Sunspot by P-HarlequinEnterpris


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Author: James Axler

BELLY OF THE BEASTIn the wake of a nuclear Armageddon, the hellscape of Deathlands conspires to
torment strong and weak alike, festering most deeply in those who still possess the deepest core of
human decency. Now the past lies in the ashes, while the mysteries of the future unfold in the hands of
those willing to live each new day in search of hope for tomorrow.VIRULENT COMPROMISE The endless
struggle for power among the barons is a way of life in Deathlands, but Ryan Cawdor and his warrior
survivalists take no sides--unless forced to. But as the land around the Rio Grande reaches the breaking
point in a bitter war, the companions are harnessed into battle, moving toward a grim confrontation with
an old enemy whose secret stockpile of twenty-first-century nerve gas is poised to unleash infinite
madness once more upon a ravaged earth.In the Deathlands,history readies to repeat itself…

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