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									Connecting to the University of Adelaide
Wireless Network UofA Using the
Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility

Step 1: Obtain the Electronic Certificate
Before you will be able to connect to the network, you should install the electronic

If you are permitted to connect to the network with a cable connection, the process is
straight forward as described in the following paragraphs.

If you must obtain this certificate using the wireless connection, first try to connect to
the ‘freewire’ wireless network and download the certificate. The steps to connect to
the ‘freewire’ network are described in the Appendix at the end of this document.

Using the Internet Explorer software connect to the web site:

(Note Firefox and other browsers may not have the option to install the certificate and
hence will not work. Use Internet Explorer temporarily to install the certificate.)

A dialog box will ask to open or save the file - choose to open the file.

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The following dialog box will appear:

Click on the Install Certificate button and the following dialog box will appear:

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Following the instructions and select all the default options to install the certificate in
the default location.

Step 2: Turn on the Wireless Card
Now install the wireless connection by right clicking on the icon that looks like a fan
which should be located on the bottom right corner of the screen:

Make sure the wireless card is turned on by checking that there is a black dot next to
“WiFi On”.

Select “Configure WiFi” :

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Step 3: Configure the Wireless Connection

The Connection Utility dialog box will open and will appear as:

Scroll down until you find the UofA network and click the Connect button.

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Keep all the settings as default which will be as shown:

Then click the next button.

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Complete the dialog box for the security settings:

Authentication Protocol        MS-CHAP-V2
User Credentials               Use the following
Username                       a1234567 where the numbers correspond to your
                               university ID number, including the ‘a’ at the front.
Domain                         leave blank
Password                       type in your password for Internet Access to the
Confirm Password                retype your password.

Then click the Next button.

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Select the Certificate Issuer as:

There might be 3 entries as shown in the image
below. Select the first entry initially. If you are unable to get the wireless network to
connect, you might need to try one of the other two other entries for

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Once this is selected the screen should appear as follows:

Leave the Specify Server or Certificate Name field un-ticked as shown above.

Click the Next button at the bottom.

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The next screen you will see confirms that you have completed the setup process.

Click the OK button to connect to the network.

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You should see the following screen to indicate that you are connected to the UofA

Note that the Speed will be 54.0 Mbps in areas where there is a good wireless

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APPENDIX: Obtaining the Electronic Certificate via the
Freewire wireless network

You can obtain the electronic certificate using an unsecured wireless connection.

Open the Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility software and scroll down to
the ‘freewire’ network as shown in the following image.

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Select the ‘freewire’ network and click the connect button.

A connection should be established, as no passwords are required and you will see a
dialog box similar to the one shown below (the IP Address will be different each time).

Open the Internet Explorer browser and go to the address:

Follow the instructions as described in the main document to install the certificate.

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