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					pod                                     Permanent	                                        Phone		
                                                                                                          334	69407
                                                                                                          336	57579
    print on demand                         Thesis                                        Email	

                                                         PLEASE	USE	BLOCK	LETTERS
              If you have any queries regarding the completion of this form, please don’t hesitate to contact us:
                                           T: +61 7 334 69407                               F: +61 7 336 57579

	                                                                 Student Details	

                      Name	 	 _______________________                                 Date	Submitted	 	 __________________________
     	        Student	#	 	 _______________________                              	       Date	Required	 	 __________________________
     	            Phone	 	 _______________________                              	Alternative	Contact	 	 __________________________
     	                Email	 	 _______________________                          	 Alternative	Phone	 	 __________________________
     	     Degree	Type		 	 _______________________                              	          Department	 	 __________________________

     	 ISQ	Required	 YES		/		NO                                                 	           UQ	Student	 YES		/		NO

                                                               Printing Instructions

                  Copies	 	 _______________________                             Proof	Copy	Reqired			 YES		/		NO

     	 Colour	Number	 	 _______________________                                 	        Double	Sided	 YES		/		NO

                                                                                	       Archival	Paper	 YES		/		NO

	         File	Details	       	 ___________________________________________________________________________
	                        	      names,	file	order

PDF	Colour	Page	Numbers:




                                                               Binding Instructions

	        Cloth	Colour	 	 _________________________                                   Number	of	Copies		 	_________________________
                                                                                     to	be	bound	   	

	         Thesis	Title	 	 _____________________________________________________________________________

	 Student	Name	 	 _____________________________________________________________________________
	                        	   standard	UQ	cover	-	please	attach	details	if	this	does	not	apply

	        Spine	Details	 	 _____________________________________________________________________________
	                        	   thesis	title		                                    (total	of	50	characters	or	less)	            initials	and	family	name
                                                 Special Instructions





                Document Checklist                                              Paperwork Checklist
 Please ensure your document conforms to the                 All sections of the thesis submission form have been
 following requirements:                                     filled out including:
 … Security – this should be set to none.                    … My full name and contact details
 … Page size – it should be A4 (210x297) not US              … Colour pages have been recorded on the form
   letter                                                      using PDF page numbers – not document numbers
 … Statement of Originality has been included                … The number of copies required
 … All images are TIFF images (CCITG4) rather than           … My details for the spine/cover name have been
   jpgs or gifs                                                completed
 … File name – please include your name in the file          … The file name(s)
                                                             … Any additional instructions
 … Multiple file compilation will attract a fee for
   time taken

  Students	must	check	all	pages	and	files	carefully.	Any	alterations	are	to	be	done	by	the	student	or	additional	fees	
        may	be	incurred.	pod	does	not	accept	responsibility	for	any	errors	that	are	discovered	after	binding.

 ________________________________________                         ________________________________________
 Student Signature                                                Date

                     Office Use Only                                               Payment Details
     Item          Count          Copies          Price                  Date                  Binding Cost = $
A4 B&W                                       $                    Receipt No                     Print / Copy $
A4 Colour                                    $                                                         Total	= $
A3 B&W                                       $
A3 Colour                                    $
                                                                  Date             Customer Contact                Staff	Name
CD Pockets                                   $
                                                              /    /      /        Phone   /   Email
Special Paper                                $
                                                              /    /      /        Phone   /   Email
Download Fee                                 $
Binding Cost                                 $

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