Research Design and Methods for Studying Cultures by P-RowmanLittlefield


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									Research Design and Methods for Studying Cultures
Author: De Munck, Victor

The 3,000-year-old Ambum Stone, from Papua New Guinea, is the focus of several archaeological
stories. The stone itself is an interesting artifact, an important piece of art history that tells us something
about the ancient Papuans. The stone is also at the center of controversies over the provenance and
ownership of ancient artifacts, as it was excavated on the island of New Guinea, transferred out of the
country, and sold on the antiquities market. In telling the story of the Ambum Stone, Brian Egloff raises
questions about what can be learned from ancient works of art, about cultural property and the ownership
of the past, about the complex and at times shadowy world of art dealers and collectors, and about the
role ancient artifacts can play in forming the identities of modern peoples.

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