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					                                                                               Newsletter Edition 04
                                                                                  February 2009

                                        NORTHSIDE FITNESS
                                           get fit | have fun | be inspired

      Welcome to the fourth newsletter from Northside Fitness! This month you will learn about raw food (see
recipe below for a delicious and energy-tastic snack!) positive thinking and all our latest special offers.
       A quick overview: Northside Fitness; group fitness, corporate and mobile personal training; Arana Hills, Ferny Hills,
Ferny Grove, Everton Park, Everton Hills, Upper Kedron, Samford, The Gap, Keperra, Mitchelton, Ashgrove, Indooroopilly, Chapel Hill,
Kenmore.Learn how to exercise and eat according to YOUR body type, and build a healthy lifestyle that will have you
skipping with vitality and energy for years to come.

For more info go to www.northsidefitness.com.au or email info@northsidefitness.com.au or call 0434 990 572.

Our motto: Regular exercise + balanced diet = better sleep, less stress, a calmer outlook on life, and a feeling of
achievement at the end of every day. Good luck with your quest. Nick Ellson, Founder Northside Fitness

                          Join the RAW FOOD Revolution
 Raw food?             Yes! Uncooked, and so therefore still bursting with goodness, nutrients and energy.

 The „raw food revolution‟ is still relatively unknown, but one which is rapidly gaining press.
 I strongly urge you to find out more. Some good websites are:

                       www.raw-pleasure.com.au            and    www.rawreform.com

 Depending on the type of lifestyle and results desired, raw food diets may include a selectıon of raw fruits,
 vegetables, nuts, seeds (including sprouted whole grains such as gaba rice), eggs, fish (such as sashimi), meat
 (such as carpaccio), and non-pasteurized/non-homogenized dairy products (such as raw milk, raw cheese and raw

 EVERYBODY should be eating at least 30% raw food anyway. Take a typical week: it is recommended that 5
 small meals a day provides the ideal intake of food to keep your metabolism firing (which is what we need to
 burn excess calories). So that‟s 35 meals each week. 30% of 35 is 10. Lets increase that to 14 or 40%.
 If you make 2 meals (of your daily 5) completely raw, you will be going along way to improving your health,
 increasing your energy, and giving your body the essential ingredients it needs to work at 100% efficiency.

 Why not start today. Go to your local market (organic is best) and stock up. You will be amazed by the results
 such a simple change can make!!
 If you would like to find our more, email: info@northsidefitness.com.au

                  Recipe of the month                                               Quote of the month
                     Ecstatic Balls!
5 dried apricots, 4 dates, 6 walnuts, 2 tbls pumkin seeds,
1 tbls dried cherries (no sugar or veg oil), 1 tbls raw cacao      “In eating, a third of the stomach should be filled with
nibs, desiccated coconut (for rolling in)                             food, a third with drink and the rest left empty”.
Blend all ingredients apart from the coconut with a
handheld blender and blend until they come together in a
paste. Roll into balls, then in coconut until covered.

                                          February Special!
                                  Save $30 on Group Fitness this month
                          Buy 12 sessions for the price of 10: $150 (normally $15 each)
                         For timetable and locations go to www.northsidefitness.com.au
              Limited spaces available. Call 0434 990 572 TODAY!! Offer valid until 28/02/09
    Nick Ellson                                                             Positive Thinking
Nick‟s passions are          People’s thoughts can be life changing. Shakespeare said “There is nothing either good
cycling, running and         or bad but thinking makes it so”. As human beings we often think about what we don‟t
swimming. Most               want to happen in a situation.
recently he completed
the Noosa Triathlon, and     The Universe is a powerful force and will act on whatever is uppermost in our minds. “I
cycled in the Brisbane to    hope I’m not still overweight for our holiday to New Zealand” is such a negative
Gold Coast Bike Ride.        statement. Try saying: “In eight weeks when we fly to New Zealand I will have lost 4 kgs
He has run the New York      and feel slim”.
City Marathon in
3:30:06, several half-       Positive, time framed, with a clear outcome. By focusing on a positive outcome, with
marathons, numerous          pictures (cut and paste into a „Dream book‟) of the clothes you will wear when you reach
Olympic and Sprint           your target weight, you will be motivated every day to eat better and to exercise more.
distance Triathlons and
completed in multi-day       Make a positive move today and contact Nick at info@northsidefitness.com.au
Adventure races

He relishes any physical
challenge and enjoys                                 Exercise of the Month
pushing himself towards                The Breathing Woodchop
new personal bests and
into different pursuits,     This exercise is part „stretch‟, part „energiser‟.
including parachuting,       Repeat daily as part of relaxation/meditation.
climbing, skiing and
scuba diving.                Bring your arms over your head, feet hip width
                             apart, inhale.
          CV                 Exhale, and bring your arms down between your
      CHEK Exercise          legs as if chopping wood.
      Coach                  Make a natural pause at the bottom, between
      Master Trainer,        reps.
      Australian             Breath naturally and in control.
      Institute of Fitness
      Member Fitness         Complete 15-20 reps.
      Les Mills RPM
                                       One day lecture                                                  1-1 Personal Training
      Boxercise                      “Healing in the home”
      Instructor                                                                                      WANT TO GET FIT BUT
                              Listen to award winning author & lecturer
      Business Degree         Phillip Day share some amazing research:
                                                                                                      SCARED OF THE GYM?
      St John‟s
      Ambulance 1st Aid        Infections that won‟t clear up. What can be done?                            Some time since last exercise?
                                Overweight, listless and lethargic. You won‟t be!
      Full Public             Cancer, heart disease and stroke—scientists hot tips                            Unsure how to get started?
      Liability Insurance                      for the serious stuff                                        Not interested in “gym junkies”?
                              FOOD MATTERS! A look at the stunning new film and                              Want to avoid gym contracts?
                                                 its implications.
                              Warts, sciatica, back pain, body odour, rashes— your                    Northside Fitness is a mobile personal training
                                                kitchen can help!                                   service, coming to the comfort of your home. In this
                                                                                                   personal environment, you will rediscover how much
                             www.credence.org/tours/OZ2009/                   $30 a ticket         fun exercise can be, boosting your energy levels and
                                                                                                               giving you back your sparkle!

                                                                                                       Contact us by 28th February and get
                                                                                                    a FREE initial training session (value $52)

                             Important Disclaimer:
                             No express or implied warranty (whether of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise) or other guarantee
                             is made as to the accuracy or completeness of any of the information or content contained in any of the information in this
                             newsletter or otherwise provided by Northside Fitness. Notwithstanding the medical or physical condition of each user, no
                             responsibility or liability is accepted and all responsibility and liability is hereby disclaimed for any loss or damage suffered by
                             any person as a result of the use or misuse of any of the information or content in this newsletter, and any and all liabilit y for
                             incidental and consequential damages is hereby expressly excluded.

                                                         NORTHSIDE FITNESS
                                                             Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach
                                                          0434 990 572 info@northsidefitness.com.au

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