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									How to claim for Total and Permanent
Disablement (TPD) Insurance
NGS Super gives you                           What you should do                                   What we will do
options for flexible                          Step 1
insurance cover that suits                    If you are ill or injured and have been advised      When we have been advised of your
                                              by your doctor that you are not likely to            intention to claim a TPD benefit, we will
you and your situation                        be able to return to work at all, tell your          send you, your employer and the relevant
– keeping you and your                        employer that you’d like to make a claim for         medical practitioner the forms that must
                                              a TPD benefit or contact NGS Super directly.         be completed to initiate your claim.
family covered 24 hours a                     (Insurance forms will be sent to you generally
day, seven days a week.                       one month before the waiting period ends).
                                              The waiting period is generally six months,
NGS Super provides a standard level
                                              however it may be reduced for a terminal
of TPD insurance cover automatically to
                                              illness. You can choose to submit your
all eligible members who are under the        application at any time. If you do not have TPD
age of 65. The standard level is four units   insurance, you can claim a benefit based on
of cover.                                     your account balance.

If you become totally and permanently         Step 2
disabled, the Total and Permanent             Complete the forms sent to you by NGS Super          We will forward your completed forms to
Disablement insurance cover that              with your doctor and your employer and               the insurer (CommInsure) for their review.
NGS Super provides may assist you with        return them to NGS Super.                            The insurer will assess your claim using the
                                                                                                   information you have provided.
a lump sum benefit payment. The amount
of your cover depends on your age at          Step 3
the time you become disabled and the          You may be asked to provide more medical             Collecting medical information and other
number of units of cover you hold. If you     evidence, such as a written report from your         evidence to support your claim is time-
are an insured member of NGS Super, the       doctor or a specialist. In some cases, the           consuming. This process can take many
                                              insurer will ask you to see an independent           months depending on the illness or injury.
TPD benefit would consist of the insured
                                              doctor or specialist nominated by them.              Additional medical examinations may
component plus the account balance.
                                                                                                   be necessary for the assessment to be
Take these steps to make a TPD claim.                                                              completed. We will tell you in writing
                                                                                                   whether your claim is approved or rejected.

                                              Step 4
                                              You may have further steps to take in the            If your claim is accepted, NGS Super will
                                              insurance claim process if your claim is rejected.   arrange payment of your TPD benefit.
                                                                                                   If your TPD claim has been rejected, you have
                                                                                                   the right to appeal against the Trustee’s
                                                                                                   decision. You should provide any new
                                                                                                   evidence you may have to support your case.
                                                                                                   If you are still dissatisfied with the decision,
                                                                                                   you may put your concerns in writing to NGS
                                                                                                   Super’s Complaints Officer.

                                                                                                                      1300 133 177

What is total and
                                                 Further information
permanent disablement?                           NGS Super has representatives who can provide you with general advice and explain
The definition of total and permanent            the options available though NGS Super.
disablement is detailed and explained in         ƒ   NSW/ACT call Dee Duke or Jorjet Issavi on 02 9273 7900
the Member Guide. However, as a guide,           ƒ   SA/NT call Elaine Facchino or John Pedersen on 08 8418 2400
to qualify for a total and permanent             ƒ   Vic/Tas call Laurie Buchanan on 03 9811 0502
disablement insurance benefit you must
                                                 NGS financial planning service
have, through sickness or injury:
                                                 NGS Super members are also entitled to:
ƒ   been away from work through for              ƒ   free personal advice on single issues related to NGS Super, and
    six consecutive months and have              ƒ   a free initial consultation for a financial plan
    satisfied the Trustee (NGS Super)
                                                 through our financial planning service. We also offer low fixed fees for financial plans
    that you are incapacitated to such           – no hidden costs or commissions.
    an extent that you are not likely to
                                                 For further information, or to make an appointment, please call the number below.
    ever return to any gainful work for
    which you are reasonably qualified by        Contact us
    education, training and experience, or       1300 133 177
ƒ   totally and permanently lost the use
    of two limbs, or the sight of both
    eyes, or one limb and the sight of one
    eye (where the limb is defined as the
                                                 Important information
    whole hand or whole foot), or
                                                 This information is general information only. Any recommendations, statements of opinion or
ƒ   lost the capacity to perform any two         financial advice have been prepared without taking account of your personal circumstances,
    specified ‘activities of daily living’ for   investment objectives, financial situation and needs. You should read the relevant Product
    six consecutive months, and that loss        Disclosure Statement and assess your own situation before you make a financial decision
                                                 based on this information. You may wish to seek professional advice when doing this.
    is permanent and irreversible.
                                                 The NGS financial planning service is offered to members of the Non-Government Schools
Do you need more                                 Superannuation Fund (ABN 73 549 180 515) through an arrangement with Mercer
                                                 Investment Nominees Limited (ABN 79 004 717 533) which holds an Australian Financial
information?                                     Services Licence No. 235906 authorising the provision of financial advice.
Further information about insurance
options is detailed in the Member Guide.
If you would like to know more about
TPD insurance, or would like to make
a claim, please phone our NGS Super
Customer Service Team on 1300 133 177,
Monday to Friday, between 8am and
6pm (EST) or visit the website at to download
a copy of the Member Guide (Product
Disclosure Statement).

Issued by Non-Government Schools Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd ABN 46 003 491 487 AFSL No 233 154
the Trustee of Non-Government Schools Superannuation Fund ABN 73 549 180 515


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