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                                               C R O AT I A

1.    ACI UMAG                         19.   ACI RAB                       37.   ACI VODICE
4.    MARINA POREČ                     22.   MARINA BORIK / ZADAR          40.   YACHT MARINA SOLARIS / ŠIBENIK
7.    MARINA VRSAR                     25.   OLIVE ISLAND MARINA / ZADAR   43.   MARINA AGANA / MARINA
8.    ACI ROVINJ                       26.   MARINA PREKO                  44.   ACI TROGIR
9.    MARINA VALALTA                   27.   MARINA DALMACIJA / ZADAR      45.   MARINA KAŠTELA
10.   ACI PULA                         28.   MARINA VELI IŽ                46.   ACI SPLIT
12.   ACI POMER                        30.   MARINA ŠANGULIN /BIOGRAD      48.   MARINA BAŠKA VODA
13.   ACI OPATIJA / IČIĆI              31.   ACI ŽUT / JEZERA              49.   ACI MILNA
14.   MARINA ADMIRAL / OPATIJA         32.   ACI PIŠKERA / JEZERA          50.   ACI VRBOSKA
15.   ACI CRES                         33.   MARINA BETINA                 51.   ACI PALMIŽANA / HVAR
17.   MARINA PUNAT                     35.   ACI JEZERA                    53.   MARINA LUMBARDA
18.   ACI SUPETARSKA DRAGA             36.   MARINA TRIBUNJ                54.   ACI DUBROVNIK
         for boaters
CROATIA – GENERAL INFORMATION ................................................... 4
ARRIVING IN THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA ............................................. 5
MARITIME BORDER CROSSINGS ........................................................ 5
NAVIGATION IN THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA ......................................... 6
CREW LIST AND PASSENGER LIST, LIST OF PERSONS ............................ 6
TOURIST TAX .................................................................................. 7
REGISTER ...................................................................................... 7
RESCUE CO-ORDINATION CENTER........................................................ 8
OPERATING A BOAT OR A YACHT ........................................................ 9
WEATHER REPORTS ....................................................................... 10
GAS STATIONS FOR VESSELS .......................................................... 11
OR ALONG THE COAST ................................................................... 14
MARINA SERVICES ........................................................................ 16
LIST OF CROATIAN MARINAS ........................................................... 16
VESSEL CHARTERING ..................................................................... 18
PRECONDITIONS FOR CHARTERING ACTIVITIES ................................... 18
LIST OF CHARTER COMPANIES ........................................................ 19
SAILING SCHOOLS ........................................................................ 25
ADRIATIC SKIPPER ASSOCIATION ..................................................... 25
WINDSURFING ............................................................................. 25
REGATTAS (SPORTS COMPETITIONS) ............................................... 25
BOAT SHOWS ............................................................................... 25
RECREATIONAL SPORTS DIVING ....................................................... 26

LIST OF DIVING CENTERS ............................................................... 27
CRUISING – SMALL SHIP OWNERS IN CROATIA .................................. 33
RECREATIONAL SPORTS FISHING AT SEA ........................................... 33
    The Republic of Croatia is a European parliamentary state and a part of
    the European political and cultural history. By size it ranks among medium-size
    European countries such as Denmark, Ireland, Slovakia or Switzerland.

    Geographical position: Croatia stretches from the easternmost edges of the           Main winds in the Adriatic
    Alps in the northwest to the Pannonian Plain and the banks of the Danube in the      • maestral (northwesterly)
    east, its central part is covered by the Dinara mountain range, while its southern   • bora (northeasterly)
    part reaches the coast of the Adriatic Sea.                                          • jugo (southeasterly)

    Population: 4.437.460                                                                The maestral is a northwesterly wind that appears in periods of high air
                                                                                         pressure, usually around 11a.m. and brings good weather. It can reach a force up
    Capital: Zagreb (population 779.145) - economic, traffic, cultural, and              to 5 and causes rough seas. It dies down in the late afternoon, and the following
    academic center of the country.                                                      day – after a calm night – starts blowing at a similar force as the previous day.

    Area: The mainland part covers an area of 56.594 km2, and the surface area           Burin is a wind that blows from the opposite direction of the maestral. It usually
    of the territorial sea is 31.067 km2.                                                blows at night, mostly from the north, northeast in the northern Adriatic, and
                                                                                         from the east or southeast in the southern Adriatic. It is strongest before dawn
    Coastline: 5.835 km; of which 4.058 km accounts for islands, rocks and               and soon dies down.
    reefs. The Croatian coastline with its 1.244 islands, rocks and reefs ranks among
    the most indented coastlines. It has 47 inhabited islands. The largest ones are      Bora is a strong northeasterly wind that appears in periods of high air pressure,
    Krk and Cres.                                                                        it blows from the mainland towards the sea in powerful gusts. It is difficult
                                                                                         to predict in spite of the early warning signs: the coastal mountain peaks are
    Lighthouses, coastal and harbour lights: a total of 600                              covered by small clouds and the sea surface in the northeastern part spumes.
                                                                                         The greater the distance from the coast, the weaker the force of the gusts is. In
    Coastal radio stations: Rijeka Radio, Split Radio, Dubrovnik Radio                   summer the bora usually blows only a few hours, but sometimes it can last up to
                                                                                         a day or two. It can be extremely strong in the Kvarner area, along the Velebit
    Along the coast there are more than 350 natural harbours and marinas                 Channel, and around Šibenik, Split, Pelješac and Dubrovnik.
    suitable for yachts and boats.
                                                                                         Jugo (scirocco) is a warm and humid southeasterly wind that brings a lot of
    The Adriatic Sea represents the most deeply protruding arm of the                    rain from October to the end of January. Calm sea and a heavy cloud cover in
    Mediterranean connected to it by the Strait of Otranto.                              the south are signs of the jugo slowly approaching and raising high waves. The
    The Adriatic Sea spreads in the direction southeast-northwest in a length of 870     jugo often blows for several days (in summer up to 3 days, in winter up to 3
    km, with an average width of 160 km.                                                 weeks), while rough seas can last for a longer period. From time to time this
                                                                                         wind also brings the reddish-brown sand from Africa. It should be remembered
    The territory of the Republic of Croatia is encircled by 48% of the coastal belt     that the jugo can change its direction in just a few minutes and turn into a very
    and 97% of coastline around the islands of the Adriatic Sea.                         strong bora (northeasterly wind). The jugo is a typical wind of the Southern
                                                                                         Adriatic where it lasts longer than in its northern part.
    The Mediterranean tidal wave lasts 12 hours, enters the Adriatic through
    the Strait of Otranto, spreads north and circulates along the eastern and western    Nevera is a very strong westerly wind that brings bad weather. It mostly blows
    coast. The height of the tidal wave is 25 cm at the Strait of Otranto to 80 cm       in summer. It strikes suddenly and vehemently making the sea rough, but most
    in the far north.                                                                    of the time it does not last long. It is usually accompanied by thunder. When its
                                                                                         stops blowing the air is fresh and pleasant. It is most common in the Northern
    Climate                                                                              Adriatic.
    Croatia has two climate zones; in the hinterland it is mainly a moderate
    continental one, partly even mountainous, while the area along the coast enjoys      Other winds in the Adriatic are: lebić – southwesterly, levant – strong
    the mild Mediterranean climate with many sunny days, dry and hot summers,            southeasterly, tramontana – cold northerly.
    mild and rainy winters. The average temperature along the coast is:                  High and stable air pressure usually brings winds that during the night blow from
    January 5-9 °C; August 22-25 °C. The sea temperature in winter is 12 °C, and         the mainland, while the daily winds blow from the sea.
    around 25 °C in summer.

Travel documents:                                                                            In cases of excess width or length a special permit must be required and escort
Passport or some other identifi cation document recognized by international                  is compulsory. Information available at the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and
agreement; for some countries also an identification card (proving the identity and          Infrastructure,
citizenship of its holder).
                                                                                             Customs regulations:
Sojourn registration: A foreign ciizen on a brief sojourn must register her/his              • The customs regulations of the Republic of Croatia are almost fully harmonized
residence within 48 hours from the arrival to the Republic of Croatia.                          with the regulations and standards of EU member states.
Residence must also be registered in the following cases:                                    • There is no limit as to the import of foreign currency for foreign citizens but
• legal and physical persons providing accommodation to foreign nationals –                     amounts exceeding the value of 40.000 kuna must be declared.
   within 24 hours of supplying the accommodation;                                           • Foreign citizens are entitled to the VAT refund for goods the value of which
• legal and physical persons providing berthing service in a port of nautical                   exceeds 500 kuna per bill, and they realize it by submitting the VAT form to
   tourism, if a foreign national has come for the first time to the vessel on which
                                                                                                the customs authorities when leaving the country.
   she/he is to be accommodated – within 12 hours from the time the service
                                                                                             • Valuable professional and technical equipment must be declared on entering
   has been rendered;
• each subsequent legal and physical person supplying berthing service in a port                the country.
   of nautical tourism, if the vessel is berthed longer than 6 hours – within 12             • Cultural goods (special collections, archeological finds, paintings, sculptures,
   hours from accepting the vessel;                                                             old books, items of ethnological heritage and similar) can be taken in and out
• legal and physical persons renting a vessel to a foreign national, when a vessel              of the country only on the basis of the approval issued by the body in charge
   is handed over in locations where a berth is not paid for – within 12 hours                  of the protection of cultural heritage (export permit).
   from the handover;                                                                        • Dogs, cats and animals of the marten family which are being brought into the
Foreign citizens arriving on foreign vessels intended for sport and entertainment,              Republic of Croatia, and which come from the countries of the European Union,
and who are using the said vessels as their accommodation, are obliged to                       must be fitted with a microchip and must have an international passport issued
register their place of sojourn with the police authority in charge of the border               by a certified veterinarian, which confirms the validity of their vaccination
crossing in the port in which the border crossing control on the arrival to the                 against rabies. Animals less than three months old, which have not been
Republic of Croatia is carried out.                                                             vaccinated against rabies, can be brought into the territory of the Republic of
                                                                                                Croatia if they had spent all the time since their birth in the same place, and
Sojourn: Foreign citizens not requiring an entry visa for Croatia are entitled to               have not come into contact with wild animals, or are travelling in the company
a legal stay up to max. 90 days during a 6 months timeframe, counting from                      of their mother upon which they are still dependant.
the day of their first entry. If staying more than 90 days, a temporary permit                  Information regarding the entry of dogs, cats and animals of the marten family
is required and must be issued on the basis of the applicable regulations from                  from the countries which are not members of the EU, as well as all other
the Foreign citizens act. The application for a Temporary residence permit is                   relevant information, can be obtained from the: Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing
submitted to the diplomatic mission or Consulate of the Republic of Croatia.                    and Rural Development – Administration for Veterinary Medicine
                                                                                                (tel. 01 610 9749; 610 6703 and 610 6669; ;
Information: Croatian embassies and consulates abroad or the Ministry of                     • In Croatia a vessel sailing under a foreign flag and owned by a foreign
Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia                             national holds the status of goods imported on a temporary basis (it is not
(Tel.: 01 4569 964, 01 4598 014; e-mail:;                        subject to the payment of customs duty or VAT), as per the stipulations of the
                                                                                                Anex C of the International Covention on Temporary Import. The stationary
A vessel arriving by land is initially registered verbally at the border
                                                                                                accommodation of a foreign vessel in a marina (customs storage) is
crossing, but prior to leaving port it is registered at the Harbour Master’s Office
                                                                                                organized with the approval and supervision of the competent customs office.
(or branch office) following the same procedure of registration as vessels arriving
by sea. (see chapter Navigation in the Republic of Croatia).                                    Prior to dispatching or bringing spare parts or pieces of equipment from
                                                                                                other countries into the Republic of Croatia with the intention of replacing or
Toll rates:                                                                                     repairing the existing spare part of piece of equipment on the foreign vessels
Rijeka – Zagreb, Zagreb – Split – Šestanovac – Ravča, Zagreb – Macelj,                          already imported into Croatia on a temporary basis, and stationed in Croatia,
Bregana – Zagreb – Lipovac, Zagreb – Goričan, Rupa – Rijeka, Istria Y, Učka                     the boaters are obliged to contact the given marina in order to obtain the
tunnel, Mirna Viaduct, Krk island bridge                                                        relevant information and establish a contact with a shipping company, and
                                                                                                clarify the details of the import procedure and find out whether the goods
Information:;;;;                             in question are subject to customs duty and VAT or not, and to be informed;                                                                         of the procedure regarding the discharge of the old spare parts and pieces of
                                                                                                equipment following one of the accepted customs procedures.
The maximum allowed length and width of a hauled vehicle in Croatia is 18,75                 Information: Customs authorities of the Republic of Croatia,
m ,and 2,55 respectively.                                                                    tel.: 01 6102 333, (under information for passengers).

Ports open for international traffic
Permanent maritime border crossings:                                                         Seasonal maritime border crossings: (from April 1 – October 31):
Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula, Raša (Bršica), Rijeka, Mali Lošinj (Lošinj), Senj, Zadar,         ACI marina Umag, Novigrad (Istria), Sali (Dugi otok), Božava (Dugi otok),
Šibenik, Split, Ploče, Metković, Korčula, Dubrovnika, Vela Luka (Korčula), Ubli (Lastovo).   Primošten (Kremik), Hvar, Stari Grad (Hvar), Vis, Komiža (Vis) and Cavtat

                                                                                                                                                            INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   5
    The skipper of the boat entering the Republic of Croatia must enter the nearest        WARNING
    port open for international traffic by the shortest route in order to carry out the    The above defined vessels must not supply the service of passenger transport
    border control formalities, obtain a vignette at the nearest Harbour Master’s          for payment in the Republic of Croatia, i.e they are banned from carrying out an
    Office or its branch office and certify the crew list and list of passengers.          economiy activity.
    The skipper of the boat entering the Republic of Croatia by land or whose vessel       Vessels perfoming the transport of goods and passangers between croatian ports
    is on a permanent berth tended in a marina or other approved site in the Republic      without the approval of the ministry in charge of the maritime affairs are subject
    of Croatia must, before leaving port, obtain the vignette at the Harbour Master’s      to financial fines and a protective measure of vessel seizure.
    Office or its branch office and obtain the list of persons.
                                                                                           VESSELS LEAVING CROATIA BY SEA
    The vignette is compulsory for boats of 3m or more in length, as well as for boats
                                                                                           Before leaving Croatia by sea, the master of the vessel must:
    of less than 3m in length if their overall engine power is 5 kW or greater.
                                                                                           • pass through the border control in one of the harbours open for international traffic
    The vignette is not compulsory for rowing boats, regardless of their length (e.g.
                                                                                           • verify the list of persons and passengers at the Harbour Master’s Office or its
    kayak, beach canoe, paddle-boat, etc).                                                    branch office.
    The vignette is not compulsory for boats while being tended in the harbour or          Having fulfilled these obligations, the skipper must leave the internal waters of
    other designated areas in the Republic of Croatia.                                     Croatia and the territorial sea of Croatia by the shortest way.
    Tenders as well as jet-skis are subject to the same regulations.
    The vignette, the validitiy of which is one year from the date of issue, must be       FEES (2008):
    displayed in a visible place on the vessel.                                            The navigation security fee when obtaining a vignette depends on the length of
    The vignette counterfoil must be attached to the list of persons.                      vessel and is as follows:
                                                                                           Boats up to:                               9 – 10 m length               840 Kn
    All boats sailing in the Republic of Croatia must possess the following original       3m length and engine power                 10 – 11 m length              945 Kn
    documents:                                                                             of 5 kW                       140 Kn       11 – 12 m length             1050 Kn
    • vignette                                                                             3 – 4 m length                210 Kn
    • certified crew list and passenger list                                               4 – 5 m length                280 Kn       Yachts up to:
                                                                                           5 – 6 m length                350 Kn       12 – 15 m length             1225 Kn
    • certified list of persons that may stay aboard (for vessels where change of
                                                                                           6 – 7 m length                525 Kn       15 – 20 m length             1400 Kn
       crew is foreseen while sailing in the Republic of Croatia, for vessels arriving     7 – 8 m length                630 Kn       20 – 30 m length             1575 Kn
       to the Republic of Croatia by land and for vessels wintering in the Republic        8 – 9 m length                735 Kn       Over 30 m length             1750 Kn
       of Croatia)
    • certificate of seaworthiness
                                                                                           The fees above are reduced by 10% for each consecutive vignette up to max
    • certificate of the skipper’s competence in boat handling
                                                                                           50% reduction. Following the expiry of the current vignette a new vignette must
    • certificate of the third party insurance policy
                                                                                           be obtained by the end of the calendar year of the current vignette’s expiry in
    • ownership certificate or authorization for the use of vessel issued by the owner     order to realize the said discount. The new vignette can be purchased in advance
    • maritime information chart                                                           (in the calendar year in which the old one is expiring), but it becomes valid only
                                                                                           following the expiry of the old one.
    Obtaining a vignette comprises payment of the following fees:                          The light dues amount to 20 kn / per meter of length of a foreign boat and 40
    • navigation security fee                                                              kn / per meter of length for foreign yachts, and cover the period of one year.
    • security navigation facilities fee (Light Dues)                                      The administrative tax is 40 kn.
    • maritime information chart fee                                                       The maritime information chart fee is 20 kn - as per the tariff of the Croatian
    • administrative tax                                                                   Hydrographic Institute.

    Crew list and Passenger list
    The crew list and passenger list comprise crew and passengers aboard, must be          passengers the vessel sailed in with from abroad, and take on a new crew and/
    possessed by all the vessels arriving into the Republic of Croatia by sea, and         or passengers, but in that case he is obliged to disembark them outside the Repu-
    must be verified by the signature and seal of the Harbour Master’s office or           blic of Croatia, or make the List of Persons. All the changes regarding the List of
    branch office.                                                                         Crew and Passengers must be reported to the Harbour Master’s Office or branch
    If a change of crew is not foreseen while sailing in the Croatian waters during the    office, and must be verified by the same. The vessels arriving overland, or those
    validity of the vignette, the skipper of a vessel does not have to report further to   wintering in the Republic of Croatia, but which do not meet the accommodation
    the Harbour Master’s Office or its branch office.                                      conditions for an extended stay of persons aboard the vessel (i.e. vessels without
    Once in Croatia the skipper of the vessel may disembark the crew and/or                beds), need not have the List of Crew and Passengers.

LIST OF PERSONS                                                                               The vessel’s capacity is determined pursuant to the vessel’s documents issued by
The List of Persons that may stay aboard must be possessed for vessels arriving               the competent authorities of the flag state. If the vessel possesses documents
to the Republic of Croatia by land and for vessels wintering in the Republic of               that do not contain capacity data, the same must be calculated pursuant to the
Croatia.                                                                                      Regulations on Boats and Yachts and the Statutory Certification Rules for Boats
The skipper of the vessel arriving to the Republic of Croatia by sea, who intends             and Yachts.
to embark and disembark the same persons in the Croatian ports, is obliged to                 The list of persons must be certified by the counterfoil of the vignette.
obtain the List of Persons in the Harbour Master’s Office or branch office. The               There are no restrictions as to the number of changes of persons from the list.
List of Persons may be obtained at the same time the vignette is procured, or                 Persons staying aboard the vessel while the vessel is in port or at anchor are not
subsequently when new persons are being taken on board, at the latest before                  entered into the list.
the said vessel leaves the port. If new persons are being added to the List of                Persons under 12 years of age are not included into the list, nor are they included
Persons successively, each such change must be verified in the Harbour Master’s               into the maximum number of persons, as well as the professional crew members.
Office or branch office.                                                                      It is not necessary to compile a separate List of Persons for tenders belonging to
The total number of persons on the list must not be more than twice the unit                  a mother yacht or boat - a copy of the List of Persons of the mother yacht or boat
capacity of the vessel increased by 30%.                                                      will be deemed sufficient.

