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									                                                              Gate Valves                                                  319

Hand Wheels and Gaskets for    Application:            Suit AS2638.2 sluice/gate valve

AS2638.2 Sluice/Gate Valves
                                        Part No.                       Description                Price $

                                                     Hand Wheel - Ductile Iron
                                  V57SVHW-100                         80mm & 100mm

                                  V57SVHW-150                             150mm

                                  V57SVHW-200                             200mm

                                  V57SVHW-300                        250mm & 300mm

                                                             Gasket 57/50
                                     V-57100952                   100mm, white PVC

                                     V-57150952                   150mm, white PVC

                                     V-57100953                      100mm, blue brute

                                     V-57150953                      150mm, blue brute


Knife Gate Valve                                       Knife Gate Valves are available in either full
                               Design:                 stainless steel 316 lugged, or cast iron body
                               End Connection:         Lugged Table D and wafer options
                                                                                                                    Page 300 - 343
                               Body Materials:         SS316 or Cast Iron

                               Knife:                  SS 316

                               Pressure:               Rated to 10 bar (1,000 kpa)

                                                       Metal / metal seat, standard valve with soft seat,
                                                       to be nominated, at order point
                               Application:            Water, slurry, sewerage etc

                                                   Stainless Steel                 Cast Iron Body
                               Size                 Lugged T/D                    Wafer or Lugged
                                             Part No.           Price $        Part No.              Price $

                                80         VKG-080-SS                          VKG-080
            Full SS 316 body
            lugged Table D      100        VKG-100-SS                          VKG-100

                                150        VKG-150-SS                          VKG-150

                                200        VKG-200-SS                          VKG-200

                                250        VKG-250-SS                          VKG-250

                                300        VKG-300-SS                          VKG-300


       Phone: 1300 134 651                                                           Part numbers marked “i” are non stock.
                                      ADPL2009                                                     Enquire for availability.

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