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					 Compassionate & Dignified End-of-Life Care

 Winter 2009

 Hospice of the Rapidan
 is a not for profit community
                                       YOU Make the Difference!
 based organization providing          From our inception over twenty-five years ago, Hospice of
 medical care and social, emo-
 tional, spiritual and grief support
                                       the Rapidan has always pledged to provide the best possible
 for people with a                     end-of-life care to every patient who qualifies for hospice
 limited life expectancy and
                                       regardless of their ability to pay.
 their caregivers
                                       Our ability to live up to this promise is
                                       a direct result of the support we have
 Serving Fauquier, Culpeper,           received from you, the members of the
 Orange, Madison and                   communities we serve. Your support,
 Rappahannock counties                 through contributions and volunteer-
                                       ing, enables us to meet the individual
                                       needs of every patient, every time. We
 Virginia Licensed, Medicare           understand that when a loved one is
                                       dying the cost of his or her care should
 & Medicaid Certified
                                       not be a limiting concern, and with
                                       your help, we can assure every family
                                       that they will get the care, compassion      25th Anniversary Gala a success
 Founded 1983                          and support they need without worry-         because of our generous donors.
                                                                                    Pictured from left to right are;
                                       ing about the cost. After all, they
                                                                                    Dr. Randy Merrick, an honoree, with
                                       have enough on their mind.                   Rose Cornelious, Development
     In This Issue    ▼
                                                                                    Director and Valarie Diamond,
                                       With this issue of Companion we grate-       Outreach Coordinator
2  Letter from the Director            fully acknowledge the individuals, busi-
3  Grief Support Group                 nesses, foundations, civic groups,           stand the value of the essential care
4  Service of Remembrance              churches and others who supported our        we provide. Whatever the reason for
4  Educational Outreach                work so generously during the past           your contribution, we are immensely
5  A Hospice Story                     year. Many made contributions in mem-        grateful and know our patients and
5  Hospice Q&A                         ory of a loved one or dear friend.           their loved ones are too.
                                       Others support us year after year
6  Clinical Corner                     because they share our compassion for        While we receive reimbursement for the
7  Honor Roll of Donors                terminally ill patients and their loved      basic costs of the care we provide from
11 Letter from the Director of         ones. Still others have helped with spe-     Medicare and insurance, we never limit
   Development                         cific projects or initiatives to enable us   the care for any patient because the
12 Raffle Ticket Winners               to meet the ever changing needs of           costs exceed those for which we are
12 National Healthcare                 patients and families for the next quar-     reimbursed. Your contributions enable
                                       ter century. All our contributors under-     us to provide the care that is needed
   Decisions Day
                                                                                                             continued on pg 3
                     Join us at one or more of
CALENDAR OF EVENTS   the following events!                   Letter From the Executive Director
                                                                                        Just a few weeks     es, civic organizations, foundations and
                     January                                                            ago Hospice of       churches who understand that comfort and
                     Grief Support Group                                                the Rapidan cele-    dignity at the end-of-life are priceless. The
                     Six consecutive Tuesdays                                           brated its 25th      words “thank you” hardly seem sufficient,
                     beginning Jan 20th 2:00-3:30 pm                                    anniversary.         but they are deeply felt in the hearts of
                                                                                        That's quite a       every patient, every spouse, every child
                     Hospice of the Rapidan Community Room
                                                                                        milestone—a          and every caregiver who benefits from our
                                                                                        quarter century      brand of hospice care.
                     March                                                              of the best possi-
                     Grief Support Group                                                ble end-of-life      The bond we have shared with our commu-
                     Six consecutive Tuesdays                                           care for everyone    nities for 25 years—to take care of our
                     beginning Mar 3rd 2:00-3:30 pm                                     who needs it in      own with the greatest peace, dignity, com-
                                                             Kathy Clements
                     Warrenton Visitor Center                                           our community.       fort and skill possible—is an enduring one.
                                                             From the humblest of beginnings when a          Together we will face the challenges and
                     33 North Calhoun Street, Warrenton
                                                             small group of visionary area residents met     opportunities of the next quarter century.
                                                             in a church basement to being the leading       As baby boomers reach the age at which
                     Volunteer Training                      hospice serving all of Culpeper, Fauquier,      they will become the primary consumers of
                     Sat, 7th & 14th                         Madison, Orange and Rappahannock                hospice the demand for the care we provide
                     11:00am-4:00 pm                         Counties has been quite a journey. I for        will grow dramatically. An entire generation
                     Hospice of the Rapidan Community Room   one feel blessed to have been along for the     of adults will bear more responsibility for
                                                             ride and to have helped chart its course.       the care of their terminally ill patients than
                     April                                                                                   any before them, and we will be by their
                     Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon         Today, in partnership with the communities      side as they find their way through this
                     Thur, 2nd, 11:30am-2:00pm               we serve, we care for over 300 terminally       difficult process that is unfamiliar to them
                     Culpeper Country Club                   ill patients a year, and touch the lives of     but well understood by our dedicated staff
                                                             many hundreds more including our patients'      and volunteers. Add to this the extraordi-
                                                             caregivers, loved ones and survivors. From      nary financial strain on government that
                     National Healthcare Decisions Day
                                                             the beginning we made two promises,             has already started to put pressure on
                     Thurs, 16th, 11:30am-2:00pm             which we hold as our core values today          hospice reimbursements, and the value of
                     Warrenton Visitors Center               more than 25 years later. We never turn         financial support from people like you
                     33 North Calhoun Street                 away any patient who qualifies for hospice      becomes more important than it has
                     Light luncheon provided                 care regardless of his or her ability to pay,   ever been.
                     Call 540-825-4840 to register           and we always provide the best possible
                                                             end-of-life care regardless of the cost.        Simply put, we could not do what we do
                     Hartland Institute's Three Angels'                                                      without you. Thank you for making extraor-
                     Chorale Concerts “No More Night”        Our ability to live up to these two ambi-       dinary end-of-life care possible right here
                     to benefit Hospice of the Rapidan       tious promises simply would not be possi-       in the community we share, yesterday,
                                                             ble without financial support from the          today and tomorrow.
                     Please call 540-825-4840 for
                                                             communities we serve. With this issue of
                     more information
                                                             Companion we are delighted to recognize                         Kathy Clements, RN, CHPN
                                                             the generosity of area residents, business-
                     Hospice Foundation of America
                     Living with grief: Children & Adolescents         MANAGEMENT TEAM                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                     Wed, 29th, 1:30-4:00 pm                           Executive Director                         President
                                                                          Kathy Clements, RN, BSN                   Neil Mairs
                     Fauquier Health
                                                                       Medical Director                           Vice President
                     The Sycamore Room                                   Eve Bargmann, MD, Diplomate of             Delegate Edward T. Scott
                     Call 540-825-4840 to register                       the American Board of Hospice &
                                                                         Palliative Medicine                      Treasurer
                                                                                                                    Bishop Michael V. Jackson, Sr.
                                                                       Director of Nursing &
                                                                       Patient Services                           Secretary
                                                                          Essie Rossi, RN, CHPN                     Jo-an Getsinger
                                                                       Director of Development                    Directors
                                                                          Rose Cornelious                           Dr. Julie Connelly
                                                                                                                    John James
                                                                       Community Relations Director                 John Klumpp
                                                                         Nancy Walbridge-O’Connell                  H. F. Taff Lawton
                                                                                                                    Ann Miller
                                                                       Director of Human Resources                  Robert Niles
                                                                          Ann Frazier                               Jerry Raines
                           Companion is published                      Volunteer Coordinator                        Sue Hurt Shifflett
                            four times a year by:                         Ruth Pavlik
                          Hospice of the Rapidan                       Grief Care Coordinator
                               P.O. Box 1715                              Craig Wilt
                            Culpeper, VA 22701                         Companion Editor
                     540.825.4840 • 540.825.7752 Fax                     Nancy Walbridge-O’Connell
Make the Difference                      continued from pg 1

