Corporate Treasury Summit, Philippines 2009

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Corporate Treasury Summit,
Philippines 2009
Excellence in Cash, Treasury and Trade Finance

Makati Shangri-La, 26 August 2009
With the continuing economic uncertainty, volatile interest and exchange rates, companies based in the Philippines need to take
a closer look at their cash, treasury and foreign exchange management functions. Controlling cash, maintaining liquidity and
managing risk are key factors of consideration to every corporate treasurer. Whether you work in the treasury of a MNC or SME
based in the Philippines, corporate treasurers and cash managers must always ensure the safest options for their working capital
while striving to achieve maximum yield.

Our full-day agenda will cover topical issues addressing up-to-date reliable information on:
• Making your capital work even harder
• Maintaining a profit centre for treasuries in the Philippines
• Treasury legal and regulatory updates in the Philippines
• Analysing the impact of money markets & FX in the Philippines
• Centralising your treasury operations to increase liquidity
• The application of securitisation in the Philippines
• How to optimise your cash cycle through treasury management technology
• Re-visiting trade and supply chain financing solutions to enhance working capital

Who should attend :
• Corporate treasurers from middle market enterprises and multi-national corporations in Philippines
• Senior level treasury & cash management professionals within finance, global transaction banking and payments

          While there is a nominal fee for corporate treasurers and CFOs to attend, in order to insure a high level audience
               and meaningful business development opportunities, attendance is limited to qualified delegates only.

More than 180 CFOs, Treasurers and CEOs from the following Philippine companies have already confirmed their attendance:
3M Philippines                                Fort Bonifacio Development Corp.                  Nestle Philippines, Inc.
Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.                 Galvez Group of Companies                         ON Semiconductor Phils. Inc.
AC Capital                                    Gardenia Bakeries (Philippines), Inc              Ortigas & Co. Ltd. Partnership
Alaska Milk Corporation                       General Milling Corporation                       Pacific Harbor Investments Holdings Philippines
Alfonso Saquitan Realty Corporation           Girl Scouts of the Philippines                    Inc.
Anchor Land Holdings, Inc.                    Globe Telecom Inc.                                Pag-Ibig Fund
Armadillo Holdings, Inc.                      Goldilocks Cake Plant                             Pascual Laboratories, Inc
Asian Terminals, Inc.                         Holcim Philippines, Inc.                          Pfizer Inc.
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals (Phils.), Inc.    Home Guarantee Corporation                        Philippine Realty & Holding Corp.
Ayala Corporation                             Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.                      Philippine Seven Corp.
Ayala Land Inc.                               Iglesia Ni Cristo                                 Phinma
Bahay Financial Services                      IMS Health Philippines, Inc.                      Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation
Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas                   Integrated Microelectronics Inc.                  Planet Sports Inc.
Bureau of the Teasury Department of Finance   Integrated Microelectronics, Inc.                 Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management
Cabalen Mgmt. Co., Inc.                       International Container Terminal Services, Inc.   Roche (Philippines), Inc.
Cagayan Electric Power & Light Co.            JMB Inc                                           San Miguel Corporation
Calamba Medical Center, Inc.                  John Clements Consultants, Inc.                   Sandoz Philippines Corporation
Cargill Philippines                           KCC Property Holdings Inc.                        Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc.
Carosal Development Corporation               KFC Philippines                                   Shangri-la Corporation (Shang Properties)
Century Canning Corporation                   Kuehne + Nagel, Inc.                              Smart Communications, Inc.,
Citadel Holdings Inc.                         La Filipina Uygongco Corporation                  SMPH
CLC Mktg. Ventures Corporation                Lafarge Cement Services (Philippines), Inc.       Social Housing Finance Corporation
Coca Cola Bottlers Phils.                     Loscam (Phils), Inc.                              Suy Sing Commercial
Connel Bros. Co., Pilipinas Inc.              Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation                         Takeda Pharmaceuticals Phils Inc.
Crown Worldwide Movers, Inc.                  Magsaysay Maritime Corporation                    Temic Automotive Philippines Inc.
CVC Supermart Inc.                            Magsaysay Transport & Logistics Group             The Medical City
CYA Industries Inc.                           Manila Electric Co.                               Unilever Philippines Inc.
Cyberth Phils., Inc.                          Manila North Tollways Corporation                 United Laboratories, Inc.
DM Wenceslao & Associates, Inc.               Manila Water Company, Inc.                        Universal Dot Commerce Inc.
EEI Corporation                               Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc.                      Western Marketing Corporation
Energizer                                     Max Makati Inc.                                   Yeeloofa Development Corp.
Fil-Estate Land, Inc                          Mercury Group of Cos., Inc.                       Zesto Corporation
Filpride Resources Inc.                       National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation        Zuellig Pharma Corporation

