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									Importance of life experience fun fun fun links literacy

 Contact emphasis on experience, link fun
 taste of life experience, attention to literacy
 ---- Volume of Jiangsu "Literacy 4" Classroom Teaching fragment and
 Lou turnip, Suzhou Industrial Park Central Primary School Wang Jianqian
 [teaching cases] Volume of Jiangsu primary language "literacy 4"

 fragment Ò» Division (present in full bloom the Loofah Flower): What is
 Students: This is a loofah flower.
 division (one of a torn flower petal): what is that called?
 HEALTH: This is a piece of towel gourd flower petals.
 Teacher: loofah flower petals fall off after a piece of land, will bear
what to?
 Students: loofah flower petals fall off after a piece of land, the vine
will bear loofah.
 Teacher: Today, we have to learn a little brother, the first is the
"flap" (said as writing on the blackboard: valve) you see in "happiness"
is really the middle of a long word, a "melon." ... ...

 fragment ¶þ division (show card: queue): a closer look, it's just little
 (students have shook his head)
 not they look like? Where can I distinguish them?
 students: they look like! The word is twisted wire near the middle.
 Teacher: Do you get really careful observation, teacher observation
awarded to you a star.
 ... ... (teaching "braid" the word read and write)
 Teacher: Who can say for the life of us why the "braid" is a twisted
wire near the middle of the word it?
 You can start and next, after the teacher told the students to discuss
to discuss further. (Student panel discussion of collective
communication) ... ...

 fragment Èý Teacher: teacher asking the students to discuss the
following question: If you want to get into an argument and debate need?
 (student panel discussion of collective communication)
 sheng 1: We want to say through your mouth.
 Health 2: We should talk.
 Teacher: Yes, humans learned to speak the language there, to convince
people, we must have substantial grounding in the language. Look! Debate,
"debate" what is the middle word?

 fragment ËÄ Teacher: I have only had a little brother. (Show card:
Distinction), let us distinguish carefully distinguish a difference
between him and the other characters?
 health: there is a 1.1 write.
 Teacher: Your observation exceptionally strong, we introduce you to what
you look at the middle of this part?
 Student: I use my eyes look at the middle of this part.
 Teacher: An Analysis of things in the future when the children have the
same eyes as he carefully distinguished. (Says the body was placed
horizontally to the right card), which among many points the write and as
an eye Yeah! ... ...

 fragment Îå Teacher: Just now, we know four little brothers, you learn
how to distinguish them?
 (students scrambling to raise their hands in front of the teaching
content and can be based description)
 Teacher: Do you have other ways to distinguish it? ... ...
 (part of the students learned to distinguish between the familiar word)
 Teacher: kids really use their brains, the teacher would also like to
show off, I put the words into the songs, please see clearly, hear what
the (produce songs content, up recording)
 as follows: the children listen carefully: distinguish heart, Xin mid-
point and write the word. Large braided like a rope, ribbon Tibet Xin
middle word. To debate with the mouth, the middle word word word next to
the XIN. Watermelon eating stray points, the middle of a melon symplectic
 (while listening to the students re-read it later, most students that
can back up and can correctly use the.) ... ...
 "like learning Chinese characters, to initiate literacy desire.
"Literacy is the lower primary stage of basic requirements. Students in
learning Chinese characters, the use of effective methods of learning,
fun literacy, to develop students awareness of innovation, stimulate
innovation and potential, has become the new situation, a natural
language teaching. In this teaching case, from the kind of teaching leads
to the first new word, meet the students like the new word set of
psychological characteristics, while for students to understand through
the kind of "flap" the meaning of the word. The two were one stroke.
Analysis of combined course in form and difficult words, to sum up one or
two forms, vivid, catchy, students are very receptive.
 student is a master of teaching literacy to guide the students to close
in real life, emphasis on student experience is also important. The
teaching process, by organizing students to discuss, "If you want to get
into an argument, debate, What" to enable students to experience the role
of language in the introduction of the "debate", which solved the
difficulties of text understanding, in turn shape and meaning with
combination. Similarly, in teaching "identified", it introduces students
to observe their methods of teaching students to carefully observe, and
then guide the students to observe the "identified" the middle part of
the word, think of write points to the eyes, so as to achieve literacy,
Analysis purposes.
 In addition, the Lesson of subjective initiative into full play the
students, emphasizing student's individual experience, the first guide
the students in the fifth segment about the differentiation, but also
allows students to have their own approach to the memorial, then a final
songs to sum up. Teach those who build a intangible "ladder" for students
in the autonomous climb up the stairs. This article comes from [the
website of Education] collection and sorting, to thank the
original author. / Center>

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