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   The AFI Fellowship aims to enrich the cultural
  environment of the Australian film community by
supporting an Australian film practitioner striving for

  The AFI would like to acknowledge the support of
esteemed Australian filmmaker Phillip Noyce as Patron
               of the AFI Fellowship.

This valuable and unique program was established by
         the Australian Film Institute in 2007.

             Information for Applicants
What are the benefits of an AFI Fellowship?

The principal benefit of the AFI Fellowship is to provide film
practitioners with fixed financial support to pursue creative and
career objectives that will ultimately serve the Australian
filmmaking community. To find out more about the activities of the
Australian Film Institute, go to www.afi.org.au.

The successful Fellow is provided with:

   •   AUS$20,000 to invest such that it delivers measurable
       benefits to the applicant and the wider Australian film

   •   an opportunity at the conclusion of the AFI Fellowship to
       report experiences to the film community at an appropriate
       industry event.

Who can apply?

The AFI Fellowship is open to Australian film practitioners who are
Australian citizens.

A “film practitioner” here is defined as:
       Costume Designer
       Production Designer
       Sound Designer
       Visual Effects practitioner

The AFI Fellowship is awarded once only to each individual,
therefore subsequent applications cannot be considered
When do applications open?

Wednesday 5th August 2009. The application form will be available
to download from this date on the AFI website: www.afi.org.au

When do applications close?

5PM on Friday 18th September 2009 – Late applications WILL NOT
be considered

When will the successful AFI Fellowship recipient be

At the AFI Awards Nominations announcement in late October 2008

What are the application requirements of an AFI

All applicants are required to provide to the AFI:

   1. a detailed commentary on how the AFI Fellowship would
      benefit the applicant's growth and the wider film community

   2. a succinct idea (IE "the pitch") of what the applicant would
      like to do (IE "the project") and a demonstrated ability to
      execute the project (IE show evidence of past work). This
      must total no more than 300 words

   3. 3 x active referees

   4. a timeline and a budget with regard to the project per above
      no. 2.

   5. at the conclusion of the AFI Fellowship, a report plus an
      acquittal per above no. 4. A presentation could potentially be
      made at an opportune event

How is an AFI Fellow selected?

In 2009 one AFI Fellowship will be awarded. Fellowships are
awarded by the Australian Film Institute, on the advice of an
assessment committee comprising respected film industry
practitioners. The Australian Film Institute retains all discretions in
relation to awarding the Fellowship and its decision is final.
How are AFI Fellowships funded?

AFI Fellowships are funded from donations made to the Australian
Film Institute Endowment Fund. Donations are gratefully received to
this fund from AFI members and philanthropically minded members
of the public.

The AFI acknowledges the substantial donations made to the AFI
Endowment Fund by the Pratt Foundation, the Portland House
Group and the Besen Foundation.

How can I apply?

Applications for the 2009 Fellowships will open on Wednesday 5th
August 2009. Applicants can download application forms from the
AFI website: www.afi.org.au

All completed applications must be sent by email only to
fellowship@afi.org.au, by 5pm on Friday 18th September 2009.
Please include the cover page in your submission.

Any non-written materials are to be sent direct to the Australian
Film Institute, 236 Dorcas Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205.
For further information, please contact:

Jennifer North
Marketing & Business Development Manager
TEL: 03 9695 7201 | EMAIL: fellowship@afi.org.au

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