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					Hills to Ocean Catchment Services
Caring for our Catchment from Hills to Ocean using
professional, high quality and specialised environmental
and vegetation management services for our partners and
community, which also enable us to provide financial
support to the Pine Rivers Catchment Association Inc.

  H2O generates profits for the Pine Rivers Catchment Association – a
          non-profit community environment organisation.

Hills to Ocean (H2O) Catchment Services is a wholly owned business of the Pine Rivers
Catchment Association, a non-profit environment community group that focuses on
improving the natural resources of the Pine Rivers and Hays Inlet Catchments through the
engagement of the community.

H2O provides environmental services to its partner organisations and the community for a
fee, with profits being delivered back to Pine Rivers Catchment Association activities.

    H2O is a one-stop-shop for specialised vegetation management projects.

H2O specialises in the restoration of sensitive riparian areas by strengthening and
enhancing struggling native vegetation through weed removal and selective replanting.

H2O can provide services in planning, implementing and advising on:

    •   Vegetation management;
    •   Native revegetation, regeneration and restoration;
    •   Weed management (including issuing weed declaration certificate);
    •   Riparian management and restoration;
    •   Environmental Property Management;
    •   Removal of large weed trees;

H2O works collaboratively with various industry leaders to provide services in areas of:

    •   Fauna and flora surveys
    •   Native seed collection and propagation
    •   Native plant salvage and propagation
    •   Fencing

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                      Hills to Ocean Catchment Services Company Profile

H2O uses high quality materials that have been tried and tested and found to be most
effective and efficient for vegetation management projects within South East Queensland.

 Mulch                Fire ant proofed
                      Competitively priced
                      Heavy mulch which is reasonably stable in moderate flood areas
 Plants               Native plants sourced from local area community nursery
                      Plants propagated from local native seed
                      Selected according to relevant regional ecosystems
 Tree                 Quick and easy to assemble and install
 guards               Long lasting (2-5 years) and reusable
                      Highly durable and suitable for windy or flood prone areas
                      Filter light to reduce ‘hothouse’ effect to plants
                      Available in several different sizes
                      Maximise plant growth
                      Easy access (just lift up) for weed control
 Minimal              Staff trained to ensure herbicide use is efficient, effective and
 chemical             environmentally safe
 use                  Instead of using chemical fertiliser and water crystals we use an
                      all-in-one organic product
                            o Long life water absorption product (5 years)
                            o Pre-hydrated, time efficient
                            o Only one product to distribute, time efficient

H2O can provide the necessary equipment for contracted vegetation management
     • Mobile water tank with pumping facilities for watering plants onsite and follow up
     • Heavy duty brush cutters
     • Quick-spray unit – 200-400L
     • Chainsaws and associated equipment
     • 4WD vehicles and trailers
     • Harnessing equipment for steep terrain, and
     • Variety of vegetation management hand-tools
     • Slashers and rippers
     • Bob cats and dingoes
     • Trucks and excavators, and
     • Specialised tree felling equipment.

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                       Hills to Ocean Catchment Services Company Profile

Project Experience
Client: Boral Resources (Qld) Pty Ltd
Boral Resources have been a long term client of H2O
since its inception in 2005. Projects have included:

•     Establishment and maintenance of Koala Fodder
      Plantation on Burpengary Creek flood plain,
      Narangba quarry;
•     Riparian vegetation maintenance and revegetation
      along Burpengary Creek, Narangba quarry;                Purga Quarry vegetation screen
•     Establishment and maintenance of Glossy Black           planting, June 2006
      Cockatoo Plantation on quarry restoration site at
      Narangba quarry;
•     Mapping of Giant Rats Tail grass (Sporobolous spp) and development of management plans for their
      Narangba quarry;
•     Designed and established a 1000 strong native vegetation screen to manage wind, noise and dust
      issues and increase the scenic amenity and habitat value at Boral’s Purga quarry;
•     Restoration and maintenance of existing koala fodder plantation at Petrie quarry in conjunction with
      Australia Zoo (advice to improve the health of the plantation, ongoing weed control, tree coppicing,
      the treatment and management of insect pests, fertilizer application, soil pH tests and tree
      replanting); and
•     Identify options to further increase the
      quality and quantity of foliage output of
      the koala fodder plantation, which
      included improving site drainage,
      enhancing the soil biota and
      establishing a diversity of increased
      water tolerant species.

