Is a Family Lawyer Needed for Child Visitation and Custody

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					 Do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer to Enforce your Visitation

                                     By Justin DiMateo

Things tend to get much more complicated when children are involved in a divorce.
With child support, visitation rights, child visitation and other items to consider, an
experienced lawyer is normally a vital asset to have by your side.

Most divorcing couples think that they have everything figured out and choose to go the
uncontested divorce route, but more often than not one or more issues come up that one

party will vehemently oppose, changing the divorce to the contested divorce.

Hiring a lawyer even when attempting to go the uncontested divorce route is an
excellent way to protect your rights and to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as
possible. In situations of contested divorces, a qualified divorce attorney is an important
and necessary part of both parties' arsenal. Don't do it all by yourself, especially if your
former spouse has hired legal representation.

In terms of child custody and visitation rights, your lawyer will make sure that you are
fairly represented and that your wishes are known and rightfully considered in the
court's decision. There are two types of custody arrangements: joint and sole. There are
also two types of custody that must be determined: physical and legal.

If one parent is granted sole physical custody, it doesn't mean that the noncustodial
parent will not get to see their child. It simply means that the child will live with the
custodial parent permanently, with the noncustodial parent granted visitation rights to
some degree as determined by the family law court.

Most divorces settle on joint legal custody in which both parents have the right to make
decisions about the child's education, religious affiliation, healthcare, etc. although this
may vary in cases where one parent is deemed unfit to make such decisions.

A talented lawyer should be consulted for further information pertaining to divorce,
child custody and support and visitation issues.

Justin enjoys multiple subjects and agrees that you would be best assisted by getting in
touch with a qualified and experienced Father's Rights Lawyer in your city. For spouses
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Description: Normally, the non-custodial spouse has legal child visitation rights to visit their child unless the family court finds that visitation is not in the child's best interest.