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Author: Creztor Tessel
EFL Taiwan? Taiwan places great emphasis on English learning and parents send their children to English schools from a very early
age. No matter what time of the year you look for jobs, English teachers are always wanted. Just what is it like to be an English teacher
in Taiwan? Many people choose to work in Taiwan because of how easy it can be to get a job and also the minimal requirements you
must have to be an English teacher. This doesn't mean it is easy work with easy pay, but it is possible to make fairly good money
teaching in Taiwan.

Cram schools are where the majority of foreign English teachers are employed. The majority of classes at cram schools are teaching
children because parents want their children to start learning English from an early age. The majority of the kids are anywhere from six to
twelve. Thanks to this, what you teach in class is usually fairly simple. Of course there is still work to be found teaching older students,
most of the classes and jobs you'll see advertised are for teaching in cram schools.

The requirements to be an English teacher are very easy. Y need to have a recognized Bachelor's degree and you need to come from
a country where English is the native language. For people who are from Canada, the United Kingdom, the USA, Australia, New Zealand
and South Africa you are already qualified.

If you are looking for EFL Taiwan, then being an English teacher in Taiwan isn't as hard as some people may think. Provided you have a
recognized three or four year Bachelor's degree and being a native English speaker you should find getting a job in Taiwan teaching to
be easy.
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