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Extra 23 April by lindayy


Extra 23 April

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									EXTRA!                                                                   Where learning comes alive
                                                                                                       ST HILDA’S SCHOOL

29 April 2008

FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL                                           FROM THE CHAPLAIN
In the last week of the holidays Sarah Don from Year 12 was       This week we celebrate Ascension Day, the day that Jesus
called by the Executive Director of the National Youth Science    ascended to heaven 40 days after His resurrection. Now some
Forum (NYSF) and offered an opportunity to study at the           might say that this was Jesus’ final hurrah, before He ran
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in Boston, USA.      away from His disciples, claiming ‘they just don’t understand
The offer is to spend six weeks at MIT working closely with a     me!’...of all the clichés, why, oh why 40 days afterwards? 40
Professor who specialises in the area of Science that presently   days of rain for Noah? 40 days in the wilderness? Could it be
most interests Sarah. MIT is a world leader in Science research   that 40 days with His disciples was all Jesus could take? I don’t
and this offer is very special. Only two students are offered     think so.
this opportunity from Australia each year and as expected the
competition is keen. Sarah attended the January Science           I think it is a reminder to us that we all have a time and a
Forum in Canberra and this is the time where students have        place and a mission in God’s world. To add another cliché,
an opportunity to impress the selection committee. We can         now the mantle rests on us. If we want the world to change
assume that Sarah presented superbly and that her passion         for the better, it is up to us.
for Science and her ability to one day be a leader in Science
research was clearly communicated to those who organize           If we want to see people loving and respecting one another,
the NYSF. I know from talking to the Director of NYSF that the    not because of fear but because of love itself, it is (with God’s
committee was convinced of Sarah’s ability to communicate         help) up to us to see in the world. Live it, love it and start
with other Scientists and with her peers. Overall, this is a      now. This coming generation of young women deserves the
prestigious award and one that brings great credit on Sarah.      dignity of us being able to look them in the eye and say ‘Yes, I
As a School we share with Sarah the pride in this award and       did all I could, and now it us up to you.’
are confident that it will be a life changing opportunity.        Ian Dredge

