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            Pest Pro
                  Chute Cleaning
                                                          ChuteSpan The other guys
                 Uses 210º + steam & hot                                                           uses buildings’ cold or
                 water                                                                             warm water at best

                 Cleans compactor room                                                             usually an extra
                 & machine for free                                                                charge

                 Power-dust for free the
                 chutes & compactors
                 with insecticides by a                                                            not available
                 licensed exterminator

                 Offers free quarterly                                                             no maintenance
                 dusting & deodorizing                                                             program available
                 services & maintenance                                                            other than periodic
                 agreements                                                                        cleanings

    As you can see, no one offers you what we do. We offer a maintenance program of chutes and com-
    pactors. We go as far as to guarantee NO ODORS OR ROACHES in your chutes! If under our main-
    tenance program, should you see roaches or smell odors from your chutes we will re-treat absolutely
    free, within 24 – 48 hours! So…Isn’t it time you called the best?!
         As you can see – no one can compete with us! Chutespan does so much more!
                            Our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

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                          chute cleaning
                                                trash • linen • compactors
                                                             When Was the last time
                                                                      your building’s chutes
                                                         Were properly cleaned and sanitized?

    Are you aware of what types of diseases and germs are breeding
         off of the caked-on sludge found in your trash chutes?
   Eliminate a major source of breeding grounds for vermin, roaches
   and rodents by hiring ChuteSpan to properly clean and deodorize
      your trash chutes, compactor machines and garbage rooms.
    A Service Beyond Compare:
    • Thorough degreasing, disinfecting and deodorizing of all chute walls, chute doors, compactor
      machine and room
    • Our proprietary high pressure steam box machine leaves chutes sparkling clean
    • Bacteria–hungry Enzymes applied to keep chutes sanitary and kill off disease causing germs,
      bacteria and decaying debris as well as viruses that attach themselves to chute doors and walls
    • We leave chutes and compactors smelling like roses
    • The only company to offer a roach and odor guarantee with our 1, 2, or 3-year maintenance

          We aren’t just a cleaning company—our sister company Pest Pro Services works
          together with us to rid your buildings once and for all of rats, mice and roaches!

        Go ahead and give us a try! Your pests will wish you hadn’t!

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                        If it’s old or broken, ChuteSpan can make it
                                new or like new again!
       Trash Hopper Door Repairs                                              Compactor Repairs
       Repairs to any make and                                                Repairs to all makes and
       model of hopper doors                                                  models of compactors
       except where units are                                                 and bailing machines.
       discontinued.      (Most                                               Emergency         Service
       are repairable) Surveys                                                is available for all
       for buildings in need                                                  properties.     Our       technicians a r e
       of hopper door repairs                                                 factory trained and our response trucks
       are performed free of                                                  are fully stocked with all necessary hoses
       charge. These surveys are                                              hydraulics, switches, oils, and components-
       followed with a detailed                                               emphasis on repair and rebuilding as
       proposal showing the                                                   opposed to straight replacement.
       condition as well as prices
       for every door repair

                                                                              Compactor Replacement
       or replacement in case
       certain doors are beyond repair.                                       Sales and installation to all types of
                                                                              compactors, extruder and garbage cart
       Linen Chute Door Repairs

       surveys of facilities in need of linen chute                                  Roof   Fan    Repairs            and
       intake doors repairs are performed free of
       charge. These surveys are followed with

       a door by door price and description of                                         Surveys conducted to determine
       status and price for repair or replacement                                       which roof fans are in working
       in case certain doors are beyond repair.                                         order and which are not. A
                                                                                     proposal will be prepared to show

                                                                              cost of necessary replacements or repairs.

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    Exhaust VEnt
       KitChEns • Bathrooms • hallways