rather than the care some govern-         needs are more demanding, and we          which enhances both the comfort
ment agency decides is appropriate.       are in the compassion business.           and quality of life for patients and
Here are some examples:                                                             their families.
                                          • Grief Care—We provide compre-
• Medication—One of the key goals         hensive grief support for family          None of this would be possible with-
of hospice is to free patients from       members and loved ones of dying           out your continuing support. As we
pain so they and their families can       patients, including patients not          look forward to the next quarter
make the most of their remaining          under our care, without ever charg-       century we see a number of chal-
time together. Sometimes the cost of      ing a fee or receiving reimbursement.     lenges that you can help us meet.
the medications necessary to keep a       For us, caring for families is as         With the aging of the baby boomers
patient comfortable can run many          important as caring for patients. We      the number of hospice patients is
thousands of dollars more than we         provide counseling, support groups,       expected to rise significantly over
are reimbursed for. We never hesitate     grief programs to meet the needs of       the next two decades. Also, the fed-
to provide the medication any             people during the holidays, special       eral government, looking everywhere
patient under our care needs, regard-     programs for children, and always try     for ways to cut costs, has already
less of cost, which would not be          to do what we can for those facing        started to reduce the rates at which
possible without your help.               the loss of a loved one.                  hospices are reimbursed even against
                                                                                    broad, bipartisan opposition in
• Home Alone—Most hospices                • Serving Rural Patients—Hospice          Congress. These kinds of develop-
require each patient to have a pri-       of the Rapidan primarily cares for        ments mean that your support has
mary caregiver. We understand this        rural patients, which is more expen-      more direct benefits for patients now
is not always possible. Many of our       sive because our nurses and staff         than they ever have in the past.
patients live alone or with an elderly    have to travel longer distances which
spouse who is too frail to be an          reduces the number of patients they       It is one thing for us to thank those
effective caregiver. While they often     can visit each day. We never shorten      who have supported us with contri-
need more frequent visits from our        our visits with patients or reduce the    butions. It is another for you to be
nurses and other staff or need care in    number of visits because of these         able to see the extraordinary differ-
the middle of the night, which signif-    added costs. In fact, many referring      ence your support makes, one person
icantly drives up the cost, we never      physicians report that our care teams     at a time. For them let us simply say
turn away these patients. Compassion      visit patients more frequently than       “thank you.”
requires that we care for those whose     other hospices they are familiar with,

Six-Week Grief Support Group to Help Grieving Friends and Family
                       Handling the loss of a loved one        time to listen, lend an encouraging word and offer practi-
                       can be crippling to those left          cal advice that has worked for so many others.
                       behind. Talking to a professional or
                       others who have suffered similar        If you or a loved one are experiencing difficulty dealing
                       losses can provide support in so        with a loss, please consider joining Craig for his next sup-
                       many ways. Craig Wilt, Hospice of       port group to begin on Tuesday, January 20th through
                       the Rapidan's Grief Care Coordinator    Tuesday, February, 27th from 2:00 pm–3:30 pm in Hospice
                       regularly holds workshops and sup-      of the Rapidan's community room, 1200 Sunset Lane, Suite
                       port groups in various counties in      2320, Culpeper. For more information or to ask confidential
                       order to help families and individu-    questions about how the group can help call Craig directly
Craig Wilt, Grief
Care Coordinator
                       als deal with the loss of their loved   at 540-825-4840, between 8:30 am–4:00 pm, Monday
                       one, family member or friend.           through Friday.

Each individual deals with his or her grief in their own       Although Hospice of the Rapidan receives no reimbursement
private way, yet sharing their thoughts, fears and feelings    from Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance for these pro-
with others in the safety of a confidential support group      grams, our grief care services are free and open to anyone,
can provide ideas and insights for one another that help       including those with no prior experience with hospice.
ease their pain and fears.

Craig has helped hundreds of people over the years he has
been working with families and neighbors. He always has
Service of Remembrance Brings Comfort to Families and Loved Ones
                                         On Sunday,                    Comforting and devotional music was provided by harpist
                                         September 28th,               Dawn Bartlett, and, from Hartland College, the Hartland
                                         families and                  Ladies Chorus, soloist Rita Baker and The Three Angels'
                                         friends gathered              Chorale, under co-directors Betsy Mayer and Seth Lucas,
                                         together to                   lifted hearts with inspirational songs. At the conclusion
                                         remember their                of the service doves were released to signify freedom
                                         loved ones who                and peace.
                                         had been cared for
                                         by Hospice of the             While most of our grief programs are available to anyone
                                         Rapidan during the            who has suffered a loss, the Service of Remembrance
                                         last year. The pri-           serves a smaller community—family and loved ones of
    Hospice of the Rapidan's Chaplain    vate service was              patients of Hospice of the Rapidan. In many respects, this
    Denise Vogt welcoming families to    held at the                   service is a continuation of the very personal relationship
    our Service of Remembrance           Culpeper United               that develops between caregivers and those receiving
                                         Methodist Church.             care. A strong bond often develops between patients'
    Over 150 family members, loved ones and friends attend-            families and the nurses, social workers, certified nursing
    ed, together with staff members and volunteers of                  assistants and dedicated volunteers who come into their
    Hospice of the Rapidan who helped care for their                   homes to provide dignified and compassionate end-of-life
    loved ones.                                                        care not just for the patient, but also for family members
                                                                       dealing with their emotions, fears and grief even before
    Grief Care Coordinator Craig Wilt led the program with             they lose their loved one.
    the assistance of many staff members and volunteers.
    Executive Director Kathy Clements welcomed families and            Special thanks to Pastor Randy Orndorff, Paul Clements,
    friends, Pastors Norma Jean and Arthur Fellows gave the            Mason Hutcheson & Ebenezer Heights Nursery, Collis
    invocation, and Hospice of the Rapidan's chaplain Denise           Jenkins who provided the doves, and Hospice of the
    Vogt offered the message “Hope for the Journey.”                   Rapidan volunteers.

     Rose Hill Farm hosts Hospice of the Rapidan's Employee Luncheon
                                                                       team. The employee luncheon is an annual event at which
                                                                       members of our staff can exchange stories of compassion and
                                                                       care, and share a collective pride in the work that we all con-
                                                                       tribute to. It is also a forum at which we recognize singular
                                                                       contributions and achievements of members of our staff.

