Diploma of Children's Services (Early Childhood Education & Care)

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Diploma of Children’s Services
(Early Childhood Education & Care)                                             [CHC50908]

Course Overview:

This qualification is recognised nationally and is suitable for
a person who holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services
and would like to advance their career and take on a
leadership role in a Children’s Service setting.

Workers at this level are commonly responsible for all
aspects of the care and education of a group of children
(0 - 6 years) in child care centers e.g. long day care or
occasional childcare.

They may supervise other staff and volunteers. Additionally,
there are some employment opportunities in other areas of
the children’s services field.

Diploma of Children’s Services
Employment Opportunities:                                        Mixed	Mode	Delivery:

At the completion of the course you can apply for jobs in        ICCS offer the Diploma of Children’s Services (CHC50302)
areas such as:                                                   as	a	mixed	mode	learning	program,	using	a	combination	
                                                                 of on the job, off the job and self paced study. Whilst
•	   Long	day	care	                                              you only need to attend classes one day per week, this
•	   Occasional	care	                                            program	is	classed	as	Full	Time	so	we	suggest	you	allow	
•	   Out-of-school	hours	care	                                   yourself plenty of time at home to complete your readings
•	   Family	day	care,	sessional	services	                        and assessment activities.
•	   Adjunct	care	
•	   Assist	in	pre-school/kindergartens	                         This	program	provides	you	with	an	excellent	opportunity	to	
•	   Neighborhood	houses	                                        obtain	a	nationally	recognized	qualification	and	complete	
•	   Australian	migrant	education	program	services	              your training time efficiently, in a supportive and helpful
•	   Mobile	services	and	other	specialized	services.	            environment.

Entrance Requirements:                                           Practical Placement:

To gain entry into this course you must hold a Certificate III   Along with your class time, you also need to complete 250
in Children’s Services and also need to demonstrate:             hours of practical placement within the Child Care sector.
                                                                 We ask that you identify 3 organisations that you are
•	 Language	and	literacy	skills	sufficient	to	meet	course	       interested in working with and bring these details with you
   requirements                                                  to your first day of class.
•	 Commitment	to	understanding	all	course	requirements	
•	 Genuine	and	/	or	demonstrated	interest	in	learning	           Our friendly trainers are more than happy to help you
•	 Ability	to	interact	appropriately	within	a	group	setting	     secure a placement.
•	 Clear	oral	communication	skills	

Please note that due to legislative requirements, you need       A suggested study schedule &
to be at least 18 years of age to gain employment in the         distribution of hours is as follows:
children’s services industry.

Child Care professionals are in a position of trust and work
with vulnerable people, so you will need to undergo a                                           An average of 8 hours per
                                                                  Attendance at class           week for 32 weeks – 80%
routine security check by the Victoria Police and a Working
                                                                                                attendance required
with Children’s Check.
                                                                                                An average of 12 hours per
                                                                  At home study
ICCS provide you with all the necessary forms and have a                                        week for 32 weeks
discounted student rate available.
                                                                                                Practical Placement of 250
                                                                                                hours. An average of 8
                                                                                                hours per week for 32 weeks
                                                                  On the job learning
                                                                                                (including attendance at
                                                                                                placement and placement
                                                                                                related assessment tasks)

Diploma of Children’s Services                                                                     
Course Details:

Participants	need	to	complete	Fourteen	(18)	units	of	competency,	consisting	of:

•	 Thirteen	(13)	core	units	
•	 Five	(5)	elective	units

This course leads to a nationally accredited qualification. It provides training in the skills, knowledge and attitudes
necessary to succeed in the Child Care sector.

 Unit Code                        Unit Title                                                  [Core Units in grey. Elective Units in blue]
 CHCCN511A                        Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children
 CHCFC502A                        Foster	physical	development	in	early	childhood
 CHCFC503A                        Foster	social	development	in	early	childhood
 CHCFC504A                        Support emotional and psychological development in early childhood
 CHCFC506A                        Foster	children’s	language	and	communication	development
 CHCIC501A                        Manage	children’s	services	workplace	practice	to	address	regulations	&	quality	assurance
 CHCIC510A                        Establish and implement plans for developing cooperative behavior
 CHCFC505A                        Foster	cognitive	development	in	early	childhood
 CHCIC512A                        Plan and implement inclusion of children with additional needs
 CHCPR502D                        Organise	experiences	to	facilitate	and	enhance	children’s	development
 CHCPR509A                        Gather,	interpret	and	use	information	about	children
 CHCPR510A                        Design, implement and evaluate programs and care routines for children
 CHCRF511A                        Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate care for children
 HLTHIR403B                       Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
 CHCFC507A                        Use	music	to	enhance	children’s	experience	and	development
 CHCFC508A                        Foster	children’s	aesthetic	and	creative	development
 CHCPR614C                        Observe children and interpret observations
 CHCCN520C                        Advocate for the rights and needs of children and young people
 (please note course content is subject to change)

Diploma of Children’s Services                                                                                 
Concessions & Discounts:

At ICCS, we provide you with the highest quality training
at a competitive price. We employ only the best trainers
with	extensive	industry	experience	to	make	your	learning	
experience	as	valuable	as	possible.	

Assistance is provided in the following ways:

•	 Ausstudy	&	Abstudy	approved	
•	 This	course	is	registered	with	Centrelink	as	a	Full	
   Time training program. As such you may be eligible
   for education supplements. Please see your Centrelink
   representative to find out more
•	 Your	local	Job	Services	Australia	Provider	(JSA)	may	also	
	 provide	assistance.	Please	see	your	JSA	representative.	

ICCS also has access to government funded or
government subsidised training places.

Can	I	apply	for	exemptions?

RPL	and	RCC	are	available	to	all	students.		If	you	have	
completed any of the above units previously, a Direct
Credit Transfer is granted and a discount of $70 is applied
to your fees. (upon presentation of your certificate).

Please	note	the	enrolment	fee	/	deposit	is	charged	as	a	
minimum fee for this course.

Course Pathways:

Students may obtain recognition of their studies to
gain entry to degree or advanced diploma courses at a
University	or	a	TAFE	institute.	

Candidates having completed the Diploma may receive
credits for part of these courses.

For	example,	you	may	gain	credits	when	applying	for	a	
Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood or Kindergarten
or Primary Teaching.

Diploma of Children’s Services                        
Course	Fees:

Pay Upfront and Save!

Normal	Price                             Upfront Price                      You Save!

Installment Plan:
(Note:	this	option	is	only	available	if	paying	by	Credit	Card	or	Pay	Pal)

Deposit:                                 No	of	Instalments	                 Monthly	Payments	   Total Cost

A non-refundable deposit is required
to secure your place in this course.

Applications will not be accepted
until deposit is received.

Course Dates:

Institute of Counselling & Community Studies

Level	2,	517	Flinders	Lane
Melbourne	VIC	3000

Tel: +61 3 8610 0400
Fax:	+61	3	9620	3699                                                                               

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