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Coal Infrastructure in Queensland Addendum


Coal Infrastructure in Queensland Addendum

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									Addendum 3: Cumulative Update on Infrastructure Developments
                                                                                   30 September 2008

Coal Infrastructure in Queensland: Overview of Future Expansions
Significant developments since the publication was finalised in late January 2008.

Port Infrastructure
Abbot Point Coal Terminal
• The Ports Corporation of Queensland Limited has commenced work on the Stockyard Renewal Project
   including the major maintenance/refurbishment of two existing stacker reclaimers and erection of
   Stacker Reclaimer 4 (total estimated cost $68 million). This project is expected to be completed by late
   2010/early 2011.
• The Ports Corporation of Queensland Limited has received approval to expand the Abbot Point
   Coal Terminal from 21 to 25 million tonnes per annum, at a total estimated cost of $95 million. The
   expansion is expected to be complete by mid-2009. A further approved expansion from 25 to 50
   million tonnes per annum, at a total estimated cost of $818 million, is expected to be complete by late
   2010/early 2011. The expansions are underwritten by take-or-pay contracts from coal companies.
• The Ports Corporation of Queensland Limited has also begun investigations to support further planned
   expansion, potentially to 110 million tonnes per annum, on the basis of firm industry commitments.

Wiggins Island Coal Terminal
• The Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited is undertaking a full feasibility study (to be completed in early
   2009) before final project approval is considered by Shareholding Ministers.
• Ownership and funding options for the terminal are currently being examined by Government, in close
   consultation with industry.

Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal 7X Expansion
• Phase 1 of the expansion from 60 to 68 million tonnes per annum was completed on 3 March 2008 at a
    total cost of $532 million.
• Phase 2/3 of the expansion will take capacity from 68 to 72 million tonnes per annum by the end of
    2008, and to 85 million tonnes per annum by April 2009 at an estimated total cost of $679 million.

Port Alma Coal Terminal
• On 15 May 2008 the Honourable Anna Bligh, Premier of Queensland announced a concept study
    examining the potential development of a new 25 to 30 million tonne per annum coal terminal at Port
    Alma south of Rockhampton. Port Alma is managed by the Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited.
• On 30 June 2008 Xstrata Coal announced that it will undertake a $4 million pre-feasibility study into the
    development of a possible $750 million to $1 billion coal port at Port Alma. The study is expected to be
    completed in June 2009 and it is expected that the terminal (if constructed) will have an initial capacity
    to export 20 million tonnes of coal per annum.

Queensland the Smart State
Rail Infrastructure
2008 QR Coal Rail Infrastructure Master Plan
• A draft 2008 Coal Rail Infrastructure Master Plan was released for industry consultation in September

Completed Rail Network Expansions
• Coppabella Rail Yard Expansion costing $29 million was completed in March 2008.
• Callamondah-RG Tanna 3rd spur-line was completed in April 2008 at a cost of $40.5 million.
• Westwood – Wycarbah duplication (Blackwater line) was completed in August 2008 at a cost of $32

Jilalan Rail Yard Upgrade Project
• QR commenced construction on the $500m Jilalan Rail Yard Expansion Project in May 2008. This project
     is essential to achieve Goonyella system capacity of 129 million tonnes per annum and is scheduled for
     completion by December 2009.

Goonyella – Abbot Point Rail Expansion Project (including Northern Missing Link)
• Project feasibility study and supporting business case is currently being finalised.
• The project will be developed in stages to align with the staged expansion phases of the Abbot Point
   Coal Terminal. Estimated project cost to deliver 50 million tonnes per annum in rail capacity is $1.65

Moura – Aldoga Rail Expansion Project
• QR is planning to develop a new rail link (approx 25 kilometres) joining the existing Moura Line to the
   North Coast Line at Aldoga, plus development of a new Rail Maintenance – Train Provisioning Facility at
   Aldoga. This project is an important component to support the development of the proposed Wiggins
   Island Coal Terminal and the Surat Basin Railway.
• An Environmental Impact Statement was released for public consultation in July 2008.

Surat Basin Rail Project
• Project comprises a new rail link (approx 210 kilometres) starting on the Western Railway System near
    the township of Wandoan, and joining to the existing Moura Railway System near the township of
    Banana. The project was previously referred to as the “Southern Missing Link”.
• Surat Basin Rail Pty Ltd is the proponent for the project and acts on behalf of a consortium comprising
    ATEC (Dawson Valley Railway) Pty Ltd, IFM DVR Project Pty Ltd, QR Surat Basin Pty Ltd, Xstrata Coal Surat
    Basin Rail Pty Ltd, and Anglo Coal Australia Pty Ltd.
• This new $1 billion plus rail connection will enable Surat Basin coal to be exported through the
    proposed Wiggins Island Coal Terminal (Gladstone).
• Development of the project Environmental Impact Statement has commenced.
• The project aims to reach financial close before June 2010.

Prospective Projects
•   An Initial Advice Statement has been prepared by proponents looking to develop a $400 million coal
    terminal on the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton with an offshore deepwater cargo transfer component.
•   The Queensland Government is aware of a number of proposals to develop the Galilee Basin. The Gali-
    lee Basin is 200 kilometres west of the Bowen Basin and has in excess of 4 billion tonnes of inferred
    coal resources. Development of this basin will potentially require development of new rail links and
    new or enhanced coal port terminals.

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