                                                                       This year's event was held at the historic and beautiful Rose
                                                                       Hill Farm in Stevensburg. The farm, owned by the Ashby fami-
                                                                       ly for over 150 years, is regarded as one of the most historical
                                                                       homes in Culpeper County. The house has been restored to
                                                                       what it looked like in 1950 and the property has recently been
      Hospice of the Rapidan's employees enjoying a treat of a
                                                                       transformed into a wildlife preserve and sporting complex.
      special lunch and visit to Rose Hill Farm
      In June Hospice of the Rapidan recognized the achievements       John Covington, a member of the Ashby family and the cur-
      and dedication of its professionals and staff at its annual      rent owner of Rose Hill Farm, and Walter Bell, who manages
      employee luncheon. Our nurses, medical social workers, certi-    the property, opened this beautiful home for our luncheon in
      fied nursing assistants and office staff work tirelessly every   recognition of the work we do. We encourage our readers to
      day to ensure each patient and family receives the best possi-   visit Rose Hill Farm to get a unique perspective on Culpeper's
      ble end-of-life care, but given the wide geography we cover      rich history and wildlife. For more information please contact
      they rarely have the opportunity to gather together as a         Walter Bell at (540) 423-1930 or

A Hospice Story                                                                Hospice Q&A
                          My day was going fairly well. I had on my            Will the current economic turmoil
                          “painting” overalls, which bear spatters from        affect access to hospice care?
                          every room I've painted for the past 20 years. I
                          had paint in my hair, paint under my fingernails,    From its inception Hospice of the
                          a paint brush and roller full of paint, and some     Rapidan has been dedicated to provid-
                          lovely blue paint had even made it onto the          ing the best possible end-of-life care
                          walls. When the phone rang, I made my way            to every patient, every time, regard-
                          around the plastic-draped furniture and painting     less of financial considerations—and
                          gear, looking for the phone and two clean fin-       this will not change. These are very
                          gers to pick up the receiver. As a “rookie” volun-   challenging times, particularly for
 Susan Kitts, Hospice of  teer, I was surprised to hear Ruth Pavlik,           hospices like ours. On top of the eco-
 the Rapidan patient      Hospice of the Rapidan's Volunteer Coordinator,      nomic uncertainty that is on all of our
 care volunteer           on the line, asking if I could make a last-minute    minds, Medicare, which covers over
                          visit to a patient. I have never moved so fast.      85% of hospice patients, has already
Why can't I get ready that quickly when my husband is waiting? The             started to reduce the amount we are
answer involves my dad.                                                        reimbursed for the care we provide,
                                                                               even as the costs escalate due to a
My dad and I shared a common soul. We knew each other inside and out,          protracted nursing shortage and high
finished each other's sentences, read each other's minds. Mostly, we           energy costs.
laughed. He always said there was nothing so bad that you couldn't find
something humorous in it. When he had his first stroke I moved fast, get-      With the continued support of our
ting to his house before the ambulance. I moved fast after many more           loyal donors, whom we celebrate in
debilitating strokes, a hip fracture, and several bouts of pneumonia over      this issue of Companion, we will con-
the course of six years.                                                       tinue to provide the same high quality
                                                                               care patients and families have always
When pneumonia struck yet again, my family called hospice to meet with         received from us. Our communities
us in dad's room at the nursing home to determine if hospice might be          stood by us after the crash of 1987
appropriate. We hadn't yet seen him that morning, and the social worker's      and in the economic crisis that fol-
words fell on us like acid rain. My father's pneumonia had overcome him        lowed 9/11, and we hope you will do
and he was not expected to last more than a day or two. I could see he         so again now. Each donation makes so
was having trouble breathing and he was slowly waving his arms as if try-      much more of a difference in difficult
ing to find someone. He was unresponsive.                                      times, so donors have rarely had a
                                                                               better opportunity to make a direct
Hospice moved fast. Within minutes, they started medication to make him        and meaningful impact on the quality
more comfortable, and he seemed to relax. The social worker encouraged         of care (and quality of life) right here
us to talk with him, put water on his lips, to hold his hands. My beloved      where we all live than right now. By
dad died the next day, about two minutes after the hospice social worker       including Hospice of the Rapidan on
told me to take his hand.                                                      your year end giving list, you can help
                                                                               ensure that no one in our community
Although I can never repay the hospice workers for moving so quickly to        who needs hospice ever has to do
ease my dad's passing, I later realized that I could ease the burden on        without it.
another family by volunteering with Hospice of the Rapidan. So when Ruth
called to say I was needed, I didn't waste a moment.

                                                                Susan Kitts

                                                                                  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!
                           If you would prefer not to
                             receive future issues of                                Contact us at
                         Companion, please call Elaine                                  or call 540.825.4840
                         at 540.825.4840 or e-mail her

    Clinical Corner
    A Column for Health Care Professionals
    Prognostication for the Terminal Patient                                                 By ANNA M. HICKS, M.D.,
                               Dr. Hicks is     grows and changes signifying a new         numerous factors—ambulation, activ-
                               a geriatrics     life will arrive soon, a patient nearing   ity, nutrition, need for assistance and
                               fellow at UVA    the end of life also changes—usually       mental status, to determine a score
                               Health System    months before the actual event of          for each patient. They are also vali-
                               where she        “death.” As the patient's family           dated resources to use for determina-
                               specializes in   thought back, they began recounting        tion of prognosis based on function
                               internal medi-   the loss of function, multiple hospi-      rather than disease.
                               cine with a      talizations, and increased dependence
    Dr. Hicks and her infant focus on care      of the man in front of us. A light         By not acknowledging the signs of
    son, appreciating the cir- of the aging     went off in their heads. This compari-     the dying process in our patients, we
    cle of life                patient and      son struck a cord with me and is one       are setting them up to be the woman
                               end-of-life      I frequently use today.                    who goes to the emergency room
    care. Previously she was the first fel-                                                with stomach pain and bloating for
    low in hospice and palliative care in       Often we use the disease itself to         nine months only to find out she is
    Memphis, TN.                                determine the prognosis of the             in active labor. As patients with
                                                patient. In cancer, for example, we        chronic disease enter a dying process
                                                calculate life expectancy based on         they begin to need more assistance
    The past year has been one of excep-        the type of malignancy. For other ill-     from others on a daily basis, have a
    tional growth for me both personally        nesses, like COPD and heart failure,       decreased appetite, become more
    and professionally. In 2007, I gradu-       life expectancy is difficult to deter-     sedentary and get confused more
    ated residency, became a first-time         mine just from the disease itself. This    often. Many times we see these
    mother and became the first fellow in       is where we can look to functional         patients repeatedly admitted to the
    hospice and palliative care in              status as a means of prognostication.      hospital for problems that would not
    Memphis, Tennessee. By day, I was a         The patient who has heart failure          necessitate inpatient care for more
    physician to those who were at the          with an ejection fraction of 40%, sits     functional people. They are also more
    end of their lives and by night I went      in a chair most of the day and is          likely to have worse complications
    home to mother an infant, new to            winded just from brushing his teeth        from procedures and medications. By
    this world. What a stark contrast to        has a shorter prognosis than the           using functional assessment tools to
    face - the beauty of new life in my         patient who has an ejection fraction       evaluate patients such as these, we
    home and the sadness of grief for life      of 20% but can still cook and clean        can identify those patients at high
    being lost in the homes of others.          without symptoms.                          risk for death in the next year and
                                                                                           begin discussions regarding end of
    One day during fellowship while             Those of you who work in hospice are       life care and hospice sooner rather
    standing at the bedside of an actively      likely familiar with tools such as the     than later.
    dying patient, my attending physician       Karnofsky Score and Palliative
    used the analogy of death being like        Performance Scale used to determine        For more information on prognostica-
    pregnancy. She explained to the fami-       functional status of patients admitted     tion visit “Fast Facts”
    ly that just as a pregnant woman            to hospice. These scales look at

      Hospice of the Rapidan Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
      with a Gala Celebration
      Shortly before this issue of Companion went to press we com-   and Clarissa Leggett, each of whom resides in one of the five
      memorated 25 years of compassionate and dignified end-of-      counties we serve. The event raised over $80,000 to support
      life care with a gala celebration—“A Passion for Caring.”      the vital care we provide, and we are humbled by the support
      Around 200 friends and supporters of Hospice of the Rapidan    the event received from area residents and businesses alike.
      enjoyed a black tie dinner and dancing at the Inn at Kelly's   In order to give this event the coverage it deserves, look for
      Ford on October 4th, which honored John “Butch” Davies,        a more comprehensive story and pictures in the Spring 2009
      Karen Henderson, Delegate Ed Scott, Randolph Merrick, M.D.     issue of Companion.