I have recently written about the students from Year 10 who
have been on exchange in the UK and the United States.
Somehow I forgot to mention the two girls we have sent to
                                                                  IMPORTANT DATES
                                                                  Wednesday 30 April
India. They have experienced significant differences at both
                                                                  30 Apr-2 May Year 6 Camp, Mebbin
school and in their local communities. Weddings, dances and
                                                                  30 Apr-2 May Year 10 Individual Interviews - Career Avenues
elephant rides have all been experienced and daily life has
                                                                  District Cross Country Trials, Runaway Bay Luke Harrob Oval
provided plenty of new experiences. These girls will have
plenty to share on their return. I understand the girls in the
                                                                  GC Debating Years 8-10 R3, Yr 8 AB Paterson, Yr 9 St Hilda's, Yr
US are having a wonderful experience. This week we greeted
                                                                  10 St Stephen's (4pm)
two girls from New Zealand who are with us prior to our girls
                                                                  Year 7 Debating, Coomera Anglican College (4.15pm)
joining their community for a month or so.
                                                                  St Hilda's/TSS Country Roadshow, Cooks, Gluttons and
                                                                  Gourmet,Stanthorpe (6pm-7.30pm)
Last week we commemorated Anzac day with an Assembly
                                                                  Thursday 1 May
Service for those in the Middle and Senior Schools.
                                                                  Boarders' Eucharist (5pm)
Representatives from the Redlands RSL attended the service
                                                                  Junior, Middle and Senior School Private Speech and Drama
and assisted with the wreath laying. The girls from 9K
                                                                  Student Performance
presented a dramatic piece based on the famous McCrae
                                                                  Year 12 Drama excursion, 'Sub-Con Warrior', Judith Wright Ctre
poem, In Flanders Fields, and Sassoon’s poem, Lamentations.
                                                                  of Contemporary Art (4.40pm-10pm)
Our theme for the Service was the impact that war has on
                                                                  St Hilda's/TSS Country Roadshow The Town and Country Club,
those involved. The Somme was the source of the story for
                                                                  5 Frome St, Moree (6.30pm-8.30pm)
the contemplation about the nature of war and the human
                                                                  Friday 2 May
costs, sacrifices and experiences. Gratitude towards those
                                                                  QGSSSA Autumn Fixtures- Basketball, Soccer, Touch vs SPLC (H)
who have contributed towards our nation’s safety and
                                                                  Year 11 Advanced Reading Skills Develop Workshop (all day)
present freedoms is always part of the Anzac Day theme.
                                                                  Goondiwindi Show, Cocktail Reception,Total Ag Services tent,
Peter Crawley
                                                                  hosted by Miles McColl (6.30pm-9.30pm)
Head of School
                                                                  Saturday 3 May
                                                                  3-5 May OGA "Away Reunion", Mooloolaba
                                                                  Rowing BBQ Breakfast, TSS Boatshed (8am-10am)
                                                                  Monday 5 May
                                                                  LABOUR DAY HOLIDAY
                                                                  Tuesday 6 May
                                                                  Year 12 Drama Excursion, "Rabbit Hole", Cremorne Theatre,
                                                                  4pm (TBC) District Touch
                                                                  Year 11 Introduction Presentation Ball, Hughes Room
                                                                  Years 7-12 Assembly, Sports Complex (2.20pm-3.15pm)
                 Anzac Day celebrations at Southport
BOARDING SCHOOL                                Australia. Our congratulations to Sarah for    questions, and writing on demand.
                                               this well-deserved recognition.
Do we have your email address?
                                                                                              Parents often ask how they can support
The Heads of Houses have been using
                                               Uniform. In Term 2 students are reminded       their daughters in being successful and
electronic communication to provide
                                               that they should be wearing their winter       becoming the best learners they can be.
boarder parents with updates throughout
                                               hat. Please ensure it is clearly named.        The following are a few observations
the Term. It is important that you inform
                                               Expectations with regard to jewellery and      from Dr Michael Carr-Gregg on how
the School if your email address changes
                                               make-up are clearly outlined in the            parents can help their children study
so that we are able to communicate
                                               Student Handbook (p19) and I ask your          more effectively. One of the most
effectively with you.
                                               co-operation in encouraging your               important study tools is sleep - at least 9
                                               daughter to comply with these.                 hours per night. Eating breakfast is
Medication for Boarders
                                                                                              essential as this aids concentration and
A reminder of our policy and procedures
                                               QCST 2008 will be held 2-3 September           memory. Drinking water while studying
in relation to the prescribing and
                                               this year. Special provisions for variations   hydrates the brain, improving the ability
administering of medications is provided
                                               to the conditions can be made by QSA in        to focus and concentrate. In addition,
                                               situations of a student having a               research has found that students who
                                               recognised long-term or short-term             exercise 3 or more times a week perform
• Policy
                                               condition. Applications for variations,        much better than those who do nothing.
  Self-administration of medication by
                                               accompanied by a health care                   Successful students work to a study
  the student is not allowed. Students
