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Net Seminar 09_Brochure.indd


Net Seminar 09_Brochure.indd

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									                                               NET Seminars
                                                         25-27 JUNE 2009 IN SYDNEY

                                                                   The Neuro Emotional Technique

        NET (Australia) Pty Ltd The Menzies Sydney
                       PO Box 7782     14 Carrington Street
            Toowoomba MC Q 4352        Sydney NSW 2000
                         AUSTRALIA     (Across the road from Wynyard Street Station)
              Ph +61 7 4636 6000
             Fax +61 7 4636 0909       Accommodation
             Freecall 1800 036 000     Standard Queen or King Room
Email: enquiries@netaustralia.net.au   Room only - single, double
 or infoaustralia@netmindbody.com      or twin share $161
             www.netmindbody.com       Breakfast $20 per person per day extra
                                       Telephone +61 2 9299 1000
                                       Facsimile +61 2 9290 3819
                                       Email stay@menzies.com.au
                                       Australia 1300 363 6000

Here is what our NET Practitioners said after the June 2008 Seminars...

   “An incredible evidence based vitalistic approach to anyone’s           “As
                                                                            A                      ateful
                                                                           “As a student I am grateful for the opportunity to explore and
   practice who is passionate about chiropractic.”                                                 pts                amazingly
                                                                           expand on the concepts of NET. It is an amazi gly simple and
   -Bill Stathoulis DC North Sydney                                                                                       wit
                                                                           effective tool that I look forward to applying with my future
   “NET has totally changed how I treat in the clinic and changed my       -Ali Postles Chiropractic Student Auckland NZ
   life.” -Nicole Coutts ND Melbourne
                                                                           “This technique completes me as a person and practitioner. When
   “It’s an exceptional technique. Every health practitioner needs         I finished this weekend I was able to participate more in my life.”
   NET as a part of their clinical repertoire. Without it you are          -Angela Kopp DC Ivanhoe VIC
   not addressing every aspect of health ie toxicity, structural,
   biochemical and emotional.” -Gunta Caldwell DC Melbourne                “I had no idea the emotional journey would begin when I arrived
                                                                           at my first NET Seminar. I loved it!”
   “NET is a simple and easy tool to use immediately upon return to        -Sarena Syphers DC Nelson NZ
   your patients.” “NET ties all facets of health to a simple digestible
   approach” -Roxanne Bates DC Mornington VIC                              Powerful stuff, even if you are a hard and fast biomechanical
                                                                           adjuster there is so much NET can offer. It will change your life
   “Fantastic format—clear concise instruction on the technique with       and the life of your patients!” -Matt Windsor DC Sydney
   great supervised opportunity to put it into practise.”
   -Kristina Waters, Chiropractic Student WA
  What is NET ?
  The Neuro Emotional Technique is a methodology used to normalize unresolved physical and/or behavioural patterns in the b      body. NET
  practitioners are trained to assist the body’s healing process by identifying and balancing unresolved emotional influences - a mind-body

  NET makes use of the neuro-mechanisms of speech, general semantics, emotions, acupuncture and chiropractic principles, llaws of the
  meridian system, cutaneous reflex points, principles of traditional psychology, and more.

  “The NET Basic is a well taught methodical approach to a groundbreaking mind-body technique. NET is simple, fast, easy
  to implement and incredibly powerful technique that will make permanent life changing differences to your patient health.”
                    y n
  Alex McLennan DC Sydney NSW

  Who can attend?
  Health care professionals with a master’s degree, the equivalent of a 4-year university degree in health care, or students who are in the final
  two years of a masters level qualification in a health care discipline may attend. Prior to registering for the first time, please provi copies
  of qualifications and your registration with a professional body. Full time students please provide a copy of your ID Card and con   confirmation
  of current enrolment.

