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Installing Microsoft .NET 1.0

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Installing Microsoft .NET 1.0
                  BullCharts and Microsoft .NET 1.0
                  BullCharts is the first Australian developed chart program to use the new .Net Framework
                  1.0 .Net is a significant move by Microsoft and will be included in all future release of
                  Microsoft products. BullCharts is tested with Microsoft .Net Framework 1.0.
                  Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 is required to run BullCharts. Microsoft .NET
                  Framework 1.1 can be installed side-by-side as well for other .NET applications, however,
                  version 1.0 is required by BullCharts.
                  Already have another version of Microsoft .NET Framework installed. Please
                  see the Troubleshooting notes on installing Version 1.0.
                  Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 SP3 BullCharts is not compatible with the SP3
                  update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0.

                  Installing Microsoft .NET 1.0
                  If you already have another version of the Microsoft .NET Framework installed you will
                  need to install Version 1.0. On the BullCharts CD in the main directory:

                  1. Double click on the file 1033dotnetredist.exe. Follow the on screen instructions.
                  2. Then double click on 1033dotnetredistSp2.exe

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