                           Keep your air fresh, clean, and healthy.
                               Maintaining proper                    tenants and staff
                               kitchen and bath-                     alike.
                               room exhaust venti-
                                                                     Kitchen, bathroom
                               lation system is a key
                                                                     and        hallway
                               component of IAQ
                                                                     exhausts      need
                               (Indoor Air Quality)
                                                                     to be kept free
                               Properly maintained
                                                                     of    obstructions
                               kitchen and bath-
                                                                     enabling these systems to circulate fresh air thereby
                               room exhaust vents
                                                                     eliminating the stale and musty odors that tenants
                              are essential in helping
                                                                     and shareholders often complain about.
  remove odors from the apartment unit, which in
  the end helps improve IAQ. They also remove mois-
  ture, which can increase humidity, which can dam-
                                                                     Unlike most of our competitors,
  age building materials. Worse, high humidity can                   our service entails the cleaning
  cause the growth of mould and fungus, which may
  be harmful to you or your tenants.
                                                                     of the entire main vertical shafts
  Kitchen bathroom and hallway exhaust systems that
                                                                     and roof
  are clogged are an often overlooked and neglected                  fans and
  area when it comes to building maintenance
  despite the fact that these dirty systems are often
                                                                     not simply
  the source of and cause of harmful microorganisms,                 the visible
  fungi and disease and bacteria in a building. These
  micro-organisms are often the cause of serious                     vent and
  illness including allergies, respiratory illnesses and             ductwork
  stale area that affect tenants and their families. In
  addition, the odors that stem from clogged systems                 that lead into
  have a serious impact on the quality of life for your              the shaft.

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                 Dirty dUcts?
                 DUCT CLEANING
    The air duct cleaning process is designed to remove and capture contaminants from
    the duct system. The result of the service is a safer, healthier indoor environment.
    The cleaning process is very thorough. The average duct cleaning takes four to eight
    hours to complete. The following work is performed by a multiple-man crew consisting
    of trained IAQ Technicians:
   1. The air duct system is inspected                                             around vents are vacuumed.
      to determine the level of                                                    5. Supply and return ductwork is
      contamination.       (Interior   air                                         mechanically cleaned using our
      may be tested for allergy and                                                unique process -- a system that
      disease-causing pollutants, such                                             brushes, air washes and vacuums all
      as fungi.)                                                                   contaminants from the duct system.
   2. Furnishings are protected before                                             Small access holes are cut into the
      the cleaning process begins. Our                                             ductwork to properly access the
      technicians use drop cloths and                                              system. All holes are properly sealed
      boot covers to protect floors and                                            with access panels. The central unit,
      carpeting. All work areas are vacuumed after                  fan, filter, plenum, coil are all cleaned using the
      completion. There will be no evidence of dust or              same process.
      dirt left in any of part of the home as a result of         6. Biological contamination, such as mold, fungus,
      the cleaning process.                                                         bacteria, viruses are removed from
   3. Our HEPA “Hospital Grade” Vacuum                                              the system and captured in the
      Collection System is connected to                                             HEPA Vacuum Collection System.
      the ductwork and the entire system                                            The entire ductwork and furnace/
      is placed under a negative pressure                                           Air Handling unit is disinfected.
      to establish a “containment” on                                               7. Filter effectiveness is evaluated
      the duct system.                                                              and high efficiency air filters can
   4. Vent registers and grills are                                                 be installed in the central air
      removed and hand scrubbed with                                                system to prevent it from becoming
      a disinfectant and dirty ceilings                                             recontaminated.

                                Call today for a free survey and quotation

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       Dryer Vent Cleaning
                       IS IT NECESSARY?

             Do you even recall the last time
              the dryer exhaust system was
                     professionally cleaned?

             If the answer is “NO” then your
               building is at serious risk for a
                                dangerous fire!

                            Dryer Vent Cleaning prevents fires.
    Fire Departments strongly recommend cleaning your dryer vent to remove lint accumulations
    before they become potentially dangerous. Last year, in the U.S. there were 15,500 household
    fires starting in the dryer vent. In addition to becoming a fire hazard, the lint buildup in
    your dryer vent can prevent carbon monoxide from venting properly.

                                           Save money on energy bills
    If lint buildup in your dryer vent prevents the escape of air and moisture from the dryer, your
    clothes will remain damp. Running the dryer two or three times to dry your clothes results in
    wasted times, energy, and unnecessary high-energy bills. It also puts a strain on your dryer
    causing unwanted repair bills.

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           Isn’t it about time you changed those
        old, dilapidated, slamming, noisy,
       dangerous, finger-jamming excuses
                                         for chute doors?
     Bring your building into the new
        millennium with brand-new
    Stainless steel chute doors actually
     large enough to accommodate a
        modern-day garbage bag.
      Your residents and tenants
      (and their fingers) will love
              you for it!
    Our expert crew will take care of everything from demolition to installation-even removal of all debris. We will even
    train your superintendant on how to change the hardware if necessary and even include extra hardware for your
    convenience. Our doors feature a pivot rod and no piano hinge with which grease and grime can accumulate. Our
    doors and installation carry a one year warranty under normal use-but expect decades of service out of these doors.
    They are NYCHA tested and approved and in use over 20 years—we know they’re the best and prettiest out there!

