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									                                                                    Phone: (02) 4421 0422
 Monday, March 22, 2010                   Term 1, Week 9            Fax: (02) 4423 2728
                                                                    E-mail: illaroo-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
                                                                    Home page: http://www.illaroo-p.schools.nsw.edu.au

                 ENHANCE LEARNING
                                                              Y ear Six Canberra looking forward to my first over
Dear parents and caregivers                                                       Excursion
                                                                I am very much
Unashamedly our first priority at Illaroo Road is the         night excursion with year six at Illaroo Road. Canberra is
achievement of high standards in the teaching of literacy     always a great experience for students because of the
and numeracy. This work, however, should always be            wide variety of educational attractions available. The
enhanced by rich learning experiences in a variety of         most significant of these will be the opportunity to visit
extra curricular activities such as special days, charity     the Electoral Commission and Parliament House. It is
work, excursions and sporting events. The strength of our     important that our young people learn about our system of
extra curricular program has been especially evident as       government and how to play an active role in the political
we approach the end of term one. The impact of the            process. These visits will complement work already
following activities on learning and creating a positive      completed in class. A special thank you is extended to
school culture should never be underestimated.                Mr Farquhar, Mrs Faulks and Mrs Wade for their
                                                              commitment in organising this important learning
R ide2School Day Success108 students along with an
  Last Wednesday a total
enthusiastic group of teachers celebrated this day by
riding safely to and from school. The excitement reached      S port Focus we have a significant number of students
                                                                This week
a crescendo with the running of a lunchtime bike rodeo.       participating in knock out matches or district trials in
In particular the slow bike race was especially               cricket, netball and rugby league. Good luck to all
competitive. Hopefully the event will encourage our           participants. We hope you all perform to the best of your
students to continue to lead healthy life styles and          ability, play fairly and enjoy the opportunity to participate
importantly ride in a responsible and safe way. A special     in physical activity as a member of a team.
thank you is extended to Mr Lowe for promoting an
activity very much enjoyed by all participants. His lunch
time riding outfit prompted quite a few positive reactions.   Graham Tink

H armony Day – Wellalways SRC opportunity to
  Harmony Day is
                           a good
celebrate how successful our society has been in
embracing cultures from all over the world. As a
consequence today it was heart warming to see so many
of our students and teachers dressed in a variety of
national costumes, or simply in orange, the colour of
harmony. Importantly the student representative council
also used the dress up day as an opportunity to raise funds
for cancer research. From gold coin donations they raised           8 - 9.30 AM
nearly $300. Activities celebrating cultural diversity and          2.30 - 4 PM
charity work can play a major role in developing the
values and positive attitudes we always like to see
displayed by our students. Well done to all who
                                                                    D AY S
                   DATES TO REMEMBER
                                                                     Congratulations to those who received a merit award.
March 23rd .................Rugby league trials
March 24th ..................South Illawarra netball trials   Evie Woods KM                          Riley Leedham KM
                                                              Luke Jones KM                          Haelee Trenerry KA
March 25th & 26th .....Year 6 Canberra excursion
                                                              Taylah Studdert KA                     Dillan Fox KA
March 25th ..................South Illawarra boys & girls     Ella Heald KR                          Caleb Portors KR
                                    football trials           Kendall Button KR                      Jacinta Greer KB
March 26th ..................District boys & girls hockey     Robbie Usher 1B                        Chanelle Lamb 1S
                                    trials                    Benjamin Rowland 1S                    Jake Barnes 1S
March 29 .....................IRPS cross country carnival     Broedy Smith 1B                        Alicia Boome 1W
April 1st ......................K-2 Easter hat parade         Zachery Stearns-Lefevre 1W             Nataia Cook 1W
....................................Last day of Term 1        Troy Wilson 1C                         Holly Arnold 1C
April 19th ....................Staff development day          Caleb Smith Bruce 1C                   Jordan Walker 2R
April 20th ....................Students return to school to   Lachlan Leedham 2R                     Sera Mason 2R
                                    commence Term 2           Dale Seymour 2L                        Molly Brain 2L
                                                              Nathan Barbera 2L                      Alex Abello 2B
                                                              Jarrod Lee 2B                          Maya Beradi 2B
                                                              Adam Garlick 2W                        Jordan Skelton 3M
                                                              Oliver Woods 3B                        Georgia Becker 3W
           Easter Hats                                        Sophie Lane 4M
                                                              Jordan Border 5M
                                                                                                     Taylor McCoy 4C
                                                                                                     James Hamilton 6W
     Kinder, Year 1 and Year 2                                Jordan Murray 5F                       Tasman Phillips 6D
                                                              David Carter 6F
Children in Kinder, Year 1 and Year 2 will be making
their Easter hats at school very soon! Younger children
will be helped by their buddies.                                L7                                                          L8
Please help the children to collect all the things they
would like to use to make their hats. They will need to
bring in something for the base (box, ice cream                These children have completed this level and will now
containers, an old hat etc.) and lots of decorations for                     commence the next level:
their hats. Things like silk flowers, tinsel, streamers,
coloured paper, small chickens, egg wrappers, stickers,                              Silver Gumleaf
glitter, feather duster feathers, etc. work well.                                     Fred Norrie 2R
Please put all these goodies into a
bag clearly marked with your                                                              Level 6
child’s name and send it into school                                       Heidi Smith 5M, Jade Bridge 5M
by Monday 22nd March.                                                             Patrick Herbert 5M
Thank you, K-2 Teachers
                                                                                          Level 7
                                                                                    Jessica Usher 5M

