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					Keep it Simple Sustainably

1 Water Saving 2008
2 Turn it OFF Now
3 Give Back 40

A CSR Initiative driving social responsibility
changes beyond the company
KISS Initiative #1 [Year 2]
Water Saving 2008
A competition to drive water savings

Sustainable Living Fabrics prides    It could be challenging for those      ideas on reducing water use
itself on its Corporate Social       who worked hard in 2007 to             and to share the Water Saving
Responsibility Program. Its          continue to reduce their water         2008 initiative with ‘outsiders’
environmental and corporate          usage significantly. In recognition     - family, friends and clients. An
governance programs set industry     of this, an additional prize of        additional $100 will be available
benchmarks. The KISS Program         $150 will be given each six            each six months to be given to
aims to extend CSR principle         months to the employee who             the employee who successfully
beyond the company.                  participated in 2007 and who           shares the Water Saving 2008
                                     achieves the greatest percentage       initiative beyond the employee’s
The first KISS Initiative, the        water savings for the relevant         household and through this
Water Saving Competition was         period in 2007 and 2008                achieves the greatest overall
introduced in March 2007. It         combined. If this employee is also     savings. All water accounts from
resulted in average water savings    the Water Saving 2008 winner for       ‘outsiders’ covering the relevant
across employee households of        the current period alone, the total    period must be submitted with the
28% for the twelve months from       prize will be $650.                    employee’s last water account for
April 2007 to March 2008. This                                              the period.
is more than double the 13%          To participate in Water Saving
savings Sydney Water customers       2008, employees must submit            The designated KISS Program
have made since mandatory            to the KISS Program Manager,           Manager for Water Saving 2008
water restrictions were introduced   the latest water account received      is Ursula Bates.
in 2003. KISS was recently           during the period to 31 March 2008
extended to social responsibility    and thereafter all accounts covering
through the Give Back 40             each six months period. The whole
program and to energy through        account including indications of
the Turn it OFF Now competition.     usage for the corresponding
The competition now enters its       periods the previous year must be
second year and with experience      submitted. The first six months for
gained, the rules for Water Saving   calculating savings will be taken
2008 have been simplified.            from the date of the first eligible
                                     account. To put households on
Water Saving 2008 offers a           an equal footing, savings will be
prize pool of $1800. Every six       calculated on a percentage basis.
months, $500 will be given to the    The winner for each period will be
employee whose household has         determined when the six months is
saved the highest percentage of      completed for every employee.
water relative to the same period
in the previous year. $150 will be   Employees are encouraged to
given to the runner up.              share with other employees their

2 Keep it Simple Sustainably
KISS Initiative #2
Turn It Off Now
A competition to drive energy savings

Sustainable Living Fabrics prides       year. $150 will be given to the        achieves the greatest overall
itself on its Corporate Social          runner up.                             savings. All electricity accounts
Responsibility Program. Its                                                    from ‘outsiders’ covering the
environmental and corporate             To participate, employees must         relevant period must be submitted
governance programs set industry        submit to the KISS Program             with the employee’s last electricity
benchmarks and its first KISS            Manager, the latest electricity        account for the period.
Initiative, the Water Saving            account from their service provider
Competition resulted in average         received during the period to          The designated KISS Program
water saving across employee            31 March 2008 and thereafter           Manager for Turn it OFF Now
households of 28% for the twelve        accounts relating to each six          2008 is Ursula Bates.
months from April 2007 to March         monthly period. The whole
2008. KISS now covers social            account including indications of
responsibility through the Give         usage for the corresponding
Back 40 program and embraces            periods the previous year must be
energy through the Turn it OFF Now      submitted.
                                        In calculating use, energy use
Inspired by Earth Hour in which         from renewable sources will be
the company and employees               discounted by 50%.
have chosen to participate each
year, Turn it OFF Now aims to           The six monthly periods for
encourage employees to save             calculating percentage savings
energy in the home by turning           will start from the date of the
off lights and appliances when          initial account received. The
not in use. Acknowledging that          winner will be determined when
electricity from coal fired power        the six months is completed for
stations adversely impacts on           each employee.
greenhouse gas emissions,
the competition is restricted to        Employees are encouraged to
electricity use.                        share their ideas on reducing
                                        electricity use and with ‘outsiders’
Turn it OFF Now offers a prize          - family, friends and clients. An
pool of $1500 per year. Every           additional $100 will be available
six months, $500 will be given to       each six months to be given to
the employee whose household            the employee who successfully
has made the biggest percentage         shares the Turn it OFF Now
saving in electricity use relative to   initiative beyond the employee’s
the same period in the previous         household and through this

                                                                                          Keep it Simple Sustainably 3
KISS Initiative #3
Give Back 40
An Employee Volunteer Program

Sustainable Living Fabrics prides    volunteer with not for profit            must be approved by the Director
itself on its Corporate Social Re-   organisations working for the           for CSR and the employee must
sponsibility Program. Its environ-   environment.                            honour the commitment it makes
mental and corporate governance                                              to the organisation involved
programs set industry benchmarks     Give Back 40 extends to                 and give regular reports to the
and its KISS Program, focussing      volunteering with not for profit         company, enabling them to share
on water and energy conservation     organisations with legitimate           their contributions and the work of
takes environmental initiatives      programs working to improve             their selected program with other
into the homes of employees.         human rights. Human rights is a         employees and stakeholders.
Give Back 40 extends KISS to the     core component of the company’s
social responsibility arena.         Corporate Social Responsibility         The company undertakes to post
                                     Program which addresses human           an annual report on Give Back 40
Give Back 40 offers employees        rights issues right along its complex   activities on the company website.
the opportunity to give back 40      supply chains. The company has
hours to the community each year     formally committed to the UN            The designated KISS Program
on full pay during office hours.      Global Compact and is a member          Manager for Give Back 40 2008
                                     of UNAA, an organisation working        is Emily Jones, Director of CSR and
Every one of us has skills and       to promote and support the              Sales.
talent that can extend outside       goals of the United Nations. It is
work and home to make the world      supporting the current World Vision
a better place for everyone by       ‘Don’t Trade Lives’ campaign. Give
volunteering with an appropriate     Back 40 offers all employees the
not for profit or charitable          opportunity to become involved in
organisation. Not every one of       working to protect the right of every
us has the time to do this outside   individual to equal opportunity and
working hours. Give Back 40          to live in a community free from
changes this.                        adverse social impacts.

Give Back 40 is not a cheque         Every employee working 20 hours          Sustainable Living Fabrics Pty Ltd
book philanthropic program but       or more per week may take 40
                                                                              Head Office
one that facilitates opportunities   hours Give Back 40 leave on full         48 Downing Street
for employees to contribute their    pay every calendar year. This is         (PO Box 57) Oakleigh
time and skills, in a tangible       taken as full days or half days on       VIC Australia 3166
way, to improve the lives of the     a regular basis or in one block.         Freecall: 1800 224 184
disadvantaged. Acknowledging         Every employee is encouraged to          P: +61 3 9563 4755
that world poverty is linked to      participate in this initiative.          F: +61 3 9563 0113
climate change, through Give                                        
Back 40 employees also can           Give Back 40 volunteer work

4 Keep it Simple Sustainably

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