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Massachusetts • New York • New Jersey • Connecticut • Pennsylvania • Virginia • Rhode Island • Maryland • Deleware • Washington DC
                        BAsements &
     Cleaning & rubbish removal services
          There’s dirt everywhere, and it’s bad for your building and
        its inhabitants. Give your building a breath of fresh air with
                     ChuteSpan’s many cleaning services!

    Basement Cleanouts:                                            Bio-Hazardous/Crime Scene Cleanouts:
    Debris removal, power wash, deodorize and disinfect            Human and animal hazardous waste removal, quaternary
                                                                       disinfecting, sanitizing and deodorizing in basements
                                                                             and apartments
    Crawlspace Cleanouts:
    Debris and sewerage removal, pumping,
    raking of affected dirt, application of                                       Fire Damage Cleanouts:
    waste-consuming microbes, disinfectants                                        Smoke and Debris removal, floor scraping
    and long-term deodorizers. Pest and                                            wall and ceiling scraping of burntpeeling
    rodent control measures are taken if                                               paint & prepping for plastering,
    needed for fleas, mosquitoes, water                                                 washing of entire apartment
    bugs, rats and mice etc.                                                             interior, sanitizing and deodorizing

    Rubbish Removal:                                                                    Post-Construction Cleaning:
    Provide manpower and containers                                                     Provide containers and manpower
    to clean out apartments, basements,                                                 to remove debris left behind
    and vacant lots including weed-                                                     after construction, general office,
    whacking and grass cutting.                                                        apartment and common area
                                                                                    cleaning including window washing,
                                                                   carpet vacuuming, shampooing, floor stripping and
    Apartment Move-outs:
                                                                   waxing, dust removal and bathroom cleaning to prepare
    General debris and furniture           removal,   cleaning,    buildings for opening day.
    disinfecting and deodorizing

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Massachusetts • New York • New Jersey • Connecticut • Pennsylvania • Virginia • Rhode Island • Maryland • Deleware • Washington DC
   General Building
     Our maintenance services tower above the competition!

                   House-Trap, Sump Pit and Pit Cleaning
          Water pumping as well as sludge and debris removal, deodorize and disinfect,
                          treatment for water bugs and mosquitoes

                               Catch Basin Cleaning
            Water pumping as well as sludge and debris removal, deodorize, as well as
                              water bug and mosquito control

                           Lobby and Corridor Cleaning
         includes steam-cleaning of corners and tiles in building entrances and corridors

                               Elevator Pit Cleaning
          Water pumping and debris removal as well as granular long-term deodorizers
                  to keep elevator cabs and shafts clean- smelling for months

                                    Odor Control Services
                    inspections and solutions for foul stenches and bad odors in any
                                 location within a building’s structure.

                 Let us help maintain your building from bottom to top.

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               power washing,
           pressure steam cleaning
                      Need a sprucing up?
           Check out our list of power cleaning services:
   Power-Washing Services: Power pressure cleaning                Pigeon Droppings Cleaning: Steam and manual
     with or without steam for the removal of gum,                  cleaning of bird droppings from building facades
     grease, grime and tire-markings from sidewalks,                and building exterior and interior surfaces as
     building entrances, garages, garbage areas, roof               well as apartments and roof tanks.
     tanks, awnings and canopies, fire-escapes and
     facades stained with bird-droppings, driveways
                                                                  Stair Hall Cleaning: power washing, disinfecting
     and loading docks.
                                                                    and deodorizing of dirt grease and grime as well
                                                                    as smoke and graffiti removal

   Canopy & Awning Cleaning: Debris removal                       Large Compactor and Garbage Area Cleaning:
     and power washing of concrete overhangs as                     Pressure steam cleaning of large outdoor
     well as canvas awnings .

                    Graffiti Removal
                                                                    compactors as well as the grounds they sit on,
                                                                    heavy-duty deodorizing and disinfecting.

                                    Interior + Exterior
    Steam cleaning of concrete, brick and masonry as well as special cleaning of building interior walls—
             lobbies hallways, doors, staircases and bulkheads with or without power washing.

                     Get your building looking like new again, with

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     BoIlER ClEAnIng
                                it’s time.
                                   Scale Deposits
                                   Scale forms when minerals in boiler water settles out
                                   on the inside of boiler surfaces. Scale accumulates when
                                   improperly treated water comes in contact with the hottest
                                   parts of the boiler. The most common components of scale
                                   are lime, magnesium and iron oxides (rust). Scale acts as an
                                   insulator, preventing the heat from the burner to reach the
                                   water. This increases boiler flue temperature (more heat is
                                   lost up the stack) and can lead to damage to the boiler.

