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									The Self-Hypnosis
The Self-Hypnosis Revolution
Author: Forbes Robbins Blair
Table of Contents

AcknowledgmentsPrefaceIntroduction1. The Power of Self-Suggestion2. Self-Hypnosis Revolution—Self-
Hypnosis without Going into a Trance3. The Self-Hypnosis Revolution Method—Four Simple Steps4.
Ready-to-Go Programs to Break Bad Habits, Enhance Relationships, Improve Your Life, and Find Inner
Peace5. Create Your Own Program6. Compendium of Activities—The Power and Purpose ofEveryday
Tasks7. More about Self-Hypnosis Revolution and Changing Your LifeAppendix A: More Ready-to-Go
ProgramsAppendix B: Blank Custom Program Planning TemplatesIndexAbout the Author

The author of the best-selling self-hypnosis book Instant Self-Hypnosis shows you how to re-program
your mind for success in every area of your life while you go through your daily routine. Everything you
do, including chores and everyday tasks, suddenly become potent opportunities for self-empowerment!
You can practice this simple, powerful method while you take out the garbage, brush the dog, drive to the
store, clean the house, or during just about any other activity. Reach your goals faster, break bad habits,
turn your life around and have what you want—it's fast, it's easy and anyone can do it.

Putting Self-Hypnosis Revolution into practice is fun, and learning the concepts and basic program does
not take long. If you've already read my book, Instant Self-Hypnosis: How to Hypnotize Yourself with Your
Eyes Open, you know that I'm not long-winded. A primary advantage of using the method in Self-
Hypnosis Revolution is that it saves you precious time. So I'm not going to waste your time with drawn-
out treatises or case studies. That's not my style. My objective is to get you started with the basic
method quickly. In fact:It's my goal for you to start using the basic method within approximately one hour
from when you begin reading this book.I believe the ideas and techniques in this book will change the
way you look at your everyday existence—forever. Once you understand the principles, you'll have a self-
help method that can be put to use at virtually any moment of the day. And what I hope will happen over
time is that you'll no longer need this book to put the me...
Author Bio
Forbes Robbins Blair
Forbes Robbins Blair has been teaching and performing hypnosis since 1997 and has a certification in
clinical hypnotherapy. He also facilitates dream groups and teaches classes on dream analysis. He has
made numerous appearances on radio and television. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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