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									                                       ‘DOMINUS LUX MEA’ ~ ‘THE LORD IS MY LIGHT’

                                              Principal: Br. Jeffrey Regan cfc

    Issue 10/2010                      Edmund Rice: The Faith of One is the Hope of Many                 Ph: 0247 311933
    31st March, 2010                                           Fax: 0247 210166

FROM THE PRINCIPAL                                                                      promoted the event and Mrs. Bellingham
                                            Open Day – Sunday 28th.March
Thought for week!!!                                                                     who had to count all the coin each day.
                                            What a great success. The Sunday
Two men in shining clothes said,                                                        Wonder which house both these staff
                                            proved to be a better day than our past
“(Jesus”) is not here; he has been                                                      members are part of ?
                                            Saturday practice. There were
                                LUKE 24:6
                                            numerous families throughout the day
What happened next is history. Jesus        and our 30 student guides were kept
                                                                                        Please refer to the item later in this
began appearing to his disciples. He was    very busy. Later in this newsletter there
                                                                                        newsletter, from Mr. Rawding, reminding
more radiant than they had ever seen        appears a list of the boys from each
                                                                                        all of uniform and grooming requirements
him. Suddenly the power of Easter           year group who helped the College on
                                                                                        for term 2. He has my permission to send
began to work miracles in their lives:      the day by being in a class (working
                                                                                        students home who do not conform.
They ceased being despairing men and        and talking to visitors), cooking guiding
became daring missionaries. Off they        families etc. We could not have done
                                                                                        Parent Teacher Evening Tonight
went to preach the Good News. And           without them. Also 45 staff members
                                                                                        Final reminder that this is on today in the
everywhere they preached, the power of      were present on the day running a
                                                                                        College Hall from 3:30 till 6 and then 7pm
Easter worked miracles in people’s lives.   range of activities and speaking to
                                                                                        till 8:30. Year 12 reports will also be
They believed again, after doubting. They   visitors. Finally a large thanks to the P
                                                                                        available for collection. For all other year
hoped again after despairing. They loved    & F who served tea and coffee all day.
                                                                                        groups this event is a mid semester
again after hating. The power of Easter                                                 ‘checkup’ and a chance for boys and
continues to work miracles in people’s      Enrolments Yr.7 – 2011
                                                                                        parents to work with teachers to plan
lives wherever it is preached and           Please remember that applications
                                                                                        ahead to fully realise their potential.
wherever people open their hearts to it.    close on May 3rd. We have already
How can I open my heart more fully to       received and accepted over 40 boys.
                                                                                        Office Open
the power of Easter—the power of the        Applications can be put in at the school
                                                                                        During the school vacation the front office
risen Jesus at work in our world?           office during the school holidays from
                                                                                        will be fully open on weekdays from
Immortal hope dispels the gloom! An         9:00am till 3:00pm (except public
                                                                                        9:00am till 3:00pm to handle any
angel sits beside the tomb.                 holidays). Families will receive prompt
                                                                                        personal or phone enquiries.
                    SARAH FLOWERS ADAMS     notice of their status and if offered a
                                            place they will have about two weeks to
                                                                                                          Brother Jeff Regan cfc
Holy Week                                   accept the offer.
We are now in the most solemn week in                                                                                   Principal
the Catholic Church calendar. It is to be   Project Compassion
hoped that many boys get to some of the     This concluded today with the final total
ceremonies with their families and join     being over $5,500. Well done to the
their parish communities at this Easter     boys and to the families who supported
period. The times for these events in the   them.     Likewise the homeroom                    TEACHER
surrounding parishes is shown in this       teachers kept the matter daily before            INTERVIEWS
newsletter on page 3. There will be a       their homerooms. I believe that Tench
liturgy around the Stations of the Cross,   house narrowly defeated Surawski                   TONIGHT
here at school, commencing at 9:00am        house in the fundraising efforts. A full        WEDNESDAY
on the morning of Holy Thursday and         report and final house totals will be
parents are welcome to attend. May          published in the next newsletter.
                                                                                             31ST MARCH
everyone also have a happy and safe         Thanks also to Mr.Pollock who                 3.30PM TO 8.30PM
break at this Easter time.
 Page 2                                                                                  St Dominic's College, Kingswood
                                                 Coaches: Mr.Greg Devine & Kurt Watts
                                                                                                  OPEN DAY HELPERS
                                                 Year 9 & 10 Division
NSW SECONDARY SCHOOLS                                                                          Thank you to each and every
                                                 White Team
CHESS TOURNAMENT                                                                               one of the following students
TERM 2 - 2010                                    Ben Kearins, Scott Garland, Dean Collins,     for making our Open Day last
The following boys form our four teams that      Yohanna Deng, Nathan Reid, Sean               Sunday such a success.
will be playing in the home and away series      Weekes, Rowan Lawton, Jack Wagner,
next term on Friday afternoons. This is the      Bryden Albertyn, Nic Pozogloui, Kurt Watts
                                                                                               Year 8
largest number of boys that we have had in       Blue Team                                     Zachary Torrevillas, Ben Colgate,
this competition over recent years. We are       Michael Sta. ana, Brett Walkcom, Conrad       Bradley Thomson, Nathan Davey,
only lacking a senior team unfortunately.        Decena, Cameron Baran, Denis Starmans,        Liam Hinton, Jake Manickam, Adam
All the best to these boys and their             Matthew Page, Jacob Wallace, Luke             Egan, Beau Dingemans
supervising teachers. Let’s hope they enjoy      Jovanovic, Grant Devega, Robert Baena
visiting other schools and the challenging of    Coaches: Mr.Leon Hine & Mr. Ian Fuller        Year 9
this activity.                                                                                 Tom Freeburn, John Cremona,
Year 7                                           Open Division                                 Francis Tamer, Nathan Duguid,
                                                 Blue Team                                     Matthew Wearne, Taylor Kumar,
Andrew Cremona, Brayden Everson, Jacob
William, Sam Beltrame, Lachlan Bowman            Michael Stephenson, Cameron Day,              David McDonald, Jarod Leis,
Year 8                                           Cameron Salman, Mitchell Taylor, Curtleigh    Morgan Kemenade, Harsha
Simon Masters, Viliami Mahe, Adam Egan,          Albertyn, Jeff Crothers, Alex Foxall, Madol   Ediriweera, Nick Bosley, Mark
Weivan Huang, Drew McLean                        Chol, Ray Owen, Riak Maker                    Brush, David Cassar
Year 9
                                                 White Team                                    Year 10
John Cremona, Ben Hull, Kurt Watts, David
                                                 Patrick Wacher, Paul Garland, Chris           Alex Hocking, Mark Barnaville,
McDonald, Dylan Payne, Jackson Swannell,
                                                 Collins, Adel Nour, Daniel Waddell, James     Ethan Lambourne, Cameron Smith,
Bryden Albertyn
                                                 Howie, Matt Bright, Hady Kerbage, Michael     Michael Sta.Ana, Kane Topliss, Luke
Year 10
                                                 Cook, Michael Bunting                         Ciappara, Conrad Decena, Liam
Cody Williams, Nathan Mayhew, Michael                                                          Brush, Ace Mateariki, Mitchell
Sta Ana, Trent McLean                            Coaches: Mr.Simon Ghantous & Brother
                                                 Jeff Regan                                    Bladwell, Paul Morawsky, Jack
                          Brother Jeff Regan                                                   Beadman, Joshua Robinson, Jonathan
                           Chess Supervisor                                                    Kennedy, Ryan Ely