      Energy Losses From
      Scale Deposits
      The following table is an
      estimate of how scale effects
      fuel usage:

      Save Fuel.
      Get your boilers cleaned today!                                             Scale Thickness
                                                                                                    (in inches)

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Massachusetts • New York • New Jersey • Connecticut • Pennsylvania • Virginia • Rhode Island • Maryland • Deleware • Washington DC
   Commercial Kitchen
                 Everything, and the kitchen sink.

                                      Kitchen Grease Hood Cleaning
         steam cleaning of grease filters, hood interiors, ducts that lead to
         exhaust fans as well as the thorough cleaning of rooftop exhaust fan units
         and surrounding roof areas where grease accumulates. Fire Department sticker
         provided and posted

                                            Entire Kitchen Cleaning
         Includes thorough degreasing and steam -cleaning of walls, undersides of counters,
         appliances, walk-in boxes, corners, baseboards, grout, tiles and ceilings

           Pest Control for Commercial Kitchens and Food Establishments
         Through our affiliate Command Pest Control: Professional pest control
         services geared to the foodservice industry

                        Let ChuteSpan make your kitchen sparkle.

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Massachusetts • New York • New Jersey • Connecticut • Pennsylvania • Virginia • Rhode Island • Maryland • Deleware • Washington DC
                 Attention Apartment Buildings and Management Companies:

 Secure the Tenants You Want ...
           Eliminate The Pests You Don’t
                Advanced pest control from PEST PRO SERVICES
                means higher property values and lower turnover
                  Better pest control means a better environment for shareholders and tenants

                                     Experience the Pest-Pro Difference:
                  A motivated team of well-trained professionals with years of field experience
                                Flexible scheduling, evening and Sunday hours
                                             Licensed in NY and NJ
                               No charge for emergency treatments or call backs

          The Twelve Ways PestPro Maximizes Pest Control
1.  Using state-of-the-art strategies and techniques to control pests-notjust spraying!
2.  Always spending the necessary time in an apartment; never the typical-spray & scram!
3.  Providing backup documentation for violations and court orders
4.  Posting and regularly checking lobby sign-in sheets to facilitate quick service
5.  Sterilizing offspring and controlling reproduction using Insect Growth Regulators (IGRS)
6.  Alternating baits, gets and chemicals to eliminate tolerance or bait shyness
7.  Targeting waterbugs in drains and waste pipes with potent waterproof powders
8.  Looking down ... and up-to cable TV wires and drop-ceilings where others don’t look
9.  Using tamper-resistant indoor and outdoor bait stations that blend into the environment, keeps poi-
    son away from tenants-yet remains lethal to rats and other rodents
10. Using syringes to inject gel and powder into hard-to-reach cracks and crevices
11. Giving FREE training in sanitation control to building managers and staff—pest control is 5%
    chemicals, 95% proper sanitation methods!
12. Thoroughly focusing on basements and compactors-where pest infestation begins

Call us for a free estimate!                                                    PestPro controls the bugs and
                                                                                            rodents you see...
                                                                                       and the ones you don’t

                   Pest Pro Services
                                                    Results. Not just promises.
                                 718 983-0004 • Fax: 718 477-0333

                       Specializing in Apartment Buildings, Co-ops, and Condos
                        Pest Pro Services
Rodents cause millions of dollars worth of damage annually by damaging foods through gnawing, defecation, urination, and their mere
presence in or on foods. However, more importantly from a public health standpoint they can also cause a wide variety of dangerous
illnesses. Therefore, if your building/facility is infested (one mouse is considered an infestation as are fresh droppings, gnawing, and
urination) you must make every effort to rid your facility of these troublesome and dangerous rodents. It is important to be aware that
rats are much more adaptive and difficult to rid, and it will take that much more effort to accomplish their elimination, but both rats and
mice must be eliminated. Rats are wary of new additions to their environment, including traps, and will actually have one rat test a new
“food addition” in their area. Mice, especially if the infestation is heavy, can also be difficult to rid. Signs of infestation include gnawed
food or food containers and droppings. The following are steps and concepts you will need to accomplish and know in order to have a
successful eradication program:

