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									                                                                              Appendix 2

      Clare Valley Visitor Information Centre

                  Job and Person Specification

            Position:                      Team Leader Visitor Information Centre
            Reports to:                    Manager Library Services
            Level of Direction:            General
            No. of Direct Reports:
            Award/Stream/Level:            Municipal Officers SA Award – Level 3
            Type of Appointment:           Permanent Part-time – 12 Month Fixed Term
            Date Appointed:

 Position Objectives                                  Key Result Areas

Provide a ranges of services related                  VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE
to the effective delivery of services at              SERVICES
the Visitor Information Centre

Undertake responsibility for the day                  SUPERVISION
to day supervision of staff and

Participate in a team approach                        VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE
towards the day to day operational                    ADMINISTRATION
requirements of the Visitor
Information Centre

Contribute to the compliance with and                 OHS & W
observance of all OHS&W polices,
obligations and the undertaking of
staff practices by both the public and
Key Result                                                              Performance
  Areas                           Key Tasks                              Indicators
VISITOR       Contribute to the planning, development and              Visitor Information
INFORMATION   promotion of the range of services provided by the       Centre services are
CENTRE        Visitor Information Centre. Contribute towards           effective, efficiently
SERVICES      fostering interest and involvement in the services       maintained and meet
              provided by the Visitor Information Centre.              relevant customer

              Process membership enquiries and registrations and       Members satisfied with
              promote to potential members the benefits and            benefits. Increase
              opportunities open to them                               membership numbers.
                                                                       Relevant responsive

              Network actively to develop and maintain effective       Strong relationships
              relationships between key stakeholders within the        and networks
              region including members, and potential members,         developed.
              tourism operators and other VICs.

              Contribute towards the preparation of an annual
              Calendar of Events, promotional campaigns,               Effective and timely
              accommodation packages and various other events.         participation. Relevant
              Assist with the preparation of media releases,
              brochures, advertisements, bulletins and articles        Professional
              which inform the community and stakeholders.             presentation of all
              Assist with the monitoring and further development of    publications, including
              the Visitor Information Centres website.                 reports advertisements,
                                                                       articles and promotional

SUPERVISION   Supervise the activities of the Visitor Information      Effective and
              Centre permanent and casual staff. Prepare staff         responsive level of
              rotational rosters which reflect multifunctional and     supervision.
              flexible approach to providing effective customer
              service.                                                 Rosters are timely, key
                                                                       positions are covered
                                                                       and service delivery
                                                                       meets customer

              Coordinate the daily routines of volunteers. Oversee     Staff operating in
              and provide advice on any special projects               environment of
              volunteers may participate in.                           appropriate instructions,
                                                                       communication and
              Contribute to the annual performance development         information sharing.
              and review program (PDR) in conjunction with the
              Manager.                                                 Performance reviews
                                                                       coordinated and
              Assist with the identification of training programs to   conducted within
              ensure staff obtain and maintain relevant                relevant timeframes.

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Key Result                                                                    Performance
  Areas                              Key Tasks                                 Indicators
VISITOR          Contribute to the development, implementation and          Effective contribution to
INFORMATION      review of the Visitor Information Centres operations,      the development and
CENTRE           services, policies and practices to ensure they            review of policies,
ADMINISTRATION   continue to meet a high level of customer service          practices and
                 requirements.                                              procedures.

                                                                            Visitor Information
                 Contribute to the day to day financial management          Centre well managed.
                 and operations of the Visitor Information Centre.
                                                                            All processes are
                 Co-ordinate or attend to various administrative            appropriate, accurate
                 processes, which include the following:                    and timely
                 • The collation of booking confirmations
                 • Preparation of commission statements and
                     associated payments
                 • Daily balancing of the till
                 • Receipt and recording of monies and daily
                 • All activities relative to the accreditation
                     requirements for the Visitor Information Centre.
                 • Attending to incoming and outgoing mail.
                                                                            Statistics and
                                                                            management reports
                 Prepare statistics and reports. Inform Manager of
                                                                            are timely, informative
                 critical issues and concerns regarding the operation
                                                                            and relevant.
                 requirements of the Visitor Information Centre
                                                                            Effective control over
                 Assist with the control of merchandise and ensure
                                                                            Visitor Information
                 adequate and relevant stocks are available for sale in
                                                                            Centre stock, sales etc.
                 the Visitor Information Centre. Check incoming stock
                                                                            Timely replacement of
                 against invoices and ensure monthly stocktakes are
                                                                            stocks. Stocktakes
                                                                            conducted with minimal

                                                                            Documents prepared in
                 Undertake various word processsing requirements
                                                                            an accurate and
                 and assist with the development of reports and other
                                                                            informative manner.