2007/2008 Honor Roll of Supporters
On behalf of our patients, their families and the communities we serve, Hospice of the Rapidan extends its sincere
gratitude to our generous donors for their support of compassionate and dignified end-of-life care in our area. We are
delighted to recognize the many individuals, corporations and foundations who supported Hospice of the Rapidan dur-
ing fiscal year that ended in June, 2008. We have made every effort to accurately recognize all those who have gener-
ously supported our work. If your name has inadvertently been omitted, misspelled, or incorrectly listed, we apologize
in advance. Please contact us at 540.825.4840 or email us at Thank you!
AARP Orange County                  Mr. & Mrs. John Bartenstein          Ms. Jill Boone                      Ms. Janet Bryant                   Ms. Janice Chick
Ms. Joyce Abel                      Mr. & Mrs. Terrell & Elaine          Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Joyce          Mr. Garnet Bryne                   Chipshot
Mr. Rodney Abraham                        Baskerville                          Bosworth                      Ms. Sandra Jean Buchanan           Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Ellen Chirdon
Ace Trim Carpentry Inc              Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Rita Basnett     Bottom Line Bookkeeping, LLC        Ms. Amy Buchanan                   Sarah Sue Christenson
Ms. Lynda Achord                    Ms. Jane Batchelder                  Ms. Bonnie Bourne                   George & Earle Buecheler           Ms. Betty Christian
John & Julie Adams                  Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Lynette Bates   Ms. Beverly Boutwell                Ms. Graciela Bumgardner            B. Christiana
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Suzanne Aiello   Ms. Betty Jo Bates                   Gladys Bowen                        Charles Burgess                    Mrs. Beverly Christiana
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore & Annette       Mrs. Stephen & Gayle Bathon          Ms. Candace Bowen                   Ms. Kathleen Burke                 Tony & Beverly Christiana
     Ainslie                        Clarence and Louise Batten           Mr. Richard Bower                   Mr. & Mrs. Otis Burke              Mrs Lynne Christopher
Airbus Americas Inc.                Battlefield Farms                    L. Ruth Bower                       Mr. & Mrs William & Evelyn Burke   Ms. Diane Christy
David T. & Frances Albee            Battlefield Toyota Chevrolet         Mrs. Judy Bowler                    Ms. Margaret Burke                 Cinetic Landis Grinding Corp
Jack & Sylvia Albright              Mr. & Mrs. LeeRoy & Bunny            Ms. Val Bowman                      Ms. Jackie Burke                   Claire's at the Depot
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Gail Alford           Baumgardner                    Mr. & Mrs. Howad Bowman             Mr. Craig Burlingame               Mr. James Clarey
Ms. Michelle Allaire                Judith Bawkey                        Boy Scout Troop # 196               Beth & Kenny Burns                 Mr. Halbert Clark
Mr. Kevin Allen                     BB&T                                 Mr. Forrest Boyce                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald Burrell          Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. & Betty R.
Mr. Hazen Allen                     Mr. George Beach                     Sylvia H Boyer                      Mr. & Mrs. Earl & Gracia Burton          Clark
Dr. Williams Allison                Gary & Brenda Beasley                Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Vickie         W. M. & Sandra W. Burton           John W. & Virginia M. Clark
Ms. Shirley Allison                 Mr. Robert Beck                            Bradford                      Ms. Peggy Buskill                  Bruce T. & Dianne D. Clark
Alma Bragg, Culpeper United         Ms. Doris Bell                       Ms. Joella Bradshaw                 Mr. & Mrs. Glendon & Kathryn       Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Ellie Clark
Methodist Church                    Belle Meade Bed & Breakfast          Mr. Moffett Brady                        Butler                        Ms. Mary Clark
Theodore & Vicki Almay              Mr. & Mrs. Art & Juanita Belt        Brandy Station Foundation           Mr. William Butler lll             Ms. Dorothy Clarke
Nathan Almond                       Mr. & Mrs. William Benner            Brandy Station Lions Club           Mrs. Alice Butler                  Mr. Charles Clater
Ms. Rosalie Alther                  Mr. Hugh Bennett                     Mr. & Mrs. Benny & Cathy Brann      Mr. & Mrs. James & Doris Butler    Ms. Doris Clatterbuck
C.M. Edna Altman                    Mrs. Joyce Bennett                   Dr. James R. Branscome              Mr. & Mrs. James & Betty Butler    Mr. & Mrs. Billy & Pauline
Mr. & Mrs. Henry & Mary Altman      Ms. Anna Bennett                     Mr. & Mrs. Grace & Matt Brascher    Ms. Ellen Butters                        Clatterbuck Sr.
American Benefits Planning Inc      Mr. Pete Benson                      Mr. Joseph Braxton                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Mildred        Mr. Kemp Clemen
American Legion Post 156            Donald & Audrey Benson               Ms. Rachel Breed                         Buxton                        Miss Catherine Clemen
American Woodmark Foundation        Barbara & Thomas Benton              Jerry & Sue Ellen Breeden           Mr. & Mrs. Rodney & Kay Bywaters   Mr. & Mrs. William & Rosemarie
Ms. Dorothy Ames                    Mr. Mark Berent                      Richard & Dale Breeden              P. Cabot                                 Clements
Mr. Frank Andrews                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Arlene Berge     Mr. & Mrs. Warren & Martha          Ms. Lina Cahan                     Mr. Paul Clements
John & Martha Andrews               Mrs. Ann Berna                             Breeden                       Mrs. Cindy Campbell                Paul & Kathy Clements
Ms. Theresa Angus                   Ms. Catherine Bernache               Ms. Sharon Brendel                  Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Patricia      Linda Clendening
George & Beverly Anthes             Paul & Fritzie Bernazani             Jane Brennan                             Campbell                      Mr. & Mrs. Donna & Jeffrey
Mr. James Appleton                  Ms. Joyce Berns                      Ms. Dawn Brindle                    Ms. Shelley & Tom Campbell               Clendening
Approva Corporation                 Ms. Barbara Berntson                 Mr. Willie Briscoe                  Mr. Robert Camper                  Ms. Frances Clingan
Arlington Baptist Church            Ms. Nell Berry                       Ms. Jean Briscuso                   Ms. Sally Canavan                  Doris B Clore
