland Dust
and property, and for monitoring and      Department of Environment
                                                                                Management Taskforce was
managing dust and noise levels.           and Conservation will work with
                                                                                established by the Western
                                          industry to develop an integrated
                                                                                Australian Government in 2009
                                          air monitoring network and noise
Why have a plan?                          management controls to keep
                                                                                to develop a comprehensive
The plan for Port Hedland’s future                                              approach to managing dust and
                                          the community informed and
accommodates its increasing               protected (see Fact Sheet 3).         noise, improving air quality and
importance to Western Australia, both                                           managing impacts.
as a regional population centre, and      Land use – the Town of Port
as one of the biggest resource export     Hedland and the Department of         The Taskforce, which reports
ports in the world.                       Planning will implement planning      to the Premier, includes
                                          guidelines and building standards     representatives of:
The town of Port Hedland and the          that favour development of
port have co-existed for more than                                              •	 the	Town	of	Port	Hedland;
                                          the West End for short-term
100 years. Since the 1960s when bulk      accommodation and non-                •	 the	Port	Hedland	Port	
export of iron ore exports began, dust    residential purposes.                    Authority;
and noise have become an issue. In
                                                                                •	 iron	ore	exporters	including	
recent years, the volume of iron ore      Future residential, schools and
                                                                                   BHP Billiton Iron Ore, FMG and
exports from Port Hedland increased       aged care facility development will
                                                                                   Hancock	Iron	Ore;	and
and further expansions are planned        be focussed at the eastern end of
or underway.                              Port Hedland (see Fact Sheet 4).      •	 Government	agencies	
                                                                                   including Health, Planning, and
While there is no clear scientific        A development plan for Port              Environment and Conservation.
evidence of increased health risks        Hedland’s long term growth as
from Port Hedland dust, long term         a vibrant, sustainable regional       It is chaired by the Department of
exposure to excessive dust can            community will be delivered, as       State Development.
potentially have health impacts and       part of the Government’s Pilbara
excessive noise is disruptive to life     Cities vision.                        The Western Australian
and work.                                                                       Government has approved the
                                          This plan will revitalise the         plan and the Port Authority and
Industry growth increases the             commercial life of the West End       ten port users have formed the
likelihood of dust and noise impacts,     and encourage future residential      Port Hedland Industries Council
mainly on the West End, Port              and community growth in the East      to deliver industry cooperation in
Hedland’s traditional heart.              End and South Hedland.                implementing it.

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