Daily tourist tax                                                                             of the Croatian Adriatic must pay the tourist flat rate tax. The tourist flat rate
The daily tourist tax depends on the destination and the period of year and is                tax is 400 kuna. The flat rate is paid once a year and covers all stays of the
calculated per person and per night. All towns and cities in the Republic of Croatia          owner and his guests in his domicile marina regardless of the duration of stay.
are grouped into four price categories: A, B, C and D. In the cities and towns of             All holders of the Agreement on annual berth must pay the flat rate. Upon each
the A category the daily tourist tax is 7.00 kuna in high season, 5.50 kuna in                arrival to the marina, the owner or user of the vessel and his guests must register
the pre and postseason and 4.50 kuna in the off season. In all cities and towns               their arrival. While staying outside the domicile marina with which an annual
of the B category the daily tourist tax is 6.00 kuna in high season, 4.50 kuna in             berth contract had been signed, the vessel owner as well as all other persons on
the pre and postseason, and 3.50 kuna in off season. Cities and towns of the C                board must pay the daily tourist tax for each day of stay in any other marina or
category have a daily tourist tax of 5.00 kuna in high season, 3.50 kuna in the               nautical center, nautical tourism port, anchorage, moorage, tourist port or other
pre and postseason, and 2.50 kuna in off season. Cities and towns of D category               commercial accommodation facility ashore.
and other unclassified places have a daily tourist tax of 4.00 kuna in high
season, 2.50 kuna in the pre and postseason, and 2.00 kuna in the off season.                 Tourist tax for persons chartering a vessel (charter gusets)
The duration of high season, pre and postseason varies from county to county.                 Persons using the service of overnight stay on a vessel of nautical tourism (users
                                                                                              of charter) pay a tourist tax after each realized night, and the payment is made
Tourist tax flat rate                                                                         to the legal or physical person with whom they have contracted the charter of the
Holders of a berthing facility for the period a year or several years in marinas              vessel (information:

Pursuant to the Croatian law all boats longer than 2.5 m or boats and with the                • evidence of paid customs and tax obligations;
engine power exceeding 5kW must be entered in the boat register. The boats                    • evidence of paid fee for entering the boat into the Croatian Boat Register;
and yachts are entered in the Register by the Harbour Master’s Office or its                  • evidence of seaworthiness (inspection record, construction certificate issued
branch office. A boat or yacht wholly or partially owned by a foreign citizen or                by the competent body or in accordance with the Declaration of compatibility
person without citizenship and without residence in Croatia may be entered in the               issued in accordance with the EU Directive 94/25 EC – if the boat has been
Croatian Boat and Yacht Register at his request, if the boat or yacht has not been              built outside the Republic of Croatia, and similar;...)
entered in the foreign boat or yacht register and if it spends most of its time in
the sea of the Republic of Croatia.                                                           Registration of yachts in the Croatian Yacht Register requires additional
                                                                                              documents, and it can only be done in the Harbour Master’s Offices.
In order to enter a boat in the Croatian Boat Register the following documents
must be enclosed with the application:                                                        Only original documents must be submitted (original documents can be
• boat and boat propulsion ownership certificate (purchase agreement, receipt,                photocopiedby the officials at the Harbour Master’s Offices or branch offices).
   customs declaration, construction certificate, deed of gift, proof of inheritance etc.);   Having entered the boat, an appropriate navigation permit/ registration form
• certificate of gross tonnage if so required by the Technical Regulations, as well           for yachts is issued that must be kept on board at all times during navigation
   as the deadweight of the boat if used for commercial activities;                           together with a valid compulsory insurance policy.
• evidence of registration for commercial activity boats (e.g. charter);
• compulsory insurance policy if the boat engine power exceeds 15 kW;
• certificate of the removal from the register as evidence that the boat has been             Information: Harbour Master’s Offices and branch offices
   deleted from the foreign register, if the boat is being transferred from a foreign
   register into the Croatian Register;

                                                                                                                                                              INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   7
    All Harbour Master’s Offices and their        Punat (Krk)          Tel.: 051 854 065   Harbour Master’s Office                 Harbour Master’s Office Ploče
    branch offi ces can be reached on VHF         Baška (Krk)          Tel.: 051 856 821   Šibenik                                 Tel./Fax: 020 679 008
    channels 10, 16 and 70.                       Šilo (Krk)           Tel.: 051 852 110   Tel.: 022 217 214                       Branch office:
    Working hours of the Harbour Master’s         Cres (Cres)          Tel.: 051 571 111   Fax: 022 212 626                        Metković       Tel.: 020 681 681
    Officies in Pula, Rijeka, Zadar, Šibenik,     Mali Lošinj (Lošinj) Tel.: 051 231 438   Branch office:
    Split and Dubronvik are 0 – 24h,              Susak (Susak) Tel.: 051 239 205          Vodice              Tel.: 022 443 055   Harbour Master’s Office
    while the branch offices operate              Rab (Rab)            Tel.: 051 724 103   Primošten           Tel.: 022 570 266   Dubrovnik
    according to the summer and winter                                                     Rogoznica           Tel.: 022 559 045   Tel.: 020 418 989
    regime of working hours.                      Harbour Master’s Office Senj             Murter (Murter)     Tel.: 022 435 190   Fax: 020 418 989
                                                  Tel.: 053 881 301                        Tisno (Murter)      Tel.: 022 439 313
    Harbour Master’s Office Pula                  Fax: 053 884 128                                                                 Branch office:
    Tel./Fax: 052 222 037                                                                                                          Stara gradska luka/Old town port
                                                  Branch office:                           Harbour Master’s Office Split                               Tel.: 020 321 234
    Branch office:                                Sveti Juraj        Tel.: 053 883 006     Tel.: 021 362 436                       Komolac (ACI Marina) Tel.: 020 452 421
    Umag                      Tel.: 052 741 662   Jablanac           Tel.: 053 887 049     Fax: 021 346 555                        Trpanj (Pelješac) Tel.: 020 743 542
    Novigrad                  Tel.: 052 757 035   Karlobag           Tel.: 053 694 030     Branch office:                          Trstenik (Pelješac) Tel.: 020 748 100
    Poreč                     Tel.: 052 431 663   Novalja (Pag)      Tel.: 053 661 301     Trogir              Tel.: 021 881 508   Ston (Pelješac) Tel.: 020 754 026
    Rovinj                    Tel.: 052 811 132                                            Omiš                Tel.: 021 861 025   Slano               Tel.: 020 871 177
    Raša (Trget)              Tel.: 052 875 127   Harbour Master’s Office Zadar            Makarska            Tel.: 021 611 977   Cavtat              Tel.: 020 478 065
    Rabac                     Tel.: 052 872 085   Tel.: 023 254 880                        Rogač (Šolta)       Tel.: 021 654 139   Sobra (Mljet)       Tel.: 020 745 040
                                                  Fax: 023 250 235                         Bol (Brač)          Tel.: 021 635 903   Korčula (Korčula) Tel.: 020 711 178
    Harbour Master’s Office Rijeka                Branch office:                           Milna (Brač)        Tel.: 021 636 205   Vela Luka (Korčula) Tel.: 020 812 023
    Tel.: 051 214 031                             Pag (Pag)           Tel.: 023 611 023    Supetar (Brač)      Tel.: 021 631 116   Ubli (Lastovo)      Tel.: 020 805 006
    Fax: 051 313 265                              Starigrad-Paklenica Tel.: 023 369 262    Sumartin (Brač)     Tel.: 021 648 222
    Branch office:                                Novigrad            Tel.: 023 375 060    Hvar (Hvar)         Tel.: 021 741 007
    Bakar                     Tel.: 051 761 214   Biograd n/m         Tel.: 023 383 210    Stari Grad (Hvar)   Tel.: 021 765 060
    Mošćenička Draga          Tel.: 051 737 501   Silba (Silba)       Tel.: 023 370 410    Jelsa (Hvar)        Tel.: 021 761 055
    Opatija                   Tel.: 051 711 249   Ist (Ist)           Tel.: 023 372 449    Sućuraj (Hvar)      Tel.: 021 773 228
    Kraljevica                Tel.: 051 281 330   Božava (Dugi otok) Tel.: 023 377 601     Vis (Vis)           Tel.: 021 711 111
    Crikvenica                Tel.: 051 242 321   Preko (Ugljan) Tel.: 023 286 183         Komiža (Vis)        Tel.: 021 713 085
    Novi Vinodolski           Tel.: 051 244 345   Sali (Dugi otok) Tel.: 023 377 021
    Omišalj (Krk)             Tel.: 051 842 053   Privlaka            Tel.: 023 366 641
    Malinska (Krk)            Tel.: 051 859 346
    Krk (Krk)                 Tel.: 051 221 380

    The Rescue Co-ordination Center is managed by the Rescue Co-ordination head office in Rijeka, on duty 24h a day on VHF channels 10 and 16 and telephone number
    9155. In case of accident at sea, as well as on land, you can dial 112, the number for all emergencies.
    Sea territory A1
    MRCC RIJEKA                                                 MRSC SENJ                                              MRSC SPLIT
    Tel. ++385 9155                                             Tel. ++385 (0)53 881 301                               Tel. ++385 (0)21 362 436
    Tel. ++385 (0)51 312 253, 312 255                           Fax ++385 (0)53 884 128                                Fax ++385 (0)21 346 555
    Fax ++385 (0)51 312 254                                     VHF DSC MMSI: 002383150                                VHF DSC MMSI: 002387040, 002387030
    VHF DSC MMSI: 002387010, 002387020
    Inmarsat C (AOR-E) 423816510                                MRSC ZADAR                                             MRSC PLOČE
    e-mail:                                   Tel. ++385 (0)23 254 880                               Tel. ++385 (0)20 679 008
                                                                Fax ++385 (0)23 254 876                                Fax ++385 (0)20 679 008
    MRSC PULA                                                   VHF DSC MMSI: 002387400, 002387401                     VHF DSC MMSI: 002383350
    Tel. ++385 (0)52 222 037
    Fax ++385 (0)52 222 037                                     MRSC ŠIBENIK                                           MRSC DUBROVNIK
    VHF DSC MMSI: 002383050                                     Tel. ++385 (0)22 217 214                               Tel. ++385 (0)20 418 989
                                                                Fax ++385 (0)22 212 626                                Fax ++385 (0)20 418 989
                                                                VHF DSC MMSI: 002387500, 002387501                     VHF DSC MMSI: 002387800, 002387801

Foreign citizen can operate a boat under the Croatian flag if qualified in                one crew member holding the qualification of a category B boat skipper.
accordance to the rules and regulation of the Republic of Croatia. The Ministry           A pleasure boat sailing in the navigation areas III & IV must be operated by a
of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure shall also recognize foreign certificates        person possessing the qualification of the B category boat skipper.
on qualification to operate a vessel issued by the competent bodies of a given            A rowing boat can be run by a person over 12 years of age.
country, that recognition being in line with the degree to which they comply
with the conditions under which the corresponding qualifications are acquired in          A legal or physical person chartering a boat or yacht without a crew must, prior
Croatia. The Ministry shall publish the list of foreign certificates accepted in the      to activating the charter, make sure the charterer possesses an appropriate
Republic of Croatia (information:                                           certificate, i.e. certificate of competence.

Categories of certificates:                                                               Vessels of up to 30 GT in navigation areas III, III.a, III.b, III.c and IV, if chartered
• skipper of category A boat                                                              without a crew, as well as personal vessels up to 30 GT, can be skippered by a
• skipper of category B (III & IV) boat                                                   person possessing a category B boat skipper certificate of competence
• skipper of category C boat                                                              (which includes a passed exam in operation of the vessel radio station).
• master of category A yacht (yacht of up to 100 GT (gross tonnage)
• master of category B yacht (yacht of up to 500 GT                                       If, regardless of its function, the vessel of up to 30 GT navigates in areas I and II,
                                                                                          it must be operated by a person possessing the category C boat skipper certificate
Vessels that are not entered in the register or registers, and whose engine               of competence, and it must have one crew member.
power is 5kW or less must be operated by a person with the lowest allowed
qualification of the A category boat skipper.                                             Yachts from 30 GT to 100 GT, regardless of their function and the area of
                                                                                          navigation, must have a skipper possessing the category A yacht master crtificate
Pleasure boats of up to 7m in length and engine power up to 15kW, when sailing            of competence and one crew member possessing a category B boat skipper
in the navigation areas III.a, III.b, III.c and IV, must be operated by a person          certificate of competence.
possessing an A category boat skipper certificate of competence.
If a pleasure boat of up to 7m has engine power exceeding 15kW, it must be                Yachts from 100 GT to 500 GT, regardless of their area of navigation must be run
operated by a person possessing a B category boat skipper certifi cate of                 by a skipper possessing a category B master certificate of competence (alongside
competence and being at least 18 years old.                                               the supplementary certificates defined by law), one crew member possessing
                                                                                          a certificate of competence to perform as a part of the engine room navigation
A pleasure boat sailing in the navigation areas I & II must be operated by a              watch, and one crew member possessing a certificate of competence to maintain
person possessing the qualification of the category C boat skipper and must have          the basic safety aboard.

   I    International navigation on all seas and waters accessible by sea
  II    International navigation in the Adriatic Sea
        Navigation in internal sea waters, waters accessible by the sea and territorial    III.a – up to 6 M from the shoreline of mainland or island
  III   sea of the Republic of and for fishing boats exceeding 7 m in length               III.b – up to 6 M from the shoreline of mainland or island
        navigation in the ecological fishing belt of the Republic of Croatia               III.c – up to 6 M from the shoreline of mainland or island
  IV    Navigation in ports, bays, rivers of the Croatian Adriatic basin up to the point up to which they are navigable from the seaside and the Prokljansko lake

If, pursuant to the national regulations of the flag state, the skipper does not          Nautical training is provided by:
need to posses evidence that he is competent to run a boat, he must obtain                AdriaMare Consulto d.o.o. - Maritime Training Center
appropriate evidence or certificate of competence pursuant to the regulations of          Draga 1, HR-22000 Šibenik
the Republic of Croatia.                                                                  Tel.: +385 /0/22 201 170,
                                                                                          Fax: +385 /0/ 22 201 165
For all information regarding appropriate certificate of competence we                    Obala Kneza Trpimira bb, HR-23000 Zadar
recommend that a Harbour Master’s office or its branch office be contacted in             Tel: +385 /0/23 334 974,
time (or to consult the charter agency if chartering a vessel).                           Fax:+385 /0/23 334174

                                                                                                                                                              INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   9
     Supervision of the implementation and safeguarding of law and order in ports                A speedboat pulling a water skier, a parachutists or a person on an air cushion or
     and all other parts of the internal sea waters and the Croatian territorial sea is          similar – on the surface of the sea or above the surface – must, in addition to
     carried out by the authorized officials from the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and         the legally defined lowest number of crew members, have one person supervising
     Infrastructuree and the Harbour Master’s Offices.                                           the skier, parachutist, the person on an air cushion or similar, and giving them
     When entering and leaving port, at the posted sign for reduced speed, alongside             instructions. Areas where skimming and water-skiing is banned are determined by
     the places where coastal and underwater works are being carried out, as well as             the Harbour Master’s Office.
     at marked diving sites, ships, boats and yachts must navigate with the minimum              Without prior approval of the Harbour Master’s Office, bathing, diving, skimming,
     speed in order to avoid raising waves through their navigation which could cause            windsurfing, waterskiing and waterskiing lessons are forbidden in ports.
     damage.                                                                                     Wind surfing is not allowed in the area of port entrances, in waterways where
                                                                                                 sailing routes for boats and ships are narrow, and within appointed beaches.
     Sports and other activities may be carried out on waterways only with the                   Bathing and swimming outside the restricted sea areas of tended beaches is not
     approval of the Harbour Master’s Office.                                                    permitted.
     When navigating ships, yachts and boats must not approach the coast as follows:             Bathing and swimming at a distance greater than 100 m from the coast of a
     • ships to a distance less than 300m                                                        natural beach is not permitted.
     • yachts to a distance less than 150m                                                       Without approval of the Harbour Master’s Office, bathing and swimming is not
     • motor boats and sailing boats to a distance less than 50m                                 permitted in navigable seaways, narrow passages and channels.
                                                                                                 Diving areas must be clearly marked by placing in the center of the diving area an
     Exceptionally, ships, boats and yachts may navigate at a lesser distance from the
                                                                                                 orange or red buoy of at least 30 cm in diameter, or a tall prominent diving flag
     coast if sailing into a port, anchorage or to a mooring site alongside the coast, if
                                                                                                 hoisted on the boat from which diving is performed.
     the configuration of the waterway demands it, but they must reduce their speed
                                                                                                 Areas where diving is forbidden are listed in a separate chapter of this brochure.
     to the level which ensures a quick and easy manouver of stopping and turning.
                                                                                                 It is strictly forbidden to send any kind of false signals and messages of distress,
     Rowboats, sailboards and surfboards, canoes, kayaks, gondolas, beach canoes
                                                                                                 urgency or safety warnings, as well as giving false identification signals from
     and paddle boats may navigate at a distance less than 50m from the coast.
                                                                                                 ships, yachts and boats in any form and by any means (radio, visual or audio).
     In the area near beaches, yachts and boats must navigate at a distance greater
                                                                                                 Sailing vessels that are not entered in the register (e.g. kayak, canoe, gondola,
     than 50m from the enclosure of the appointed bathing area and 150m from the
                                                                                                 paddle boat, sailboards etc.) must not sail further than 500m from the mainland
     shore of a natural beach.
                                                                                                 or island shore.
     Speedboats, waterjet propelled boats (scooters, jet skis, hovercraft etc.) may
                                                                                                 A vessel up to 2,5m in length or less may at the same time carry two persons
     skim only in areas where such activity is not banned, but not closer than 300m
                                                                                                 at the most.
     from the coast.                                                                             Non-compliance with the transport/traffic regulations is punishable by law.
     Speedboats and jet propelled boats (scooters, jet-skis, hovercraft, etc.) may pass
     close to the areas where skimming is not banned, but they must do it at the
     lowest possible speed.                                                                      Information on maritime charts and publications:
     If skimming constitutes a commercial activity speedboats and the above listed jet           Hrvatski hidrografski institute Split (Croatian Hydrographic Institute)
     propelled boats must use only the properly marked corridors.                                e-mail: offi;


     Weater forecasts in Croatian, English, Italian and German languages
     At receptions of nearly all marinas (+24+96 hours) and Harbour Master’s Offices (+24 +48 hours).
     UTC: +1h during daylight saving time in winter, +2h during daylight saving time in summer
     Weather forecasts and navigational warnings
                                                   Continuous transmission on                                Weather forecast and navigational warnings
        COASTAL RADIO STATION                      channels                                 Channel                 Time of transmission (UTC)
        RIJEKA - RADIO                             04, 16, 20, 24, 81                       04, 20, 24, 81          05:35 14:35 19:35
        (9AR)                                                                                                       Croatian and English
        SPLIT – RADIO                              07, 16, 21, 23, 28, 81                   07, 21, 23, 28, 81      05:45 12:45 19:45
        (9AS)                           A                                                                           Croatian and English
        NAVTEX (Q)                      B          518 kHz                                                          02:40 06:40 10:40 14:40 18:40 22:40
                                                                                                                    (NAVTEX – English language)
        DUBROVNIK – RADIO                          04, 07, 16, 85                           04, 07, 85              06:25 13:20 21:20
        (9AD)                                                                                                       Croatian and English

Weather forecasts given by Harbour Master’s Offices
The Ministry in charge of maritime affairs continually issues weather reports in Croatian, English, German and Italian languages in accordance with the table given below:
 Harbour Master’s Offices                                 VHF channel                                               VHF range
 PULA                                                     73                                                        northern Adriatic – W coast of Istria
 RIJEKA                                                   69                                                        northern Adriatic – E part
 ŠIBENIK                                                  73                                                        central Adriatic – E part
 SPLIT                                                    67                                                        central Adriatic – E part
 DUBROVNIK                                                73                                                        southern Adriatic – E part

 RIJEKA RADIO (9AR) 45° 06' N – 14° 32' E
 Tel.: 051 217 332; Fax: 051 217 232                                                                                                                  MMSI 002380200
 Area of operation        Transmission and reception Type of broadcast                Strength (kW)               Operating hours        List of traffic
 VHF radio-telephony      Ch 04, 16, 20, 24, 81 F3E                                   0,025                       H24                    Ch 24; every odd H+35
 VHF-DSC                  Ch 70                      G2B                              0,025                       H24
 SPLIT RADIO (9AS) 43° 30' N – 16° 29' E
 Tel.: 021 389 190; Fax: 021 389 185                                                                                                                  MMSI 002380100
 Area of operation        Transmission and reception Type of broadcast                Strength (kW)               Operating hours        List of traffic
 VHF radio-telephony     Ch 07, 16, 21, 23, 28, 81 F3E                                0,025                       H24                    Ch 07, 21, 23, 81; every H+35
 VHF-DSC                  Ch 70                      G2B                              0,025                       H24
 DUBROVNIK RADIO (9AD) 42° 38' N – 18° 07' E
 Tel.: 020 423 665; Fax: 020 423 397                                                                                                                MMSI 002380300
 Area of operation             Transmission and reception            Type of broadcast                  Strength (kW)                      Operating hours
 VHF radio-telephony           Ch 04, 07, 16, 85                     F3E                                0,025                              H24
 VHF-DSC                       Ch 70                                 G2B                                0,025                              H24