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Marie           Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. David Berry    Ms. Renee Brister                   Ms. Courtenay Cann                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Marie Clore
     Armstrong                      Bruce & Edna Bessemer                Mr. J.D. Brittain                   Capital Quest. Inc                 Mr. D.L. Sr & David Clore
Ms. Susan Armstrong                 Bethel United Methodist Church—      Ms. Elizabeth Brittle               Ms. Ruby Caporaletti               Mr. John Clore III
Mr. Ryan Armstrong                        Rochelle                       Ms. Nancy Brittle                   Cardinal-Virginia Concrete         Clore-English Funeral Home
Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Carolyn            Bethlehem United Methodist           Michael & Carolyn Brock             Mrs. Lou Ann & L.W. Carithers      Mr. & Mrs. John & Bernice Coates
     Armstrong                            Church                         Mrs. Elizabeth Brockman             Ms. Martha Caroon                  Ms. Rosalind Coates
Ms. Rosemary Arnolts                Mr. & Mrs. William & Jane Betts      Marcel Bronmans                     Mr. Wayne Carpenter                Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Coates
Chris & Terri Artale                Mr. Lee Bird                         Mr. Charles Brooke                  Mr. Walker & Debbie Carpenter      Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Ruth Cobleigh
Mr. & Mrs. George & Ann Ashby       Mrs. Eleanor Birkner                 Curtis & Odile Brooking             Ms. Bertie Carpenter               Ms. Patricia Cobrin
Mr. Roger Ashby                     Mr. & Mrs. Leonard & Elizabeth       Ms. Andrea Brooks                   Mrs. Helen Carpenter               Ms. Dorothy Cochrane
Mr. David Ashley                          Birney                         Ray & Anne Brooks                   Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Helen Carpenter   Ms. Barbara Coffey
Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Dorothy         Bill & Nancy Biscoe lll              Mr. & Mrs. John & Bessie Brooks     Mr. G. Carrera                     Ms. Sylvia Coffman
     Atkins                         Mr. Willie Biscoe                    Ms. Cathy Brown                     Karen & Martin Carroll             Mr. Wayne Coleman
Mr. Levi Atkins                     Sheila & Mike Bishop                 Mr. & Mrs. Willard & Yvonne Brown   Mr Robert Carroll                  Ms. Mary Susan Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Ivan & Syneva Augustin   Ms. Josephine Bizzoco                Mr. Malcolm Brown                   Ms. Gail Carter                    Ms. Marie Collins
Ms. Dickie & Patricia Aylor         Black Forest Sign, Inc.              Ms. Shirley Brown                   Mr. & Mrs. Donna & Jean Carter     Mr. & Mrs. Russell & Mary Collins
Ms. Ellen Aylor                     Mr. & Mrs. David & Donna             Mr. Randolph Brown                  Ms. Carolyn Carter                 Mrs. Betty Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. & Glenna C.         Blackistone                    Clara Brown                         Blynn & Joan Cascadden             Bertrand P. Collomb
     Aylor                          Mr. & Mrs. William & Gloria          Ms. Katy Brown                      Mr. James Casey                    Mr. Michael Colnes
Calvin & Irene Aylor                      Blanton                        Edna Brown                          Ms. Barbara & Michael Cason        Dawn Colvin
Ms. Glenna Aylor                    Mr. Kendal Blaser                    Mr. & Mrs. L.F. & Eva Jane Brown    Mr. Archie Catalfamo               Tomasha Colvin
Mr. Christopher Bache               Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. & June V.       Jay W. Brown                        Mr. & Mrs. Glenn & Arlene Cave     Ms. Alice Colvin
Ms. Merry Bachetti                        Bledsoe                        Mr. & Mrs. Orion Brown              CBGreene Interiors, LLC            Ms. Jo Ann Colvin
Ms. Donna Backe                     Thomas & Geraldine Bledsoe           Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Mary Jane        Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Sheila Cejka      Mr. & Mrs. Melvin & Mary Colvin
Mr. & Mrs. Melisa & Doug Baker      Mr. Randall Bledsoe DBA                    Brown                         John & Kathleen Cerio              Commonwealth of Virginia
Ms. Pamela Baker                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Patricia         Sandra & Walter Brown               Charles Cervens                          Campaign
Ms. Doris Balderson                       Blevins                        Ms. Lynda Brown                     Ms. Elizabeth Chadsey              Communications Workers Of
Mr. James Ballard                   Mr. George Blood                     Ms. Mary Brown                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Melanie              America
Bank of America Barracks Road       Blue Ridge Biplane Rides             Brown's Electrical                       Chambers                      Mr. Alvin Compton
Mrs. Patricia Bankhead              Bluemont Nephrology Assoc.           Stephen & Suzanne Browning          Ms. Jane Chambers                  Ms. Kimberly Conlon
Ms. Tammy Barboza                   Raymond Blumel                       Ms. Martha Browning                 Ms. Mary Chapin                    Ms. Julia Connelly
Mr. & Mrs. John & Virginia          Mr. Mark Blyan                       Ms. Ruby Brownlee                   Marty & Harvey Chaplin             Bob & Lucille Connolly
     Barksdale                      Board of Supervisors—Madison         Mr. Carl Broyles                    Ms. Mary Chappell                  Mr. & Mrs. Samuel & Elizabeth
Donna Barlass                             County                         Mr. James Broyles Jr.               Charlottesville District UMC             Conrad
Mr. Brad Barnes                     Mr. Randall Boblett                  Ms. Diane Bruce                     Ministers Association              Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. & Louise Cook
Mr. Richard Barnhardt               Mr. Monty Bodington                  Mr. J. Bruce Jr.                    Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Laura Mae         Ms. Pauline Cooke
Nancy Barnhart                      Ms Patricia Boelman                  Ms. Cindy Bruming                        Chartier                      Mr. Howard Coon
Mr. & Mrs. William & Sarah Barron   Ms. Phyllis Boldin                   Ms. Evelyn Bryant                   Chateau du Reaux Wine/Gourmet      Ms. Julie Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Anita Barry       Ms. Joyce Bolyard                    Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Rita Bryant             Shop                          Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Peggy Cooper

