; Mojavi 2mm Scratch
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Mojavi 2mm Scratch


Mojavi 2mm Scratch

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									                              Data Sheet for texture coat:
                               Mojavi 2mm Scratch

Product description:
MiTex™ Mojavi Scratch 2mm is a water based,
high build acrylic coating that provides a classic
trowel or circular finish on many surfaces.
The product provides good hiding power on
substrates with surface imperfections as well
as providing a good wet edge and increased
working time. This product is more forgiving to
use in extreme hot and dry or windy conditions.

The quality of finish obtained with this type of
texture will strongly depend upon the application
technique. As such it is recommended that
application of the MiTex™ texture scratch be
carried out by a skilled applicator.
Before commencing on any single surface ensure             MiTex™ Mojavi 2mm Scratch texture coat

that sufficient material is available to complete          constant downward motion to achieve a scratch
the area with allowance for waste. Large coating           effect or in circular motion to achieve a circular
areas are to be broken down into smaller                   pattern. The float should be kept clean at all
working areas based on the time available for              times of excess material. The vertical scratch
continuous application. Planning for smaller               has very good hiding power when used on
working areas should be done in consultation               vertically sheeted fibre cement. Ensure that all
with customer to ensure aesthetics are not                 coated areas are floated before the texture coat
affected. The use of corners and expansion joints          begins to dry, as touching up dried coating is
as starting and finishing points is recommended.           not recommended. For optimum results, one
                                                           applicator applies the texture coat and a second
Never apply any of the MiTex™ texture coats
                                                           applicator uses the finishing float. Isolated areas
below the damp course level or to the face of
                                                           should be completed in a single application to
retaining walls that may become damp.
                                                           avoid joint marks. Large areas can be broken
MiTex™ texture coat is to be applied over                  into smaller workable section, especially during
a sealed uniform substrate. Any lumps or                   periods of high temperatures or in windy
irregularities in the prepared surface should be           conditions.
scraped back before texturing.
                                                           Applications that have commenced in an
The texture coat contains graded sand particles            isolated area should continue uninterrupted.
that act as a guide to the required coating                Rapid, uniform and continuous application is
thickness. Apply a thin layer only, as excess              essential to maintain a wet edge, especially
material will cause the polystyrene float to stick,        in warm weather.
making it difficult to achieve a consistent finish.
                                                           For fibre cement substrates, avoided vibrations
Using a steel trowel, begin at the top of the
                                                           (such as nail fixing the internal linings), until the
wall and work towards the bottom with upward
                                                           texture coat is dry. This is to reduce the likelihood
strokes. Work in strips of about one metre wide.
                                                           of the sheet fasteners protruding and the coating
Once applied, MiTex™ Mojavi Scratch 2mm                    being damaged.
is to be finished with a polystyrene float in

                                     MiTex™ | 1300 MiTex1 | www.mitex.com.au
                                 Data Sheet for texture coat:
                                   Mojavi Scratch 2mm
The walls should be inspected at this stage for                  Coverage
comparison with the approved sample. A second                    A bucket of MiTex™ Mojavi Scratch 2mm will
layer of texture coat might be required for                      cover about 6 to 8 square meters.
adequate improved joint concealment.
Product Notes                                                    Liquid colour tint maybe added to MiTex™ texture
                                                                 coat to provide a range of colours.
Drying Time
MiTex™ Mojavi Scratch 2mm should be touch dry                    Top Coats
in one hour at 25°C and 50% relative humidity.                   MiTex™ Mojavi Scratch 2mm should be coated
It should be fully dry and able to be painted after              with an exterior grade, coloured acrylic coating.
72 hours, although lower temperature or higher                   This will increase the life of the system; reduce
humidity will increase the drying time.                          long-term dirt entrapment and increase mould
                                                                 and algae resistance. Contact the manufacturer
Shelf Life
                                                                 for recommendations.
The shelf life of the product is one year from
                                                                 It is recommended that dark colours be avoided
the date of manufacture in the sealed bucket.
                                                                 on walls subject to long periods of sun exposure.
A material safety data sheet is available
on request.

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