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					Permanent Placement
Terms & Conditions of Business
As part of our Service Agreement with your company, this contract confirms our business terms & conditions as discussed and agreed for the
recruitment of staff for permanent employment with your company.

Salary Package:
Our fee is calculated on the agreed first year gross annual remuneration package which is inclusive of Base Salary, Superannuation and
Allowances such as company Car.

Standard Schedule of Fees:
Package to $44,999 = 12% + GST
$45,000 to $64,999 = 14% + GST
Over $65,000       = 16% + GST

• Payment for services rendered will be 14 days of date of invoice.

• Any advertising deemed necessary will be written by Advantage Recruitment, discussed, reviewed and approved by an agreed
   representative of the client prior to insertion in the appropriate media.
• All advertising costs will be invoiced to the client at cost, irrespective of whether or not a placement eventuates. An 8% administration fee
   will be applied to advertising invoices that are not paid within 14 days of the invoice date.

• All information received is considered confidential and used only upon instructions to assist in the recruitment of staff for your company.

Replacement Coverage:
• Advantage Recruitment guarantees the successful candidate for a period of 12 weeks from the commencement date providing payment
   for services rendered under this agreement has been received within 14 days of invoice date.
• If the Advantage nominated applicant leaves your employ, or is released for any reason other than retrenchment, within the agreed
   Replacement Coverage Period, Advantage Recruitment will undertake to replace that person.
• Replacement Coverage Period does not apply if the Advantage nominated applicant is retrenched due to downturn in business, closure of
   business, or company takeover or released due to change in original job description or if the person was placed under our guarantee
   replacement coverage.
• Every effort will be made by Advantage Recruitment to find a replacement, however if a suitable new applicant cannot be located by
   Advantage Recruitment, or our services are not required Advantage Recruitment will raise a credit against your account for the full
   placement fee. This credit will remain effective for 12 months from the date of issue.

Deferred Hiring:
• Should your organisation defer a hiring decision, and the nominated applicant recommended by Advantage Recruitment is hired within 12
   months of the referral date, the full fee is applicable and will be invoiced accordingly.

Order Cancellation Fee:
• A fee of $500 + GST may be invoiced if the position is filled either internally or from another source or cancelled after Advertising has

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:
• The interviewing and/or employment of an Advantage nominated applicant presented verbally or in writing is deemed to constitute full
   acceptance of our Terms of Business.

Order Confirmation
•   Our agreement with your company requires this form to be completed and returned to Advantage Recruitment prior to the
    commencement of our recruitment process.

                                                   PLACEMENT CONFIRMATION
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 Phone:                                                               Fax:
 Vacancy Title:                                                       Salary Package:
 Guarantee Period:                                                    Service Fee:
 Cancellation Fee:                                                    Advertising
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