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EcoPure Sand Filter


EcoPure Sand Filter

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                   THE NATURAL SOLUTION FOR

                                                                                                                                            HIGH RATE
                                                                                                                                            S A N D F I L T E RS

           THE NATUR A L S O L U T I O N F O R P E R F E C T L Y F I L T E R E D P O O L W A TER

        Application                                                                             Features & Advantages
       Good filtration is a crucial element to any healthy                                  •   Heavy Duty UV protected fibreglass tank
       swimming pool. EcoPure High Rate Sand Filters require                                •   Ergonomically designed six position multiport valve
       little ongoing maintenance as compared to other types                                •   High performance filtering action
       of filters allowing you more time to enjoy swimming in                               •   Resistant to chemicals and corrosion
       your pool rather than looking after it. EcoPure Sand                                 •   Suitable for all pool types, fresh or salt water
       Filters are manufactured with high grade fibreglass                                  •   Sight glass for inspection of filtered water
       and resins utilising the latest engineering techniques                               •   Quality oil-filled pressure gauge for inspection of operating pressure
       ensuring high quality and superior strength for long                                 •   Virtually maintenance free, simply backwash filter when required
       life and durability.                                                                 •   No additional powder additives to worry about
       EcoPure Sand Filters feature improved water                                          •   No manual cleaning of internal cartridges experienced with other filter medium
       circulation through a balanced layout of lateral nozzles
       positioned internally at the base of the filter tank. This                               Technical Information
       enables water to be distributed evenly throughout the
                                                                                            Model No.                F18 F21 F25                 F28 F28 F32 F36                                  F40            F48
       entire filter bed trapping debris and contaminants
                                                                                            Filter Area (m2)         0.16 0.2 0.3                0.38 0.38 0.4 0.65                                0.8           1.15
       before pure fresh water returns via the multiport valve
                                                                                            Height (mm)              815 900 970                 985 1050 1200 1300                               1400           1600
       to the pool.
                                                                                            Tank Dia. (mm)           450 550 650                 710 710 800 900                                  1000           1200
       Just as sand is utilised to cleanse our oceans and                                   Design Flow (lpm)        133 192 270                 320 360 420 500                                  550            700
       rivers you too can enjoy the benefits of an EcoPure                                  Silica Sand Required (kg) 40  80 150                 180 180 250 300                                  400            550
       sand filtered swimming pool.                                                         Valve Port Size (mm)      40  40  40                  40   50  50   50                                 50             50
       EcoPure High Rate Sand Filters - the natural solution                                Consult your local EcoPure           Models available to suit most pool applications from
       for perfectly filtered pool water!                                                   dealer for the correct size filter   small patio pools to large commercial installations.
                                                                                            to suit your requirements.
                             Pump must                                                                                           If purchasing or upgrading to a new pool pump,
                              plug into                                                                                          consider the Silent or Typhoon series energy-
                             power outlet
                                                                                                                                 efficient range by Monarch Pool Systems

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                                                                   WHOLLY AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND OPERATED
Specifications subject to change without notice. Warranty is conditional, refer warranty statement for full details.
EcoPure and Monarch Pool Systems logo are trademarks of Monarch Pool Systems Pty. Ltd.

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