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									Project Proposal- (Project title) The final proposal is expected to be 5 pages long. The questions in each section serve as a guide to help you address the main issues. You can attach extra information as an annex if needed. Please also attach the following documents as annexes: A. Project’s logical framework. B. Project chronogram C. Detailed budget D. Documents establishing the legal status of the partner organization. All project documents must be submitted in Spanish or English, except partner legal documents. YCLIF Proposal Number: (to be completed by YCLIF Selection Committee) I. General Information Proposal Title: Country/countries: Recipient Organization: Priority area: OM ( ) Renewable Energy ( ) Climate change ( ) Water & sanitation ( ) Amount requested / total cost of project: Team members (Name/units): Senior advisor(name/unit): (Discussed with YCLIF Advisory Committee?): II. The Proposal (estimated length: 2.5/3 pages) A. Background information: Please provide a clear definition of the project’s problematic, local conditions (including strengths and weaknesses) and priority needs. B. Project objective and description: Describe briefly the goal and purpose of the project, as well as the main outcomes, components, outputs and activities. Include a preliminary description of expected outcomes (refer to the logical framework if necessary), and a tentative timetable. C. Justification: Please explain why the project is a priority and what its value added would be. Explain the additionality of YCLIF funds. Also describe the project’s relationship to YCLIF priority areas, the Bank’s strategy, country programming, and other Bank’s projects. D. Innovation: Innovation is the key selection criterion of the YCLIF program. Please explain clearly the innovative nature of the proposed project. Describe the traditional approach to the issue and contrast it with your proposal’s approach. E. Total project cost and financing: Please provide a brief summary of the project budget, including additional sources of financing if pertinent. F. Monitoring & Evaluation, and Transparency: Please describe the means by which the team expects to monitor, verify and report progress towards expected outcomes, and budget execution.

III. The Executing Organization (estimated length: ½ page) Please provide relevant information about the executing organization, its structure, mission, resources, major areas of activity, and track record. If pertinent, you may comment on the organizations strategy, sustainability and their relationship to the project hereby proposed. To the extent possible, please provide an assessment of the organization’s capacity (including strengths and weaknesses) to execute your proposal, and whether and how the team would provide them with capacity building prior to and during implementation. IV. Sustainability, Replicability and Scalability of the Project (estimated length: ½-1 page) YCLIF resources are allocated to innovative projects that have sustainable impacts and show potential for replicability and scalability. Please comment on the impact, financial, social and environmental sustainability of the proposed project. Second, please discuss to what extent this project would be replicable and scalable. V. Other Information Please provide any other information that you think is relevant. Annexes A. B. C. D. E. Project’s logical framework. Project chronogram Detailed budget Documents establishing the legal status of the partner organization Additional documents Please send this proposal electronically to Date presented to YCLIF Junior Advisory Committee/ main reviewer:

Reception date by YCLIF Selection Committee: Date of review by YCLIF Selection Committee: Qualification and decision by YCLIF Selection Committee:

YCLIF Project Number (to be issued by YCLIF Selection Committee):

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