NSWCCC BASKETBALL                                AFL Commencing                                Year 11
CHAMPIONSHIPS                                                                                  Ayden Lean, Alexander Attard,
                                                 Next term sees St. Dominic’s once again be    Steven Alvis, Blayk Kernaghan-
Sydney Regional Tournament
                                                 part of the Swans Cup competition.            Hills, Nathan Glynn
Friday 30th.April & Saturday 1st.May.
                                                 Presently names are being taken for Un.14,
The following teams have been selected for
                                                 Un.16 and Open squads. Certainly the          Year 12
this upcoming tournament and they have
                                                 past positive experience of the boys is       Ben Green, Cameron Salmon, Dane
already begun training. They will be
                                                 reflected in the numbers who have put         Portellis, Brendan Tripp, Mitchell
attempting to win this tournament at Penrith
                                                 themselves down for the Un.16 and Open        Abric, Jake Humberge, Michael
or become runners up in order to qualify for                                                   Stephenson, Mitchell Kirby, Paul
                                                 squads. Still plenty of room in the Un.14
the state finals later in the year. Given our                                                  Garland, Chris Pace, Martin Warda,
number of teams, any visitor to the stadium                                                    Kevin D’Lima, Nicholas Antala,
                                                 This is not the same teams that will take
from 8am till 8pm will probably see one of the                                                 Benjamin Eisenhugh, Douglas Ely,
                                                 part in the MCS competitions in Term 3. For
teams in action.                                                                               Shane Gale, Matthew Blunt,
                                                 the Un.14 & Un.16 groups they will
Year 7 & 8 Division                                                                            Matthew Bevan, Anthony Portelli,
                                                 participate in a one day competition while
White Team                                                                                     Nathan Dyball, Chris Moulds, Jeffrey
                                                 the Opens will play a couple of regional
Ben Zalac, Sean Eggins, Viliami Mahe,                                                          Crothers, Jacob Hooker, Johnathon
                                                 games on Monday after school hours.
Daniel Crothers, Sam Kearins, Chol                                                             Gardiner, Phillip Armitstead, Trent
                                                 Another opportunity for our students to be
Meshwan, Chris Kerbage, Daniel Palmer,                                                         O’Neill, Blake Tatafu, Garry
                                                 involved in something different for most of
Jordan Velcic, Aris Villanueva                                                                 Boardman, Mitch Abric, Alex Foxall
Blue Team
Luke Hooker, Brennan Rymer, Rhys Astbury,                                                      Past Student
                                                                        Brother Jeff Regan
Stephen Hanna, Stephen Bryce, John Smyth,                                                      Brad Bishop
                                                                             Mr.Luke Borg
Philo Askander, Andrew Silva, Eric Newman,
Tristan Gallagher
St Dominic's College, Kingswood                                                                                    Page 3

