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					                                                                        Planning Division Fact Sheet 013

Energy efficient homes make sense. Not only do they save homeowners
money on heating and cooling bills, they also help to save our environment.

                       All      new homes
                                 energy to be
All new homes built in Blue Sky City, including large         ?       How is a home’s energy efficiency
extensions to existing homes, will need to achieve a                   measured?
high level of energy efficiency. The Blue Sky City
Government is committed to improving the energy               A home’s energy efficiency can be assessed by
efficiency of homes in order to reduce greenhouse gas         referring to easy to use tables that will be included in the
emissions and minimise peak electricity loads.                            ode
                                                              Building C of Australia (BCA) or by using energy
                                                              rating software. The following information will be needed
The new energy efficiency requirements will mean that         to assess a home’s energy efficiency:
all new homes must be designed and constructed to
achieve efficient use of energy for heating and cooling.      • location and orientation of the home,
                                                              • details of elevations,
                                                              • window sizes and ceiling heights,
?   What are the benefits of an energy efficient              • materials used for construction,
       home?                                                  • methods used for construction of floors, walls,
                                                              • roof and insulation, and
Energy efficient homes save homeowners money and              • details of seasonal shading.
also help to save our environment by reducing
greenhouse gas emissions. Homes that incorporate
sound environmental design principles, like wall and
ceiling insulation, northerly orientation (to gain maximum
advantage from solar energy) and internal and external
shading of windows and walls in summer have the
potential to save residents over $2.00 a week in heating
and cooling bills alone.

                                                              A 4 or 5–star rated home is considered energy efficient,
                                                              while a home rated at 3–stars or less is not considered
                                                              energy efficient.

                                                              Rating is best done at the design stage, so that changes
                                                              can be made if necessary.
Homes with these features also produce less
greenhouse gas emissions than non–efficient homes             This fact sheet provides information about the Blue Sky
and provide comfortable conditions throughout the year        Government’s energy efficiency initiative for new
with less supplementary heating and cooling.                  homes.

Energy efficient options cost very little to implement at     It also explains the benefits of energy efficiency, tips for
the design and construction stage, yet they offer huge        designing an energy efficient home and how to assess
long–term benefits both to the homeowner and the              your home’s energy efficiency.
?      How do I get my home assessed?                        If major changes occur to the design, the applicant may
                                                             need to check that the existing development plan
Designers, builders or building surveyors will be able to    consent is still valid.
use the requirements in the BCA to determine whether
or not a home meets the minimum energy efficiency            ?      What should builders and designers tell
standards. Alternatively, home energy ratings need to                their clients about energy efficiency?
be carried out by qualified house energy rating
assessors. An assessor can be a designer, builder,           Applicants seeking development approval to build a new
building surveyor or any other person who is competent       home need to be aware that energy efficiency will now
in the use of house energy rating software.                  be a statutory requirement.

?      What if my home is not energy efficient?

If your home does not meet the minimum energy
efficiency requirements, you will need to consider
adjusting the design to improve the rating. Homes that
are well insulated, built on a concrete slab and
appropriately zoned should meet the minimum

?      What do I need to know when purchasing

Ideally, homes should be sited so that their long axis
runs in a direction that maximises the length of north–
facing walls and gains maximum advantage from solar
energy.                                                      There are certain design implications that will need to be
                                                             considered, such as orientation, shading and insulation.
Homes can still be energy efficient despite a less           An application for development approval will also need
favourable orientation. Adjustments to the design of the     to provide documentation that indicates compliance with
home, such as additional shading to reduce heat gain in      the energy efficiency requirements.
summer or measures to reduce heat loss in winter, can
help it to comply.                                           Members of the building industry are encouraged to
                                                             voluntarily adopt the energy efficiency standards into the
?      Does the assessment need to be checked?               designs of new homes as soon as possible. They can
                                                             do this by ensuring that any new homes they design or
When an application is received to build a new house or      build receive a minimum 4-star energy rating.
add to an existing house, the relevant approving
authority will check that the minimum energy efficiency
requirements are met. If the plans comply with the
requirements in the BCA, the relevant approving
authority will accept that the minimum energy efficiency
standards have been met.

When using the rating software, an energy rating report
should be submitted with the application for building                                 For more information:
approval. If the applicant has not provided an energy
rating report, the relevant authority may ask for a report    contact your local Government of Blue
to be provided or they may carry out a detailed energy           Sky City office or visit the website.
efficiency assessment as part of the assessment
process. If the minimum efficiency level is not achieved,
the applicant will be asked to review and modify the

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