Construction Safety Plan Guidelines

					Construction Safety Plan Guidelines
QBuild is committed to improving workplace health and safety (WH&S) outcomes. To assist in
achieving this, the Construction Safety Plan required by QBuild, aims to ensure specific WH&S
hazards are managed at worksites.

A Construction Safety Plan is required on site at all times:
   1. For construction work over $80,000 (including GST)
   2. For prescribed activities under the WH&S legislation;
          • Demolition work
          • Asbestos removal work
   3. If QBuild appoints you the Principal Contractor (regardless of the cost of work).

The following document is provided to assist your company to meet WH&S obligations when
working with QBuild. If contractors do not have their own Safety Management System and/or
Construction Safety Plan, QBuild requests that they use the template provided or use another that
meets the current legislation e.g. the Master Builders template.

A Construction Safety Plan for a construction workplace must be a written plan that states:
   • the address of the workplace;
   • the name and address of the Principal Contractor (PC) for the workplace;
   • the ABN of the PC if applicable;
   • whether there is a WH&S Committee and/or officer for the workplace;
   • when the construction work is expected to start at the workplace;
   • the type of construction work to be done at the workplace;
   • the hazards and risk controls for the construction work;
   • how the PC proposes to ensure the control measures are used and how the effectiveness
      of the proposed control measures will be monitored and reviewed;
   • the site rules;
   • the emergency procedures;
   • how the PC proposes to discharge the PC’s obligation to persons using areas adjacent to
      the place where the construction work is being performed; and
   • the common plant to be provided
   • arrangements for managing risks to the environment
   • a completed Form 34 - Appointment of Principal Contractor.
   • Work Method Statement/s for any high risk construction activity (see guidelines for Work
      Method Statements provided by QBuild).

QBuild has provided the forms which comprise The Construction Safety Plan. These forms must
be completed before work starts. They must be written in a way likely to be understood by the
people working at the workplace and be signed and dated by the PC. The header sheet is to be
filled out for each and every site you work on. Those sections of the plan that do not relate to the
current site can be omitted.

The Construction Safety Plan must remain onsite at all times.

The template is set out as a guide only and does not attempt to limit your scope of work or
negate your responsibly under statutory Workplace Health and Safety Act or Regulation.
Construction Safety Plan (the Plan) Instructions
Responsibility of the Principal Contractor

    1. All construction jobs valued over $80,000 (including GST) must have a copy of the Plan on
       site at all times.

    2. All demolition and asbestos removal work must have the Plan on site at all times,
       regardless of the value of the work.

    3. If QBuild has appointed you the Principal Contractor (PC), you must have the Plan on site
       at all times, regardless of the value of the work.

    4. Update the Plan with the current location of the workplace and the details of the
       construction. A copy of the completed Form 34 Appointment of PC is to be kept with the

    5. The PC’s Foreperson/Site Supervisor must sight the general safety induction card (Blue
       Card) of all persons working on site doing construction work. Sign the relevant section on
       the induction checklist to confirm the sighting.

    6. All persons entering the site must be given the site specific induction and a record of this
       must be kept. Use the checklist on the back of the induction sign-off sheet to indicate that
       all the required issues have been discussed.

    7. Ensure the Plan can be understood by all persons working at the site.

    8. Complete the project task and risk assessment checklist and action the identified issues.

    9. Complete the work schedule program.

    10. Update the emergency contact information and the emergency procedure for the project
        including the evacuation plan.

    11. Create the Environmental Control Management Plan.

    12. The daily WH&S inspection checklist must be completed daily. Hazards must be addressed
        immediately, or as soon as reasonably possible.

    13. Complete the hazardous substances register for substances used on site.

    14. Complete the plant and equipment register for items used or planned to be used on site.

    15. Monitor the site to identify and control hazards.

    16. Complete other forms as required e.g. permit to dig, hot work permit. Dial before you dig.

    17. Obtain or develop required Work Method Statements (see separate instructions).

    18. The PC must sign and date the Plan.

    19. If there are any changes to the site, update the Plan to include those changes. Ensure
        changes are signed by the PC.

    20. Monitor the workplace to ensure adherence to the Plan.

    21. At the end of the job provide a copy of the Plan to the PC and client for record keeping.
        Determine how long the file is to be retained for – i.e. if an incident has occurred on the site,
        what is the potential for a future common law claim?






Inspecting the Construction Safety Plan
Responsibility of Principal Contractor’s Site Supervisor

    1. Check the Construction Safety Plan and associated Work Method Statements are
       completed as stated above.

    2. Take action to correct the situation if you identify that the above has not been complied

    3. If a circumstance outside your control is preventing you from ensuring the above, report the
       issue to your Manager and/or the Principal Contractor.

Construction Safety Plan Instruction Sign-Off
Please sign to indicate that you have read and understood the instructions

Site Foreperson          Print name in capital letters            Date             Signature

Site Supervisor          Print name in capital letters            Date             Signature

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