; Hobart's up-and- coming chefs can dish up a winner
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Hobart's up-and- coming chefs can dish up a winner


Hobart's up-and- coming chefs can dish up a winner

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									May 4, 2008                                                                                                                                                         SUNDAY TASMANIAN — 63

                               KUZINA                                                                                                AN ADVERTISING FEATURE


   ACHIEVEMENT: Kuzina restaurant is a class act for budding chefs.

Hobart’s up-and-                        300 students in Hobart in hospital-
                                        ity, commercial cookery and patiss-
coming chefs can                        erie.
                                           It was born in July 2006 working
dish up a winner                        and operating with two staff out of a
                                        terrace in Battery Point, creating        TOOLS OF THE TRADE: Kuzina Restaurant/industryflink apprentice chefs from left, Joel Bellamy, Joanne Wells,
                                        what is now a workforce employing         Nicholas Dorset, Head Chef/commercial cookery trainer and assessor Stephen Lunn , Emma Sear, Eric McNamara
WHEN someone asked an industry-
                                        10 staff and operating out of state-of-                                              and Liam Constable.
link staff member recently ‘‘What is
it that puts industrylink leaps and     the-art-offices in Elizabeth St.
                                           Industrylink incorporates a li-        in the industry today. ‘‘How can we
bounds ahead of the rest?’’ The reply
                                        brary for students, a classroom and       be training the young up-and-
was: ‘‘That every employee in our
                                        facilities for all apprentice chefs and   coming leaders in our industry if
organisation is passionate about
                                        front-of-house staff.                     our teachers are out-of-touch with
what they do. This is the secret to
                                                                                  what is happening in the real
our success.’’                             It is based out of the former
                                                                                  world?’’ owner and operator Nicho-
   Industrylink believes that people    Casablanca Restaurant, now re-
                                                                                  las Platon said.
are the key to any successful busi-     vamped and renamed Kuzina.
                                                                                    ‘‘The industry trends are forever
ness.                                      What a tremendous achievement
                                                                                  evolving and it’s important that we
   Through providing training excel-    in just under two years.
                                                                                  can share our vision and updated
lence, it facilitates dynamic and          Industrylink, winner of the 2007       skills.’’
successful employees who can fur-       Tasmanian         Training     Awards,      The students enrolled with indus-
ther the success of a business.         prides itself on excellence, passion      trylink are not charged for any of
   Industrylink’s training generates    and professionalism.                      the training or resources provided
positive outcomes within any work-         A condition of employment for all      to them. There is no financial cost
place.                                  its trainers and assessors is they        personally to the student regardless
   This dynamic organisation deliv-     keep up-to-date with industry stan-       of the course they are undertaking.
ers vocational training to more than    dards by maintaining employment             ‘‘The apprentice wage is already
                                                                                  low, how can we possibly expect
                                                                                  them to pay for books and other
                                                                                  resources,’’ Mr Platon asked.
                                                                                                                         TEAMWORK: industrylink staff from left: managing director Nicholas Platon,
                                                                                    ‘‘The employer is asked to contri-   Susie Haley, Kate Webber, Cindy Sun-Ho, Gareth Patterson Were, Michelle
                                                                                  bute a small amount from the                            Brennan, Moyra Hudson, Stephen Lunn.
                                                                                  funding they receive from the gov-
                                                                                  ernment, this helps pay for adminis-     ‘‘We have small classes with no      ployed by Kuzina, we open our doors
                                                                                  tration and training costs.            more than seven in each group.         to other students wishing to gain
                                                                                    ‘‘Furthermore, students are not      That’s what we consider and believe    further experience and knowledge
                                                                                  required to leave their workplace      to be quality and personal training,   at no cost to them,’’ Mr Platon said.
                                                                                  for extended periods to undertake      focusing on individual learning          Located at 213 Elizabeth St, Kuzi-
                                                                                  training.                              needs and outcomes,’’ Mr Platon        na has been revamped with great
                                                                                    ‘‘Our initiative is to work very     said.                                  food and true value-for-money.
                                                                                  closely with the student and the                                              Don’t let the tablecloths fool you.
                                                                                                                           The     recently-opened    Kuzina
                                                                                  employer in their familiar working
                                                                                                                         restaurant-kitchen, run by qualified
                                                                                  environment. This is a win-win for
                                                                                                                         trainer and assessors Stephen Lunn
                                                                                                                                                                Upcoming events at
                                                                                  all involved.’’ Industrylink has in-                                          Kuzina include:
                                                                                                                         and Gareth Patterson Were and
                                                                                  troduced new and modern ways of
                                                                                                                         front-of-house trainer and assessors     � Mother’s Day lunch — four
                                                                                  delivering training to benefit em-
                                                                                                                         Nicholas Platon and Michelle Bren-     courses $60 pp with complimentary
                                                                                  ployers, the student and contribute
                                                                                                                         nan, has proven to be a huge success   glass of champagne for mum. For
                                                                                  to overall success while providing
                                                                                                                         for the students.                      bookings ring 6234 9901.
EXCELLENCE: Nicholas Platon proudly displays industrylink’s Training              national accreditation — it’s a win-
                 Organisation of the Year award.                                  ner.                                     ‘‘With a full team of staff em-        � Guest chefs night next month.

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