  Teacher Professional Learning
          (TPL) Update
TPL is a very important aspect of what we do at Illaroo
Road Public School. It helps us to stay up to date and to
hone our teaching skills.
                                                                         SUPA Club Camp
During our Monday afternoon staff meetings since Week         Last Saturday and Sunday SUPA club had a camp at
6 we have covered (or will cover before the end of term):     Mrs McLean’s house. We had lots of FUN. We played a
the new school website; varying spelling assessments;         lot of games, had an Easter egg hunt, went bush walking,
narrative writing and a minor review of our student           lit a campfire, patted a real pet python snake and heaps
welfare policy. During our school development day at          more fantastic stuff. We had a lot of fun times. We
the start of Term 2 we will update our CPR skills, further    talked about the true meaning of Easter.
develop our expertise with interactive whiteboards and
improve our ability to give students hands-on experience      We would just like to say a special thank you to
in science and technology.                                    Mrs McLean, Mrs Page and Mrs Bristow for organising it
                                                              all and preparing everything.
Bob Lowe                                                      By Breeana O’Donnell 4C and Heidi Smith 5M
Cross Country:                                                       K-2 Easter Hat Parade
Monday 29th March is our school cross country carnival
for all Year 3-6 students. All students are expected to                       Thursday 1 April 2010
attend and participate. Parental help is urgently needed
on the day for simple jobs such as course officials and                Parents, caregivers, grandparents,
time keepers. Please add your name to the bottom of the                          aunts and uncles
permission note if you are able to help on the day.
                                                                         are all welcome to hop along to
Thank you                                                                    view our little bunnies!
Mrs Jones and Mrs Hanson and Miss Bond
                                                                         Great prizes to be won from the
Tennis News:
Congratulations to our three Illaroo Road PS boys who                        Guessing Competition
attended the South Coast tennis trials held at Ulladulla         At 50c a ticket to be drawn after the Parade.
last Wednesday. Justin Pritchard, Dylan O’Mullane and
Stevan Ilic all played very well against some great
competitors from the South Coast region. None of the            Donations of Easter eggs, baskets, cellophane,
boys were selected in the team but represented our school                 tissue paper and ribbons
and our district with great distinction. Congratulations               will be very much appreciated.
boys on a great effort in a tough competition. We look
forward to seeing how well our school team does in the         Please bring all donations to the School Canteen
PSSA knock-out rounds.                                                  by Monday 29th March, 2010.

Girls Cricket:
Good luck will hopefully be with the girls cricket team as
they play their very first round in the PSSA cricket
knock-out. They will be taking on Berry PS today, so
                                                                             SPANS Survey
stay tuned for a full match report in next weeks’ bulletin.   Students from KA, KR, 2B, 2/3W, 4C, 4M, 6W and 6D
                                                              were selected to participate in a health survey being run
                                                              by the University of Sydney and NSW Health. If you
                                                              have a student in one of these classes could you please
                                                              ensure that the survey and permission note is returned as
                                                              the survey team will be at Illaroo Road tomorrow,
   Australian Government Assistance                           Tuesday 23rd March.
    for National Capital Excursion
             Re: Year 6 Canberra Excursion
Year 6 students from our school will soon be undertaking      National Ride2School Day
an educational tour of the national capital. While on this
tour they will participate in a variety of educational
programmes focused on Australia’s history, culture,           W hat alast Wednesday. weOne had on Ride2School
                                                                      wonderful time    all
                                                                                            hundred and eight
heritage and democracy.                                       students and eight staff members rode their bikes to
                                                              school and parking space was at a premium! Any Year 3
The Australian Government recognises the importance of
                                                              students who want to ride to school should obtain a bike
all young Australians being able to visit their National
                                                              permission note from the front office or school website,
Capital as part of their civics and citizenship education.
                                                              read the rules with their parents / caregivers and return to
To assist you in meeting the cost of the excursion the
                                                              the front office. Keep fit, ride to school!
Australian Government is contributing funding under the