                                                                        Working                                                                                 Working
  GAS STATION                         Depth (m)      Tel. ++385                         GAS STATION                         Depth (m)        Tel. ++385
                                                                         hours                                                                                   hours
  UMAG, marina                             3         (0)52 743 419        6-22          MURTER, Hramina                         2,2         (0)22 434 499         6-22
  NOVIGRAD, marina                        4,5        (0)52 726 425        7-22          JEZERA, marina                          2,5         (0)22 439 299         8-20
  POREČ, waterfront                       2,5        (0)52 452 671        6-22          TRIBUNJ, marina                        3,5-4        (0)22 446 329         8-20
  VRSAR, waterfront                        3         (0)52 441 170        7-22          VODICE, marina                          3,3         (0)22 444 205         8-20
  ROVINJ, waterfront                       7         (0)52 813 500        7-21          ŠIBENIK, waterfront                      7          (0)22 213 868         6-22
  PULA, waterfront                        4,8        (0)52 223 935        7-21          TROGIR, marina                           3          (0)21 885 458         8-20
  PULA, marina Veruda                     2,5        (0)52 223 967        7-21          ROGAČ (Šolta), harbour waterfront       4,5         (0)21 654 180         7-21
  OPATIJA, Lido, harbour                   4         (0)51 271 327        7-22          SPLIT, city harbour                    3,5-4        (0)21 399 484         6-22
  CRIKVENICA, harbour                      3         (0)51 781 004        7-21          VIS (Vis), harbour waterfront           2,5         (0)21 711 176         7-21
  NOVI VINODOLSKI, harbour                 3         (0)51 244 018        6-22          MILNA (Brač), marina                     3          (0)21 636 340         7-22
  CRES, marina                             5         (0)51 571 334        7-21          SUMARTIN (Brač), Radonja cove            4          (0)21 622 250        7-21.30
  KRK, harbour                          2,2-3,5      (0)51 221 130        6-22          HVAR (Hvar), Križna luka                1,8         (0)21 741 060         7-21
  RAB, harbour                            2,5        (0)51 724 142        0-24          BOL (Brač), harbour waterfront        3,5 – 4       (0)21 635 119         7-21
  MALI LOŠINJ, harbour                     7         (0)51 232 141        6-22          VRBOSKA (Hvar),marina                    2          (0)21 717 938         8-20
  MALI LOŠINJ, Privlaka,                                                                VELA LUKA (Korčula),
                                        8,5 - 9      (0)51 520 920         6-24                                               3 – 3,5       (0)20 812 910           6-22
  harbour                                                                               harbour waterfront
  NEREZINE (Lošinj)                    2,5 – 2,8     (0)51 237 444    6-24              MAKARSKA, harbour waterfront             5          (0)21 612 660           7-21
  NOVALJA(Pag), harbour                   1,5        (0)53 662 263    6-22              UBLI (Lastovo), harbour
                                                                                                                             1,1 – 2,1      (0)20 805 034           7-21
  ZADAR-Voštarnica, marina                2,5        (0)23 235 962    6-22              waterfront
  PREKO (Ugljan), by the ferry pier      2-2,7       (0)23 286 214    6-24              KORČULA (Korčula), eastern port         3,5         (0)20 711 017           6-22
  ZAGLAV (Dugi otok)                       6         (0)23 377 234    7-22              PLOČE, harbour waterfront                8          (0)20 679 579           6-22
                                                                      6.30-             SOBRA (Mljet)                           5,5         (0)20 746 233           8-20
  SUKOŠAN, marina                        7        (0)23 394 200
                                                                     21.30              DUBROVNIK- Komolac, marina               4          (0)20 454 142           8-20
  BIOGRAD, by the ferry pier          2,3-3,3     (0)23 383 961       6-22              DUBROVNIK, lučica Orsan              3,7 – 4,9      (0)20 438 538           7-21
Detailed information available on:,,

                                                                                                                                                        INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   11
     International country code for Croatia: +385                                      Radio news in foreign languages during the tourist season:
     Ambulance: 94                                                                     Croatian Radio broadcasts programs in foreign languages for tourists in the
                                                                                       Republic of Croatia on several channels. Croatian Radio Channel One broadcascts
     Fire brigade: 93
                                                                                       a daily, 10 minute program in English at 20:05.
     Police: 92                                                                        In summer, in addition to its regular news in the Croatian language, Channel Two
     Number for emergencies: 112                                                       of the Croatian Radio (98,5 Mhz – northwestern Croatia and Dubrovnik Littoral;
     National co-ordination centre for search and rescue at sea: 9155                  105,3 Mhz – Istria; 96,1 – Split; 98,9 – Makarska Littoral; 93,3 – Gorski
                                                                                       kotar) also broadcasts news in English, German, Italian and Czech languages on
     General information: 981                                                          the hour every hour from 8 am to 21 pm, while HAK - the Croatian Automobile
     Information on local and inter-city telephone numbers: 988                        Club, issues road condition reports in English and German. In summer Channel
     International phone directory: 902                                                Two also broadcasts, alternatively, news and road condition reports directly from
                                                                                       the Channel Three of the Austrian Radio, Italian RAI Uno, British Virgin Radio,
     Weather forecast and road conditions: 060 520 520                                 Radio Praha and the iternatinal programme of the Croatian Radio – voice of
     Road Assistance 987; (if calling from abroad or by cellular phone dial +385       Croatia.
     1 987)                                                                            In summer Czech tourists are provided with information once a day by journalists
     Croatian Auto Club (HAK): 01 4640 800;; e-mail:            of Radio Praha by way of the regional radio stations: Radio Split, Radio Dubrovnik
                                                                                       and Radio Rijeka.
     Information on petrol rates and list of gas stations at:;;;                                              Environment protection
     Information on the sale of maritime chart and publications:                       Protection of biodiversity is in accordance with the valid EU regulations. The
     Croatian Hydrographic Institute Split, e-mail:;          waters of the Croatian Adriatic are of a very high quality, in line with the EU
                                                                                       criteria, and ideal for bathing.
                                                                                       In case of an accident or pollution of the sea or the environment, please notify
     Mobile phone networks in Croatia
                                                                                       the National Rescue Coordination Center on telephone number 9155 (toll-free
     Croatia has 4 commercial systems of mobile phone networks: T-mobile,              phone) or Center 112
     VIPnet, TELE 2 and tomato                                                         For further information regarding the environment contact the Ministry of
                                                                                       Environment, Physical Planning and Construction, the Environment Management
     Information:                                                                      Administration, telephone number: +385 1/3782 111, e-mail address:
     • T-Mobile;; +385 98 1555 Touristinfo (Information for foreign;
     • VIPnet;; +385 91 7799 VIP tourist info                            Protection of marine environment
     • TELE 2, +385 95 1000 444 Customer service                          It is forbidden to throw, dispose or discharge into the sea or along the shoreline
     • tomato;, 092 99 33 Customer service                           oily waters, feces as well as plastic, metal, glass and other solid or liquid waste
                                                                                       that pollute the environment. It is forbidden to damage, destroy, export and seize
     If you are having problems placing a call to a Croatian GSM network you should    parts of archeological sites and historical wrecks.
     contact the customer service of your mobile phone service provider.               Protected marine areas (national parks and nature parks) are subject to special
     Audibility is good on the whole territory of Croatia, although occasional short   regime of law and order.
     losses of signal may be possible at certain locations.
                                                                                       Prevention of fire:
                                                                                       • Make sure you have taken all the necessary measures to prevent fire!
                                                                                       • Do not light fires!
                                                                                       • Do not discard cigarette buts or flammable items into the environment!
                                                                                       • Should you notice a fire, inform other persons in your vicinty; immediately
                                                                                         report the fire to the telephone 93 or 112; try to extinguish the fire but do not
                                                                                         put either yourself or others in jeopardy;
                                                                                       • Observe the sign banning lighting a fire;
                                                                                       • Make sure your parked vehicles are not blocking the fire-fighting approaches
                                                                                         and hydrants!

AIR TRANSPORT                                                                        MARITIME TRANSPORT
INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS – INFORMATION                                                 JADROLINIJA
ZAGREB AIRPORT – Tel.: 00385/ 1/ 4562 222                                            The major Croatian maritime passenger carrier runs the greatest number of                                                                regular, international and local ferry, passenger and fast passenger boat services.
(distance Zagreb- Zagreb airport – 15 km)                                            Head office in Rijeka: Tel.: 00385/ 51/ 666 100, 666 111
Central bus station, Držićeva bb                                                     www.
Tel.: 00385/ 1/ 6157 992; Bus Airport-city every 25 minutes
                                                                                     Other carriers:
PULA – Tel.: 00385/ 52/ 530 105                                                      Rapska plovidba d.d.: (distance Pula-Airport - 5 km)                                   Mediteranska plovidba d.d:
MALI LOŠINJ AIRPORT                                                                  Split Tours:                                                             Miatours:
Tel.: +385 51 235 148                                                                Ivante d.o.o.:
RIJEKA – RIJEKA AIRPORT on the island of Krk                                         Kapetan Luka:
Tel.: 00385/ 51/ 842-040; 840-132;                             G & V line:
(distance Rijeka - Airport – 26 km)                                                  SNAV:
ZADAR – Tel.: 00385/ 23/ 205 800,
(distance Zadar-Airport – 7 km)                                                      Agency for coastal line shipping
SPLIT – SPLIT KAŠTELA AIRPORT                                                        Tel.:+385 21 329 370, Fax: 385 21 329 379
Tel.: 00385/ 21/ 203 555;                             , e-mail:
(distance Split –Airport – 25 km, Trogir–Airport – 6 km)
BRAČ – Tel.: 00385/ 21/ 559 701,                                 International ferry lines:
(for small airplanes only)                                                           Zadar-Ancona, Stari Grad (Hvar) -Split-Ancona, Split-Ancona, Split -Stari Grad/
                                                                                     Hvar - Pescara, Split -Stari Grad /Hvar - Korčula - Sobra/Mljet - Dubrovnik - Bari
DUBROVNIK – ĆILIPI AIRPORT – Tel.: 00385 /20/ 77 33 77,                              In addition to the ferry lines there are also international fast passenger boat lines                                                             Coastal ferry line: Rijeka - Split - Stari Grad (Hvar) - Korčula – Dubrovnik – Bari
(distance Dubrovnik-Airport - 21 km)
                                                                                     Coastal ferry lines
Airports along the coastline available for reception of the general purpose          Rijeka – Split – Stari Grad/Hvar – Korčula - Dubrovnik
airplanes and occasional taxi service: Vrsar, Medulin, Grobnik (Rijeka), Unije and
Stari Grad (Hvar).                                                                   Local ferry lines connect the mainland with the islands
                                                                                     Cres, Lošinj, Rab, Pag, Ugljan, Pašman, Olib, Silba, Premuda, Ist, Molat, Sestrunj,
CROATIA AIRLINES                                                                     Rivanj, Žirje, Kaprije, Zverinac, Rava, Zlarin, Dugi otok, Iž, Šolta, Brač, Hvar,
The national airline company, a regional member of the airlines association          Vis, the Pelješac peninsula, Korčula, Lastovo, Mljet and Šipan, while the local
Star Alliance, links Croatia by direct flights with a large number of European       passenger and fast passenger boat lines connect other inhabited islands without
destinations: Amsterdam, Vienna, Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Munich, Paris,         car traffic.
Rome, Sarajevo, Skopje, Zurich, and from the summer 2008 with Düsseldorf,
Copenhagen, Podgorica and Priština. In the summer season the Croatian coast is       Fast passenger boat lines (island-coast and island-island connection):
linked with additional destinations in Austria, France, Germany and Great Britain.   Rijeka area- Lošinj, Susak, Unije, Cres, Ilovik, Pag, Rab
In cooperation with its partners Croatia Airlines enables its passengers to fly to   Zadar area- Ist, Molat, Dugi Otok, Zverinac, Sestrunj, Rivanj, Olib, Silba,
destinations worldwide.                                                              Premuda,
Information and airline tickets sale:                                                Split area- Brač, Hvar, Šolta, Lastovo, Korčula, Vis, Biševo                                                              Dubrovnik area – Mljet, Šipan, Korčula, Lastovo
Information and booking: ++385/0/1 4872 727; 062 77 77 77                            Šibenik area – Žirje, Kaprije
                                                                                     Seasonal line: Pula – Unije – Mali Lošinj – Ilovik – Zadar
Other airline companies flying to Croatia: Aeroflot, Alitalia, Austrian Airlines,
Lufthansa, LOT, Malev, Germanwings, Scandinavian Airlines, Turkish Airlines,         Passenger boat lines (island- mainland and island-island connections):
Air Bosna, Air One, British Airways, Hapag Lloyd, Norwegian Air Shuttle, TAP,        Rijeka area – Lošinj, Srakane, Unije, Ilovik, Susak
WizzAir, LTU, Estonian Air, EasyJet, Skyeurope, Aer Lingus, Trade Air/Sun Adria,     Zadar area – Dugi otok, Iž, Rava, Vrgada
dubrovnik Airlines, Adria Airways, Nouvelair Tunisie, Ryan Air, Darwing Airline,     Šibenik area – Prvić, Zlarin
Skyeurope Slovakia, Skyeurope Hungary, SN Brussels Airlines.                         Split area – Drvenik Veli and Mali, Čiovo, Biševo
                                                                                     Dubrovnik area –Šipan, Lopud, Koločep

All major cities in Croatia except Dubrovnik are connected by railroad.
                                                                                                                                                      INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   13
     BRIJUNI NATIONAL PARK                                                                     STRICT PROTECTION ZONES
     Brijuni National Park consists of fourteen islands and islets covering an area of         Strict protection zones in the Kornati National Park, to which visitors have no
     736 hectares. They are situated along the southwestern coast of the Istrian               acess, are:
     Peninsula, separated from the mainland by the Fažana Channel. Apart from the              • Purara islet, Klint and Volić reefs, as well as the marine belt at a distance of 3
     traditional summer activities, the Veliki Brijun beach provides amenities such as            cable lengths from their coastline;
     tennis, golf, archery, bicycle and electric car riding as well as a ride in Tito’s 1953   • Mrtovnjak islet and the marine belt at a distance of 1 cable length from its
     Cadillac.The main destination for boaters is the harbour of Veliki Brijun with about         coastline and from the national park boundary
     thirty daily berths providing power and water points. Upon arrival, boaters should        • Klobučar islet and the marine belt at a distance of 1 cable length from its
     report at the reception desk of the Neptun hotel.                                            coastline and from the center of the passage between the islets of Klobučar
     Entering as well as anchoring in the NP is permitted in the main harbour of                  and Gustac
     Veliki Brijun and in the cove of Sv. Nikola on Mali Brijun, and is forbidden in           • Obručan Mali and Veliki islets and marine belt at a distance of 1cable from
     other parts of the park. The cove of Sv. Nikola on Mali Brijun is the more recent            their coastlines and up to the middle of the passage between Obručan Veliki
     destination for yachtsmen within the Brijuni Archipelago. Mali Brijun, the area of           islet and Levrnak island
     which is cca 100 ha, and which was once an integral part of Veliki Brijun, is now         SAILING, ANCHORING, MOORING
     separated from it by the 120 m wide and 2-3m deep Tisnac channel.                         With the exception of the zones under strict protection sailng is possible
     Contact:                                                                                  throughout the Kornati National Park. Anchoring and overnight stays is permitted
     BRIJUNI NATIONAL PARK                                                                     in the following coves: Stiniva, Strižnja, Statival, Lupeška, Tomasovac-Suha
     Tel.: +385 52 525 888                                                                     punta, Šipnate, Lučica, Kravljačica, Gujak, Smokvica, Ravni Žakan, Vruje, Lavsa,
     Fax: +385 52 521 367                                                                      Opat, Piškera – Vela Panitula and Anica on Levrnaka.
                                                                                               SWIMMING AN DIVING
     Recpetion for nautical tourists: Hotel Neptun, Tel.: +385 52 525 807
                                                                                               With the exception of the zones under strict protection swimming is allowed in all
                                                                                               parts of the Kornati National Park. Individual diving is permitted only in organized
                                                                                               groups, and only against a permit which can be obtained in the seat of the
     Nature park situated in the southeastern part of Dugi otok. The Telašćica bay,            Kornati National Park on Murter, or at the reception points within the park itself.
     one of the safest, nicest and largest natural harbours in the Adriatic, with 6            Individual diving (outside organized groups) is not permitted! There are nine
     islands and reefs, 25 coves and 69 km of indented coastline, is an attractive             zones within the Kornati National Park where diving is allowed under the above
     anchorage for many boaters. The park can be entered along Cape Čuška                      specified conditions: Kornat (Opat – Tanka Prisliga), Samograd, Oključ, Mala
     (from the central channel) and from both sides of Gornja Aba island. From the             Panitula, Vela Panitula, Rasip, Mali Rasip, Mana, Borovnik.
     southwestern side (from the open sea) along Cape Vidilica, and along Cape
     Punta Kadena on Katina island. The area is controlled by the park inspectors who          RECREATIONAL FISHING
     tour the park in the afternoon hours checking the anchorages and the payment              With the exception of the zones under strict protection, recreational fishing is
     of entry fees, as well as collecting waste from the anchored vessels. There               permitted only against previously obtained recreational fishing permit which is
     are mooring buoys in the following coves: Sergovica (by the passage of Mala               issued by the Public Institution Kornati National Park.
     Proversa), Mir, Tripuljak, Raknić, Kruševica and Kučimul. Special permits against
     payment of fee are required for diving (organized) and fishing (information –
                                                                                               KORNATI NATIONAL PARK
     Telašćica Nature Park management).                                                        Butina 2; HR-22243 Murter
     Contact:                                                                                  Tel.: +385 22 435 740; Fax: +385 22 435 058
     Tel./Fax: +385 23 377 096, 377 395                                                        e-mail:;
                                                                                               KRKA NATIONAL PARK
     KORNATI NATIONAL PARK                                                                     Krka National Park covers the greatest part of the Krka River course and its
     Kornati National Park comprises altogether 89 islands, islets and reefs, and lies         surrounding area, stretching between Skradin and Knin. With its seven travertine
     in the central part of the Adriatic. Official entrances to the Kornati National Park      barriers and a total fall of 242m, Krka is a natural and karstic phenomenon.
     sea waters are Opat and Proversa. Kornati National Park lies approx. 7 nm from            Entry into the aquatorium of the Park with one’s own vessel is not possible so
     Murter, i.e. approx. 15 nm from Šibenik and Zadar. Each visitor should have a             that boaters should leave their vessels moored in Skradin. Sailing upstream from
     valid entrance ticket for each day of his stay in the park area. Tickets may be           the Skradin bridge is forbidden. Excursions to the National Park are organized
     obtained at sales points beyond the borders of Kornati National Park, in the              by boats of the National Park that depart from the town waterfront. Entrance
     premises of the - Public Institution NP “Kornati” on Murter, in some marinas,             tickets for National Park visits are available on the nearby sales points of the Krka
     charter companies and tourist agencies indicating ticket sale for NP “Kornati”,           National Park. Diving, spear fishing and recreational fishing are forbidden in the
     and at reception boats in the Park itself, or at the receptions of the National Park      Park, as is swimming beyond sites marked for such activity.
     area: Luka Žakan on the island of Ravni Žakan and Vruje Cove on the Kornat                Contact:
     island. Entrance ticket bought inside the area of Kornati national park is more           Tel.: +385 22 201 777, Fax: +385 22 336 836
     expensive than the one obtained outside the park area.                                    e-mail:,

