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					          Lesson plan - secondary
Law Week is an opportunity for teachers and pupils to broach the subject of anti-discrimination
in a creative and positive manner. This activity is also a great opportunity for schools to discuss
the measures they have in place to combat bullying, like peer support systems, whole school and
community involvement in creating charters or anti-bullying policies.

     Learning outcomes
        Identifying what bullying
                                             ing and discrimination.
      n Unders  tanding the effects of bully
      n Identifying wa
                        ys to deal with bullying.
                                                   es between people.
      n Understand
                     in g and respecting differenc
                                                       address unfair treatment.
      n Developing
                      conf idence and competence to                    and how to respond to th
                       ation to consider ot  her people’s experiences
       n Using imagin
                                             communicate ideas.
       n Explora tion of visual methods to                      velop creativity.
                        ty of techni ques to experiment and de
       n Using a varie

 Step 1
 Start by drawing up a working            Step 2
                                                                                   cle, have an informal
 agreement on confidentiality and          While th e students are sitting in a cir
                                                                                  g sites and bullying. Try
 respect for each other.                   discussio  n about social networkin
                                                                                        e sites and whether
 (If such an agreement is already in       to elicit whet her any students use thes
                                                                        ed online bullying.
 place, this step can be skipped.)         they have ever experienc
                                                                                of online interactive
 Everyone should participate in             Also try to elicit whether users
                                                                         bullying while gaming.
 suggesting ground rules for how            gaming are experiencing
 people should behave, and the group
 should agree on each point before
 it is added to the final contract and       Step 3
 stuck to the wall.                          Divide everyone into equal groups. Give each group a
 The working agreement should                sheet of flipchart paper and pens. Ask pupils to come up
 include:                                    with all the different ways that cyberbullying can occur.
 n listening to each other
                                             (Refer to teacher’s notes.)
 n respecting the opinions of others         Also ask them to discuss the effects of cyberbullying on
 n confidentiality                           people. These may include:
                                             n lack of self confidence and low self esteem

                                             n depression

                                             n not wanting to go on the internet
   Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW
                                             n becoming upset or angry
   Discrimination Enquiries
                                             n not wanting to go to school
   (02) 9268 5544 or 1800 670 812
                                             n more serious effects, like self-harm, if suitable to
                                               discuss with the age group.
                                                                  LESSON PLAN – SECONDARY PAGE 2

Step 4
                           ent their ideas to
Each group can then pres
                             can be discussed             Step 5
the whole group, and they
                            ideas on the flip             Ask students to think about what messages
further. Note any further
chart.                                                    are important to give other young people
                                                          about bullying and cyberbullying. How can
 Points to consider in disc                               these be conveyed as a catchy slogan?
 n The ways in
                 which cyberbullying is
   different to other types of              an
                                                          Ask students to create their own postcard
 n Why cyberb
                 ullying might be worse th                about bullying and/or cyberbullying. They
    other types of bullying.                              can use the template on the entry form
  n Why it might
                   be a bad idea to meet up               or create an image of a similar size on
                               online, and what
    with someone you meet                                 a computer using Word, PowerPoint,
                                ke if you do
    precautions you should ta                 there
                                                          Photoshop etc.
  n That victims
                   of cyberbullying may feel              Tip: Remember that a postcard is quite
                                 me or holiday,
     is no escape – even at ho                            small, so the message and image need to
     etc.                                       d         be simple.
   n The fact that
                    anyone can be cyberbullie
                                 obile or a
      if they have access to a m

       Tips for safer surfing
       n   Don’t post any personal details online.
       n   Don’t let anyone know your password – even friends.
       n   Think carefully before you post any information about yourself at all.
       n   Never upload photos of yourself online for safety reasons.
       n   If you are being cyberbullied, tell someone you trust such as your parents or a
       n   Report any cyberbullying, whether it’s targeted at you or not.
       n   Never respond or retaliate to cyberbullying, as this can make things worse and
           play into the bully’s hands. It may be difficult not to respond, but try to ignore it.
       n   Block the cyberbullies from contacting you.
       n   Save any offensive emails or texts as these can be used to trace them.
       n   If you are continuously cyberbullied, consider changing your user ID.

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