 EMINAR                                                         S
                                                      NET Basic Seminar
                                                      25-26 June 2009   09
NET Basic Seminar - Sydney
 ET B           r                                                         W                            Walker
                                                      Taught by Dr Deb Walker DC and/or Dr Scott Walk DC  ker
Thursday 25 June 2009                                 This entry-level seminar is practical, fast-paced and fun. It equips you to deal with the emotional
Registration      1.00pm                              component of your patients’ health. In hands-on workshops the pulse point correction and the
Afternoon Session 1.30pm – 6.00pm                     spinal correction methods are taught. You will learn the simple steps of NET using both the mind
                                                      entry and the body entry approaches utilising your muscle testing skills. At the completion of this
Friday 26 June 2009                                   seminar you will be able to use the Neuro Emotional Technique in your clinic, have a comprehensive
Morning Session 8.30am – 12.30pm                      manual to refer back to and start getting results immediately. You will also be able to identify the
                                                      requirement for and dispense the custom formulated range of NET Homeopathic Remedies to
Lunch provided    12.30pm – 2.00pm
                                                      support your patients’ changes towards improved wellbeing.
Afternoon Session 2.00pm – 5.30pm
                                                      *NEXT (Neuro Emotional Xtra Techniques) Seminar
NEXT Seminar - Sydney (1 day only)                    27 June (1day only)
Saturday 27 June 2009                                 Taught by Dr Deb Walker DC and/or Dr Scott Walker DC
Registration 7.45am                                   In this seminar you will gain a deeper understanding of NET. You will be taught new variations
Morning Session 8.00am – 12.30pm                      of NET such as developing verbal suppositions and personal laws which have influenced
Lunch provided     12.30pm – 1.30pm                   your patient/client’s “Neuro Emotional Complexes.” Some of the techniques you will learn are
Afternoon Session 1.30pm – 6.00pm                     the Allergy Point, Low Back Disc, NET Scar, TMJ, Joint Afferent Mobilization (JAM), Posture
                                                      Enhancement, Pain Relief, Visceral Manipulation and Ileo-cecal Valve. The focus will also be
                                                      on the NET Vitals, Vitamin B, HCL, Hypoadrenals and Secondary Metabolism Point plus Toxins,
                                                      Nutrition and Structure.
                                                      *NET Basic is a prerequisite to attend this seminar. CAA Accreditation Pending

Neuro Emotional Technique: Registration for Seminars                                                                              SEMINAR FEES (Please tick)
Title & Name                                                                                                                      NET Basic and NEXT Seminars - Sydney
                                                                                                                               NET Basic Thursday & Friday 25-26 June 2009
                                                                                                                                   NEXT Seminar Saturday 27 June 2009
City State                                                                            Postcode                                               Basic NEXT       Basic NEXT
Business Phone                         Business Fax                               Mobile                                                      Early Bird        After May 25
                                                                                                                            NET CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER
                                                                                                                               Refresher FREE K 255 K        FREE K 305 K
Your Qualification
Have you attended NET Basic before? Y K N K             Have you attended NEXT Seminar before? Y K N K
                                                                                                                               First Time 1110 K            1210 K
                                                                                                                            *Both Seminars
Total Payable $                                                                                                                First Time 715*K 500 K        765 K 550 K

Payment is due prior to commencement of the seminars.                                                                           Refresher    385 K 255 K     435 K 305 K

Pay by               Cheque K             Visa K              Mastercard K                 Internet (see below) K
                                                                                                                            STUDENTS & FIRST YEAR GRADUATES
                                                                                                                               First Time    385 K 255 K     435 K 305 K
Card No:
             └┴┴┴┘ └┴┴┴┘ └┴┴┴┘ └┴┴┴┘                                         Expiry Date
                                                                                                  Please make cheques
                                                                                                                               Refresher     275 K 190 K     325 K 240 K
Cardholder’s Signature
                                                                                                 payable to NET Australia
Internet Transfer: NAB - Toowoomba Qld                                                                                        *Special discount offer! If you are a
                   NET (Australia) Pty Ltd                                                                                     Practitioner attending for the first time the
                   BSB: 084 959 A/c No: 49270 4505                                                                          total fee for both seminars will be only $1110

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