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									                                            Art Lesson Plan
School:       Maffra S.C.                                                    Class:         Year 11 Art
Concept: Conceptual Art (1 week lesson plan)                                 Week:

Principle:                  This lesson plan is designed to do two things:
                            - challenge the students' ideas of what can be and explore the idea of the
                            authorship of art.
                            - explore the different ways conceptual artists have engaged society with their

Objective/s:                - students are to write a personal mini-essay on what art is to them.
                            - students will trade instructions on artworks and compare different artworks from
                            the same instructions

Rationale:                  In doing these activities I would like to have the students explore individually what
                            Art means to them, and what art IS to them. By using the conceptual viewpoint
                            that art is merely an idea, students will have a broader range to critically engage
                            with artists.

Learning Activity 1:        Students will fill in a short questionnaire, the last question being “To me, Art is....”

                            This will be used as a starting point for a class discussion on what is and isn't art.
                            Teacher directed questions involving historically known conceptual art can lead
                            the discussion, such as:

                            “If I drew a moustache on a cheap poster of the Mona Lisa, would you consider
                            that Art?

                            “If I gave instructions to a house painter on how to paint a wall, is that art?”

                            “ If I collected all the things I got for my birthday and put them in a cabinet, is
                            that Art?”

Learning Activity 2:        Short Slideshow on Conceptual Art, concentrating on 3 Artists; Duchamp, LeWitt
                            and Calle. Slideshow includes lots of examples of the Artists work and quotes from
                            them, giving ample opportunities for class discussions.

Main Art Activity:          The main art activity concentrates on Sol LeWitt and the making of his wall

                            1. Students will recreate an artpiece by Sol Lewitt, using the instructions:

                            LeWitt’s directions for Wall Drawing #146 state: “All two-part combinations of blue
                            arcs from corners and sides and blue straight, not straight, and broken lines.
                            September 1972. Blue crayon: dimensions vary with installation.” I

                            f you were given these directions, a blue crayon, and a surface of your choosing,
                            create the drawing that would result from you interpreting these directions.
                            Compare your solution with those that your classmates create.

                            2. Each student should create directions for a drawing. The artist may stipulate
                            the media, size, tool(s), color(s), shape(s), placement of all elements, or only
                            some. Then ask students to exchange directions and create the drawing based
                            on their classmate’s directions.

Evaluation:                 Make an evaluation of the lesson against your objectives
Materials Needed:           Projector, Whiteboard, Paper, Blue Crayon.

Information for Students:   Detail the written instructions, definitions, artist's names, handout sheets or any
                            other preparation for the lesson you want the students to record in their visual

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