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					The clinician scientist – the
   glue in health-related

        Stephen Leeder
     Australian Health Policy
       Faculty of Medicine
The clinician-scientist – general
 Person providing clinical care who also
 conducts research
 Rich tradition in academic medicine
 Threatened by pressures of time and money –
 especially young clinicians
 Many clinicians are engaged in drug trial
 research – problems abound
 Others manage to secure funds and time but it
 is a struggle.
Recent examples of clinician-
scientist research (non RCT) as seen
at Westmead Ethics Committee
 The epidemiological monitoring of HIV-1 subtypes in
 The role of donor specific HLA antibodies and the
 precursor T Cell response in the pathogenesis of chronic
 graft dysfunction
 Tissue-Doppler patterns and the effect of diastolic
 dysfunction in acute myocardial Infarction
 A prospective study of the clinical and neurophysiological
 assessment of psychogenic movement disorders
 Recovery of spermatogenesis after allogeneic bone
 marrow or peripheral blood stem cell
 Circumvenous ablation for atrial fibrillation
Distinctive features that
clinicians bring to research

 An awareness of what research is
 important to patient well-being –
 pragmatic versus efficacy clinical trials
 A balance to epidemiological and basic
 science inquiry – Henry Greenberg.
When clinician research
workers forget to add Tube B…

 They easily fail to recognise and honour disciplines beyond
 their own, despite asking comprehensive questions
 They may believe, falsely, that they can do it all
 They may devote too little time to team work and mentoring
 And on some occasions, they should not aim to be the glue at
 all – others can do this better!

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