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Frequently asked questions on insurance by community groups201041942134

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									Frequently asked questions on insurance by government agencies
Are you a government agency, interested in joining the South Australian Government’s new ‘Volunteer
Partnership - Accessing Resources’ initiative, but have some concerns about insurance?

This fact sheet provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on insurance by
government agencies, as well as who to contact for more specific advice.

Q. Do government agencies need to consider insurance issues, such as public liability costs, before
joining the ‘Volunteer Partnership - Accessing Resources’ initiative?

A. During consultation for the ‘Volunteer Partnership - Accessing Resources’ initiative, government agencies
indicated that they supported the initiative and were keen to participate, however, had some concerns
around insurance and public liability.

The State Government’s insurer, SAICORP, the insurance division of the South Australian Government
Financing Authority, advises however that agencies are covered under the government’s insurance, while
their facilities and resources are being used by a volunteer organisation, for damage to the property and for
any liability that arises.

Q. My agency’s facilities and resources are only available for use by community organisations after
hours. Is my agency still covered in this situation?

A. If government facilities are used by community groups out of hours, the government’s insurer, SAICORP,
continues to provide property cover on those facilities and cover to the agency in relation to any civil liability
claim that may arise.

This cover would be subject to the usual claim excess/deductible arrangements, as apply in relation to the
agency and its facilities during normal business hours. Therefore, the use or non-use of agency facilities out
of hours is a policy decision for the agency, rather than an insurance issue per se.

Q. Are community organisations also covered under the government’s insurance or would they need
to take out there own?

A. Under the South Australian Government’s insurance arrangements, only government bodies can be
covered. In the event accidental damage occurs to a government building/property whilst being used by a
volunteer organisation, and the agency is unable to recover the cost from the organisation, the government's
insurance will in most cases cover the cost of repairs.

However, damage to a volunteer organisation's property or injury to their member whilst using a government
building/property, would not be covered by government insurance. In this instance, it is recommended that
the volunteer organisation first check that their own insurance provides adequate protection.

Volunteer organisations can double check if they have adequate insurance cover by contacting their current
insurance provider or contacting Local Community Insurance Services (Jardine Lloyd Thompson), who
specialise in volunteer specific insurance, by phoning 1300 853 800.

Q. If a community organisation does not have insurance, can they still use our agency’s facilities?

A. While it is preferable for community organisations to have their own insurance in place, it is not essential,
as each request can be considered on its own merit, taking into account the risks associated with the
requested activity.

Further information

For more specific queries or concerns regarding insurance and risk management, contact the Principal
Policy Advisor, Office for Volunteers, by phoning 8464 4490 or emailing

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