MLJET NATIONAL PARK                                                                      Veliko jezero (lakes), as well as in the Soline Channel. Diving and underwater
Mljet National park is situated in the northwestern part of the Mljet island, which      filming, aimed at getting to know the underwater world in the waters of the
lies in the southernmost part of the Croatian coast, west of Dubrovnik. Each             National Park, are permitted only with prior notice of the exact time and diving
visitor must have a valid ticket that may be purchased at designated entrances to        site, and providing that all the necessary information has been obtained from the
the National Park: Crna Klada (mainland entrance and park boundary), Pomena              National Park Management. Underwater activities are prohibited in Malo jezero.
and Polače (coves and harbours within the NP). Only rowing boats may enter
the NP lakes. Anchoring is permitted only in the coves of Pomena and Polače.             Contact:
Recreational fishing is forbidden. Exceptionally, it is possible for the National Park   Tel.: +385 20 744 041, 744 058
visitors only with the special permit which can be bought from the National Park         Fax: +385 20 744 043
office. However, recreational fishing is totally banned in the areas of Malo and         e-mail:,

UČKA NATURE PARK                                                                         VRANA LAKE NATURE PARK
– mountain in eastern Istria, rising above the Opatija Riviera in the Kvarner area;      – Croatia’s largest lake, located close to Zadar
Liganj 42, HR – 51415 Lovran                                                             Tel.: +385 23 383 181
Tel.: +385 51 293 753                                                                    Fax: +385 23 386 453
Tel./Fax: +385 51 293 751                                                                e-mail:
                                                                                         BIOKOVO NATURE PARK
RISNJAK NATIONAL PARK                                                                    – mountain rising above the Makarska riviera
– forested mountain range north of Rijeka where the source of the river Kupa –           Tel/Fax: +385 21 625 161; 625 136
a hydrological monument of nature – is located;                                          Mountain rangers: +385 21 625 141
Tel..: +385 51 836 133, 836 246                                                          e-mail:
Fax: +385 51 836 116                                                           
e-mail:                                                                           LASTOVO ARCHIPELAGO NATURE PARK
                                                                                         - belongs to the outer group of south-Dalmatian islands and, in addition to the
NORTHERN VELEBIT NATIONAL PARK                                                           island of Lastovo, encompases the island groups of Lastovnjaci, Vrhovnjaci and
– nature-wise the most precious and the most attractive part of the peaks of             the island of Sušac;
Velebit;                                                                                 Tel.: +385 20 801 252
Tel.: +385 53 665 380                                                                    Fax: +385 20 801250
Mountain rangers: Tel.: +385 53 665 382; +385 98 929 4029                                e-mail:
Fax: +385 53 884 552
e-mail:                                                               Boaters heading for the sea by land can also visit:
                                                                                         PLITVICE LAKES NATIONAL PARK
VELEBIT NATURE PARK                                                                      – the most beautiful and best known national park in Croatia, entered into the
– the largest and most beautiful Croatian mountain                                       UNESCO’s World Heritage List
Tel: +385 53 560 450                                                                     Tel.: +385 53 751 015, 751 014
GSM: + 385 98 9151 002                                                                   Fax: +385 53 751 001, 751 013
Fax: +385 53 560 451                                                                     e-mail:
e-mail:                                                    ;
PAKLENICA NATIONAL PARK                                                                  While staying in any one of the national parks one should adhere to the park’s
– national park on the southern slopes of Velebit, Croatia’s largest mountain            code of conduct. Each national park has its own service responsible for ensuring
range;                                                                                   that this code be observed. Any pollution of either the sea or land environement,
Tel.: +385 23 369 155, 369 202, 369 803 (entrance reception of the Park)                 i.e. disposal of rubbish in places where such activity is prohibited, is subject to
Fax: +385 23 359 133                                                                     severe penalty.
e-mail:                                                                         Ministry of Culture
                                                                                         Information: +385 1 4866 100;

                                                                                                                                                          INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   15
     Along the entire Croatian Adriatic there are about 50 marinas offering boaters a       • a person authorized by the marina may, if necessary, and with prior
     wide variety of services. Most marinas provide a highly standardized berth service       notification of the owner, transfer the vessel to another berth;
     and are open all year round. Besides berths, reception services and sanitary           • the owner of the vessel must provide appropriate equipment such as tarpaulin,
     facilities, subject to availability and marina category, there is also a number of       ropes and fire extinguishers;
     additional services such as technical repair shops, cranes and travel lifts,           • skimming or surfi ng is not allowed in marinas or their immediate waters;
     laundries, restaurants, cafés and snack bars, grocery stores, nautical equipment,      • waste oil, greases and other waste must be deposited in appropriate
     spare parts, fashion and boat wear stores, stores selling water sports equipment,        containers;
     yacht supply, rent-a-car services etc. Also, subject to availability of certain        • any sea or environment pollution is subject to severe penalty;
     marinas, some provide sports and recreational facilities such as swimming pools,       • boat sanitary facilities are not to be used in marinas;
     tennis courts, children’s playgrounds, massage salons, boccie, large chess, sailing    • the maximum speed within the marina waters is 2 knots;
     and diving schools. The majority of marinas now also have Internet corners or          • after leaving the vessel all power and water supply must be removed from
     they provide WLAN (wireless access to Internet). With each passing year marinas          the vessel;
     are modernizing their technical facilities, and their supply thus enriched ensures     • cleaning of the boat is additionally charged in mostly all marinas, as well as
     that their guests can enjoy a comfortable stay. Many marinas along the Adriatic
                                                                                              potable water supply;
     are the starting point for a number of chartered vessels.
                                                                                            • within the marina no major works can be carried out on a vessel which disturb
     The basic services provided in marinas are annual and daily berths at sea and
                                                                                              other guest or could cause damage to the neighbouring vessels;
     on land, while many marinas also offer monthly and seasonal berths. Certain
                                                                                            • most marinas provide parking places for cars at extra costs, subject to
     marinas can also accommodate mega-yachts. For information regarding the
     possibilites for accepting mega-yachts and the available capacity it is necessary to
     contact the individual marinas of choice.
                                                                                            Besides the general code of conduct each marina possesses a special harbour
     For more details on rates and berth services you should contact each marina            code of conduct that is an integral part of its commercial business conditions
     directly. This is also advisable for all other marina services.                        taking into consideration the peculiarities of each marina and its guests.
     The Croatian National Tourist Board offers boaters a brochure on Croatian Marinas
     and Price List of Croatian Marinas.                                                    All Croatian marinas are members of the CROATIAN MARINAS ASSOCIATION
                                                                                            within the Croatian Chamber of Economy based at the following address:
     CODE OF CONDUCT IN PORTS                                                               HRVATSKA GOSPODARSKA KOMORA (CROATIAN CHAMBER OF ECONOMY)
     In most marinas all guests and employees must obey the harbour code of conduct         COUNTY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE RIJEKA
     standardized in principle for all marinas and comprises the following stipulations:    UDRUŽENJE HRVATSKIH MARINA
     • the owner of the vessel must provide a third party insurance policy;                 Bulevar oslobođenja 23,HR- 51000 Rijeka
     • at each arrival documents of the vessel must be handed in at the marina              Tel.: +385 (0)51 209 147, 209 111; Fax: +385 (0)51 216 033
        reception                                                                           e-mail:,,

     All marinas are available on VHF channel 17.
          Marinas that have met the highest environmental criteria regarding safety, service, quality of water and environment proudly fly the European blue flag.

     ACI UMAG                           ČERVAR PORAT                        PARENTIUM                        VRSAR                             MARINA VALALTA
     Šet. V. Gortana 7                  Riva amfora 8                       Zelena laguna bb                 Obala M. Tita 1a                  Uvala San Felice
     52470 Umag                         52449 Červar Porat                  52440 Poreč                      52450 Vrsar                       52210 Rovinj
     Tel.: 052 741 066                  Tel.: 052 436 661                   Tel.: 052 452 210                Tel.: 052 441 052;                Tel.: 052 811 033
     Fax: 052 741 166                   Fax: 052 436 320                    Fax: 052 452 212                 052 441 053                       Fax: 052 821 004                                 Fax: 052 441 062                       marina.parentium@              
     MARINA NAUTICA                     POREČ                                                                                                  ACI PULA
     NOVIGRAD                           Turističko šet. 9                   FUNTANA                          ACI ROVINJ                        Riva 1
     Ulica Sv. Antona 15                52440 Poreč                         Ribarska 11                      Šet. Vijeća Europe 1              52100 Pula
     52466 Novigrad                     Tel./Fax: 052 451 913               52452 Funtana                    52210 Rovinj                      Tel.: 052 219 142
     Tel.: 052 600 480                        Tel.: 052 428 500                Tel.: 052 813 133                 Fax: 052 211 850
     Fax: 052 600 450                          Fax: 052 428 501                 Fax: 052 842 366                                                                                                        

TEHNOMONT MARINA                MALI LOŠINJ                   KORNATI                      ACI SKRADIN                      MARINA LAV
VERUDA                          Privlaka 19a                  Šet. kneza Branimira 1       Obala Pavla Šubića 18            Grljevačka 2a
Cesta prekomorskih brigada 12   51550 Mali Lošinj             23210 Biograd n/M            22222 Skradin                    21312 Podstrana
52100 Pula                      Tel.: 051 231 626             Tel.: 023 383 800            Tel.: 022 771 365                Tel.: 021 500 388
Tel.: 052 385 395               Fax: 051 233 833              Fax: 023 384 500             Fax: 022 771 163                 Fax: 021 500 387
Fax: 052 211 194                                                         ACI ŠIMUNI
                                Obala 1, Šimuni               ŠANGULIN                     NCP MARINA                       MARINA BAŠKA VODA
ACI POMER                       23251 Kolan                   Kraljice Jelene 3            MANDALINA                        21320 Baška Voda
Pomer 26 A, 52100 Pula          Tel.: 023 697 457             23210 Biograd n/M            Obala Jerka Šižgorića 1          Tel.: 021 620 909
Tel.: 052 573 162               Fax: 023 697 462              Tel.: 023 385 150; 385 020   22000 Šibenik                    Fax: 021 620 907
Fax: 052 573 266                     Fax: 023 384 944             Tel.: 022 312 977                           Fax: 022 312 988                                                                  baskavoda@
ACI OPATIJA                     Obala Kneza Domagoja 1        ACI ŽUT
Liburnijska c. bb               23000 Zadar                   22242 Jezera                 YACHT MARINA                     ACI MILNA
51414 Ičići                     Tel.: 023 333 036             Tel.: 022 786 0278           SOLARIS                          21405 Milna
Tel.: 051 704 004               Fax: 023 331 018              Fax: 022 786 0279            Hot.naselje Solaris bb           Tel.: 021 636 306
Fax: 051 704 024                      22000 Šibenik                    Fax: 021 636 272                    Tel.: 022 364 440                                                                            Fax: 022 364 000       
                                TANKERKOMERC                  ACI PIŠKERA        
ADMIRAL                         MARINA ZADAR                  22242 Jezera                  ACI VRBOSKA
M. Tita 139, Hotel «Admiral»    I.Meštrovića 2, 23000 Zadar   Tel.: 091 470 0091,                                           21463 Vrboska
51410 Opatija                   Tel.: 023 332 700; 204 862    091 470 0092                 KREMIK                           Tel.: 021 774 018
Tel./Fax: 051 271 882           Fax: 023 333 917                  Splitska 22-24                   Fax: 021 774 144
Fax: 051 271 882               22202 Primošten                                                    Tel.: 022 570 068                                          BETINA                       Fax: 022 571 142
                                MARINA VELI RAT               N. Škevina 15                   ACI PALMIŽANA
ACI CRES                        23287 Veli Rat, Dugi otok     22244 Betina                   21450 Hvar
Jadranska obala 22              Tel. 023 378 072,             Tel./Fax: 022 434 497                                         Tel.: 021 744 995
51557 Cres                      091 2800 033, 091 2800 034         MARINA FRAPA                     Fax: 021 744 985
Tel.: 051 571 622               Fax: 023 378 072        Uvala Soline bb        
Fax: 051 571 125                                          22203 Rogoznica                            HRAMINA                      Tel.: 022 559 900, 559 931              marinavelirat@                Put gradine bb               Fax: 022 559 932                 ACI KORČULA
                                 22243 Murter                     20260 Korčula
BRODOGRADILIŠTE CRES                                          Tel.: 022 434 411           Tel.: 020 711 661
Peškera 2                       OLIVE ISLAND                  Fax: 022 435 242                                              Fax: 020 711 748
51557 Cres                      MARINA                      AGANA                  
Tel.: 051 571 324               Obala kneza Trpimira 33       Dr. F. Tuđmana 5, 21222 Marina
Fax: 051 571 532                23000 Zadar                                                Tel.: 021 889 411; 889 412     Tel.: 023 335 809             ACI JEZERA                   Fax: 021 889 010                 LUMBARDA           Fax: 023 335 810              Donji kraj 1                     20263 Lumbarda
                           22242 Jezera                Tel.: 020 712 489
PUNAT                     Tel.: 022 439 295                                             Fax: 020 712 479
Puntica 7, 51521 Punat                                        Fax: 022 439 294             ACI TROGIR             
Tel.: 051 654 111               MARINA PREKO                      Put Cumbrijana 22
Fax: 051 654 110                Vrulja 2, 23273 Preko         21220 Trogir                     ACI DUBROVNIK             Tel.: 023 286 230                                          Tel.: 021 881 544                Na Skali 2, Mokošica    Fax: 023 286 169              MARINA TRIBUNJ               Fax: 021 881 258                 20001 Dubrovnik
                                 Jurjevgradska 2                      P.O. Box 35
ACI SUPETARSKA DRAGA            22212 Tribunj                   Tel.: 020 455 020
51280 Rab                                                     Tel.: 022 447 140; 447 145                                    Fax: 020 451 922
Tel.: 051 776 268               MARINA                        Fax: 022 447 141; 447 148    MARINA KAŠTELA         
Fax: 051 776 222                DALMACIJA                  21213 Kaštel Gomilica                   Elizabete Kotromanić 11/1     marina-reception@            Tel.: 021 204 010          23000 Zadar                     Fax: 021 204 070                 ACI d.d. OPATIJA
                                Tel.: 023 200 300                                           M. Tita 151
ACI RAB                         Fax: 023 200 333              ACI VODICE                 51410 Opatija
Šet. Kap. Ivana Dominisa 101        Artina 13 A                                                   Tel.: 051 271 288
51280 Rab                    22211 Vodice                 ACI SPLIT
                                                                                           Uvala baluni 8, 21000 Split      Fax: 051 271 824
Tel.: 051 724 023                                             Tel.: 022 443 086                                   
Fax: 051 724 229                MARINA VELI IŽ                Fax: 022 442 470             Tel.: 021 398 599
                                23284 Veli Iž                                              Fax: 021 398 556                                                           Tel.: 023 277 006   
                                Tel./Fax: 023 277 186                            

                                                                                                                                      INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   17
     There are numerous companies in Croatia registered for chartering. We charter         The base manager is in charge of teh check-in. Check-in is usually on Saturdays
     various types of sailing boats and motorboats from almost all marinas on the          after 18.00 and check-out on Saturdays till 09.00.
     Croatian coast. Charter company fleets have modern and well-equipped vessels,         During check-in, the charter base manager familiarizes the guest with the vessel
     and offer many additional services.                                                   and boat documents and together they inspect all the entries on the inventory
                                                                                           list. As a rule, the vessel’s fuel and water tanks should be filled at check-in and
     Additional services include:                                                          check-out.
     • possibility of single day, week-end and one-way charter                             The standard sailboat and catamaran equipment comprises:
     • additional equipment hire (outboard engine, spinnaker, etc.)                        Roll mainsail or full-batten mainsail; roll Genoa, electric anchor winch, hot water,
     • skipper, hostess, catering, fishing, diving service, school of sailing, team        CD player or radio cassette player, autopilot, bimini, GPS, cockpit shower, cockpit
       building sailing, etc.                                                              table, auxiliary engine, sheets, pillows and covers.
     • possibility of provisioning
     • additional insurance (e.g. for deposit or sudden cancellation)                      The standard motorboat equipment comprises:
                                                                                           Electric anchor winch, speed counter, echo-sounder, VHF, CD player, cockpit
     In the pre and postseason prices are, generally speaking, cheaper, it is less         shower, hot water, tender, auxiliary engine, sheets, pillows and covers.
     crowded, the temperatures are mild and winds provide favorable sailing.               Upon confirmation of booking the charterer must submit a crew list indicating the
     As a rule, final cleaning of vessel is charged extra, and nearly all companies        name of skipper, as well as the valid sailing certificate and certificate on VHF
     request a deposit which is given back upon the return of undamaged vessel to          exam. For all information regarding the required permits or certificates of
     the charter base. A damage deposit is paid also if the vessel is chartered together   competence please consult your charter-agency in due time.
     with the skipper.
     The vessel is insured against third parties (compulsory insurance) and hull           In case of breakdown or damage aboard or damage caused to boat equipment,
     insurance for risks in the declared value of the vessel pursuant to the insurance     the charterer must notify the charter base manager immediately.
     policy. Should an average occur during navigation, the base manager should be
     contacted immediately. The vessel is insured only in the Republic of Croatia and      All registered charter companies are pooled in the Association of Charter
     may sail only in the Croatian territory waters.                                       Companies, as part of the Croatian Chamber of Economy. For further information
     The price of weekly charter varies according to the type and size of vessel, as       contact:
     well as additional services provided.
                                                                                           Hrvatska gospodarska komora (Croatian Chamber of Commerce)
     Charter companies usually offer the following discounts:                              Association of accommodation providers on charter - vessels
     • for several weeks charter                                                           Rooseveltov trg 2, 10000 Zagreb, p.p. 630
     • for multiple charter (so-called permanent guest)                                    tel: 385 /0/1 4561-660, 01/45 61 570
     • for early booking (as a rule by the end of January of the current year)             fax: 385 /0/1 4828-499
     • boat show discount                                                                  e-mail:
     The charter price applies to week charter per vessel, and is paid in advance.         web:

     Charter service may be provided solely by a legal or physical person                  Pursuant to the Croatian law, any unauthorized vessel charter or “black
     registered for charter activities at the competent court or other competent           charter” is subject to severe penalty.
     body in the Republic of Croatia, complying with the regulations on charter
     activities.                                                                           Further information:
     Pursuant to the Maritime Law in force since December 21, 2004, vessels                Ministarstvo mora, prometa i instrastrukture RH
     under a foreign flag can no more engage in charter services. Only those               (Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure)
     sailing under a Croatian flag may do so.                                              Prisavlje 14, HR-10000 ZAGREB
     Vessels for charter must be entered in the Croatian boat or yacht register and
     must possess necessary permits, licenses and certificates.                            Ministry of Tourism - Republic of Croatia
     In most Croatian marinas vessels intended for charter activities are charged an       Prisavlje 14, 10000 Zagreb
     increased annual berth fee.                                                 