    1. SANITATION: Sanitation is the most important step in both preventing and eradicating rodents, including inside and outside
       cleanliness. In the majority of infestations, poor housekeeping is a major contributor. Clean as you go, and thoroughly clean
       your kitchen, and the outer premises every day. Daily cleaning should already be a practice. Remove from your premises,
       inside and outside, any old, unused equipment and paperwork. Do not store old equipment, pallets, etc., along the outside of
       your building--rodents use these areas for nesting and hiding. Your dumpster / outside waste cans will always be an attractant.
       Keep these waste containers as far away from the outside of the building as possible, and they should be leak-proof and

    2. RODENT-PROOF BUILDING: What does this mean? An interior and exterior inspection of the building should be performed
       to identify and fill-in any cracks, holes, and crevices with a permanent material, e.g. cement, blown-in permanent filling,
       concrete, etc. Include the building interior and exterior where any pipes, wire conduits, etc. pass through the walls. Open space
       surrounding a fixture that passes through a wall should not be evident. MICE CAN CLIMB VERTICAL WALLS, UNFINISHED
       CINDER BLOCK, ETC.; therefore, do not assume a four-foot high hole, for example, is safe and can be left uncorrected. Mice
       will sometimes infest ceilings and use wall and ceiling conduits, I-beams and pipes to travel. All doors, including loading and
       man-doors, must be in good repair, with complete coverage door sweeps mounted at the bottom. If a garage door or sweep is
       dented, it must be repaired. Keep doors closed and / or screened when not in use. Keep at least a three-foot wide space clear of
       weeds, equipment, etc. along the outside of the building. Drains must be covered. Rats commonly enter buildings by gaining
       access to the sewer system and coming-up through the toilets. BUILDINGS SHOULD BE RODENT-PROOFED AT LEAST
       TWICE PER YEAR, AND MORE OFTEN IF THE SITUATION WARRANTS. If walls or any other material are constructed of
       soft material, bear in mind that it is much easier for rodents to bore and re-bore into these materials.

