; Lung Cancer
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Lung Cancer


Lung Cancer

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									                         Lung Cancer
                                      You are invited to join us at a
                    Lung Cancer Support & Information Meetings
     which we hold fortnightly at “The San”. These meetings are available to patients
and their partners or support persons irrespective of where their treatment has been received.

Why attend a support group?
Many people find attending such a group assists them in their cancer journey through:

    Meeting others “in the same boat” and finding you are not alone
    Information about your cancer and current research into it
    Finding out more about your cancer treatment, the side effects and what you can do
     about them
    Learning how others have dealt with some of the challenges you may have been
    Relaxing with others who understand how you may have been feeling, the hopes and
     the fears.
    A supportive non threatening environment where humour is often the best medicine!

A Case Manager (Specialist Nurse) is present at many meetings to answer your questions.
Guest speakers may be invited on a range of topics such as current clinical information, and
health and well being topics which may include: nutrition, exercise, meditation, stress
management and living with cancer, to name a few.

   WHERE:            Cancer Support Centre, Jacaranda Lodge
   TIME:             10 to 12 noon, alternate Thursdays
   DATES:            7, 21 January                              8, 22 July
                     4, 18 February                             5, 19 August
                     4, 18 March                                2, 16, 30 September
                     1, 15, 29 April                            14, 28 October
                     13, 27 May                                 11, 25 November
                     10, 24 June                                9, 23 December
   Parking:          $3 flat rate in Hospital Visitors Car Park
   Enquiries:        (02) 9487 9061

            Sydney Adventist Hospital, 185 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga 2076
                 Supported by Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Cancer Australia.

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