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					Craigieburn Festival 2009 CLOSING DATE
‘Carnival in the Sun’        Tuesday 20th
                             January 2009
    Attachment D: Stallholder Packaging : Waste Wise
As part of Hume City Council’s ongoing commitment to waste and litter reduction, we have set a goal to achieve
‘Waste wise Event’ certification by Sustainability Victoria for all of our events.

A Waste Wise Event is a public event that has good recycling and waste/litter reduction systems, in order to
reduce waste disposed of into landfill, maximise resource recovery and prevent litter.

Council will be providing recycling bins for stallholders and patrons and will be actively promoting sustainable
waste management at this festival. To assist us in achieving Waste Wise Event status, we require that all

•     Avoid excess packaging (eg. Provide bulk dispensers rather than single-serve items for sugar, sauce, etc)
•     Use reusable packaging in preference to disposable types, wherever possible (eg. Bring items to the festival
      in boxes/containers that can be retained for reuse).
•     Supply food and drink (and/or other products) in recyclable or readily biodegradable packaging*
•     Participate in ’back of house’ recycling, by placing waste materials in the appropriate bins provided and
      flatten all cardboard boxes.
•     Contain and remove litter generated around their stalls.
•     Please note: No change in packaging is required for pre-packaged food items (e.g. potato crisps)

The following packaging items should be avoided:

•     Plastic film or cling wrap.
•     Polystyrene (foam) cups (use heavy duty paper cups or biodegradable cornstarch cups instead).
•     Plastic drinking straws (avoid altogether or us paper drinking straws).
•     Plastic cutlery (use biodegradable cornstarch cutlery instead).
•     Plastic bags (use paper bags instead).
•     Plastic drink cup covers (avoid using).

A contact list of outlets selling recyclable and compostable packaging suitable for Waste Wise events can be
found on Sustainability Victoria’s website using the following link:

So that Council can identify the major expected waste/recycling items and label bins appropriately for the public,
it is important that we identify the types of packaging that your stall will be using. Please indicate on the checklist
overleaf the packaging your stall will use at the event.

Stallholders who do not comply with the Waste Wise Event requirements and Stallholder Conditions will not be
invited to participate at future Council events.

If you require any further information or help accessing Waste Wise Event information, please do not hesitate to
contact our Special Events Department on 9205 2583/2812.
Craigieburn Festival 2009 CLOSING DATE
‘Carnival in the Sun’ Tuesday 20th January 2009
Stallholder Packaging
  Food/Drink type you           Waste Wise Packaging          Tick the packaging to   Cost of item to be
                               (recyclable or compostable)
     will be selling                                          be used at the event           sold
                                    MUST BE USED
 Hot drinks                   Paper cup (no wax)
                              Wooden Stirrer
 Cold drinks                  Plastic bottle
                              Glass bottles
                              Paper cup
                              Refillable drinking glass
                              Plastic cup
                              No straws
 Chips (hot)                  Paper Cup / Bag
 Cutlery                      Corn starch
 Fairy Floss                  Wooden stick

 Fish and chips               Paper plate
 Hamburger                    Paper clam
 Hot Dog                      Paper bag
 Fruit Salad                  Plastic Cup
 Ice-cream/Frozen Yoghurt     Edible cone
                              Plastic Cup
 Kebab                        On wooden skewer in paper
 Felafel                      Serviette
                              Paper bag
 Pies                         Paper bag
 Pizza                        Cardboard Pizza box
 Potato (hot with fillings)   Cardboard Clam
 Sausages                     In bread or with serviette if
 Sandwiches                   Paper serviette
                              Paper bag
 Sausage Rolls                Paper Bag

 Turkish Pide                 Aluminium Foil

 Other Food:
 If you food does not appear above please list the individual items and cost below.
 Please select your Waste Wise Packaging from the following:
 Paper plate / Paper bag and serviette / cardboard noodle box / hard plastic rectangular container
 Eg. Food item - Paper bag and serviette - $5.00

 Please identify any other packaging your stall will be using:


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