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					       SAGE Global Bank Loan
         Application Form

                               The SAGE Bank –
   A Micro-Enterprise Lending Institution for Business Entrepreneurs

For all non-USASAGE teams, SAGE Global HQ will provide SAGE BUSINESS LOANS of up
to $250 to SAGE teams to help with their best business startup. The loan application is
downloadable from the SAGE Global web site. Note that the loan application must be
accompanied by a business plan according to the template provided. A maximum of five team
loans will be provided per country.
                        Loan Application – SAGE Team

Business Information:     Business Name:


                          Date Started (or planned date of start):

SAGE High School
Name:                      _______________________________________________________
SAGE Teacher Name
and Address:               _______________________________________________________


 SAGE Teacher Phone
 Numbers                    _______________________________________________________
SAGE Teacher E-mail
Address                    _______________________________________________________
How Much Money (in U.S. Dollars) Are You Requesting? _____________________________
(Maximum: $$250 for each SAGE Team)
Purpose of the Loan: ___________________________________________________________
How Would You Like to Pay the Loan Back After One Year from the Date the Loan
Proceeds are Received?

___ In one lump payment, plus 5% interest
___ In four equal payments, payable at the end of each of the next four quarters after Year
     1, using a 5% annual interest rate
___ In 12 equal payments, payable at each of each of the next twelve months after Year 1,
     using a 5% annual interest rate

                                         Business Plan

In a separate attachment, please answer the following questions (if you have a formal business

plan, include your plan, but make sure each of the following questions are addressed):

   1. Please provide a brief history of your business, future plans and projections, and describe

       your products and/or services and competition.

   2. Please describe your previous business experience. (Include business background,

       management experience of the SAGE team leaders, and training, or include a resume of

       key personnel.)

   3. What is your business’s competitive advantage? What makes it different?

   4. At what price will you sell?

   5. Where will you be selling your goods or services?

   6. How will you advertise your business?

   7. Identify any environmental concerns about your business?

   8. Please include a projected balance sheet at the end of the first year; also include a

       projected income statement for your business for the first year.

   9. Provide a list of all SAGE students who will be working in the business.

Bank of Account (if any)                                                  Account Number

Credit Relationships:      Please provide details of your business credit relationships below:

                                            Original Loan           Amount                                 Maturity
Name of Creditor   Purpose of Loan             Amount           Presently Owing      Repayment Terms        Date
                                        $                       $
                                        $                       $
                                        $                       $

Amount of Loan Requested (in U.S. Dollars)                            Type of loan
                                                            [      ] One year simple interest loan, with principal
                                                            and interest payable at 5% at the end of loan contract
$ ________________                                          is signed
                                                            [      ] One year installment loan, with principal and
                                                            interest payable at an annual interest rate of 5% in four
                                                            quarterly installments starting one year after the loan
                                                            contract is signed
                                                            [      ] One year installment loan, with principal and
                                                            interest payable at an annual interest rate of 5% in 12
                                                            monthly installments starting one year after the loan
                                                            contract is signed
                                                            [       ] Other (to be negotiated)

Specific Loan Purpose (Check all that apply)
[    ] Working Capital                                      [       ] Other (State type of loan required and loan
[    ] Finance Purchase of Inventory                                     purpose)
[    ] Finance Purchase of Equipment                                   __________________________________
[    ] Finance Purchase of Real Estate                                 __________________________________
[    ] Finance Purchase of Business                                    __________________________________
[    ] Refinance Existing Loan or Debts                                __________________________________


The undersigned certifies that, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, all information
contained in this loan application and in the accompanying statements and documents is true,
complete, and correct. The undersigned agrees to notify the SAGE Bank immediately of any
material changes in this information

SAGE Team Name
SAGE Team President                                                                        Date:
or CEO Signature(s):

SAGE Teacher or                                                                   Date:
Advisor (s) Signature:
SAGE Country                                                                      Date:
Coordinator Signature:

   The SAGE Country Coordinator will submit the application to SAGE Global Headquarters for loan
   processing. If approved, we will forward a promissory note for you to sign. After this note is received
          by SAGE Global Headquarters, you will receive your loan proceeds within two weeks.