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Pharmaceutical Company Supply Agreement Drafted by Amlaw Firm Released by
By Real Deal Docs Dated: Jun 11, 2008 offers various online legal documents from agreements to contracts available for download and print. This release regards the supply agreement drafted by Amlaw firm pick Morgan Lewis. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – A continuous leader in online legal documents, http://, offers sample legal documents and templates. The respected legal website has released the supply agreement for BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals drafted by Morgan Lewis, the Amlaw firm honored for their pro bono work. A supply agreement is a legal document governing the supply of an item of merchandise by a manufacturer or distributor. The supply agreement for BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals sets terms for the company to purchase a compound for testing and manufacturing a new product. The terms of this supply agreement include the supply of compound, shipping, delivery and inspection, payment obligations, regulatory obligations, confidentiality, intellectual property, limitation of liability, indemnification, term and termination. is offering a preview of the BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals supply agreement as a template for professionally drafted legal documents. The law firm of Morgan Lewis is a well respected and honored law firm noted for their pro bono work by the Amlaw publication. Amlaw is both a website and magazine focused on legal businesses and lawyers around the world. It is a respected leader in daily news in the legal industry. Every year this respected publication publishes categorized lists of its picks of the best law firms. This annual Amlaw occurrence is the equivalent to the Academy Awards for lawyers! And is happy to host and provide the work of many of Amlaw’s top picks. All of the documents at are drafted by top US law firms; including documents from Fortune 500 companies and small cap companies alike. From the National Law Journal‘s top 250 law firms, 40 of them use the technology. And a majority of the law firms honored in the Amlaw review have their work on display and available at Lawyers who use, do so in order to lower the amount of time needed to draft a legal agreement. Even business professionals can use in an effort to research a company or see how they handle various legal transactions. Visitors at can search nearly one million documents and 10 million clauses for free. As a member of you can also edit, save and download these documents in a printer-friendly format for your own use. provides an enormous variety of contracts and agreements for companies in every industry from banking, clothing and marketable goods to the defense industry. And with over 10 million legal documents and clauses in addition to the BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals supply agreement, has secured itself as an online leader in sample legal documents.

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To preview the BioMimetic Pharmaceuticals Supply Agreement: http:// To view other Supply Agreements by State: ### About is a leading online legal document resource offering millions of sample legal agreements, contracts and clauses. Members can edit, print and download copies of real legal documents used and drafted by the top law firms for both Fortune 500 Companies and small cap operations.
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