Batovo 6, 51521 Punat            Ethno)                                 N. Zrinskog 44, 35000 Slavonski Brod   Kraljice Jelene 3, 23210 Biograd
Tel.: 098/227-048                Zagrebačka 20, 10000 Zagreb            Tel.: 035/444-466, 091/4477-770        Tel.: 023/385-292, 023/385-293
Tel./Fax: 051/855-106            Tel.: 01/3707-522, 01/3757-725         Fax: 035/444-477                       Fax: 023/385-294         Fax: 01/3906-630                                                                 
ABA VELA                                                                ADRIATIC SAILING                       ANICO LINE
Jobova 3, 21000 Split            ADRIA SAIL CHARTER                     Lukačićeva 1, 21000 Split              Jamine 2, 21222 Marina
Tel.: 021/321-407                Stepinčeva 25, 21000 Split             Tel.: 021/325-111, 098/1832-247        Tel.: 091/3011-729
Fax: 021/321-406                 Tel./Fax: 021/533-675                  Fax: 021/325-111                       Tel./Fax: 022/571-380                                              
AB OVO SALONA CLUB               ADRIATIC ARCA                                                                 ANZOTICA YACHT CHARTER
Obala kralja Tomislava bb        Kninski trg 11, 10000 Zagreb           ADRIATIC TRADE SERVICE                 Težačka 1a, 22243 Murter
21213 Kaštel Gomilica            Tel./Fax: 01/6198-8192                 Karamanova 8, 21000 Split              Tel.: 022/436-508
Tel.: 021/222-511                Tel.: 091/220-1120                     Tel./Fax: 021/318-377                  Fax: 022/436-509
Fax: 021/222-519                                       
                                 ADRIATIC CHALLENGE                     ADRIATIC YACHT CHARTER                 APSIDA
ANA – ADRIATIC NAUTIC            Obala Kralja P. Krešimira IV 38 a      Rižanska 16, 52100 Pula                Riječka 14, 20000 Dubrovnik
ACADEMY                          23210 Biograd                          Tel.: 052/573-848, 098/366-735         Tel.: 020/412-522
M. Tita 79, 51410 Opatija        Tel.: 023/385-088, 098/1607-106                             Fax: 020/311-395
Tel.: 051/711-814                Fax: 023/386-078                                
Fax: 051/711-967                                                                     AGRAM YACHTING                                                     Obala kneza Branimira 5, 23000 Zadar   ARBIA               ADRIATIC CLUB BUBLE                    Tel.: 023/396-230, 091/335-3777        Supetarska draga 263, 51280 Rab
                                 Kopilica 62/3, 21000 Split             Fax: 023/396-209                       Tel.: 098/329-122
ACAMAR CHARTER                   Tel./ Fax: 021/317-042              Tel.: 051/776-122 051/776-100
Pod kosom 33 a, 21000 Split                          Fax: 051/774-244
Tel.: 021/358-121, 098/221-872                                                                                                        ALDORA                                       ADRIATIC MOTOR BOAT                    Marina Dalmacija, 23206 Sukošan                    CHARTER ROMODA                         Tel.: 023/394-474                      ARCH INTERNATIONAL
                                 Dr. Luje Naletilića 21, 10000 Zagreb   Fax: 023/394-475                       Marina Dalmacija bb, gat XI
A-CLASSIS                        Tel.: 01/654-6307                                         23206 Sukošan
Savica Šanci 133, 10000 Zagreb   Fax: 01/654-6499                                          Tel.: 023/394-582, 098/478-479
Tel.: 01/6185-774                                                                 Fax:023/394-581
Fax: 01/6185-775                                                        AM YACHTING TOURS                            ADRIA YACHT CENTER                     Obala M. Tita 1a, 52450 Vrsar                 Artina bb, 22211 Vodice                Tel.: 052/428-150
                                 Tel.:022/443-221                       Fax: 052/428-151                       ARGA YACHT CHARTER
ADRIA CORAL CHARTER              Fax:022/440-478                        Tel.: 091/2232 622                     Fallerovo šetalište 22, 10000 Zagreb
Osječka 62, 21000 Split                                   Tel.: 01/3666-546
Tel.: 021/543-909                                             Fax: 01/3667-858
Fax: 021/536-968                                                                                                  ADRIATIC CHARTER                       ANKORA NAUTIKA                              Marina Dalmacija – Bibinje-Sukošan     Martićeva 51, 10000 Zagreb
                                 23206 Sukošan                          Tel.: 01/4555-982, 098/455-982         ASTA YACHTING
                                 Tel.: 023/394-021                             Put murata 1a, P.P.255, 23001 Zadar
                                 Fax: 023/393-696                               Tel.: 023/316-902, 023/317-720
                                                                            Fax: 023/316-765

                                                                                                                                   INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   19
     AURA MARIS                            BLUE YACHTS CHARTER                 CANDOR CHARTER                        DAMI BOATS
     Gorenci 47                            Kralja Tomislava 60, 21220 Trogir   Šetalište kralja Tomislava b.b.       Istarska 50, 51000 Rijeka
     10000 Zagreb                          Tel.: 021/796-273, 091/4448-666     21213 Kaštel Gomilica                 Tel./Fax: 051/622-121
     Tel./Fax: 01/3736-074                 Fax: 021/796-274                    Tel./Fax: 021/222-690       
     Tel.: 091/4792-281                 Tel: 098/985-4680                                                                                                  DARANJI SAILING
                                           BOMI SHIP                                                                 Mikulići 54a, 10000 Zagreb
     AURORA MARIS                          Marasovića 22                       CASSIOPEIA TOURS                      Tel.: 01/3737-160, 098/231-220
     Metohijska 4                          21000 Split                         Žegoti bb, 51215 Kastav               Fax: 01/3737-958
     20000 Dubrovnik                       Tel.: 021/314-555, 091/514-5060     Tel.: 051/267-329, 098/1647-838
     Tel.: 020/313-444, 091/205-3436       Fax: 021/314-556                    Fax: 051/313-455            
     Fax: 020/313-445                                                    DED
                                                                                                                     Vijenac 56, 43000 Bjelovar
     AVENTUR                               BONMAR                              CHARTER ADRIA                         Tel.: 043/231-433, 098/676-109
     Put Demunta                           Šet. K. Zvonimira 23                Račišće 64, 20264 Račišće, Korčula    Fax: 043/232-533
     21220 Trogir                          20000 Dubrovnik                     Tel.: 020/710-840, 098/527-795
     Tel.: 021/882-388                     Tel.: 098/564-964                   Fax: 020/710-605                        Fax: 020/311-066                                          DETONI
                                                                                              Velebitska 54
     BAN TOURS YACHTING                                                        CHARTER NAUTIKA SERVIS                21000 Split
     Kaptol 11                             BRACH                               Prekomorskih brigada 12, 52100 Pula   Tel./Fax: 021/882-778
     10 000 Zagreb                         Put Sv. Roka 43                     Tel./Fax: 052/215-150                 Tel: 091/2533-041
     Tel.: 01/4881-807, 099/247-5590       21314 Sumpetar                      Tel.: 098/421-834, 023/393-994
     Fax: 01/4814-677                      Tel./Fax: 021/873-090               Tel.: 098/371-317                    CROATIA YACHT CLUB                    DIA-YACHTING             Splitska 22-4, Marina Kremnik         Budmanijeva 5
                                                                               22202 Primošten                       10000 Zagreb
     BAOTIĆ YACHTING                       BRATE CHARTER                       Tel.: 022/571-925                     Tel./Fax: 01/6065-764
     Maksimirska 282                       Domovinskog rata 21                 Fax: 022/571-926                      01/6065-750
     10000 Zagreb                          21000 Spllit                           Tel.: 098/708-234
     Tel.: 01/2900-130, 023/385-823        Tel.: 021/377-111, 098/360-417    
     Fax: 01/2900-134                                                                                CROATIA YACHTING                                                   Supilova 26 a, 21000 Split            ECKER YACHT
                                           BRAVO-MAKARSKA                      Tel.: 021/332-332, 091/332-3331       Put Cumbrijana b.b.
     BAV-ADRIA YACHTING d.o.o.             Vukovarska 27, 21300 Makarska       Fax: 021/332-331                      21220 Trogir
     Obala Kralja Tomislava BB             Tel./Fax: 021/611-027                   Tel./Fax: 021/881-999
     21213 Kaštel Gomilica                 Tel: 01/2317-139, 098/235-919     
     Tel: 021/204-030                                                  
     Fax: 021/204-020                           DALMACIJA CHARTER                                                     Splitska 22-4, Marina Kremnik         ECOS YACHTING                      BRUNEKO CHARTER                     22202 Primošten                       Škorpikova 22
     skype: bavadria                       Vlaška 69, 10000 Zagreb             Tel.: 022/447-204                     10000 Zagreb
                                           Tel./Fax: 01/4620-432               Fax: 022/447-205                      Tel.: 01/4813-164
     BAVARIA YACHTCHARTER                            023/334-904                  Fax: 01/4876-686
     Prekomorskih brigada 12, 52100 Pula   Tel.: 098/289-293             
     Tel./Fax: 052/223-520                                                      
     Tel.: 091/5446-464                                DALMATIA CHARTER                                            Put Cubrijana bb, ACI Marina Trogir   EKVATOR YACHTING
                                           BURIN YACHTING CLUB                 21220 Trogir                          Kralja Zvonimira 44
     BETA YACHTING                         Silba 107                           Tel.: 021/797-239, 091/5069-843       22000 Šibenik
     P.P. 34, 23206 Sukošan                23295 Silba                         Fax: 021/882-881                      Tel.: 098/1743-205
     Tel.: 023/394-488, 098/9822-892       Tel.: 023/370-318, 023/370-061               Fax: 022/215-275
     Fax: 023/394-490                                                                             

ELAN YACHTING ADRIATIC               FLOTA I DRUGI ODMOR                 HONESTA LINEA                           KAPRIJE YACHTING
I. Meštrovića 2                      Gat 2, 22244 Betina                 Mažuranićevo šetalište 1, 21000 Split   Put gradine bb
23000 Zadar                          Tel./Fax: 022/435-235               Tel.: 021/583-505                       22243 Murter
Tel.: 023/337-499                          Fax: 021/583-506                        Tel.: 022/435-936, 098/266-600
Fax: 023/337-498                            098/745-710                            Fax: 022/435-937                                                                                  
                                     FOKA NAUTIKA d.o.o.                 INTERADRIA SC                 
ESEKER TOURS                         Višnjica 16, 10000 Zagreb           Čikovići 73 c, 51215 Kastav
Ksaver 202                           Tel.: 01/2363-122                   Tel.: 051/704-178                       KIKA MARINE SERVICE
10000 Zagreb                         Fax: 01/2302-532                    Fax: 051/704-020                        Liburnijska bb
Tel.: 01/4677-616, 022/435-669                     ACI Marina Ičići, 51414 Ičići
Fax: 01/4677-617, 022/435-685                             Tel./Fax: 051/704-576                                                                                               Tel.: 091/2116-545                   FULL TEAM                           INTER YACHTING                
                                     Ivana Mažuranica 7, 23210 Biograd   Križnog puta 62, 10040 Zagreb 
EUFORIJA YACHTING                    Tel./Fax: 023/384-502               Tel.: 01/2989-484, 098/469-304
I. Meštrovića 2                              Fax: 01/2993-347                        KIRIAKULIS
23000 Zadar                                             Mostarska 99
Tel.: 098/788-009                                                                 21000 Split
Fax: 023/204-805                     GARANT                                                                      Tel.: 021/384-493             Skokov prilaz 6, 10000 Zagreb       INTER-NAUTIKA                           Fax: 021/367-629              Tel.: 098/472-572, 098/472-573      Put Marijana Matkovića 3, 10000
                                     Fax: 01/6601-444                    Zagreb
EUROMARINE                                  Tel.: 01/3702-030                       KOMPAS YACHTING
Svetice 15                             Tel./Fax: 022/438-889                   Jobova 2
10000 Zagreb                                                                      21000 Split
Tel.: 01/2325-234                    GENZERICH YACHTING                            Tel.: 023/386-482
Fax: 01/2325-237                     CHARTER                                                                     Fax: 023/386-483                Coppova 4, 52100 Pula               IY tim                                            Tel./Fax: 052/573-524               Stipe Rajka 38, 52440 Poreč   
                                     Tel.: 098/367-667                   Tel.: 052/427-157, 098/771-718
EURONAUTIC                            Fax: 052/432-230                        KORO CHARTER
Brune Bušića 40                                  Marina Punat, Puntica 7
10020 Zagreb                                                                     51521 Punat
Tel./Fax: 023/385-205                GMB CHARTER                                                                 Tel.: 051/654-155
Tel: 098/1620-644                    Ul. Sv. Maura 12, 52440 Poreč       JADRANKA YACHTING                       Fax: 051/654-156                   Tel.: 00386/63/1893-378             Dražica 1, 51550 Mali Lošinj                            Tel.: 051/233-086             
                                            Fax: 051/231-118
EUROYACHT                                                                 KRILA
Bana Jelačića 6, 21204 Dugopolje     GOMAR-ASC YACHTING                       Zagrebačka 62, 10410 Velika Gorica
Tel.: 021/661-135                    Splitska 21, 23210 Biograd                                                  Tel./Fax: 01/6222-705
Fax: 021/ 661-136                    Tel.: 023/384-508                   JARUŠICA                                Tel.: 098/234-482           Fax: 023/384-044                    Put Gradine b.b., 22243 Murter                          Tel.: 022/434-776, 098/445-854
                                                   Fax: 022/434-775
EXCURSIO                                                                           KROKI CHARTER
Kralja Petra Svačića b.b., 23210     GRINGO NAUTICA                                     Jabukovac 16, 10000 Zagreb
Biograd n.m.                         Cvjetna 1, 21000 Split                                                      Tel./Fax: 01/4834-610
Tel.: 098/764-255                    Tel./Fax: 021/389-800               JETTO YACHT CHARTER                     Tel.: 01/4834-609, 098/220-214                Tel.: 098/9403-777                  PP30, Marina Kornati                23210 Biograd                 
                                                                         Tel.: 023/384-507, 01/2950-265
FERAL-TOURS                          GTF d.o.o. – No1 charter group      Fax: 023/384-700, 01/2988-665           LAPIS
Trg kneza Višeslava 6, 23000 Zadar   Šenova 14, 10000 Zagreb                             Luke Botića 9, 21210 Solin
Tel.: 098/220-970, 023/312-425       Tel./Fax: 023/393-676                                 Tel./Fax: 021/213-128                 Tel.: 01/6155-433, 091/6605-498                                             Tel: 098/1620-992                                                           

                                                                                                                                      INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   21
     LARUS NAUTICA                       MARE CHARTER                          MERIDIJAN                         NAUTIČKI TURIZAM CIMA
     Zert 2, 51410 Opatija               Sprečka 22, 10000 Zagreb              Ive Senjanina bb                  Vrazov prijelaz 4
     Tel.: 051/271-898, 051/712-465      Tel./Fax: 01/6113-008                 23206 Sukošan                     51000 Rijeka
     Fax: 051/271-899                    Tel.: 091/5225-819                    Tel.: 023/393-520                 Tel./Fax: 051/431-361                    Fax: 023/394-496                  Tel.: 091/522-422-0                 
     LUKA RENT                           MARINA HRAMINA CHARTER
     Dolac bb                            Put Gradine bb, 22243 Murter          MIDADRIA YACHTING                 NAUTIKA CENTAR DENIS
     21450 Hvar                          Tel.: 022/436-510, 091/386-9112       Mažuranićevo šetalište 39         Laščinski borovac 34
     Tel.: 021/741-440, 091/591-7111     Fax: 022/435-242                      21000 Split                       10000 Zagreb
     Fax: 021/742-946                       Tel./Fax: 021/485-705             Tel.: 098/276-119, 091/3535-350                          Tel.: 098/165-3397                Fax: 01/2995-055                                                 
                                         MARINA ZADAR CHARTER        
     LUKAS CHARTER                       I. Meštrovića 2, 23000 Zadar
     Ronjgi 14                           Tel.: 023/204-880, 023/204-884        MIR-AMO NAUTIKA                   NAUTIKA CENTAR NAVA
     51216 Viškovo                       Fax: 023/333-917                      IV Maksimirsko naselje 28         Uvala Baluni 1
     Tel./Fax: 051/551-023                    10000 Zagreb                      21000 Split
     Tel.: 091/2629-111                         Tel.: 01/2444-100                 Tel.: 021/407-7700                                                  Fax: 01/2444-101                  Fax: 021/407-7701   MARINE CLUB MEDITERANIAN             
                                         ACI Marina, Liburnijska bb, Opatija          
     LUNGA – YACHTING 2000               51415 Ićići
     Marina Dalmacija                    Tel.: 051/704-088                     MTI YACHTING                      NAUTIKA KUFNER
     23206 Sukošan                       Fax: 051/704-027                      Zelenjak 52, 10000 Zagreb         S. Gradića 13, 10000 Zagreb
     Tel.: 023/394-460                                    Tel.: 01/4662-961, 091/331-3321   Tel.: 091/664-0314
     Fax: 023/394-459                                      Fax: 01/4662-960                  Fax: 01/6608-806                                                                  MATEJUŠKA CHARTER               
                                         Martinski prolaz 5
     M.S.C.                              21000 Split                           NAUSEA                            NAVICULA
     Gora Glusići 8                      Tel.: 091/4047-777, 091/4047-778      Mostarska 99, 21000 Split         E.Kumičića 13/3, 51000 Rijeka
     52220 Labin                         Fax: 021/584-879                      Tel.: 021/369-686                 Tel.: 051/217-557, 098/328-105
     Tel.: 052/878-306, 098/224-037     Fax: 021/367-626                  Fax: 051/217-147
     Fax: 052/872-328                                                                                     MAYER
                                         K. Tomislav 61                        NAUT                              NAVIGARE YACHTING ADRIA
     MACROCRUISE                         21220 Trogir                          J. Rakovca 17                     Garićgradska 16, 10000 Zagreb
     Vinogradska 14                      Tel.: 021/806-015, 091/588-6518       52100 Pula                        Tel.: 01/3014-309, 01/3014-310
     10430 Samobor                       Fax: 021/806-102                      Tel.: 052/540-410, 098/219-440    091/3773-116
     Tel./Fax: 01/336-6417                          Fax: 052/543-934                  Fax: 01/3096-341                                                                          
                                         MCP CHARTER
     MAGNUM NAUTICA                      Tina Ujevića 10                       NAUTA ALBA                        NAVIGATOR
     Zavrtnica 17/1                      51500 Krk                             J. Draškovića 6                   Biogradska 4, 21000 Split
     10000 Zagreb                        Tel.: 051/654-170, 099/319-2700       10430 Samobor                     Tel.: 022/570-989, 098/895-937
     Tel.: 01/618/5251, 091/618-5253     Fax: 051/222-185                      Tel.: 01/3384-925                 Fax: 021/320-634
     Fax: 01/618-5252                                     Fax: 01/3385-668                             
                                         MENNYACHT                             NAUTICA                           NAVIGO
     MANDE CHARTER                       ACI Marina Opatija                    Sarajevska 6 a, 47000 Karlovac    N.V. Zmajevića 12, 23000 Zadar
     Barčev trg 13, 10000 Zagreb         51414 Ičići                           Tel./Fax: 047/412-444             Tel.: 023/214-823, 098/332-637
     Tel.: 01/6692-011, 091/501-4040     Tel./Fax: 022/559-975                 Tel.: 099/3479-064                Fax:023/213-330
     Fax: 01/6658-300                    Tel.: 091/177-2636                                              

NAVI MARINA                           ORVAS YACHTING                       PRE-MAR                                SCHINDLAUER
Jadranska obala bb, 51557 Cres        Prisoje bb, 21232 Dicmo              Jurja Dalmatinca 5                     Marina Dalmacija br. 14
Tel.: 051/573-117, 091/187-3118       Tel.: 021/735 377, 098/452-225       10000 Zagreb                           23206 Bibinje-Sukošan
Fax: 051/573-118                      Fax: 021/335-090                     Tel.: 091/5398-937                     Tel.:023/393-230                                          Fax: 023/393-629                                                                   
NCP CHARTER                           PALMA CHARTER                        Uz Jadransku cestu 146
Obala J. Šižgorića 1, 22000 Šibenik   G. Krkleca 17, 51000 Rijeka          20236 Dubrovnik                        SEKSTANT
Tel.: 022/312 999, 098/336-580        Tel.: 051/624-357                    Tel.: 098/285-553                      Obala kneza Domagoja 1
Fax: 022/312 988                      Fax: 051/628-154                     Fax: 020/456-345                       23000 Zadar                                    Tel./Fax: 023/331-011                                                                 
NETIKS                                PELSYS CHARTER                       Trg Hrvatske bratske zajednice 3
Sarajevska cesta 60, 10000 Zagreb     I. Lučića 5, 10000 Zagreb            21000 Split                            SPLIT TOURS
Tel.: 01/6652-945, 091/6652-945       Tel.: 01/6156-473                    Tel.: 098/286-441, 098/418-601         Boktuljin put bb, 21000 Split
Fax: 01/6652-902                      Fax: 01/6156-472                     Fax: 021/533-223                       Tel.: 021/352-533                                          Fax: 021/352-482                
NIVA CHARTER                          PETER YACHTING                       RESCHREITER
Supilova 34, 21000 Split              Miline 14, 22203 Rogoznica           Babin dub 16                           SM MEDITERAN YACHTING
Tel./Fax: 021/358-344                 Tel./Fax: 022/558-451                23000 Zadar                            Kraška 9
Fax: 091/2006-744                     Tel.: 098/242-481                    Tel.: 098/331-250                      52100 Pula                    Tel.: 098/297-642                               Fax: 052/223-873
NOVA EUROSPECTRA                      PFEFFERLE                            RIK MAR                      
Put Gimnazije 49, 22000 Šibenik       LJETNI ČARTER JAHTI                  Supetarska Draga 403
Tel.: 022/214-585, 022/214-586        Biškupija 5, 52203 Medulin           51280 Rab                              SOHA YACHTING
098/336-582, 098/984-2102             Tel./Fax: 052/215-231                Tel.: 051/776-776, 091/7667-046        Marina Betina, Nikole Škevina bb
Fax: 022/212-500                      Tel.: 098/366-144                    Fax: 051/721-537                       22244 Betina                                                                   Tel.: 022/436-530, 098/330-485                 PITTER                        Fax: 022/436-531                    Tkon 88, 23212 Tkon                                               
                                      Tel.: 023/386-700, 098/403-249       S ADRIATIC                   
OMNIŠPED                              Fax: 023/386-701                     Zelinska 3
Ivana G. Kovačića 23                      10000 Zagreb                           SPECTATOR SOLIS
52440 Poreč                                         Tel.: 022/559-981                      Miramarska 24, 10000 Zagreb
Tel.: 098/219-825, 052/434-661                                                   Tel.: 01/615-8858, 021/314-300
Fax: 052/452-076, 052/451-544         PLATTEN                                      Fax: 01/615-8859, 021/314-301                  Ribarska 11, 52452 Funtana                                        
                                      Tel./Fax: 052/452-209                SARGASO                      
OPORTUN                                    Nikole Škevina bb
Paka 16                                     22244 Betina                           SUN ADRIATIC YACHTCHARTER
42220 Novi Marof                                                           Tel./Fax: 022/435-523,                 MILLENIUM
Tel.: 042/612-067                     PLAVETNILO                           Tel.: 098/337-957                      Ljudevita Posavskog 19/II
Fax: 042/205-067                      Hrvatske mornarice 1d, 21000 Split   jedrenje.charter.servis-betina@        10000 Zagreb                      Tel.: 021/474-464, 099/916-5500                            Tel.: 01/4658-483, 022/439-300                       Fax: 021/474-409                      Fax: 01/4658-464, 022/438-216
ORSERA NAUTICA                                  SAT – YACHTING CENTAR        
Obala M. Tita 1a                                                           A. Stepinca 55
52450 Vrsar                           POLLINO CHARTERBOOT                  21000 Split                            SUNCE YAHTA
Tel.: 052/428-055                     Privlaka bb, 51550 Mali Lošinj       Tel.: 021/544 033, 099/215-9570        Viška 12, 22203 Rogoznica
Fax: 052/428-054                      Tel.: 051/231-626                    Fax: 021/544-034                       Tel./Fax: 022/571-460              Fax: 051/233-833                                          