                 Report any critical systems and or facilities faults to
                 the Manager Library Services.
                                                                            Relevant and accurate
                 Provide support to various local community groups
                                                                            advice to committees.
                 and committees.
                                                                            Information collected
                 Maintain and collect accurate and up to date
                                                                            and provided is timely
                 registers of information for the use of and distribution
                                                                            and accurate.
                 to customers.
                                                                            Brochures and displays
                 Maintain operator and community information
                                                                            are up to date and the
                 brochures and pamphlets and ensure that adequate
                                                                            visual appearance of
                 stocks are maintained at all times.
                                                                            the centre is maintained
                                                                            to a high standard with
                 Maintain and undertake a high standard of visual
                                                                            a high level of customer
                 merchandising throughout the Visitor Information
                 Centre including brochures, stock, promotional
                 displays, counters and overall look and feel of

                 Carry out other administrative duties as required.

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Key Result                                                              Performance
  Areas                          Key Tasks                               Indicators
OHS&W        Contribute to the overall maintaining of effective and   Awareness of
             safe working practices for both library patrons and      identification of hazards
             staff.                                                   or other risk factors.
                                                                      Relevant timely
             Ensure staff and volunteers are adequately inducted,     information provided to
             trained and instructed in safe work methods and          OHS&W Committee
                                                                      Participation in the
             Observe, and maintain awareness of safe working          dissemination of
             practices, and report any hazards or risks to the        relevant OHS&W
             Manager.                                                 information, as required

             Use appropriate equipment provided for health and        Staff adequately trained
             safety purposes                                          in procedures and use
                                                                      of equipment and
             Observe any reasonable instructions in relation to       facilities
             health and safety at work
                                                                      All staff operating in and
             Comply with Council’s OHS&W Policy and legislative       contributing to a safe
             requirements                                             workplace

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                              Team Leader Visitor Information Centre
                                      Person Specification
  Qualifications       •   Diploma in Tourism Management or related field desirable.

  Knowledge            •   Knowledge of tourism industry and operations
                       •   An understanding of local government's role in the provision of services to the community
                       •   A working knowledge of the Visitor Information Centres objectives and functions
                       •   Knowledge of Visitor Information Centre policies and procedures.
                       •   Understanding of principles and practices of effective marketing.
                       •   Ability to work within policy framework and guidelines.

  Skills               •   Effective oral communication skills, in particular customer service interface, providing
                       •   Written communication skills
                       •   Organisation skills, including time management and prioritisation of tasks
                       •   Proficiency in current windows based computer based systems, databases and software
  Experience               Experience in customer service, particularly telephone and counter enquiries
                           Experience in office clerical procedures, file management and the use of office peripheral
                           equipment (fax/computer/copier etc)
                           Numeracy and literacy skills

  Personal             •   Ability to interpret and resolve customer enquiries, within delegated parameters
  Attributes           •   Ability to organise and supervise staff and volunteers.
                           Interpersonal skills and work ethics, including
                                •     motivation and enthusiasm
                                •     strong commitment to, and focus on, customer service
                                •     willingness and ability to undertake other functions across the organisation
                                •     willingness to contribute as an effective team member

  Records              The incumbent is responsible and accountable for adequately managing the bookings they
  Management           create and receive, according to relevant policies and procedures.

  EEO                  Demonstrate and promote equal employment opportunity principles in the work place.
  Job                  Employees are required to comply with, and contribute to meeting, workplace legislative and
  Requirements         policy requirements, including occupational health, safety and welfare and records

  Training             Attend training courses to develop and maintain competencies.

  OHS&W                Ensure compliance with the Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Responsibilities
                       of Supervisors and Employees as stated on the OHS&W Policy and Responsibilities
                       Statement of the VIC and the OHS&W Act thus ensuring the safety of self, others and
                       Operate in compliance with OH&S legislation, regulations, practices, and standards. Utilise safe
                       working practices applicable to own work area and practices. Contribute to activities which ensure
                       the Centres’ facilities and equipment are in a safe working condition and are operating within
                       regulatory provisions by detecting, reporting and making safe in the first instance.

Signed: __________________________(Employee)                 ......./....../.....

Approved By: ______________________________(Deputy Chief Executive Officer ) ……./……/……

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