                                                              T here is with the winner from eachtoregion ofaNSW
Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER)
                                                                        also an art competition     design    bike
programme toward the travel expenses incurred. This
contribution will be paid directly to the school upon
                                                              winning a new bike and helmet. This is an activity for
completion of the excursion. This subsidy has been
                                                              children to complete in their spare time at home. Please
factored into the cost of the excursion.
                                                              download the helmet design sheet from the website
We would like to thank the Australian Government for          www.bicyclensw.org.au If you are unable to do this,
their support of this program.                                interested students can obtain a copy of the template from
                                                              me this week. The competition closes on Friday 28th
We hope that the excursion is a rewarding experience for
                                                              May 2010. Completed entries can be returned directly to
all students.
                                                              Bicycle NSW or given to me by Friday 21st May 2010.
Bruce Farquhar
Class Teacher                                                 Mr Lowe
    ICAS Competitions:
           Last Days for Applications                                         TERM 1, 2010 ROSTER
                                                                              Tuesday 23rd March .............C Snow / D Black
                                                                              Wednesday 24th March ........W Gad / M Jeffs
The final day for accepting applications for the UNSW
                                                                              Thursday 25th March ............D Jamieson / R Hazelwood
ICAS competitions is next week: Thursday, 1st April.
                                                                              Friday 26th March.................D De Strang / T Harwood
There are six competitions: science, computer skills,
                                                                              Monday 29th March..............K Jorgenson
writing, maths, English and spelling. All of these
competitions are open to Years 3-6. They assess a wide                        $1.00 Recess Special
range of skills across each subject area and give an
objective and independent assessment of participating                                                      French toast
students’ abilities.
                                                                              A reminder to all canteen volunteers that for OH&S
At Illaroo Road Public School we are committed to the                         reasons covered shoes should be worn.
development of gifted and talented students and will
therefore be encouraging as many children as possible to                      Thank you Claudeen
enter these competitions. Entry for science, computer
skills, maths and English will cost $6.00, writing will cost
$14.00, and spelling $8.00. If your child is entering all
six competitions, the total cost will be $46.00.
If you would like your child to participate in any, some or
                                                                              TERM 1, 2010 ROSTER
all of these competitions, please complete the entry form                     Wednesday 24th March ............. A Button / Z Kershaw
below, indicating your child’s name, ticking the                              Friday 26th March ..................... H McGuire / F Bellis
appropriate competition boxes and entering the total
amount that you have enclosed. The note and money
should be returned to your child’s teacher.
If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact                       The information presented in “Community Notices” is not necessarily the
me at school.                                                                                     views of Illaroo Road Public School

Thank you
Bob Lowe                                                                      ‘Splash & Dash’ Aquathon – Huskisson:
Deputy Principal                                                              Sunday 18th April 2010 will see the inaugural ‘Splash &
                                                                              Dash’ for kids. A 50m swim and 750m run for 7-9 years
                                                                              and 150m swim and 2km run for 10-12 years. Kids can
                                                                              enter as individuals or as a team, with longer events on
          University of NSW ICAS                                              the day for mums and dads.             Enter online at
               Competitions                                                   www.eliteenergy.com.au or call 44229000 during
                                                                              business hours for full details.
                                                                              COOSH Cambewarra Out Of School Hours:
I would like my child ……………………………………                                          Vacation program 6th - 19th April 2010 from 7.00am to
                                                                              6.00pm. Lots of fun, art and craft activities, sport, games
of class…………...….to participate in the following                              and excursions. For Bookings or more information
NSW ICAS Competitions:                                                        phone the centre on 0419487660.
                                                                              City Hockey Club:
   Competition              Sitting Date            Cost         Please       Registrations are now been taken for the season. For
                                                                  tick        more information contact Jo-Anne Gibson on
Computer Skills         Tue 25 May              $6.00                         0413314759 or Tracey Apperley on 0413956795.
Science                 Wed 9 June              $6.00                         Football (soccer) Clinics:
                                                                              Southern NSW Football will be conducting clinics for
Spelling                Tue 22 June             $8.00                         boys and girls aged from 7-12 years during the April
Writing                 Tue 22 June             $14.00                        school holidays. Please contact George on 44220300 or
                                                                              sbcoaching@bigpond.com for further information.
Maths                   Tue 17 August           $6.00
                                                                              For Sale:
English                 Tue 3 August            $6.00                         Clarinet and stand $150.00. Please contact Jenny Woods
                                                                              on 44236575.
I have enclosed a total of $........................................... for
                                                                              Shoalhaven Multicultural Group:
the competitions that I have ticked above.
                                                                              An invitation is extended to the public to celebrate
                                                                              Harmony Day at their annual dinner on 27th March at
                                                                              Bomaderry RSL Club.           For further details phone
Signed ………………………………………………..…..
                                                                              Illawarra Multicultural service, the Nowra or East Nowra
                                                                              Neighbourhood Centre on 44215077 or 44221299.

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