                                                                                                                                      INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   23
     SUNJA YACHTING                         TIGNINO                              WIMMER
     Ivana Dunkovića 44                     Šetalište kralja Tomislava bb        Puntica 6
     23000 Zadar                            21213 Kaštel Gomilica                51521 Punat
     Tel.: 023/337-747, 098/361-416         Tel.: 021/222-495, 091/654-3641      Tel./Fax: 051/654-148
     Fax: 023/337-748                       Fax: 021/222-503                     Tel.: 098/220-558                                    

     SUNLIFE CHARTER                        TORETE                               WINKLER YACHTING
     Ljubićeva 24                           Put Pudarice 32 g                    Fišerova 1
     21000 Split                            23000 Zadar                          10000 Zageb
     Tel.: 021/473-692                      Tel.: 023/337-499, 098/272-980       Tel./Fax: 01/233-1935                        Fax: 023/337-498                     Tel.: 098/209-180                          
     Put Radoševca 52                       ULTRA JEDRENJE                       YACHT CHARTER
     21000 Split                            Uvala baluni bb                      Uvala soline bb
     Tel.: 021/458-697                      21000 Split                          Marina Frapa
     Fax: 021/458-768                       Tel.: 021/398-980                    22203 Rogoznica              Fax: 021 398 983                     Tel./Fax: 022/559-971                        Mob: 098/542-153                     Tel.: 091/7320-324
     SUNTURIST CHARTER                   
     M. Krleže 3a
     23000 Zadar                            VERITAS YACHTING                     YACHT CHARTER GRGIĆ
     Tel.: 023/305-680, 023/333-324         Marina Kremik                        Istarska 45b
     Fax: 023/305-915, 023/333-324          22202 Primošten                      10000 Zagreb              Tel.: 022/571-736, 098/326-849       Tel./Fax: 01/3751-740               Fax: 022/571-737                     Tel.: 098/336-350
     ŠANGULIN YACHTING               
     Kraljice Jelene 3, 23210 Biograd n/m
     Tel.: 023/383-738, 023/385-150         VIRTUS                               YACHTING PIVATUS
     098/330-071                            Marina Dalmacija bb, 23206 Sukošan   Cesta prekomorskih brigada 12
     Fax:023/384-944                        Tel.: 023/302-623, 023/394-265       52100 Pula                                Tel.: 052/215-155                                                                   052/214-239
                                            VITO NAUTIKA                               098/435-673
     ŠEST MORA                              Prekomorskih brigada 12              Fax: 052/211-499
     Marulićev trg 10                       52000 Pula                 
     10000 Zagreb                           Tel.: 052/393-890, 098/260-705
     Tel./Fax: 01/4828-108                  Fax: 052/393-891                     ZOREN NAUTIC                                 Draškovićeva 8
                                                                                 10000 Zagreb
     TEB INFORMATIKA                        VI VALA                              Tel: 091/5654-491
     Vončinina 2, 10000 Zagreb              Monteparadiso 5a, 52100 Pula         Fax: 01/4814-352
     Tel.: 01/4602-345, 01/4602-333         Tel.: 052/213-988, 052/382-490
     Fax: 01/4602-323                                                         ZUNIPRO                 WAY POINT INTERNATIONAL              Pantovčak 42
                                            YACHTCHARTER                         10000 Zagreb
     TEHNO YACHT                            Šetalište Vijeća Europe              Tel.: 01/4883-183
     Plančićeva 8, 21000 Split              52210 Rovinj                               098/289-095
     Tel./Fax: 021/339-706                  Tel.: 052/815-670                    Fax: 01/4883-182
     Tel.: 021/339-707, 098/209-525         Fax: 052/814-161                            

SAILING SCHOOLS                                                                         Pelješac / Korčula*
                                                                                        position: Korčula Channel
                                                                                                                                      (*extremely favorable sites with
                                                                                                                                      steady winds)
There are several sailing schools in the Republic of Croatia, the best known            wind: in summer, “levant”(easterly)
are:                                                                                    blows in the morning, and                     Site for kiteboarding – delta
                                                                                        “maestral”(northwesterly) in the              of the river Neretva
ACADEMY                                      School of sailing and wind surfing
                                                                                        Sailing and kiteboarding school
Maršala Tita 79, HR-51410 Opatija            Gradski Park, HR-20260 KORČULA
tel: +385/0/51 711814                        tel/fax: +385 /0/20 711 043
fax: +385/0/51 711967                        GSM: +385 /0/ 98 246 491                   e-mail:               For further information contact the local tourist offices or:                                         Windsurfing Clubs Association
                                                                                        Ilirska 7, HR-21300 Makarska
ULTRA SAILING                                In addition to the officially registered   Mr. Goran Zeljko, windsurfing class secretary at the Croatian Sailing Federation (HJS)
Uvala baluni bb, HR-21000 Split              sailing school service some tourist and    Tel.: ++385 21 678 030
tel.: +385/0/21 398 980                      charter companies offer a charter of       GSM: ++385 98 395 807
fax: +385/0/21 398 983                       sailing boats with a skipper, who also     e-mail:
e-mail:               has the role of a sailing instructor.                                                                    The calendar of regattas can be found on

ADRIATIC SKIPPER                                                                        REGATTAS (SPORTS
ASSOCIATION                                                                             COMPETITIONS)
Adriatic Skipper Association is a non-profit organization, which gathers all            Foreign vessels taking part in sports competitions in the Republic of Croatia do
participants of nautical tourism.                                                       not need to possess a vignette providing the organizer of the sports competition
This association provides relevant information to its members, employers, tourists      has reported the vessel to the competent Harbour Master’s Office 5 days prior to
and to all concerned.                                                                   the competition at the latest. Along with the application, the organizer of the
Contact:                                                                                sports competition must submit a list of persons staying aboard. All sports
Adriatic Skipper Association                                                            competitions must be approved by the Croatian Sailing Federation.
Blaža Polića 2/4, HR-51000 Rijeka                                                       Contact:
Tel./Fax: +385/ 0/ 51 332-172; e-mail:;                          Croatian Sailing Federation
                                                                                        Trg Franje Tuđmana 3/1, HR-21000 Split
                                                                                        Tel.: +385 21 345 788; Fax: +385 21 344 334
WINDSURFING                                                                             e-mail:;

A significant part of Croatia’s tourist offer is surely windsurfing. There are some
12 clubs and a number of windsurfing schools with qualified instructors.
The most attractive windsurfing sites in Croatia are:
Premantura (Cape Kamenjak)
/ Ližnjan
                                             Punat / Baška
                                             position: Krk island                       BOAT SHOWS
position: on the very tip of Istria          wind: bora (northeasterly)
wind: bora - northeasterly (up to                                                       Foreign vessels coming to the Republic of Croatia for boat shows do not need
                                             Sabunike                                   possess a vignette providing the organizer of the boat show has reported the
40 knots), “jugo”(southeasterly),            position: Nin/Zadar
southwesterly                                                                           vessel to the competent Harbour Master’s Office 5 days prior to the beginning of
                                             wind: bora (northeasterly)                 the show at the latest. The same applies to vessels exhibited at shows that have
Sailing school                               Sailing and kiteboarding school
www.windsurfi                                                                     no intention of sailing in the Republic of Croatia.
Ravni                                        Lokva Rogoznica (Ruskamen)*                CALENDER OF BOAT SHOWS IN THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA IN 2009
position: east coast of Istria, near         position: Brač Channel                     ZAGREB SPORT AND NAUTIC BOAT SHOW    18 – 22 FEBRUARY 2009
Labin                                        wind: “maestral”(northwesterly)  
wind: “maestral”- northwesterly
(nearby are windsurfing sites for bora       Bol (several attractive sites)*            CROATIA BOAT SHOW SPLIT                               28 MARCH - 5 APRIL 2009
and “jugo”)                                  position: Brač island            
                                             wind: extremely favorable “maestral”-      NAUTICA RIJEKA                                          23 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2009
Preluk*                                      northwesterly (morning hours are
position: the bay between Rijeka and                                          
                                             suitable for beginners and afternoons
Opatija, sheltered from waves.               for advanced windsurfing)                  BIOGRAD BOAT & CHARTER SHOW                                         OCTOBER 2009
wind: “tramontana”- northerly                Sailing school                   
(extremely favorable thermal wind                        ADRIATIC BOAT SHOW - ŠIBENIK                              14 – 18 OCTOBER 2009
blowing in the early morning hours)                                           

                                                                                                                                                         INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   25
     Situation as of October 2008. The new Law on underwater activities or rather,           For all information on societies (diving training, courses and diving card issuing)
     the amendments to the existing one, are in the process.                                 please contact the Croatian Diving Association:
                                                                                             Hrvatski ronilački savez
     All divers possessing evidence on sports diving skills and a valid certificate issued   Dalmatinska 12, HR-10000 Zagreb
     by any international diving association and verified in the Republic of Croatia (i.e.   Tel.: 00385 1 4848 765, Fax: ++385 1 4849 119
     evidence of mastering diving skills necessary for safe diving, issued by a licensed     e-mail: ;
     diving instructor), may engage in diving activities in the Croatian part of the
     Adriatic. Apart from the diving qualification proving diving competence, a diving       Restrictions and prohibitions for recreational diving
     card is also necessary.                                                                 Certain common restrictions and prohibitions are applicable regarding individual
     Diving card                                                                             and organized diving in Croatia:
     The diving card issued by the Croatian Diving Association may be obtained at            1. Recreational diving is permitted up to a depth of max 40 m.
     diving centers, some tourist agencies and diving clubs. The diving card is issued       2. The diving site must be marked with an orange or red buoy, at least 30
     together with a flier indicating sites where diving is forbidden, sites where only          cm in diameter positioned in the center of the diving area, or by a diving
     organized diving is permitted, important telephone numbers in case of diving                flag (orange rectangle with white diagonal line or letter “A” (alpha) of the
     accident, conditions of health insurance, as well as other important information            international signal code. At night, the buoy must bear a light – flashing
     on recreational sports diving in Croatia. Diving card is valid for a period of one          yellow or white, visible from a distance of min 300 m.
     year from the date of issue and its price is 100 kuna.
     Diving can be individual and organized.                                                 3. Diving in National Parks and Nature Parks requires a special permit issued
                                                                                                 by the State Directorate in charge of environment and is procured by diving
     Individual diving                                                                           centers.
     Individual diving comprises diving where a competent diver or group of divers,          4. At certain parts of islands Vis, Lastovo, Svetac, Biševo, Palagruža, Jabuka and
     using their own or rented diving equipment, dive at their own risk in places                Premuda, as well as at certain shipwrecks, diving is possible only against prior
     of their own choice without assistance, supervision or the organization of                  consent of the Ministry in charge of protection of cultural heritage.
     professional guides or instructors. Besides a diving card, individual diving requires
     an Individual diving permit that can be obtained at the Harbour Master’s Office         5. Diving is forbidden in areas within ports, port entrances, harbour anchorage
     or branch office and which is also valid for a period of one year from its date of          grounds, and in areas of dense traffic, in the vicinity of anchored war ships and
     issue. The permit costs 2,400 kuna.                                                         guarded military facilities along the coast at a distance less than 100 m, as
                                                                                                 well as at all given areas of restriction, without appropriate permits.
     Organized diving                                                                        All information regarding regulations, restrictions and prohibitions of recreational
     The most appropriate and safest way for tourists to dive is organized diving            diving can be obtained at places where Diving cards (diving centers and tourist
     carried out through diving centers. Diving is also possible within diving clubs.        agencies) and Individual Diving Permits (Harbour Master’s Offices and branch
     Diving centers provide services of filling the compressed-air cylinders equipment       offices) are issued.
     rental and organized diving excursions to attractive sites with a professional
     guide. Most diving centers,within their activities, also have diving schools where      Diving zones requiring special authorization – only if organized
     licensed instructors hold diving courses pursuant to one of the internationally         by diving centers:
     recognized systems for sports recreational divers’ training. The best known, and        1. National Park Brijuni
     also recognized in Croatia, are diving systems: CMAS, PADI, SSI, NAUI, BSAC.            2. National Park Kornati
     There are however others, mostly similar training systems. Before joining a diving      3. National Park Mljet
     course which, in general, lasts one week, the candidate usually experiences the         4. Nature Park Telašćica
     so-called trial “discovery” diving under supervision of his diving guide.
     Diving at some of the most attractive shipwreck sites, categorized as protected         Service of search and rescue at sea: 9155, VHF channels 16, 10, 74
     cultural monuments, as well as in specific protected nature reserves, is possible
     only within organized diving.                                                           Hyperbaric chamber Pula - OXY – Polyclinic for Baromedicine -
                                                                                             Tel. +385 (0)52 215 663, Tel./Fax: ++ 385 (0) 52 217 877
     Diving centers                                                                          GSM: ++385(0)98 219 225 (for emergencies)
     There are about 170 diving centers in Croatia dispersed along the entire Croatian       Hyperbaric chamber Crikvenica – OXY – Polyclinic for Baromedicine
     coast. Their list is given in a separate section. Diving centers provide diving         Tel. +385 (0)51 785 229
     lessons (courses), diving for the disabled, exploring the underwater world and          Hyperbaric chamber Split – Institute of sub-aquatic medicine
     shipwrecks. Most centers provide accommodation as well.                                 Tel.: ++ 385 (0) 21 354 511
                                                                                             Hyperbaric chamber Split - Tel./Fax: ++ 385 (0) 21 361 355, (0) 21 343 980,
     Diving centers are pooled in the SUB-AQUA AFFILIATION, Dive Tourism Sub-Group           GSM: ++385(0)91 546 13 13
     within the Croatian Chamber of Economy at:                                              Hyperbaric chamber Dubrovnik
     HRVATSKA GOSPODARSKA KOMORA                                                             Tel.: ++385 (0) 20 431 687, GSM: ++385(0)98 945 3435
     ZAJEDNICA RONJENJA U GOSPODARSTVU, Sekcija ronilačkog turizma                           Hyperbaric chamber Zagreb – Tel.: ++385 (0)1 290 23 00,
     Rooseveltov trg 2, HR-10000 Zagreb                                                      Fax: ++385 (0)1 290 3723, GSM: ++385 (0)91 501 5556
     Tel: ++385 /0/1 4561 530, ++385 /0/1 4561 570
     Fax. ++385 /0/1 4828 499
     The list of diving centers can be found at