    Koala Fodder Plantation and maintenance, Boral Narangba Quarry, 2008 ongoing.

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                      Hills to Ocean Catchment Services Company Profile

SEQ Water
SEQ Water has been a long term client of H2O since its inception in 2005. Projects have
• Control of weeds within a 20 meter buffer zone around the dams;
• Establishment of Koala Corridor between areas of existing bushland;
• Control of dense stand of Chinese Celtis (declared woody weed) within a 2.5 hectare area
     along a waterway leading into Lake Samsonvale, through physical removal, pasture
     establishment and grazing to control re-sprouting Celtis seedlings and replanting;
• Restoration of Hays Scrub (a significant remnant rainforest) by increasing the density of
     native forest species over 2 hectares and establishing a 1 km vegetated wildlife corridor to
     with another nearby remnant. This project initially required the control of asparagus vine
     (Asparagus plumosus) which threatened the existing remnant vegetation.

Seqwater Celtis removal site –                             Seqwater Celtis removal site –
before control, 2007.                                      during mechanical removal, 2007.

                                                           Seqwater Celtis removal site –
                                                           Two years since the beginning of
                                                           works, including ongoing monthly
                                                           maintenance of the site, 2009.

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                      Hills to Ocean Catchment Services Company Profile

Local Councils
H2O has provided ongoing support to the Pine
Rivers Council, now the Moreton Bay Regional
Council, and the Brisbane City Council. These
projects have included:
• Removal of extensive areas of Cats Claw
    creeper (Macfadyena unguis-cati) and
    Madeira vine (Anredera cordiflia) from
    riparian areas and some of MBRC’s most
    environmentally sensitive areas, for example,
    North and South Pine River Catchment
• Restoration of areas along Kedron Brook
    and Cabbage Tree Creeks, including
    cooperating with a variety of external          Rescued native plants stored in local
    contractors, local residents and council        community nursery.
•   Undertaking plant rescue, preservation and
    replanting of specimens of local native species
    during the Hamilton Road extension.

Private Property
H2O also works on private properties where
vegetation management skills are required.
Many of our private projects are small
subdivisions that require work to meet council
vegetation management requirements or
landholders who require additional help to
control large areas of weeds.

Community Groups
H2O works with many volunteer and                   Vine control within the Pine Rivers Catchment for
community based groups. Generally this              Moreton Bay Regional Council, 2006
involves areas that are hard to access and
require intense weed control and/or
preparation/ maintenance of tree plantings.
While working with these groups we endeavour
to demonstrate and instruct volunteers in best
management practices.

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                         Hills to Ocean Catchment Services Company Profile

Best Practice
H2O takes great pride in being able to improve the condition of our local environment. To
ensure that we achieve the best practice possible we have developed specific practices.
These include:
   • Identifying and protecting environmental sensitivities
   • Using integrated pest management principles;
   • Using low disturbance techniques (eg hand digging holes for plants to minimise
        soil disturbance and maximise the plant survival rate)
   • Guaranteeing our clients between 85-95% plant survival rate*
   • Adhering strictly to OH&S safety policies
   • The ability to work in difficult to access terrains
   • Appointing qualified and experienced team leaders to all of our teams.
   • Developing long-term relationships with local clients
   • Maintaining reliable equipment
   • Providing equal opportunities to our staff.

Note: Dependant on site condition and practices agreed with client.

H2O provides its services to some of south-east Queensland’s largest industry bodies including
Boral, South-East Queensland Water Company and Energex Limited.

H2O also undertakes significant projects for local Councils, and has developed a reputation for
quality outcomes and good environmental practice.

H2O is happy to work with field experts, other contractors and neighbours to ensure the best
quality outcomes for its clients.

Operations Manager
Geoff Wilkins is H2O’s Operations Manager. He has over 15 experience managing
environment and heritage projects, and over 10 years experience in the vegetation
management field. He has experience working in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland.
Geoff can provide clients with detailed quotations and advice on projects and follow up with
tightly implemented activities to ensure that on-ground outcomes meet client expectations
within agreed budgets and timelines.

Geoff Wilkins
H2O Operations Manager
Phone:    (07) 3325 1577
Fax:      (07) 3325 1588
Mobile:   0437 547 138

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