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Opening to the Muse: Songwriting and Creative Writing
A Workshop with Ferron February 18-21 (Friday - Monday) Rowe Camp & Conference Center

Reasons to come to Rowe Conference Center
• to look within • to be revitalized • to laugh out loud • to walk in the woods • to eat wonderful food • to get away from it all • to have a mini-vacation • to regain a sense of optimism • to learn something vitally important • to touch back into some lost idealism • to meet new people with shared interests • to see the world from a different perspective
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We seem far away, but actually we are quite close. We’re less than two hours from Hartford and Albany, three hours from Boston, New Haven and Providence and a little over four hours from New York City.

Opening to the Muse: Songwriting and Creative Writing
A Workshop with Ferron February 18-21 (Friday - Monday) Rowe Camp & Conference Center
Ferron’s songs are autobiographical in the purest sense: she writes about things that have really happened in her life. The experiences are rendered with such emotional and artistic perfection that her songs become mirrors of the soul. While the outer events unfold as a story, the inner, deeper landscape beckons us to the realm of fate, choice, paradox, and sensuality. The words are chiseled from the everyday hard stone of reality. Art reflects the continual play between illusion and reality. In the limitless world of our experiences, it’s possible to shape our stories through the laws of rhyme and meter. It’s possible to allow words and symbols to emerge into their natural environment — that of metaphor. Everything represents everything. Once this understanding is visceral, telling the story feels joyful and fluid. Through a range of writing exercises, journaling, speed-writing, and playing with rhyme scheme, we’ll lay down our thoughts. Poets and other creative writers are welcome; non-singers can experience their poems and prose poems with various kinds of pulse, rhythm, and ambient music. Sharing our work together allows us to heal and be healed. “Writing is like spending time with a song, kind of like a date. It’s exciting. I remember years ago learning that underneath anger was sorrow. Why stop halfway when you can go to the bottom of the ocean? You cannot stay there. The way out is through a transcendent sense of belonging. I notice myself saying now that my religion is `yes.’” Ferron has done this workshop before and people loved it, so we invited her again. Limited to 16 people. This workshop lasts an extra day and costs an extra $80.
Ferron has been writing lyrics since childhood. She left home at 15 to work and to develop the music that was growing inside her. As she performed, she continually put her heart on the line. By the time Rolling Stone had given Shadows on a Dime a 4-star rating, she had already gained a nearly fanatical following. Ferron’s deeply introspective, sometimes oblique lyrics and the hushed, splintered grain of her voice invited comparisons with Bob Dylan. The Boston Globe claimed that “someday, they will call Dylan the Ferron of the ’60s.” With 10 CDs to her credit, Ferron sings her poems in a style that combines an exploration of life’s essential matters with the tenderness of unbounded love. Her songs are inspired from her desire to have a shared reality. She toured with the Indigo Girls on and off from 1990 to 1996, yet she’s remained something less than a household name, but something more than a legend.

“Ferron’s workshop was the most outstanding of the six I’ve attended at Rowe, and that’s saying something! Deftly, firmly, she led me on a journey that drew out a song expressing something I’ve needed to say for decades, and I witnessed others having similar life-changing, artistic experiences. Her workshop is about writing in all its forms, not just song writing, for she taught us to court the Muse through valuing our own experience and tapping our personal imagery.” —Sarah Buchholz

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