To register, please contact:
Iris Mui, Events Manager Tel: +852 3175 1912     Email:

Platinum Sponsor                                                Gold Sponsor


Corporate Treasury Summit,
Philippines 2009
Excellence in Cash, Treasury and Trade Finance
Makati Shangri-La, 26 August 2009
Working Agenda:

08:30 – 09:00   Registration begins & breakfast is served               13:45 – 14:40   Application of securitization in the Philippines
                                                                                        – A Case Study
09:00 – 09:10 Welcome to the Conference                                                 Warren Lee, Managing Director, Head of
Event MC – Jim Laurie, Director of Broadcasting, Journalism &                           Securitization, Standard Chartered Bank
Media Studies Centre, University of Hong Kong, Founder, Focus                           Joseph Peter Sison, President, National Home
Asia Productions Ltd                                                                    Mortgage Finance Corporation Philippines
                                                                                        Latest updates of securitization trends and
09:15 – 09:30   Platinum Sponsor’s Welcome Note – A General                             outlook
                Overview of Corporate Treasury, Liquidity and                           Overview of typical securitization structures
                the Importance on Treasury Operations in The                            Similarities and differences between securitization
                Philippines                                                             and other funding options
                Aurelio Luis R. Montinola III, President and CEO,                       Applicability of securitizations to corporates in
                Bank of the Philippine Islands                                          the Philippines
                                                                                        A case study: the Bahaybonds issued by NHMFC
09:30 – 10:15   Cash Management, Corporate Treasury & Coping
                with Uncertainty in the Philippines                     14:40 – 15:15   Transforming Deficiency to Efficiency
	               Jose Teodoro K. Limcaoco, Senior Vice President,                        Chetan Talwar, Head of Regional Trade Products,
                President of BPI Capital Corporation                                    South East Asia, Standard Chartered Bank
                An overview of the regulatory environment                               A look into how the financial crisis affected the
                Latest regulatory developments in the Philippines                       working capital management of corporates and its
                Treasury challenges faced during the continuing                         impact to the Philippine banking industry.
                economic crisis and the impact on MNCs based in                         An update of market trends in working capital
                the Philippines                                                         management, with focus on cash and trade.
                                                                                        Detail discussion of the key components related
10:15 – 10:45   Mid-morning refreshment break                                           to managing working capital
                                                                                        Analysis of various components
10:45 – 11:30   Empowering Treasury in Enhancing Shareholder                            Recent success stories
                Ramon G. Opulencia, Managing Director and               15:15 – 15:45   Mid-afternoon refreshment break
                Treasurer, Ayala Corporation
                Utilizing active balance sheet management to            15:45 – 16:30   Centralising your Treasury Operations to
                enhance corporate value                                                 Increase Liquidity
                Overcoming treasury challenges in a developing                          Rafael J Consing, Jr., Vice President & Treasurer,
                financial market                                                        International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
                Trailblazing and innovative approaches to the                           Challenges to integrate emerging markets in your
                market                                                                  cash pools
                Aligning treasury strategies with business strategies                   Automating financial and treasury operations to
                                                                                        eliminate liquidity gaps in your financial supply
11:30 – 12:20   Catering to the needs of a Corporate Treasurer in                       chain
                the Philippines – A Panel Discussion                                    Budgeting your external funding through Cash
                Romeo L. Bernardo is President of Lazaro                                Management operations
                Bernardo Tiu and Associates (LBT)                                       Observing cash flow forecasting models to
                Estelito C. Biacora, Vice President, Treasury Group,                    optimise liquidity management
                Bank of the Philippine Islands                                          Controlling transactions to successfully plan your
                Rafael J Consing, Jr., Vice President & Treasurer,                      payments
                International Container Terminal Services, Inc.
                Ramon G. Opulencia, Managing Director and              16:30 – 17:00    Legal Issues in Corporate Treasury in the
                Treasurer, Ayala Corporation                                            Philippines
                Moderator:                                                              Jose Salvador Y. Mirasol, Esq, Supervising Partner,
                Edward Russell, Reporter, FinanceAsia                                   Corporate Banking Group, Romulo Law Office
                What do treasurers in the Philippines really want?                      Legal and regulatory updates and overview of the
                Top 5 issues for the treasury & finance manager                         Philippines
                Money market funds and characteristics that make                        The applicability of Sarbanes-Oxley to corporates
                an attractive investment vehicle to treasurers in the                   in the Philippines
                Philippines                                                             Outlook for the Philippines and important changes
                Best practice techniques in liquidity, working capital                  in the near future
                and foreign exchange management
                                                                        17:00 – 17:15   Closing remarks delivered by Eugene Ellis, CEO,
12:20 – 13:45   Lunch                                                                   Standard Chartered Bank, Philippines


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