Diving Centers in                        ADRIATIC AQUA CLUB                  DIVING CENTER PUNTIŽELA             ‘’MZ’’ DIVING CENTER
                                         D.C. AQUALUNG DIVING                Rudolf Kniewasser                   Zvonko Mikić
Istria County                            Marino Žufić, Adam Nurek            Autokamp PUNTIŽELA                  Ulica A. Negri 3, 52220 Labin
                                         Valtanela, 52450 Vrsar              Štinjan, Kašćuni 61                 GSM: +385-98-723-473
                                         Tel./Fax: +385-52-815-464           52107 Pula                
Goran Divjak
                                         GSM: +385-98-334-519                Tel./Fax: +385-52-517-474 
Turističko naselje Stella Maris
                                         marinozufi            GSM: +385-98-903-3003
M.Gupca 5, 52470 Umag
                                                     MANTA PLOMIN
Tel.: +385-52-741-806, 710-981
                                                Lorenz Marović
Fax: +385-52-741-760, 710-981
                                                                                                                 Plominska luka bb, 52234 Plomin
GSM: +385-98-685-590
                                         MEDITERRANEUM MARE                  NEPTUN                              GSM: +385-98-265-923
                                         SPORT                               Davor Milošević           
                                         Željko Momić                        Marsovo polje 10, 52100 Pula
                                         Turističko naselje Villas Rubin     Tel.: +385-52-214-702
                                         52210 Rovinj                        Fax: +385-52-382-292
Milan Vukšić
                                         Tel./Fax: +385-52-816-648           GSM: +385-91-1214-702
Moela 7/1, 52470 Umag
                                         GSM: +385-98-204-233      
                                                                                                                 Diving Centers in
Tel.: +385-52-742-017                                                                                            the Counties of
Fax: +385-52-720-583
GSM: +385-91-3666-665
                                                                                         Primorje – Gorski
                                                                             MORSKA ŠKOLA
                                         DIVER SPORT CENTER ROVINJ           MEERESSCHULE VALSALINE
                                                                                                                 kotar and Lika – Senj
                                         Sergej Valerijev                    Vladimir Miljević, Anton Klenovar
                                                                                                                 MARINE SPORT DIVING
                                         Turističko naselje VILLAS RUBIN     Valsaline 31, 52100 Pula
RONILAČKI CENTAR PLAVA                                                                                           CENTER
                                         52210 Rovinj                        Tel.: +385-52-382-250
LAGUNA                                                                                                           Darko Čakardić, Robert Prelčić
                                         Tel./Fax: +385-52-816-648           Fax: +385-52-382-251
Emil Prodan                                                                                                      Hotel Marina, Aleja slatina 2, 51417
                                         GSM: +385-91-15-19-230              GSM: +385-98-255-402
Laguna bb, 52440 Poreč                                                                                           Mošćenička Draga
Tel.: +385-52-647-160                                                                                            Tel.: +385-51-737-837
Fax: +385-52-460-083                                                                                             Fax: +385-703-216
GSM: +385-98-367-619                                                                                             GSM: +385-91-51-57-212                                                                                             +385-91-29-32-440
                                         NADI SCUBA ROVINJ                   DIVING CENTAR INDIE                                                                             
                                         Siniša Nadi                         Željko Kamerla, Laslo Lehotkaj
                                         Uvala Valdibora, 52210 Rovinj       Autocamp INDIJE, Banjole 96
                                         Tel./Fax: +385-52-813-290           52203 Medulin
Dalibor Šolar                                                                                                    VOLOSKO SUB
                                         GSM: +385-98-219-203                Tel./Fax: +385-52-545-116,
Lanterna Poreč,                                                                                                  Mile Čubra
SC VALETA, 52440 Poreč                                                                                           Brajdice 1, Volosko, 51410 Opatija
                                                       GSM: +385-98-334-181, 255-690
Tel.: +385-52-405-045                                                                                            Tel.: +385-51-701-144
GSM: +385-98-951-2986                                                                                            Fax: +385-51-701-352
                                         SCUBA VALDALISO                                                                                                         GSM: +385-98-425-427
                                         Stojan Babić                                                                                     
                                         Turističko naselje VALDALISO        DIVING CENTER SHARK
                                         Monsena bb, 52210 Rovinj            Davor i Valentina Buršić
                                         Tel./Fax: +385-52-815-992           Autocamp MEDULIN, 52203 Medulin
David Pelicari. AC Orsera, Gradina 10,                                                                           DIVING CLUB MEDVEJA
                                         GSM: +385-98-212-360                Tel.: +385-52-894-2741
52450 Vrsar                                                                                                      Jadran Rubeša, Dragan Čakardić
                                                 Fax: +385-52-576-515
GSM: +385-98-786-634                                                                                             Giuseppe Verdi 21
                                            GSM: +385-98-366-110,                                                                                                   51410 Opatija
                                                                                                                                                                Tel.: +385-51-293-244
                                         DIVING CENTER ORCA        
                                                                                                                 Fax: +385-51-703-379
                                         GRATSCH d.o.o.
STARFISH DIVING CENTER                                                                                           GSM: +385-91-522-1685
                                         Tonči Jerčić                        SCUBA-CENTER SV. MARINA
Christoph & Lydia Betz                                                                                                  +385-98-368-918
                                         Hotel HISTRIA, Punta Verudela bb,   Christoph Kaecher, Mladen Karačić
Autokamp PORTO SOLE, 52450 Vrsar                                                                       
                                         52000 Pula                          Autocamp Marina
Tel./Fax: +385-52-442-119                                                                              
                                         GSM: +385-98-409-850                Sv. Marina, 52220 Labin
GSM: +385-98-334-816
                                                 Tel./Fax: +385-52-879-052
                                                  GSM: +385-91-187-9074
                                                                                                                                   INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   27
     LAMKRA LAMBERT                         DIVING CENTAR EXPLORATOR              DIVER KRK                           RARE BIRD
     Jan Lambert                            Đorđe Ban                             Vlado Kirinčić                      Vesna Tironi Kovačić
     Preluk bb, 51000 Rijeka                RC - Kamp Rača, 52389 Sv. Juraj       Braće Juras 9, 51500 Krk, Krk       Kricin 12, 51523 Baška, Krk
     Tel./Fax: +385-51-574-274              Korzo Vinodolskog zakona 50           Tel./Fax: +385-51-222-390           Tel.: +385-51-856-536
     Tel.: +420-608-871838                  Novi Vinodolski                       GSM: +385-91-22-22-390              Fax: +385-51-860-170
     GSM: +385-98-779-898                   Tel.: +385-53-883-801                          GSM: +385-91-549-7713
            +385-98-369-296                 Fax: +49-721-1513-47837                                      GSM: +385-91-884-1999                                                                      +385-91-732-5852               DIVESPORT                   Marc Busch                          SQUATINA DIVING SCHOOL
                                            Dunat bb, 51517 Kornić, Krk         Ramon & Elena Kaspers
     DIVING CENTER KOSTRENA                                                       Tel.: +385-51-867-303               Zarok bb, 51523 Baška, Krk
     Rožići 1, 51221 Kostrena               CORRECT DIVING                        Fax: +385-51-867-304                Tel.: +385-51-856-034
     Tel./Fax: +385-51-287-463              Branko Gašpa                          GSM: +385-98-9600-631                     +385-51-844-069
     GSM: +385-98-981-8063                  Brzac 33, 51511 Malinska, Krk                   Fax: +385-51-864-077               Tel./Fax: +385-51-869-289                       GSM: +385-91-563 47 15                      GSM: +385-91-79-64-656                                                          +385-91-563-4716
                                              BLUE DIVE                 
     RONILAČKI CENTAR ADRIASUB                    Dragan Obučina            
     Danijel Frka                                                                 Stara Baška 253, 51521 Punat, Krk
     Šetalište V.Nazora bb                  PINE DIVER                            Tel./Fax: +385-51-844-629           DIVING BASE BELI CRES
     51262 Kraljevica                       Igor Srkoč                            GSM: +385-99-2186-786               Robert Malatestinić
     Tel.: +385-51-281-437                  Vršak 66, Pinezići, 51500 Krk, Krk               Pansion Tramontana,
     Fax: +385-51-283-016                   Tel./Fax: +385-51-863-039                   Beli bb, 51559 Beli, Cres
     GSM: +385-98-328 -59, 98-568-447       GSM: +385-91-552-6625                                                     Tel.: +385-51-840-519                       DIVE SPORTS CENTER &                Fax : +385-604-046                                                             DIVING SCHOOL                       GSM: +385-99-2165-010
                                            RONILAČKI CENTAR                      MAGIC DIVE TAUCHER TREFF  
     DIVE CITY                              NEPTUN ŠILO                           Erwin Kropp               
     Boris Domijan                          Boris Jelenović                       Pasjak 1, 51521 Punat, Krk
     Braće Buchoffer 18, 51260 Crikvenica   Lokvišća 12d, 51515 Šilo, Krk         Tel.: +385-51-855-120
     Tel.: +385-51-784-174                  Tel.: +385-51-604-404                 Fax: +385-51-855-000                DIVING CRES d.o.o.
           +385-51-787 175                  Fax: +385-51-604-403                  GSM: +385-98-1691-340               Nicole Kiefhaber & Mirko Obermann
     Fax: +385-51-784-174                   GSM: +385-98-216-370, +385-98-               +43-676-951-4666             Autokamp Kovačine, 51557 Cres, Cres
     GSM: +385-91-57-24-776                 228-556                                Tel./Fax: +385-51 571 706            ; boris@                                                                       
                                                     OCTOPUSSY DIVE CENTER
     RC MIHURIĆ                                                                   Miklos Volner                       DIVING CENTER TRITON
     Maggy Car                              FUN DIVING KRK                        Obala 15, 51521 Punat, Krk          Zvonimir Švrljuga
     Uvala Slana bb, 51266 Selce            Diving Centar Krk, Adriano Bahtz,     Tel./Fax: +385-51-855-707           Autokamp Slatina
     Tel.: +385-51-765-462                  Jürgen Krause                         GSM: +385-91-520-8004               51556 Martinšćica, Cres
     Tel./Fax: +385-51-241-038              Braće Juras 3, 51500 Krk, Krk               +385-91-333-5736              GSM: +385-91-1324-789
     GSM: +385-98-18-13-168                 Tel./Fax: +385-51-222-563                        +386-51630434                                ; www.                                                             
                                                                                  TAUCHBASIS DELPHIN
     DIVING CENTER KRUNA                    MORSKI MJEHURIĆ                       Roger Richter                       KREINER DIVER
     Đorđe Ban, Danijel Sokolić             Geza Szarka, Andreja Jurasić          Bašćanska draga 38                  Ladislav Kreiner
     Zagrebačka 1                           Creska 12, 51500 Krk, Krk             51522 Bašćanska Draga, Krk          Dolac bb, 51554 Nerezine, Lošinj
     51250 Novi Vinodolski                  Tel.: +385-51-604-248                 Tel.: +385-51-880-233               Tel./Fax: +385-51-237-362
     Tel./Fax: +385-51-244-088              Fax: +385-51-604-260                  Fax: +385-51-880-234                GSM: +385-98-90-62-131
     GSM: +385-91-5282-413                  GSM: +385-91-520-8003                 GSM: +385-91-8998-587                      +420-602-405394
            +385-99-216-9412                       +385-98-185-6032     
     Rusia: 007-499-1344086                                   

LOŠINJ                                    CENTER                                MAR TURIST                    Matthias Beiber
Sanjin Valerijev                          Arijan Žigo, Mirko Žigo               Goran Hudoklin                Falkensteiner Hotel Funimation, Borik
Uvala Čikat 13                            Barbat 710, 51280 Rab, Rab            Branimirova obala 10          Majstora Radovana 7, 23000 Zadar
51550 Mali Lošinj, Lošinj                 Tel./Fax: +385-51-721-154             23250 Pag, Pag                GSM: +385-91-141-1196
Tel./Fax: +385-51-233-900                 GSM: +385-98-903-8060                 Voltino 30, 10000 Zagreb
GSM: +385-91-332-9460                            +385-98-415-850                Tel.: +385-1-3666-962                                   Tel./Fax: +385-23-600-246                              GSM: +385-98-209-144                                                                       RONILAČKI CENTAR ZLATNA
                                          LAGONA DIVERS                  LUKA
SUMARTIN                                  Mirko Below                               Venci Lonić
Živko Žagar                               Livić 85, 53291 Stara Novalja, Pag                                  Marina Dalmacija, Bibinje
Sv. Martin 41                             Tel.: +385-53-651-328                 RONILAČKI CENTAR RENATO       Sukošan, 23000 Zadar
51550 Mali Lošinj, Lošinj                 Fax: +385-53-651-702                  Ante Festini                  Tel: +385-23-263-121
                                                                                Košljun 45, 23250 Pag, Pag    Fax: +385-91-252-8021
Tel./Fax: +385-51-232-835                 GSM: +385-98-1631-008
                                                                                Tel.: +385-23-699-045
                                                                                Fax: +385-91-517-8935
GSM: +385-98-798 995            
                                                                               RONILAČKI CENTAR IST                          OCEAN PRO
                                                                                                              Bratko Košir
                                          Dalibor Rezniček                      RONILAČKI CENTAR HOLIDAY      Ist, 23293 Ist, Ist
DlVING CENTER LOŠINJ                      Surica 12, 53291 Stara Novalja, Pag   VILLAGE ZATON                 GSM: +385-91-372-6480
Danijel Kaštelan                          Tel./Fax: +385-53-651-340             Darije Marušić      
Slavojina 16, 51551 Veli Lošinj, Lošinj   GSM: +385-98-16-46-185                Holiday Village Zaton
Tel.: +385-51-236-116                           +385-91-212-1408                Zaton 23232 Nin     
Fax: +385-51-236-463                             Tel.: +385-23-231-536
GSM: +385-98-90-90-080                            GSM: +385-98-273-831          RONILAČKI CENTAR BOŽAVA                                       +385-98-686-999        Hans Hassmann, Gabriele Sindicic
                                                                              Obala 25, 23286 Božava, Dugi otok
MOBY DICK                                 CONNEX DIVING                        Tel.: +385-23-318-891
Mladen Škapul                             Radek Holub, Petr Precechtel                                        Fax: +385-23-319-287
Lopar 493, 51281 Lopar, Rab               Kunera bb, 53291 Stara Novalja, Pag   ZADAR SUB                     GSM: +385-99-5912-264
Tel./Fax: +385-51-775-577                 GSM: +385-91-721-32-34                Zoran Stipanić      
GSM: +385-91-52-01-643                         +385-91-598-54-12                Dubrovačka 20a, 23000 Zadar                                Tel.: +385-23-214-848                            Fax: +385-23-224-060          KORNATI DIVING CENTER
                                                                                GSM: +385-98-330-472          David Špralja
AQUA SPORT                                SUBMARINE DIVING CENTER                      +385-91-5000-478       Zaglav 15, Zaglav, 23281 Sali, Dugi otok
Henrik Plješa                             Zdravko Sever Cuglin                  Tel.: +385-23-377-189
Supetarska Draga 331                      Obala k. P. Krešimira IV 5                 GSM: +385-91-5060-102
51280 Rab, Rab                            53291 Novalja, Pag                                        
Tel./Fax: +385-51-776-145                 Tel./Fax: +385-53-661-746             AQUARIUS TRADE      
GSM: +385-91-524- 8141                    GSM: +385-98-205-772                  Duško Paulin        
      +385-91-177-6145                                 Put Petrića 43, 23000 Zadar                                  Tel./Fax:: +385-23-230-925    CENTAR RONJENJA
www.aquasport.                                                                  GSM: +385-91-5825-743         LOTHAR WEISS
                                                                            Lothar Weiss
KRON DIVING CENTER                                                                                            Hotel Sali, 23281 Sali, Dugi otok
                                          Diving Centers of the                 NAUTICUS MUNDUS               Tel.: +385-23-377-128
Andreas i Anette Kron
                                          Zadar County                          Saša Lapčić                         +49 40 6792 332
Kampor 413a, 51280 Rab, Rab
                                                                                Šibenska 11b, 23000 Zadar     GSM: +385-98-764-274
Tel.: +385-51-776-620
                                          RONILAČKI CENTAR ŠIMUNI               Tel.: +385-23-327-189               +49 40 6793 264
Fax: +385-51-776-630
                                          Pag                                   Fax: +385-95-900-7964
GSM: +385-98-216-204                                                  
                                          FOKA d.o.o                                                
       +385-98-627-664                      Vedran Dorušić
                                          Ludbreška 5, 42000 Varaždin                                         KORNATI DIVER                                                                                           Eric Šešelja
                                          Tel.: +385-42-231-569
                                          GSM: +385-91-530-2072                                               Zaglav, Zaglav 23281 Sali, Dugi otok
                                                                                  Tel:/Fax: +385-23-377-203
                                                                                         GSM: +385-98-169-3107

                                                                                                                                 INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   29
     RONILAČKI CENTAR IVO                   NAJADA DIVING d.o.o.                      RONILAČKI CENTAR NEPTUN             DIVING WOLF
     Ivan Mihić                             Anna Nokela, Barbara Marušić              Darko Bujas                         Bruno Gunter, Matthias Wolf
     Sali, 23281 Sali, Dugi otok            RC: Put Jersan 17, 22243 Murter, Murter   Hotelski kompleks “Punta”           Uvala Luke 8, Dvornice, 22203
     Tel.: +385-23-377-410                  Office: Žrtava ratova 19,22243 Murter     22211 Vodice                        Rogoznica
     GSM: +385-91-5108-410                  Tel./Fax:+385-22-436-020                  Prilaz tvornici 26, 22000 Šibenik   Tel./Fax: +385-22-558-454                 Tel.: +385-22-435-630                     Tel.: +385-22-200-493               GSM: +385-98-922-9628
                                            GSM: +385-98-9592-415                     GSM: +385-98-266-279      ;
     ALBAMARIS                                     +385-98-1371-565               
     Katarina Jelić                                +385-98-9197-237                  
     I. B. Mažuranić 4            
     23210 Biograd n/m                                        VERTIGO                             DIVING CENTAR PONGO
     Tel./Fax: +385-23-385-435                                                        Bojan Ilić                          Borko Pusić
     GSM: +385-98-193-5330                  AQUANAUT d.o.o.                           RC: Autokamp Solaris                RC: Gornji Muli, 22203 Rogoznica                      Josip Turčinov                            22000 Šibenik                       Ured: Zeleni trg 5, 10 000 Zagreb                       Jurja Dalmatinca 1                        Ured: Cernička 16, 10000 Zagreb     Tel.: +385-22-559-101
                                            22243 Murter, Murter                      Tel.: +385-22-364-461               GSM: +385-91-6799-022
     DOLPHIN DIVERS                         Tel./Fax: +385-22-434-988                 Tel./Fax: +385-1-3090-099 
     DELFINI RONIOCI d.o.o.                 Tel: +385-22-434-575                      GSM: +385-98-209-073      
     Andy Kutsch                            GSM: +385-98-202-249                             +385-98-1714-770
     Obala 1, 23210 Biograd n/m                    +385-99-6728-248                              CURAVIC DIVING ACADEMY
     Tel.: +49 172 674 996                                     Kristijan Curavić
     Tel./Fax: +385-23-384-841                                                              Marina Frapa, Uvala Soline bb,
     GSM: +385-98-799-051                                                             ODYSSEUS DIVING                     22203 Rogoznica                 KORNATI DIVING                            Damir Brajković                     Tel.: +385-22-559-946                 Izidor Pleslić                            Rendićeva 17, 22000 Šibenik         GSM: +385-91-562-7878                  Luke 5, 22243 Murter, Murter              Tel./Fax: +385-22-214-898                   Tel.: +385-22-434-887                     GSM: +385-98-668-345      
                                            GSM: +385-98-337-470            
     BOUGAINVILLE DIVING                                BELUGA RONIOC d.o.o. – brod
     CENTER                                                                                                               BELUGA
     Gerten Velden                          NAUTILUS DIVING CENTER                    DIVING CENTER SPONGIOLA             Inja Brozović
     Put Kumenta 3, 23210 Biograd n/m       Izidor Pleslić                            Nikilca Jurić                       Badalićeva 14, 10000 Zagreb
     Tel.: +385-23-385-900                  Donji kraj 1/45                           Obala I br. 58                      Tel.: +385-1-364-7382
     GSM: +385-98-783-738                   22242 Jezera, Murter                      22010 Krapanj, Krapanj              Fax: +385-1-364-7373                   GSM: +385-98-337-470                      Tel.: +385-22-348-900               GSM: +385-91-540-5755                              Fax: +385-22-348-903      
                                                         GSM: +385-91-3337-505     
     NADJI LAGUNA                              
     PROFESSIONAL DIVING                                                    
     Nadji i Heike Saadatpour               DIVING CENTER SAY MILLENNIUM
     Obala k. P. Krešimira IV. 64, 23211    Aleksandar Barić                          RONILAČKI CENTAR MEDI-              Diving Centers of
     Pakoštane                              ACI marina Jezera                         TERRANEO SUB                        Split-Dalmatia
     GSM: +385-91-5906-617                  22242 Jezera, Murter                      Emil Lemac
            +43 676 470 7050                Tel.: +385-22-439-300                     Hotel Zora, Raduča
                                                                                                                          County                Fax: +385-22-438-216                      22202 Primošten                     DIVING CENTER TROGIR                   GSM: +385-99-2191-226                     Ražinska 24, 22010 Brodarica        MEDENA
                                  ,            Tel.: +385-22-350-894               Ivo Miše
                                                           Fax: +385-22-311-965                Hotel Medena
     Diving Centers of                                                                GSM: +385-91-5394-007               21220 Trogir, Seget Donji
                                            OKTOPUS d.o.o.                  ;
     Šibenik-Knin                           Nenada Milošević                
                                                                                                                          Tel./Fax: +385-21-886-299
                                                                                                                          GSM: +385-91-1125-111
     County                                 Put slobode 23, 22212 Tribunj       
                                            GSM: +385-98-914-6633                                               
     KORNATI - NAUTILUS DIVING                   MANTA obrt – ODISEUS      
     CENTER                                    MANTA
     Miljenko Brkljačić, Saša Juraga                                                  Aniska Marović                      TROGIR DIVING CENTER
     Branimirova 19, 22244 Betina, Murter   RONILAČKI CENTAR VODICE                   Adriatik kamp Primošten             Jozo Miki Miše
     Tel.: +385-22-435-546                  Obrt za turizam i usluge STIPE            22202 Primošten                     Pod Luku 1, 21223 Okrug Gornji, Čiovo
     Fax: +385-22-435-547                   Stipica Birin                             GSM: +385-98-443-283                Tel./Fax: +385-21-886-299
     GSM: +385-91-589-2915                  Vlahov Venca 15, 22211 Vodice                      GSM: +385-98-321-396
            +385-91-266-0300                GSM: +385-98-919-6233                                                                                                                      