    Mrs. Gail Cope                       Mr. J. Dewdney                        Mr. Carl Evans                       Mr. William Galm                     Groves Hardware LLC
    Ms. Faye Coppage                     Ms. Dina DeWilde-Carruthers           EWA Services, Inc.                   Mr. Robert Garbark                   Bill & Beverly Guest
    Mr. Fred Corbett                     Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. G.M. DeWit      Mr. & Mrs. Julius & Mary Ewen        Mr. Warren Garman                    Anthony & Angie Guiseppe
    Lena & Joyce Corbin                  Mr. & Mrs. H. Dewys                   Fairfax County Professional Fire     Mr. & Mrs. Doc & Barbara Garnett     Ms. Bea Gulas
    Mr. & Mrs. Alan & Elizabeth Corbin   Ms. Linda Dick                        Fighters & Paramedics, IAFF Local    Mr. & Mrs. John & Barbara Garr       Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Joyce Gunn
    Ms. Brenda Corbin                    Ms. Julia Dickey                            2068 Inc                       Ms. Mae Garr                         Mr. & Mrs. O. Bruce & Jacqueline
    Ms. Thelma Corbin                    Mr. Jeff Dillon                       Fairlea Farm Bed & Breakfast Faith   Ms. Nancy Garrett                          Gupton
    Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Rose Cornelious    Mr. & Mrs. Merle & Panom Dingess            Class                          Ms. Mary Garrison                    Mr. Merlin Gupton
    Mr. John Cornwall                    Direct Laboratory Services (D.L.S.)   Mr. & Mrs. Chester Fannon            Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Cynthia Gastley   Mrs. Rita Guziak
    Mr. & Mrs. John & Martha Cornwell    Frances & Sanford Disney              Randall & Sylvia Farmer              Mr. & Mrs Tom & Pam Gay              Leon Hackley
    Ms. Emme Cortelyou                   Diversified Estimating, Inc.          Ms. Wanda Farmer                     Gayheart & Willis, P.C.              Mr. Clyde & Iris Hackney
    Ms. Carol Couch                      Ervel Dixon                           Douglas & Anne Farmer                Mr. Robert Gazes                     Mr. Matt Hagarty
    Country Chevrolet, Inc               Ms. Joan Dixon                        Farmers Insurance Group              Mr. & Mrs. David & Amy Gee           Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Susan
    County of Orange                     Document Destruction of Virginia      Mr. John Farrar                      Ms. Catherine Gentry                       Hagedorn
    Susan. O. & John C. Cox              Mr. & Mrs. John & Linda Doden         Mr. Francis Farren                   Mr. & Mrs. Ed & Faye Gentry          Ms. Virginia Hale
    Ms. Carol Cox                        Susan L. & Chris Dods                 Ms. Sarita Faught                    Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Patricia         Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie & Glenna Hall
    Ms. Doris Cox                        Mr. Earnest Dodson                    Mr. Harold Faulconer                       Gerhart                        Ms. Virginia Hall
    Fran Coyner                          Ms. Nancy Dodson                      Fauquier Chamber of Commerce         Ms. Edith Gessford                   Ms. Teresa Hall
    Ms. Deborah Craggs                   Ms. Sue Dofflemoyer                   Fauquier Lead Share Group            Mr. & Mrs. Norman & Kim              Karen Halley
    Eleanor Crain                        Dominion Construction Group LLC.      Fauquier County Chamber of                 Getsinger Jr.                  Mr. & Mrs. Virginia Halpern
    David & Patricia Crandall            Dominion Virginia Power               Commerce Thursday Leadshare          Mrs. Jo-An Getsinger                 Halpern Enterprises, Inc
    Mr. & Mrs. James & Mae Craun Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Patty Donahue        Fauquier County Chamber of           Mary & Pat Gibbons                   Ms. Miriam Halsey
    Dr. William Crawford                 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Sandra            Commerce Tuesday Leadshare           Mr. Larry Gibbs                      Mrs. Mary Hammond
    Ms. Georgia Crider                         Donovan                         Fauquier County Chamber of           Norma Gibbs                          Mr. Kelly Hamrick
    Mrs. Laurie Crigler                  Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Sandy Dorion         Commerce Wednesday Leadshare         Mr. Charles Gibson                   Dennis Hanberry
    Ms. Laura Crofford                   Mr. Ted Douglas                       Fauquier County Parks &              Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Giles              Ms. Leah Hancock
    Mr. & Mrs. James Crompton            Bradford & Joan Douglas                     Recreation                     Mrs. Louise Gilkerson                Nancy Haney
    Mrs. Brenda Crooker                  Mr. Brad Dovan                        Fauquier County Public Library       Tracy & Curtis Gill                  Ms. Lydia Hansen
    Mr. Jerome Cross                     Ella & Robert Dovell                  Fauquier Hospital                    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Judy Gillian     Mr. Bryan Hargett
    Mr. Ken Crotsley                     Mr. & Mrs. George & Clara Downes      Margaret Faust                       Ms. Judith Gilman                    Mr. & Mrs. John & Norma Harlan
    Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie & Becky Crouch     Richard Dowsett                       Larry & Maria Fay                    Mr. William Gimbel                   Mr. & Mrs. James & Joyce Harley
    Culpeper '92 Lions Club              Ms. Kathy Draheim                     Mr. & Mrs. Edward Fazzi              Ms. Claudia Given                    Mr. Frank Harrington
    Culpeper Baptist Child               Mr. & Mrs. Alan & Susan Dranitzke     Mr. & Mrs. Barry & Diana Feldman     Mr. David Glascock                   F. James & Janice Harris
    Development Center                   Ms. Judy Draucker                     Mr. & Mrs. Lino & Nicole Felise      Ms. Ann Glascock                     Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jr.
    Culpeper Business & Professional     Ms. Gloria Driscoll                   Mr. & Mrs. William & Joyce           George & Debra Godfrey Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Carlton & Leslie Harris
         Women's Club                    Mr. Fred Drunagel                           Fendley III                    Willard & Linda Godfrey              Ms. Donna Harris
    Culpeper County                      Doris Du Lac                          Dr. and Mrs. Philip & Virginia       Mr. & Mrs. Pete & Kathy Godfrey      Mr. Jim Harris
    Culpeper County High School          Mr. Thomas Dudley ll                        Ferlazzo                       Ms. Elizabeth Goebels                Mr. Richard Harris
    Culpeper Host Lions Club             Arthur S. & Katherine H. Dudley       Ms. Bette Ferrell                    Ms. Ginger Goff                      David J. & Daphne C. Harris
    Culpeper Mid-Day Lions               Ms. Lorraine Duisit                   Ms. Andrea Ferrero                   Ms. Dolores Goff                     Ms. Amy Harrison
    Culpeper Post Office                 Ms. Margaret Dumas                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Jean Fischer       Gold's Gym                           Donnie Harsh
    Culpeper Sport & Racquet Club        Mr. Thomas Dumire                     Mr. & Mrs. Vincent & Patricia        Mr. Richard Golden                   Ms. Debra Harvey
    Culpeper United Methodist Church,    Mr. Richard Duncan                          Fischer RN                     Ms. Brenda Goldman                   Mr. E. Eugene Harwell Jr.
    United Methodist Women               Ms. Elizabeth Dunkling                Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Kelli Fish      Mr. & Mrs. Natalio Gomes             Ms. Cecelia Virginia Hassett
    Culpeper Window & Siding, Inc.       Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Marie Dura        Frank & Edie Fishback                Mr. & Mrs. Tony & Alice Gomes        Mrs. Betty Hatfield
