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Dex Liquid


Dex Liquid

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									A Campbell Brothers Limited Business                                                Fact Sheet
  Dex Liquid
  Neutral Detergent
DESCRIPTION                                                                    surfaces.
                                                                               Paint or spray mix onto the surface to be cleaned.
Dex Liquid is a neutral, concentrated detergent cleaner                        The mix will cling tenaciously as a thick film. Allow the
for use in water of any hardness with equally effective                        chemical blanket to contact with the surface for as
results. It is practically odourless in use solution and is                    long as possible, then agitate the surface and rinse
relatively harmless to skin, even with continued use.                          with fresh water.
Dex is an instantly soluble detergent cleaner that                             A high pressure water washer or steam cleaning
penetrates deposits quickly, emulsifying and dispersing                        machine can be used as a replacement for physical
residues and rinsing freely and completely to leave                            agitation and fresh water rinse.
surfaces clean and free of film, streaks and water spots.
                                                                            IN THE ELECTROPLATING INDUSTRY
Dex is safe to use on all surfaces that would not be
                                                                               NICKEL        To overcome poor adhesion in bright
damaged by water.
                                                                                             nickel plating and to reduce the incidence
Dex is a clear brown, slightly viscous liquid with a slight                                  of pitting, pinholes and darkening
                                                                               COPPER        In the sulphate bath to improve plating

FEATURES AND BENEFITS                                                          TIN           To improve adhesion and allow a wider
                                                                                             range of current densities to be used
• Safe to use
  Dex Liquid Detergent does not contain any corrosive                          ZINC          To give smoother and brighter zinc
  alkalis or harsh chemicals.                                                                deposits

• Neutral detergent – pH 7 at use concentrations                               CADMIUM To give a smoother more even finish

• Ideal for dishwashing and general maintenance                                 ANODISING ALUMINIUM
  cleaning                                                                                Anodising of aluminium in sulphuric acid
                                                                                          bath is improved with respect to bath
• Dex Liquid’s excellent emulsifying agent                                                efficiency and quality
  effectively removes grease and oils as well as
                                                                               It is important that electroplaters establish their
  general soils and food residues
                                                                               own dilution rates for Dex as firm recommendations
• As a concentrate Dex Liquid represents excellent                             cannot be given because of the number of variables
  value for the customer                                                       that can influence the operation in any one bath.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE                                                          PACKAGING
GENERAL USE                                                                 25 litre drum                 P/C 25200
  Use 5 to 10mls per 10 litres of hot water.                                200 litre drum                P/C 24181

TO CLEAN METAL SURFACES WHERE THE SOIL IS                                   1000 litre IBC                P/C 15428
  ie: bitumen haulage trucks, road making machines,                         SAFETY INFORMATION
  earth moving equipment, motors, transport vehicles                        Carefully read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  Add 1 part Dex to 7 parts petroleum solvent, then                         before using this product. For your convenience,
  add 2 parts water. The resulting viscous mix will be                      MSDS’s can be accessed on
  found useful for cleaning mineral oil soils from metal

           32 Perivale Street                Emergency Number               Name:       Dex Liquid - Industrial
           Darra Queensland 4076 Australia   Australia 1800 628 724
           General Enquiries                 New Zealand Poisons Centre     Issue No: 000
           Australia 1800 077 240            (03) 474 7000
           New Zealand (09) 579 6654         Web Site   Date:       01-May-04

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