TRAGURION DIVING CENTER                    GOGO DIVING CENTER                         POSEIDON                                 DIVE CENTER HVAR - JELSA
Damir Mišetić                              Goran Vlahović                             Stjepan Jurišić                          OMFALA CENTAR D.O.O.
Bočić 38, 21223 Okrug Gornji, Čiovo        Put Vruje 86, Pisak, 21318 Mimice (Omiš)   Blato 13, 21320 Baška Voda               Claudia & Jens Koberstein
Tel./Fax: +385-21-886-363                  Tel.: +385-21-583-780                      Tel.: +385-21-620-263                    Hotel Jadran, 21465 Jelsa, Hvar
GSM: +385-98-567-802                       GSM: +385-91-600-6517                      Fax: +385-21-620-589                     Tel.: +385-21-761-822                             GSM: +385-91-5159-976                    Fax: +385-21-717-892                                 
DIVING CENTER RESNIK                                                                  poseidon.htm
VENUS OBRT, Ivica Žižak                    MANJANA MILNA                                                                       VAL
Hotel Resnik, Resnik bb, Kaštel Štafilić   Miroslav Šrefl                             ACCA RONILAČKI CENTAR                    Mario Jakas
Cesta 10, 21215 Kaštel Lukšić              21405 Milna, Brač                          Aleksandar Ružić                         Zavala bb
Tel.: +385-21-227-515                      GSM: +420 602 656 668                      Bratuš 15, 21320 Baška Voda              21465 Jelsa, Hvar
Tel./Fax: +385-21-895-167                        +385-91-7683-422                     Tel.: +385-21-679-483                    Tel.: +385-21-767-044
GSM: +385-91-2271-480                                     Fax: +385-21-679-482                     Fax: +385-21-767-171                                       GSM: +385-91-561-4242                                                                             
                                           RONILAČKI CENTAR DRAULIK         
SCUBA DIVING SCHOOL                        AMEBA D.O.O., Petronije Tasić                                                       VAL
AKVATORIJ d.o.o.                           21405 Milna, Brač                          MORE SUB MAKARSKA                        Dražen Jakas
Goran Ergović, Zoran Ergović               A. Mihanovića 9, 21000 Split               Bojan Runtić                             B.Papandopula 6
Put Supavla 21/3, 21000 Split              Tel.: +385-21-386-250                      Kralja P. Krešimira 43, 21300 Makarska   21000 Split
Tel./Fax: +385-21-459-545                        +385-21-384-478                      Tel./Fax: +385-21-611-727                Tel.: +385-21-461-924
GSM: +385-91-313-2120                      Fax: +385-21-384-753                       GSM: +385-98-1739-926                    Fax: +385-21-460-482
      +385-91-313-2121                     GSM: +385-98-235-662                             GSM: +385-98-225-970                                +385-601-5525                                                                                                                                                              BIRGMAIER SUB
                                           BIG BLUE DIVING                            Oleg Birgmajer                           ANMA DIVING CENTER VIS
LEOMAR DIVING CENTER                       Igor Glavičić                              Branimirova obala 107                    Zvonko Nađ
STOMORSKA RONILAČKI CENTAR                 Hotel Borak, 21420 Bol, Brač               21327 Podgora                            Kamenita 12, 21480 Vis, Vis
Marie Korten, Leo Novaković                Podan Glavice 2, 21420 Bol                 GSM: +385-91-5633-067                    Tel./Fax: +385-21-711-367
Riva-Pelegrin 47                           Tel.: +385-21-306-222                            +385-91-5633-067                   GSM: +385-91-5213-944
21432 Stomorska , Šolta                    Tel./Fax: +385-21-635-614                        +386 31 486 717          
Tel./Fax: +385-21-658-302                  GSM: +385-98-425-496                    
GSM: +385-91-1412-577                                                                                               DODORO DIVE CENTER VIS                                                            DIVING CENTER HVAR                       Zoran Milosavljević
                                           DIVING CENTER DOLPHIN                      Jurgen Garstecki, Alenka Bodlović        S.S. Kranjčevića 4
CALYPSO SCUBA DIVING                       ZEUS d.o.o.                                Hotel Amfora, Šamoreta dolac bb,         21480 Vis,Vis
Tino Mrčelić                               Dragan Laković Matej Lisičar               21450 Hvar, Hvar                         Tel.: +385-21-711-311
Obala gusara bb, 21310 Omiš                Potočine bb, 21420 Bol, Brač               Tel./Fax: +385-21-741-603                Fax: +385-21-711-347
Fax: +385-21-757-526                       Tel./Fax: +385-21-319-892                  GSM: +385-98-321-229                     GSM: +385-91-2512-263
GSM: +385-98-526-204                       GSM: +385-91-1505-942                                                             
                                                                                      DIVING CENTER VIKING                     ISSA DIVING CENTER
DIVING CENTER RUSKAMEN                     MANJANA SUMARTIN                           MARIBIS OBRT                             Siniša Ižaković
ADRIA SUB OBRT                             Miroslav Šrefl                             Ksenija i Vinko Petrinović               Ribarska 91
Vladimir Stipčević                         Porat bb, 21426 Sumartin, Brač             Podstine bb, 21450 Hvar, Hvar            21485 Komiža, Vis
Hotel Ruskamen                             GSM: +420 602 656 668                      Tel./Fax: +385-21-742-529                Tel.: +385-21-456-777
21317 Lokva, Rogoznica                           +385-91-7683-422                     GSM: +385-91-5689-443                    Tel./Fax: 021 713 651
GSM: +385-91-5185-400                                           +385-91-5170-755                   Fax: +385-21-456-778                                                     GSM: +385-91-2012-731                                                                                                DIVING CENTER AQUANAUT                                                    
                                           Matko Medić                                NAUTICA
                                           Hotel Soline, Brela                        Piotr Stos                               MANTA
                                           Bartola Kašića 50, 21322 Brela             Hoteli Helios, 21460 Stari Grad, Hvar    Andi Marović
                                           Tel./Fax: +385-21-618-664                  Tel.: +385-21-743-038                    Pod Gospu bb
                                           GSM: +385-98-371-651                       Fax: +385-21-741-286                     21485 Komiža, Vis
                                                 +385-99-6618-664                     GSM: +385-91-5748-633                    GSM: +385-98-265-923
                                                                                                                                                INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   31
     Diving Centers of                      N'S DIVING CLUB                     DIVING CENTEAR ABYSS
                                            Nenad Babić                         APNEA D.O.O.
     Dubrovnik-Neretva                      Gršćica 39, 20271 Blato, Korčula    Maro Sekula
     County                                 Tel./Fax: +385-20-861-045           Hotel Dubrovnik - President, Dubrovnik
                                            Fax: +385-20-480-241                Dr. A.Stačevića 89, 20000 Dubrovnik
     RONILAČKI CENTAR MOREŠKA               GSM: +385-91-8813-823               Tel./Fax: +385-20-357-316
     Ivan Opačak                                   GSM:       +385-98-765-685
     Viganj 191/1, 20267 Kućište –        
     Viganj, Pelješac                                                 
     Tel.: +385-20-719-079                  RONILAČKI CENTAR MM-SUB   
     Fax: +385-20-719-048                   Miljenko Marukić
     GSM: +385-98-244-003                   Lumbarda 65, 20263 Lumbarda,        RONILAČKI CENTAR DIVING                    Korčula                             Antun Perušina                  Tel./Fax: +385-20-712-321           V. Paljetka 8, 20000 Dubrovnik
                                                      +385-20-712-288           Tel./Fax: +385-20-418-700
     DIVING CENTAR ADRIATIC                 GSM: +385-98-285-011      
     Igor i Sabina Mikulić        
     Mokalo 6, 20250 Orebić, Pelješac                                           RONILAČKI CENTAR
     Tel.: +385-20-714-328                  RONILAČKI CENTAR                    VODENI SVIJET
     Tel./Fax: 020 713 420                  RONILAČKI RAJ D.O.O.                Đuro Handabaka
     GSM: +385-98-344-162                   Boris Dmitrović                     Popolica 68, Mlini           Pasadur b.b., 20289 Ubli, Lastovo   20207 Župa Dubrovačka                Tel./Fax: +385-20-805-179           GSM: +385-98-428-088
                                            GSM: +385-91-2011-080; +385-
     RONILAČKI CENTAR S-57                  98-220-120                
     Vedran Grbić                 
     Kraj 9, 20245 Trstenik, Pelješac             RONILAČKI CENTAR EPIDA-
     Tel./Fax: +385-20-748-097                                                  URUM
     GSM: +385-98-428-675                   RONILAČKI CENTAR AQUATICA           Boris Obradović               Mario Orlandini                     Šetalište Žal 31, 20210 Cavtat                  Hotel Odisej, 20226 Pomena, Mljet   Tel./Fax: +385-20-471-386
                                            Dalmatinska 42, 20000 Dubrovnik     GSM: +385-98-427-550
     RONILAČKI CENTAR                       GSM: +385-98-479-916      
     BARBARA IMMERSIO D.O.O.          
     Srđan Jeić                   
     Kraj 93, 20247 Žuljana, Pelješac                                           RONILAČKI CENTAR
     Tel.: +385-20-756-397                  DIVING CENTER BLUE PLANET           AQUARIUS I.G. & CO., MLINI
     GSM: +385-98-757-898                   Anto Vuković                        Ivo Gale                Hotel Dubrovnik Palace              Put pridvorja 8, Zvekovica
                                            Masarykov put 20,                   20210 Cavtat
     RONILAČKI CENTAR LOPIN                 20000 Dubrovnik                     GSM: +385-98-229-572
     & CO.                                  Tel.: +385-20-756-123     
     Dragan Lopin                           GSM: +385-91-899-0973     
     20247 Žuljana, Pelješac      
     Tel.: +385-20-756-108                   RONILAČKI CENTAR MOLUNAT
     Fax: +385-20-756-060                                                       Bernard Zalokar
     GSM: +385-98-166-3165                                                      Molunat 30, 20219 Molunat, Konavle                                                         Tel.: +385-20-794-352                                        GSM: +385-98-1722-771                               
     Željan Padovan
     Triluke bb, 20270 Vela Luka, Korčula
     Tel.: +385-20-851-260
     GSM: +385-98-542-535

CRUISING                                                                               The address of the Association of Croatian Tourist Boat is:
                                                                                       Hrvatska gospodarska komora - Sektor za turizam
CROATIAN SMALL BOAT OWNERS                                                             Rooseveltov trg 2, HR-10000 Zagreb
                                                                                       Tel.: +385/ 0/ 1 4561 570, /0/1 4561 594
A great attraction within Croatia’s tourist offer are single-day or several-day        Fax: +385/ 0/ 1 4828 499
excursions aboard traditional sailing boats that can hold from 6 – 50 passengers.      e-mail:,
The boats are located along the entire Adriatic coast, from Umag to Cavtat.  
Information on itineraries and offers as well as booking can be obtained and done
at the local tourist agencies and hotels receptions or tour operators’
representatives, while larger (small hotels afl oat) are mostly organized

through foreign or local travel agencies organizing cruisers in the Adriatic. Those
are 15 – 45m ships with 6 – 20 cabins that can accommodate from 12 to a
maximum 40 passengers. The most preferred itineraries are 7 – 14 day tours
                                                                                       Lighthouses on Croatian islands and capes are places for a special, a very
Rijeka – Split – Dubrovnik. One and two-week cruises mostly start in Rijeka,
                                                                                       different holiday. It is possible to choose a lighthouse which is quite suited to
Zadar, Trogir, Split or Dubrovnik. Accommodation is usually provided on a full-
                                                                                       one's wishes - be it in the vicinity of tourist resorts, or be it sitting alone in the
board basis, but it may be arranged otherwise. Guests are offered excursions to
                                                                                       middle of the sea, far from the daily hussle and bustle. In the season, when
the interior of the islands and Croatia’s inland as well as to the numerous national
                                                                                       bookings are made from Saturday to Saturday, one can spend a full week in the
parks (Mljet, Paklenica, Krka, Kornati, Modra špilja).
                                                                                       lighthouse of one's choice. In the pre and postseason, up to the month of June
                                                                                       and from September, weekend stay are possible.
Information on itineraries and cruising bookings:
I.D. RIVA TOURS GmbH, Neuhauser Straße 27, D-80 331 München;                           More information can be obtained and online booking carried on:
Tel.: 0049/89 23 11 000; Fax: 0049/89/23 11 00 22;;            ; e-mail:                                                                 Tel.: +385 21 390 609; GSM +385 99 2188942
Katarina Line Travel Agency, M. Tita 75/1, HR-51410 Opatija;                 
Tel.: 00385/51/603 400; Fax: 00385/51/271 372;                               
e-mail:;                                    Tel.: +385 /0/ 1 2415 600; Fax: +385 /0/ 1 2452 909
Many other tourist agencies in Croatia and abroad also sell
cruising packages in the Adriatic.
Promotional catalogues and fl iers on ships and cruising itineraries are available
at most tourist fairs and boat shows across Europe at the stands of the Croatian
National Tourist Board and the Croatian Chamber of Economy.                            SPORTS AND
Operating along the Croatian coastline are the following associations of               RECREATIONAL
small ship owners:
                                                                                       FISHING AT SEA
   CROATIAN ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE BOAT OWNERS                                         Sports and recreational fishing is regulated by the Law on Sports and Recreational
   E-Mail:                                                                 Fishing at Sea.                                                                   The license for fishing at sea can be purchased at any sports association and club
                                                                                       along the Adriatic coast. Permits for recreational fishing may be sold by legal and
                                                                                       physical persons authorized to do so by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and
                                                                                       Water Management, and who, based on the said authorization, sign a contract
                                                                                       on the sale of fishing licences with the Ministry.
                                                                                       Underwater fishing may be performed exclusively with the license for sports
3. UDRUGA ADRIA - ZADAR                                                                fishing at sea.
   ASSOCIATION ADRIA – ZADAR                                                           ATLANTIC BLUEFIN TUNA (Thunnus thynnus), SWORDFISH (Xiphias gladius) and
   E-Mail:                                               MEDITERRANEAN SHORTBILL SPEARFISH (Tetrapturus belone) may be caught                                                                only with the special license for this kind of fishing.
4. HRVATSKA UDRUGA BRODARA                                                             Based on the duration of their validity there are several types of licence for sports
   CROATIAN ASSOCIATION OF BOAT OWNERS                                                 and recreational fishing licenses at sea:
   E-Mail:                                                   1. for one (1) day;                                                            2. for three (3) days;
                                                                                       3. for seven (7) days;
5. UDRUGA BRODARA BARKARIJOL                                                           4. for thirty (30) days or
   BOAT OWNERS ASSOCIATION BARKARIJOL                                                  5. license for the current calendar year (annual licenses) issued only to citizens of
   E-Mail:                                                      the Republic of Croatia or foreign citizens having residence in Croatia.
   BOAT OWNERS ASSOCIATION DUBROVNIK                                                   All additional information can be found at:
   E-Mail:                                                (website of the Croatian association for sports fishing at sea).

                                                                                                                                                          INFORMATION FOR BOATERS   33
HRVATSKA TURISTIČKA ZAJEDNICA             Horvát Idegenforgalmi Közösség         Kroatisch Nationaal Bureau Voor
Iblerov trg 10/IV, p.p. 251               1053 Budapest                          Toerisme
10000 ZAGREB, HRVATSKA                    Magyar u. 36, Magyarország             1081 GG Amsterdam
Tel.: +385 1 46 99 333                    Tel.: +36 1 266 65 05                  Nijenburg 2F, Netherlands
Fax: +385 1 45 57 827                     Fax:+36 1 266 65 33                    Tel.: +31 20 661 64 22
Web:                      E-mail:                    Fax: +31 20 661 64 27
E-mail:                                                              E-mail:
Kroatische Zentrale für Tourismus         Office National Croate de Tourisme
                                          75116 Paris                            Office National Croate du Tourisme
1010 Wien
                                          48, avenue Victor Hugo, France         1000 Bruxelles
Am Hof 13, Österreich
Tel.: +43 1 585 38 84                     Tel.: +33 1 45 00 99 55                Vieille Halle aux Bles 38, Belgique
Fax: +43 1 585 38 84 20                   Fax: +33 1 45 00 99 56                 Tel.: +32 255 018 88
E-mail:                E-mail:       Fax: +32 251 381 60
Kroatische Zentrale für Tourismus         Croatian National Tourist Office
60311 Frankfurt                           London W6 9ER                          Хорватское туристическое
Kaiserstrasse 23, Deutschland             2 Lanchesters                          сообщество
Tel.: +49 69 23 85 350                    162-164 Fulham Palace Road             123610 Moscow
Fax: +49 69 23 85 35 20                   United Kingdom                         Krasnopresnenskaya nab. 12
E-mail:                                                    office 1502, Russia
                                          Tel.: +44 208 563 79 79
                                          Fax: +44 208 563 26 16                 Tel.: +7 495 258 15 07
Kroatische Zentrale für Tourismus                                                Fax: +7 495 258 15 07
80469 München                             E-mail:
Rumfordstrasse 7, Deutschland
Tel.: +49 89 22 33 44                     Narodowy Ośrodek Informacji
                                                                                 Hrvaška turistična skupnost
Fax: +49 89 22 33 77                      Turystycznej Republiki Chorwacji
                                                                                 1000 Ljubljana
E-mail:    IPC Business Center
                                                                                 Gosposvetska 2, Slovenija
                                          ul. Koszykowa 54
                                                                                 Tel.: +386 1 23 07 400
Ente Nazionale Croato per il Turismo      00-675 Warszawa, Polska
20122 Milano                                                                     Fax: +386 1 230 74 04
                                          Tel.: +48 22 828 51 93
Piazzetta Pattari 1/3, Italia                                                    E-mail:
                                          Fax: +48 22 828 51 90
Tel.: +39 02 86 45 44 97                  E-mail:
Fax: +39 02 86 45 45 74                                                          Kroatische Zentrale für Tourismus
E-mail:                                                8004 Zürich
                                          Oficina de turismo de Croacia          Badenerstrasse 332, Switzerland
Ente Nazionale Croato per il Turismo      28001 Madrid, Espana                   Tel.: + 41 43 336 20 30
00186 Roma                                Calle Claudio Coello 22, esc. B 1°C    Fax: +41 43 336 20 39
Via Dell’oca 48, Italia                   Tel.: +34 91 781 5514                  E-mail:
Tel.: +39 06 32 11 0396                   Fax: +34 91 431 8443
Fax: +39 06 32 11 1462                    E-mail:          Denmark
E-mail:                                          3460 Birkerod
                                          Croatian National Tourist Office       Activities performed by Agency
Chorvatské turistické sdružení            New York 10118                         VAGABOND, Bregenrodvej 132;
110 00 Praha 1                            350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 4003, U.S.A.   Tel.: +45 70 266 860
Krakovská 25, Česká republika             Tel.: +1 212 279 8672                  Fax: + 45 48 131 507
Tel.: +420 2 2221 1812                    Fax: + 1 212 279 8683                  E-mail:
Fax: +420 2 2221 0793

Chorvátske turistické združenie           Kroatiska Turistbyrån                  Ark Hills Executive Tower N 613
821 09 Bratislava                         11135 Stockholm                        Akasaka 1-14-5, Minato-ku
Trenčianska 5, Slovakia                   Kungsgatan 24, Sverige                 Tokyo 107-0052
Tel.: +421 2 55 562 054                   Tel.: +46 853 482 080                  Tel.: + 81 (0)3 6234 0711
Fax: +421 2 55 422 619                    Fax: +46 820 24 60                     Fax: + 81 (0)3 6234 0712
E-mail:                 E-mail:              E-mail:
  All boaters should check their registration of
  residence in the Republic of Croatia or register their
  residence themselves.

PUBLISHER: Croatian National Tourist Board in cooperation with the
Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure
EDITOR: Slavija Jačan Obratov
DESIGN BY: Aljoša Brajdić & Sagita d.o.o. Opatija
PUBLISHED: January 2009

The publisher cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the information
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                 Photos: Mladen Ščerbe, Ivo Pervan

Description: CROATIA – GENERAL INFORMATION ................................................... 4 ARRIVING IN THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA ............................................. 5 MARITIME BORDER CROSSINGS ........................................................ 5 NAVIGATION IN THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA ......................................... 6 CREW LIST AND PASSENGER LIST, LIST OF PERSONS ............................ 6 TOURIST TAX .................................................................................. 7 ENTERING A VESSEL OR YACHT INTO THE CROATIAN BOAT AND YACHT REGISTER ...................................................................................... 7 LIST OF HARBOUR MASTER’S OFFICES AND BRANCHES ........................ 8 RESCUE CO-ORDINATION CENTER........................................................ 8 OPERATING A BOAT OR A YACHT ........................................................ 9 IMPORTANT MARITIME TRAFFIC REGULATIONS IN CROATIA .................. 10 WEATHER REPORTS ....................................................................... 10 GAS STATIONS FOR VESSELS .......................................................... 11 IMPORTANT TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND INFORMATION ...................... 12 NATIONAL PARKS AND NATURE PARKS IN THE ADRIATIC OR ALONG THE COAST ................................................................... 14 MARINA SERVICES ........................................................................ 16 LIST OF CROATIAN MARINAS ........................................................... 16 VESSEL CHARTERING ..................................................................... 18 PRECONDITIONS FOR CHARTERING ACTIVITIES ................................... 18 LIST OF CHARTER COMPANIES ........................................................ 19 SAILING SCHOOLS ........................................................................ 25 ADRIATIC SKIPPER ASSOCIATION ..................................................... 25 WINDSURFING ...