Order Your Personalized Snowsports Instructor Business Cards Doesn t it by salazarcannon


									Order Your Personalized Snowsports Instructor Business Cards
Doesn’t it make sense to carry business cards signifying your expertise as an instructor? You can order personalized ski instructor business cards from PSIA-E/AASI. Cards are two color (blue and red) or one color for AASI-only cards (blue) with raised lettering and feature the official PSIA and AASI logos. Set up is free. One Color (AASI only) 250 qty. $ 32.00 500 qty. $ 42.00 1,000 qty. $ 52.00 Two Color (PSIA only, or both) $ 39.00 $ 49.00 $ 59.00

Shipping and Handling is $8.50 per order. Prices include tax, and orders are shipped within 5 working days. Visit the PSIA-E/AASI website at www.psia-e.org and order your cards online. Ordering online is quick and easy. Best of all, you will see a preview of exactly what your card will look like before you place your order!

Please fill out and fax to (517) 485-4066, or mail to Keystone Printing Group, 15400 S US Highway 27, Lansing, MI 48906-5905 with your payment.

AASI only
(1 Color Price)

Instructor Card text information - please complete
exactly as you wish it to appear, and PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. Name ___________________________________________ Title 1 __________________________________________ Title 2 __________________________________________ Resort/Mountain _________________________________ City, State, Zip ____________________________________ Phone 1 _________________________________________ Phone 2 _________________________________________ E-mail or website _________________________________

Which Logos & What Quantity? PSIA only
(2 Color Price)

(2 Color Price)

Questions? Call Member Services at (518) 452-6095.

Shipping Address:
____________________________________________________ Name ____________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ City State Zip

Method of Payment: Check enclosed payable to Keystone Printing for $______, or Credit Card (circle) Visa MC AmEx Disc ___________________________________ _______________________________________________ Name on Card (Print please.) Card Number ___________________________________ ________________ Signature Expiration Date Member Number (required)

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