                                               professional report, need to be made to        timetable, with a regular routine for study
  are required to have staff supervision
                                               QSA by 21 May. If your daughter has a          each day. It is also a good idea for
  or assistance for administration of all
                                               recognised long-term condition (eg             students to share this timetable with
  medications. NO medications may be
                                               hearing impairment, dyslexia,                  parents so that they can support them in
  kept in boarders’ dorm areas.
                                               neurological impairment to name a few),        their endeavours.
                                               she should see me. Please contact me if        Susan Sanburg
• Procedure
                                               you are unsure whether this may apply to       Head of Middle School
  All medications are kept in locked
  storage in the School Health Centre.
                                                                                              JUNIOR SCHOOL
                                               For those Year 10s who were here for the       Inter-House Cross Country
• Prescribing and Authorisation
                                               Career Avenue testing, individual              Congratulations to all of the students who
  “Prescription Only” medication must
                                               interviews will be held with the               competed in the Inter-House Cross
  not be administered to a student
                                               consultants over the next two weeks.           Country held last Wednesday. The
  unless it has been prescribed by a
  medical practitioner for that student.                                                      willingness of each competitor to strive to
                                               Year 11 students will participate in an        give of her best and make a contribution
  No medication may be administered to
                                               Advanced Reading Skills Workshop on            to her House was the best I have
  students without written permission
                                               Friday (2 May). The Workshop will              experienced since the Cross Country event
  from a parent or guardian.
                                               improve skills in comprehension, speed         was instituted.
                                               reading and revision as well as                The House results were as follows:
Boarder Student Council
                                               developing strategies for improving            First         Tristania     596 Points
The next scheduled meeting of the
                                               concentration and vocabulary.                  Second        Acacia        578 Points
Boarder Student Council is to be held after
                                               Kay Campbell                                   Third         Grevillea     555 Points
dinner on Tuesday 13 May 2008. The
                                               Head of Senior School
meeting will be chaired by our Head
Boarder, Effie Thompson and minutes of                                                        Well done Tristania House!
the meeting are recorded by a Year 11
                                               MIDDLE SCHOOL
boarding representative.                       The next few weeks will be very busy for       National Testing 2008
                                               students with both academic and co-            Years 3 and 5 Testing
The chosen representatives from each           curricular commitments. It is important        Parents of students in Years 3 and 5 are
Year level must strive to be model             that girls plan their time effectively as      asked to note the dates of the National
boarders, who through action and word          they have tests and assignments due in a       Testing programme:
support the expectations of the Boarding       number of their Key Learning Areas. Every      13 May        Language Conventions and
School in its striving for excellence in all   student has a copy of her assessment                         Writing
aspects. The Boarder Student Council           schedule which can also be viewed on           14 May        Reading
when gathered as a group aims to               the school web site. For homework,             15 May        Numeracy
achieve a high level of communication          students should be working on
and discussion and to respect and listen       assignments and/or revising for tests. For     At the beginning of March the
to the opinion of others, being prepared       Middle School students who would like          Queensland Studies Authority confirmed
always to propose the ideas of boarders        some extra help, after-school Maths            the structure of the tests and as a result
outside the Council. We wish the Boarder       tutorials are available on Wednesday           the students in Year 3 have been
Student Council well in their aims to          afternoons from 3.30 to 4.30pm and the         preparing for them via school-based
represent the boarders in the Boarding         HELP (Homework Enhancement Learning            assessment tasks which mirror the layout
Community as a unified body.                   Program) operates on Tuesday afternoons        and type of questions to be utilised. This
                                               from 3.30 to 4.30pm.                           term the students are undertaking on a
SENIOR SCHOOL                                                                                 daily basis ten-minute paper based
Sarah Don (Year 12) has been offered a         Teachers have also been working with           quizzes in both literacy and numeracy
                                               Years 7 and 9 students as part of their        that will assist in promoting test taking
six week research internship at MIT
                                               regular routine, to prepare them for the       skills and confidence. The daily activities
(Boston). Sarah will be taking this up at
the end of this semester and will be           NAPLAN tests on 13, 14 and 15 May. As          are made up of a task, a review and re-
                                               well as becoming familiar with the             teaching, if deemed necessary. Finally,
involved in a program of University
                                               different types of question formats, girls     the students are being taught a range of
lectures, research with an academic
mentor in her areas of interest (either        need to develop a range of important           strategies that they can utilise when
                                               skills and strategies that include: being      responding to multiple choice questions.
nuclear or particle physics) and then
                                               able to work individually for set periods of
presenting and reporting back on
findings. Of the 75 internships offered        time, knowing how to locate information        In Year 5 the Year Level English
                                               in a text, reading and interpreting            Programme is allowing the students to
world-wide, two were offered in                                      2
focus on the enhancement of their editing    SPORT                                WHEATON TROPHY
and comprehension skills. Writing                                                 Percentage Boarders V Daygirls