           PADRE PIO GLENMORE PARK                                                                 OUR LADY OF THE
                               Holy Week Ceremonies                                                        WAY
                          Holy Thursday 1st April, 2010                                                EMU PLAINS
                   The Solemn Mass of the Lord’s Supper - 7.00pm                                  Holy Thursday 1st April
                          (Good Friday 2nd April, 2010                                              7.30pm—Mass of the
                              Stations of the Cross – 10.00am                                          Lord’s Supper
                               Veneration of the Cross with
                               Holy Communion – 3.00pm
                                                                                                  Good Friday 2nd April
                              Easter Vigil 3rd April, 2010                                        10.00am Stations of the
                            Mass of Catechumens - 7.00pm                                                   Cross
 We invite you to bring a battery operated candle for the Service of Light Ceremony as no
                          wax candles will be used in the Church.                                3.00pm Celebration of the
To ensure your safety returning to your car, we ask that you please bring a torch to this Mass         Lord’s Passion
                         Easter Sunday 4th April, 2010
                                   9.00am Mass only
                                                                                                 Holy Saturday—3rd April
  We invite you to bring with you a small container so that you may receive some of the            7.00pm—Easter Vigil
                                    Easter Holy Water.                                                     Mass
                                                                                                 Easter Sunday—4th April
               ST NICHOLAS OF MYRA, PENRITH                                                       8.00am & 9.30am Mass
                        HOLY THURSDAY (1st April)
                  Individual Reconciliation 9.30am—11.00am
         7.00pm (only) Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper and Adoration
                                                                                                     ST JOSEPH’S
                              GOOD FRIDAY (2nd APRIL)                                                  PARISH
                               1.00am Stations of the Cross
                     3.00PM Celebration of the Lord’s Passion                                        HOLY THURSDAY
          Individual Reconciliation after 10am and 3pm service for 1 hour                                 6.30PM
                                                                                                       GOOD FRIDAY
                              HOLY SATURDAY (3rd April)
                                   No reconciliation                                                   11AM & 3.00PM
                                                                                                     HOLY SATURDAY
                                 7.00pm Easter Vigil Mass                                                 6.30PM
                                                                                                     EASTER SUNDAY
                           EASTER SUNDAY (4th April)
                       Mass at 7.00am 8.30am 10.00am 6.00pm
                                                                                                     8.30AM & 10.00AM

                                          Corpus Christi Parish, Cranebrook…

   Thursday 1st April - 7.30pm                              Saturday 3rd April—7.00pm         Sunday 4th April -
    Mass of the Lord’s Supper                                   (Note not 6.00pm)             7.30am & 9.30am
    A beautiful celebration of the                                                             Masses of Easter
      origins of our Eucharist.                                   The Easter Vigil                  Morning
                                                         This is the highlight of the Church  A continuation of the
                                                       year when we celebrate the greatest celebration of resurrec-
                                                          hope every given to humanity.        tion when the new
    Friday 2nd April - 10.00am                                                               Easter light and Easter
    The Stations of the Cross                                                                 water of Baptism are
                                                                                               used to help give a
  The Passion of Our Lord Jesus                                                               blessing of renewal.
 Page 4                                                                 St Dominic's College, Kingswood

                     What Can Parents Do About Cyber Bullying?