    Mr. Robert Cumbo                     Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Linda Dwyer          Ms. Barbara Fisher                   Ms. Sarah Good                       Ms. Vickie Hatzes
    Ms. Chelsea Cunningham               Timmy & Tammy Dyer                    Mrs. Florence Fisher                 Mr. Jacob Goodkin                    Ms. Margaret Hawkins
    David P Cunningham                   E.A. Clore Sons, Inc                  Ms. Dorothie Fitzsimmons             Ms. Catherine Goodrum                Mr. A. Wayne Hawkins
    Dr. Phyllis Currier                  Eagle Pest elimination                Robert & Jane Fleming                Mike & Pat Goolsby                   Mrs. Alice Hawkins
    Mrs. Trula Curtis                    Mr. Thomas Earles                     Mr. Mike Fletcher                    Gordonsville Christian Church        Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd & Josephine
    Ms. Melissa Curtis                   Mr. Jeff Early                        Mr. B.T. Fletcher                    Gordonsville Medical Aid Fund,             Hayes
    Ms. Regina Curtis                    Mr. Richard C.& Mary J. Early         Ms. Barbara Fletcher                       Inc.                           Mr. & Mrs. Russell & Jewell Haynes
    Curves                               East Orange Ruritan Club              Mr. David Flowers                    Gordonsville Methodist Church        Ms. Christine Headly
    Corrine Cuthbertson                  Eastern Maintenance and Services,     Charles & Janice Foley               Milton & Betty Gore                  Roy & Lindy Heaster
    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey & Terry Cutsail         Inc.                            Mr. Jacob G. Ford                    Ted & Judy Gore                      Mrs. Chess & Janice Heater
    Robert & Kerry Dale                  Ms. Cameron Eaton                     Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Teresa Ford        Otis & Ella Gore                     Ms. Sue Heflin
    Kathryn & Oren Dameron               Ms. Betty Eckert                      Jack & Crystal Forgy                 Ms. Olivia Gore                      Mr. Daryl Hegedus
    Scott & Kaci Daniel                  Ms. Winfred Eddins                    Mr. & Mrs. Al & Nan Fortune          Ms. Shirley Gosper                   Mr. Hans R. Heinz
    Ms. Julia Daniel                     Ms. Susan Eddo                        Foster Harris House                  Mr. James Gossard                    Ms. Deborah Helfrich
    Ms. Betty Daniel                     Ms. Audrey Edenton                    Found & Sons Funeral Home            Mrs. Margaret Gottlieb               Ms. Betty Helvey
    Mrs. Elizabeth Danley                Mrs. Edith Edmonds                    Fountain Hall Bed & Breakfast        Mr. & Mrs. Eric & Barbara Graap      Mr. & Mrs. Katherine Hemion
    Mr. Jeffrey Darnell                  Wayne & Doris Edmonds                 Mr. & Mrs. Harold & Barbara Fowler   Anava Grabowski                      Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Tamra
    Data Systems Analysts, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Callie              Mr. James Fox                        Ms. Terry Graham                           Hemphill
    Mr. John Davidson                          Edmundson                       Ms. Marilyn Fox                      Mr. David Graham                     Mr. & Mrs. H. Wade & Maryann
    Patsy & Wally Davies                 Janet Edwards                         Frank Mangano Foundation             Mr. & Mrs. Turner & Margaret               Henderson
    Mr. John J Davies lll                Mr. Archie Edwards                    Mrs. Betty Franklin                        Graves                         E. Mark Henderson
    Mr. & Mrs. John Davies lll           Paul & Jacqueline Edwards             Mr. Steve Franklin                   Mrs. Kennon Graves                   Ms. Karen Henderson
    Barbara & Charlie Davis              Ms. Doris Edwards                     Mr. & Mrs. John & Patricia Fray      Ms. Ellen Graves                     Ms. Gayle Henderson
    Mr. Malcolm Davis                    Larry & Judy Eiben                    Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Ann Frazier        Graves Mountain Lodge Inc            Ms. Sandra Henley
    Mr. Lawrence Davis                   Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Elliott              Ms. Ann Frazier                      Graves' Mountain Lodge               Ms. Ann Hennings
    Mr. & Mrs. John & Zenta Dawson       Mr. & Mrs. Oscar & Tracy Elliott      Mr. Justin Freeman                   Mr. & Mrs. Melvin & Jolene Green     Mr. Jeff Henry
    Mr. Jared Dean                       Ms. Mickey Ellis                      Mr. & Mrs. Stanley & Alma            Mr. Alex Green Jr.                   Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Roberta
    Ronald & Jeannette Deavers           Ms. Eloise Embrey                           Friedman                       Ms. Dorothy Green                          Hensel
    Mr. Rudolph DeCanio                  EML Medical PLC                       Friends of Dept. of Planning &       Mr. & Mrs. Barbara & Michael         Mr. & Mrs. Joe & Sarah Henshaw
    Richard A. & Carole H. Delaney       Emmanuel Episcopal Church                   Budget                               Greene                         Ms. Paulette Herder
    Everett Delaney                      Mr. & Mrs. James & Linda Eney         Mr. & Mrs. W. Paul & Joan Fries      Mr. & Mrs. James & Ann Grichar       Heritage Auto Care
    John & Lydia Delawter                Epiphany Catholic School              Ed & Mary Froehlich                  Ms. Helen Grier                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Nancy Herman
    Margaret Delay                       Episcopal Church Women of Christ      Frogs & Friends                      Mr. & Mrs. Adrian & Mildred Gries    Ms. Michelle Hermsdorf
    Mr. & Mrs. Luke & Dominga                  Church                          Front Royal Chapter No 6             Ms. Sandee Griffin                   Mr. Donnie Herndon
         Demaitre                        Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Epperly              Howard Frye                          Ms. Bessie Grigsby                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Carolyn Herndon
    Mr. & Mrs. Rob & Nancy Demarest      Ms. Joyce Epperson                    Ms. Mary Ann Frye                    Laura L. & Floyd T. Grigsby          Ms. Elva Herndon
    Mr. James Dennis                     Mr. Lee Erb                           Mr. Wayne Frye                       Grills Family Foundation             Mr. Steve Hicks
    Biu DePuy                            Mrs. Dorothy Erlenborn                Frank Fuerst                         Christopher E. & Patricia K Grimm    Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Higgins
    Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Mary DeSimio    Ms. Emogene Erwin                     Ms. Ruth Fugee                       Ms. Helen Grimsley                   Higgins Family Foundation
    Ralph S. & Patricia Ga Desimone      Ms. Phyllis Eshleman                  Ms. Betty Fuller                     Mr. & Mrs. John & Clotelle           Mr. Steven Hill
    Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Louisse           Ed & Shirley Essertier                Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fuller lll                Grimsley                       Joseph Hillard
         Desmond                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Leona Estes       Mr. Bryon Fusini                     Mr. Grant Griswold                   Catherine Hillquist
    Mr. & Mrs. Chip & Susan Detlart      Mrs. Ann Estes                        Ms. Sara Gallagher                   Ms. Glenda Griswold                  Ms. Priscilla Hilton
    Dennis & Darlene DeWalt              Mr. John Eubank Jr.                   Galloping Grape                      Ms. Louisa Grogan                    Mr. & Mrs. William & Jean Hines