activities have reinforced the procedures    Middle/Senior School Inter-House     BOARDERS
necessary to undertake a piece of writing    Cross Country Results
in a set time frame including planning,                                           PARTICIPATION CUP
succinctness and final editing. In                                                KARRAGAROO
Mathematics particular emphasis has          12 YEARS & UNDER
been placed on the Language of                                                    CHAMPION HOUSE
Mathematics in order to enhance              1       Ashleigh      Lucas          MELALEUCA
understanding of mathematical terms and
their implications when resolving problem    2       Emma          Green          HANDLEY - WILSHIRE SHIELD
based tasks. The students are also                                                Boarder V Day Girls
benefiting from being exposed to             3       Ariana        Whittingham    TUG-O-WAR = DAY GIRLS
multiple choice questioning techniques                                            Stephanie Kaleta
and the opportunity to complete online       4       Cassie        Grant          Head of Sport
literacy and numeracy Practice Tests.
                                             5       Alicia        Biggs
Parents wishing to obtain additional
                                                                                  COMMUNITY NOTICES
                                             13 YEARS                             Fathers’ Project Club Meeting
information in respect of the above tests
are encouraged to visit the Queensland                                            Date: Wednesday 7 May
                                             1          Eliza      McColl         Venue: Meeting Rooms 1/2 James
Studies Authority web site
( Follow the links;                                                    Administration Building
                                             2          Kate       Tobiano
Assessment/Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 Testing.                                           Time: 6.30pm
                                             3          Isabelle   Quinn          P & F Meeting
State and National Testing 2009                                                   Date: Wednesday 7 May
In 2009 all students in Years 3 to 6 will    4          Emily      Horton         Venue: Meeting Rooms 1/2 James
participate in either a State or National                                                  Administration Building
Testing Programme. In Term 1 students        5          Jaime-Lee Bradford        Time: 7.30pm
in Years 4 and 6 will undertake tasks in                                          SOCA Meeting
English, Mathematics and Science which       14 YEARS                             Date: Thursday 8 May
will assess their ability to applying her                                         Venue: Central Hall
knowledge and analysing information in       1       Phoebe         Woods         Time: 7pm
order to solve an authentic problem.         2       India          Matthews
                                                                                  HATS AND HIGH TEA
The Years 3 and 5 testing will be            3       Cara-Lee       Wiese         St Hilda’s Women’s Auxiliary will host the
undertaken in Term 2 and at this stage                                            annual Hats and High Tea celebration on
will be similar in design to the             4       Tayler         Feigl         Wednesday 21 May.
programme that will be presented to                                               This event is in its second year and offers
students this year.                          5       Rina           Schulte       mothers, grandmothers and friends across
Cecilia M Kirby                                                                   all year levels the chance to celebrate
Head of Junior School                        15 YEARS                             together and enjoy a beautiful ‘high tea’
                                                                                  buffet at the Marriott Resort Surfers
                                             1       Rachel         Hoban         Paradise.
                                                                                  Cost: $30.00 a ticket available from Junior
MUSIC                                        2       Kirstie        Scholefield   School Reception. Raffles will be available
Years 10, 11 and 12 – Music Exam Results                                          on the day at $20 a ticket.
for Qld Certificate of Education             3       Caroline       Rey
Any Years 10, 11 and 12 students who                                              REMINDER: ANNUAL MOTHER/DAUGHTER
have completed music examinations            4       Shawnee        Spain         BRUNCH BOOKINGS MUST BE MADE NO
during 2006 and 2007 and wish to have                                             LATER THAN THURSDAY 1 MAY 2008.
them banked as part of their QCE, must       5       Ellie          Hays          Venue: Sheraton Mirage Resort, Seaworld
provide evidence of their results to the                                                  Drive, Main Beach.
Senior School Centre by Friday 30 May        16 YEARS                             Date: Saturday 10 May
this year. This is the final deadline for                                         Time: 11.15am–2.30pm
2006 and 2007 results to be submitted.       1       Briana         Rainnie       Parade: Seniors of 2008 preview Winter
For any examinations completed in 2008                                                    for Charlie Brown
and beyond, results will be banked to        2       Katie          Goldman       Cost: $65.00 per person
your QCE directly from the examining                                              Raffle: $1,000 wardrobe from Charlie
                                             3       Clair          King                  Brown. Enquiries: WA president
                                                                                          Mrs Rita Noon 0419 330 836.
                                             4       Georgia        Cooper
Blow Out and String Out 2008
All Junior, Middle and Senior School Bands   5       Sze Sze        Rowlinson
and Senior String Ensemble are invited to
Blow Out/String Out 2008. This will be       17 YEARS & OVER
held on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 May and
involve rehearsals as well as Ten-Pin        1       Eadie          Hancock
Bowling and movie viewing. All ensemble
members are required to indicate their       2       Tegan          Little
availability by Tuesday 6 May. Please
encourage your daughter to come along        3       Jennifer       Rey
and join in with what should be a very
productive and enjoyable weekend.            4       Greer          Lester
Janette Kelly
Director of Music                            5       Nanako         Ogasawara
Congratulations to the following students who were elected to           State Championships
the position of Form Captain in Term 2.                                 Congratulations to Kenza Benzenati in Year 6 who competed in
3L:   Eva Devantier, Ruby Vaggelas                                      the above event. Kenza produced a number of personal best
3P:   Sally Kim, Marika Wark                                            efforts competing in the 800m, 1100m and 1500m walk.
3R:   Lois Livingstone, Ella Seeto
3S:   Tara Goddard, Madison Hasell                                      Pre-Prep Birthdays
4H: Zara Khan, Lauren McNamara                                          May:      Mikayla Hurley, Madalynn Reed, Isabel Varughese,
4R:   Saskia Jenkins, Cassandra Panaysis                                          Diana Zonneveld
4W: Alexandra Cashin, Stephanie Grant