                                      Dr Marilyn Campbell MAPS
                                          Associate Professor
                              School of Learning and Professional Studies
                                 Queensland University of Technology
Cyber bullying is any bullying through technology, usually mobile phones and computer or combinations of
these. It is important to distinguish if it is bullying or a fight because that determines how it is best handled.
Just because young people send a nasty text or use instant messaging to berate someone, it could be fighting
between equals and not the intentional, aggressive, repeated acts of someone with more power.
As most cyber bullying occurs outside of school hours it will take the whole community and not just the
school to reduce its occurrence, parents in particular.
How do you know if your child is being bullied or is the bully?
You need to look for any change in the young person’s behaviour. This is difficult because there could be
many reasons for a change; therefore you should talk with your child. However, that should be in a
conversation not interrogation. Keep calm and ask what can you do to help. This is important for children who
bully as well as those who are bullied. It is good if your child knows the difference between dobbing and
reporting. Dobbing is when the child wants to get someone else in trouble but reporting is when there is harm
to themselves or others.

So should we ban the technology?
As adults can we solve this problem by online filters? Or by even more extreme measures of not allowing our
children access to the Internet or a mobile phone? No, because it is not technology but the social
relationship which is the cause of cyber bullying. Most adults still view electronic technology as a practical
tool, while Australian adolescents increasingly see it as an essential part of their social life and interaction
with peers. Because of this seamless offline and online relationship that characterises young people today, it
is very important to understand that cyber bullying is about social relationships, the destructive, hurtful side
of relationships. As an early study showed, many Year 8 students believe that adults have no knowledge that
they even have on-line lives, while other studies have found that almost half of students who were bullied
using technology told nobody, for fear of having their computers or mobile phones taken away from them.

Surveillance or Supervision?
I’m sure everybody knows of the advice to keep the computer in the family room. However, I’m also sure
that parents cannot look at exactly what is being written or received constantly and with mobile phones it is
impossible. Reasonable supervision not surveillance is more practical.
Carefully consider the family rules before buying the technology. It is like buying your child her first bicycle.
You don’t give it to her and say it is good to exercise, off you go! You explain the dangers and give the rules
about wearing a helmet, busy roads and being home before dark. In the same way mobile phones and
computers have wonderful benefits but also have dangers. One doesn’t need to exaggerate them, just
explain them and what the rules are. Finally children learn from what they see you doing in your
relationships with others. So model pro-social behaviour and solving conflict appropriately yourself so your
children will too.

                                                                                        Dr Marilyn Campbell.
                                                                 (Parents Council E-bulletin 1st March 2010)
St Dominic's College, Kingswood                                                                          Page 5

        GROOMING                                 JUNIOR WINTER UNIFORM (TERMS 2 AND 3)

A number of students are not                    College jacket (orders taken in February each year).
following        the   College                                   Grey College shirt.
guidelines regarding our College                                College grey trousers
Grooming. Over the Easter                   Grey or black short socks are acceptable (not ankle style)
School holidays I urge parents                           College tie (to be done up at neck)
to rectify this issue, with boys     Midnight blue knitted woollen jumper with crest may be worn in addition to
returning to Term 2 with an                                  the Blazer (not instead of)
appropriate hair length and            Clean polishable, lace up black hard leather shoes (not ‘jogger’ style)
style. Please find below the                    A College scarf may be worn as part of the uniform.
College's Policy on Grooming.
                                                 SENIOR WINTER UNIFORM (TERMS 2 AND 3)
College regulations expect hair
to be neatly cut, clean, of                                     Grey school trousers
consistent, natural colour, even                         Grey or black socks (not ankle style)
grade, off the collar, off the             Black hard leather lace up polishable shoes (not ‘jogger’ style)
face, not extreme in style.                                      White College shirt
Some examples of ‘styles’ that                                        Senior tie
are unacceptable include                                            College Jacket
‘ridges’, ‘lines’, ‘Mohawks’,                    A College scarf may be worn as part of the uniform
‘steps’, ‘bowls’. Undercuts, or      Midnight blue knitted woollen jumper with crest may be worn in addition to
bold cuts are not permitted.                                  the blazer (not instead of)
Length is to be no shorter that a
level two on the barbers
clippers.    If unsure, please                                                    College Shop
contact the Year Co-ordinator or
Director of Pastoral Care.                                                       The Shop will be OPEN
Students colouring/bleaching                                                      tonight during Parent
their hair or violating the rule                                                Teacher Interviews until
regarding style will be penalized.                                            8pm to assist with the pick
Excessive use of gel is not
                                                                                      up of Blazers.
permitted, especially in shaping
                                       Thursday 1st April                      The pick up rate has been
styles. Students are to remain
                                       Term 1 Concludes                         very slow and today and
clean shaven. Any violation of
these rules will incur a penalty                                               Thursday until 3pm will be
and students may be sent home                                                  the last opportunity before
until the infringement is             Monday 19th April                           the end of the Term.
corrected. Students who are          Term 2 commences for                     All students must return to
required to shave at school will                                             the College on Day 1 of Term
                                         ALL students                           2 wearing the Blazer and
pay for the use of shaving
equipment. Sideburns should                                                       also the standard Tie.
not extend beyond the bottom         Wednesday 21st April                    The Shop closes for the Term
of the ear lobe. In all cases, the    Y8 Visual Arts Exc                        at 3pm on Holy Thursday
Director of Pastoral Care will                                                 and will resume trading at
decide what is acceptable.                                                    8am on Monday 19th April.
                                       Monday 26th April                      The Shop will NOT be open
              Brent Rawding            Public Holiday for                          during the holidays.
    Director of Pastoral Care
                                          Anzac Day
                                                                                                   Vicki Kirk
Page 6                                                                              St Dominic's College, Kingswood