     ChuteSpan Rodent Proofing Procedures will deny access to ALL rodents and include:
• Heavy-Duty Wire mesh secured to building exterior or interior using a nail gun and special washers –to cover boiler vents, laundry
  vents, air vents, unscreened or damaged screen windows - common rodent entry points
• Steel NOT rubber door sweeps that extend down to the ground only allowing ¼ of an inch for door to swing but NOT enough for mice
  or rats to enter. These special steel door sweeps are indestructible and get secured to bottom of all exterior doors in need
• All cracks, crevices and defects in the buildings exterior are filled in and crushed glass is added to the mixture. This is an insurance
  policy that should rats try to chew the newly cemented holes they will bleed to death without even realizing it.
           ChuteSpan/Pest Pro Services
       3-Step approach to solving a mouse
          infested apartment buildings:                                                                                 Pest Pro
Step 1 Denying free access                                                STEP 3 Final Eviction
Seal out the rodents                                                      Poison and trap ‘em on their turf
Any infested building has holes and defects, which need to be              Once inside a property’s basement, rodents have unlimited access
addressed. Mice/rats have an open door invitation that needs to           to all areas and floors of a building. Using steam and plumbing
be eliminated-They got in somehow but where? ChuteSpan will               pipe conduits, mice can gain access to the highest points of a
conduct a survey to ascertain the entry points around the building        building with ease. Upon reaching a particular floor, a mouse only
and all defects that need to be corrected. These defects include:         needs to find a space as small as ½ inch to “pop” out from behind
Spaces around pipe chases, cracks in concrete at the base of              the wall. For a mouse living and breeding behind apartment walls
building, unscreened windows and vents as well as spaces under            it is not hard to find a way to get out. Holes abound. Holes behind
exterior doors. ChuteSpan is fully equipped to correct these              stoves gas pipes, holes under kitchen and bathroom plumbing, as
problems using high-quality materials installed in a professional         well as holes around steam pipes and under radiators afford mice
and efficient manner at the right price. We are rodent-proofing           excellent ways for mice to invade an apartment. Pest Pro Services,
specialists not a general contractor. We have just what it takes to       when it comes to rodent control is one of the few companies in
close the door on the rodents-ACCESS DENIED!!                             the industry to go beyond the normal practice of placing a bag of
                                                                          poison and a glue board and asking the tenant for a signature. We
                                                                          devised a method of actually getting rid of the mice once and for
Step 2 Closing the Cafeteria-                                             all-not simply trapping or poising a mouse here and there. This
Starve and poison the rodents in the basement/ground level                method involves the use of Rozall tracking powder along with
After invading an apartment house, rodents make a beeline for the         poisons, which gets injected into the walls of the apartments where
compactor room. The fresh pungent trash will become the main              mice are nesting, breeding, urinating and defecating. Following
feeding source for generations of mice to come (only if we let them).     the wall injections, which involves injecting into existing holes
Additionally, the trash chute rising to the top floor affords vertical-   behind stoves, under sinks, and around radiators and steam pipes
climbing mice an “elevator” to all floors and an easy way to access       the technician proceeds to stuff the hole with special copper mesh
apartments. ChuteSpan has devised and patented a solution which           designed to withstand gnawing and will never rust as is the case
involves thorough steam-cleaning of chute shafts and chute doors          with steel wool. Additionally, we use special plaster named Rat
as well the compactor room and especially cleaning the compactor          Patch. This is plaster mixed with slivers of glass to prevent gnawing
machine. With all food particles and grime gone the rodents will
                                                                          and cause certain death to any rodent attempting to chew through
have no further feeding grounds. But we don’t stop there. Pest-Pro
our sister company schedules a visit to the property to coincide
with the conclusion of the chute cleaning and begins their magic          By the time this process is performed in all of the apartments in the
the very same day! The Pest-Pro technician proceeds to lay PVC-           building the mice have been eliminated in the thorough and most
pipes laced with extremely potent RoZall tracking powder and              efficient way possible. Please note that dead rodents especially
fresh bait around the basement rooms and around the compactor             those that die behind a wall can produce very unpleasant odors.
machine and room. The management is instructed to keep chutes             Pest Pro has available special super strength deodorizers that once
locked off to the residents not allowing for the use of the chute for     released will stay in effect for up to a week-enough time for the
at least 36-48 hours-enough time needed to force the mice to eat          odor to dissipate.
the bait. You see, on an average day mice/rats visit the compactor        With proper exterior maintenace and reporting by Pest-Pro and
room to eat their dinner consisting of fresh and pungent trash-only       the building’s staff as well as regular trash chute and compactor
now mice find nothing but our fresh bait laced with lethal tracking       cleaning in conjunction with the use of Tamper proof bait stations
powder. Once rodents ingest the tracking powder and ingestion
                                                                          around the building’s exterior your property can be among those
takes place even by simply walking on the powder and normal
                                                                          that actually know exactly how many residents live in their
grooming, death occurs within 24-48 hours. Within the week most
or all rodents are now dead. Which leads us to our final step….
Just some of the world-class companies who
       know and trust ChuteSpan and
   utilize our services on a regular basis:

        Marriot Hotels                       Brown Harris Stevens
        Sheraton Hotels                       BSR Management
  Helmsley-Spear Real Estate                 (Jerome Belson Assoc)
  Archstone-Smith Real Estate                   Grenadier Realty
Sunrise Assisted Living Facilities         Yonkers Housing Authority
                                               RY Management
      Trump Real Estate
                                              Lawrence Properties
   Montefiore Medical Center
                                                   Argo Corp
     NYU Medical Center
                                           Mathew Adam Properties
      Beth Israel Hospital
                                                Levine Builders
Continuum Health Care Partners               Midboro Management
     Milford Management                      Bellmarc Management
      Milford Plaza Hotel             New York State Redevelopment Authority
 Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel                  (NYSERDA)
  Douglas Elliman Real Estate                Equinox Fitness Clubs
   Toll Free: 877 NY Chute (877 692-4883) 718 477-1870 Fax: 718-477-0333

• Trash Chute and Compactor Cleaning
• Linen Chute Cleaning
• Chute-Roach Control & Sanitizing Maintenance Agreements
• Exterminating Services
• Roach and Rodent Elimination
• Compactor Sales and Service
• Chute Doors Sales and Service
• Duct/HVAC System Cleaning
• Kitchen, Bathroom, and Hallway Exhaust System Cleaning
• Dryer Exhaust System Cleaning
• Roof Fans Sales and Service
• Boiler and Chimney Cleaning
• Carpet Cleaning
• Basement and Post Construction Cleanouts
• Power Washing and Steam Cleaning Services
• Graffiti Removal
• Pit Cleaning
• Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services
• Grease Hood and Grease Trap Cleaning
• General Building Cleaning and Maintenance
• Exterior Rodent Proofing Services-Eliminate entry of unwanted pests

                                                        Pest Pro
                                                        Services        Price: $3.00

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