Badges will be presented to the above students at a Chapel              Middle School
Service to be held on Friday 2 May at 11am.                             Form Captains – Term 2
                                                                        9B      Georgina Perkins; Bryanna Lee
Student Awards                                                          9K      Phoebe Woods; Shawnee Spain
Congratulations to the following students who were presented            9L      India Matthews; Paris McPherson
with a Recognition Certificate at                                       9V      Ashleigh Matheny; Harriet Nash
Junior School Assemblies conducted at the end of Term 1:
PC:    Alisha Kennedy (Academic Recognition), Lucia McCarthy,           8A       Chloe Henderson; Miranda Amey
       Georgica McKinnon, Elizabeth Slater (Effort Recognition)         8G       Yasmin Baildon; Paris-Rose Paterson
PL:    Virginia Duker, Georgia McNamara, Loucia Roesler                 8M        Hanna Kang; Jade Sprecak
       (Effort)                                                         8P       Emilie Eid; Victoria Bailey
1F:    Bianca Berjot (Generosity of Spirit), Dominique Roesch           8T       Reagan Fletcher-Wode; Ashley Park
       (Academic Improvement)
1V:    Grace Chaffey (Academic Improvement),                            7B      Laura Cooper; Brittany Chantler
       Isabelle Hookway (Academic Improvement)                          7E      Matilda Atkins; Isabella Fredheim
2E:    Isabella Cross-Winston, Zara Jones, Rachel Lin, Kylie Vial       7F      Victoria Quirk; Amy McIntyre
       (Improvement)                                                    7J      Madeleine Bell; Eva Krepsova
2W: Rachael Robson, Gabrielle Smoling (Academic
       Improvement)                                                     Gymnastics
3R:    Kate Matteson (Academic Effort), Julia Slancar and               Alicia Biggs Year 7 who represents the Gold Coast Gymnastics
       Claire Walker (Improved Academic Commitment)                     Club recently placed 3rd overall in the Level 6 Division at the
4H: Matilda Robertson and Audrey Songvilay                              recent Mitchelton Youth Club competition on the 19th of
       (Application in Homework)                                        April. Alicia competed against many other clubs within the
4R:    Anne-Marie Behn-Katz, Brigitte Watterson,                        region and not only came 3rd overall but placed 2nd overall on
       Courtney Withers (Achievement in Literacy)                       the Vault, 3rd overall on the Bars and 3rd overall on the Floor.
4W: Chanel Belej, Alexandra Cashin, Diandra Donaldson,                  Well done Alicia.
       Stephanie Grant (Achievement in a Curriculum Area)
6G: Camille Chen (Citizenship), Camille Chorley (Positive
       Contribution to the Classroom Environment),
       Tamara Hunt (Effort in Literacy Activities)

Term 1 Art Awards
       Paris Blair, Amelia Deotto, Jemima Robertson,
       Hunter Watterson
Prep Grace Cowley, Finn Elek, Leilani Leon, Lucia McCarthy,
       Charlize Rappa, Grace Reggler

Year 1 Mia Becker-Cooper, Cate Cameron, Josephine Layt,
       Maxine Moore, Dominique Roesch, Keely van der Vegt
Year 2 Hannah Kennedy, Varvara Krylova, Sophia Phipps,
       Katherine Robson, Macy Shields, Meg Taylor
Year 3 Claire Buttner, Allexis Doohan, Caitlin Duncombe,
       Mia Fulton, Kiran Go, Madeline Hawley, Lillian Sarroff,
       Sophie-Louise Shearwood, Marika Wark, Eliza Williams
Year 4 Maddison Dallow, Samantha Johnson, Ksana Lennox,
       Ella McKenzie, Alexandra Neacsu, Li-En Peng,
       Matilda Robertson
Year 5Madeleine Hall, Shae Mahony, Eugenia Zhang

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