                                                                 Last Week’s MCS Results:
                                                      Sport                Team        Opponent          Result      Score
                                                    MCS RL               Tier A          No Game             -           -
                                                                         Tier B           Auburn           Win        18-16
  Congratulations to Pat                                                  U16            No Game             -           -
 Jackson (Yr12) who has                                                   U15           St Greg's 2        Win         40-0
  been called up into the                                                 U14            No Game             -           -
 NSWCCC Baseball team.                                                   U14B             Delany           Win        26-22
                                                                          U13            No Game             -           -
  He will attend the All                                                 U13B             Delany           Loss       40-0
Schools Baseball Selections                      MCS Football           A Grade            Ryde            Loss         4-0
  at Blacktown Olympic                                                  B Grade            Ryde            Win          1-0
 Park on Wednesday 21st                                                 Year 10            Ryde            Win          4-0
          April.                                                         Year 9            Ryde            Loss         2-1
                                                                         Year 8            Ryde            Loss         3-0
                                                                         Year 7            Ryde            Win          2-0

                                College Cross Country 2010
 The Annual College Cross Country Carnival will be held on Thursday 1st April 2010 at Grey Gums Ovals. The day will be com-
 prised of religious, academic and sporting segments. These will be:
          -     An Easter Liturgy
          -     Normal periods 1 and 2 (Day 9); and
          -     Cross Country Races
                                         Boys will be taken to and from the venue on buses.
 Years 7-9 will compete in their cross country races at the completion of the Easter Liturgy and move to periods 1 and 2 after
 lunch. Students are advised to bring something for Recess to eat at the venue.

 Years 10-12 will have a recess break after the liturgy and then move to periods 1 and 2. They will compete in their cross country
 races after a shortened lunch break.

          Years 7, 8 and 9                   TIME                          Years 10, 11 and 12                    TIME
   Homeroom                              8:35 – 8:50am              Homeroom                               8:35 – 8:50am
   Period 1 and 2 Easter Lit-
                                         8:55 – 10:00am             Period 1 and 2 Easter Liturgy         8:55 – 10:00am
   Move to Buses                            10:00 am                Recess                                10:00 – 10:20am
   Cross Country Age Races                                          Period 3 (Day 9 / P1)                 10:20 – 11:10am
   12’s                                     10:30am                 Period 4 (Day 9 / P2)                 11:10 - 12:00pm
   13’s                                     10:40am                 Lunch - Canteen etc                   12:00 - 12:25pm
   14’s                                     10:50am                 Move to Buses                            12:25 pm
   15’s (Race 1)                            11:00am                 Cross Country Age Races
                                                                    15’s (Race 2)                             12:50pm
   Lunch 1 Return from
                                        12:00 - 12:25pm             16’s                                      1:00pm
   Cross country
   Lunch 2                              12:25 – 12:50pm             17’s                                      1:10pm

   Period 5 (Day 9 Period 1)             12:50 - 1:40pm             Opens                                     1:20pm
                                                                    Seniors may leave from venue
   Period 6 (Day 9 Period 2)             1:40 - 2:30pm                                                     2:20 - 2:30pm
                                                                    with a signed parental note

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