Ms. Charlene Hite                   Mr. & Mrs. Medford & Audrey          Mr. & Mrs. Willie & Jane Lamar      Manual Therapy Solutions             Mr. & Mrs. William & Pearline
Ms. Robbie Hobbs                          Jenkins                        Ms. Rosemary Lambert                Mrs. Carey Manuel                          Minter
Ms. Virginia Hoefner                Ms. Inez Jenkins                     Mr. & Mrs. Tim & Kitty Land         Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Marcey             Judy Minzes
Ms. Anna Hoehn                      Mr. & Mrs. Roy & Myrtle Jenkins      Mr. Bill Landis                     Ms. Patricia Marcey                  Miracle Valley Vineyard
Mr. & Mrs. Jerolld & Barbara        Ms. Ethel Jennings                   Ms. Norma Lane                      Dr. Rebecca Marcus                   Robert A. & Sharon G. Miseyko
      Hoehn                         Jo's Tax Service                     Mr. John Lane Jr.                   Margaret A Hall Trust                Ms. Claudia Mitchell
Ms. Mary Alice Hoffman              Mr. & Mrs. Patti & Doug Jocz         Ms. Sarah Lanford                   John & Lucilia Marques Jr            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mitchell
Ms. Christine Hoffman               Ms. Eleanor Johnson                  Mr. & Mrs. Reuben & Edith Lanford   Marriott Ranch                       Ms. Audrey Mitchell
Jack & Kathleen Hoffman             Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Ruth Johnson    Ms. Nancy Langdon                   Ms. Helen Marsh                      Virginia Page Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Don & Lois Hollar        Ms. Sherry Johnson                   Ms. Janet Langer                    Marshall National Bank               MNY Partneership
Mr. Melvin Holley                   Mary Johnson                         Lansdowne Resort                    Mr. Richard Martel                   Ms. Emily Mobley
Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Sally            Ms. Aline Johnson                    Ms. Angie Larkin                    Mr. Maurice Martin                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Peggy Mocarski
Honenberger                         Ms. Barbara Johnston                 Marian Lavezzo                      Mr. & Mrs. Phil & Melva Martin       Ms. Annette Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Hooper           Dorothy Johnston                     Ms. Robin Law                       Janice Martin                        Ms. Majorie Moore
Hopkins Ordinary Bed & Breakfast    Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Rie Jones         Ms. Aliene Laws                     Ms. Sandra Martin                    Mr. Gary Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby & Carolyn Horne    Mr. Donald Jones                     Ms. Betty Leach                     David B & Family Martz               Mr. Guy Moore
Ms. B. L. Horner                    Ms. Sharon Jones                     Mrs. Myrtle Leake                   Ronald & Arlene Martz                Colin & Jennifer Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Henry & June Horner      Mrs. Louise Jones                    Joseph & Margaret Leary Sr.         Dennis & Caroline Mason              G. Emir & Donna Morgan
Mrs. Sharon Horton                  Ms. Sarah Colvin Jones               Eugenia & Wayne Leary               Mr. & Mrs. Chuck & Ann Mason         Ms. Leslie Morginson-Eitzen
Senator Edd Houck                   Mr. & Mrs. V. Rea Jones              Chip, Edna Mae & Robert Leazer      Mason Insurance Agency, Inc.         Mr. Hunter Morin
Ms. Valerie Housden                 Mr. William Jones                    Leazer Brothers Inc                 Ms. Ann Masters                      George Morris
Joyce Howard                        Don and Doris Judy                   Ms. Marlina Lee                     Maury & Barbara Materazzi            Mr. & Mrs. C. Carson & Jane Morris
Mr. Jimmy Howard                    Mr. Earl Judy                        Ms. Waverly Lee                     Ms. Mary Alice Matheson              Ms. Anita Morris
Ms. Jackie Howell                   Sue Juris                            Ms. Jessica Lee                     Ms. Elizabeth Matthews               Elma Morrison
Ms. Betty Ann Howell                K & M Heating & A/C Inc.             Ms. Diane Lee                       Ms. Carolyn Matthews                 Mr. & Mrs. Archie & Pamela Morse
Mr. & Mrs. Susan & Bill Hoyt        Mr. & Mrs. Don & Pat Kaplon          Ms. Alice Leininger                 Ms. Ann Mattingly                    Ms. Janie Mosby
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry & Betty Hoyt       Ms. Frances Kaputof                  Ms. Kristen Leman                   Mr. Gordon Maupin                    Chris Mothersead
Mr. & Mrs. Clay & Sherileen         Mr. Edmund Kavanagh                  Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Shawna Lemon     Denny & Beverly May                  Mountain Lumber Company
      Hubbard                       Mr. Bill Kays                        Ms. Irene Leonard                   Ms. Helen Mayhugh                    Charles & Pat Moyer
Ms. Bettie Hudson                   Ms. Gayle Keen                       Ms. Phyllis Leshin                  Ms. Norma Mayo                       MSM Technology, Inc.
Mr. Allan Hudson                    Ms. Janice Keith                     George & Virginia Lewis             Ms. Elsie Mays                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Eileen
Ms. Sharon Huff                     Jim & Pauline Kelchner               Carolyn Lewis                       Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Joyce Maziarz          Mueller
Mr. & Mrs. William & Marie          Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Keller         Mr. & Mrs. Barry & Mary Lewis       Ms. Andrea McAvoy                    Mr. & Mrs. John & Priscilla
      Huff sr.                      Mr. & Mrs. John Kelley               Mr. Andrew Lewis                    Ms. Mary McCabe                            Mullikin
Hugh Teller, DDS, PC                Ms. Heather Kelly                    Ms. Barbara Lewis                   Mr. John McCann                      Mr. James Munday
Michael L. & Mary Ann Hughes        Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Barbara         Mr. & Mrs. Timothy & Elizabeth      Mr. Jennings McCauley                William & Donna Murphy
Ms. Mary Hulette                          Kendall                             Lewis                          Ms. Mary McClaugherty                Mr. Don Murray
Ms. Sharon Hume                     Mr. & Mrs. John & Rose Kendrick      Ms. Monedia Lewis                   Mr. Frank McClaugherty Jr.           Mr. Jake Muscar
Mr. & Mrs. Pete & Sherry Hume       Charles & Linda Kennedy              Mr. & Mrs. William & Jeanne Lewis   Ms. Rebecca McClellan                Mr. & Mrs. Jake Muscar Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Humphrey            Mr. & Mrs. Kelly & Mary Kennett      Lignum Ruritan Club                 Ms. Jean McClung                     Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Stacy Muscar
Mr. Jim Hunsberger                  Charles E. & Carol B. Kenyon         Mr. & Mrs. Randall & Ruth Lillard   Charles & Donna McClurg              Ms. Martha Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Jane Hunt          Kenneth & Susan Kern                 Ms. Hallie Lillard                  McCormick Paint Works Company        Ms. Marie Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Dixie & James Hunter     Otto & Clara Kern                    Ms. Sue Lilly                       Mr. & Mrs. John & Patricia McCune    Mr. & Mrs. Andrew & Paula Myers
Annette Hurlbut                     Ms. Caroline Kerns                   Mr. & Mrs. John & Frances           Ms. Mary McDaniel                    Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec, P.A.
Marjorie S. Hurt                    Ms. Evelyn Kerr                           Lindgren                       Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Sue McDaniel      NAACP of Orange County
Ms. Rosemary Hutto                  Ms. Thelda Kestenbaum                Mrs. Bonita Lingaitis               Ms. Sylvia McDevitt                  Napoleon's Restaurant
Mr. Paul Hutzky                     Raymond & Mabelle Keys               Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Sue Lipscomb    Col. Daniel McElwain Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Russell & Barbara Nash
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin & Maria Hyson   Mr. H. Kirk Jr.                      David & Mark Lloyd                  Ms. Victoria McEver                  National Automobile Ins. & Service
Dr. Robert Iadeluca                 Mr. & Mrs. Ronkeith & Barbara        Bobbie & Bruce Locker               Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Virginia              Agency, Inc.
IBM Corporation                           Kirtley                        Ms. Diane Logan                          McGhee                          Mr. & Mrs. Maggie Neale
Illusions by Teresa                 Mr. Jeffrey Kiser                    Ms. Mary Logan                      Chris & Leslie McGowan               Mrs. Monique Neault
Inglewood Farm                      Ms. Sharon Kiser                     Mr. Atwell Lohr                     Ms. Alanna McGuinn                   Ms. Tina Nedron
Mr. Robert Ingram                   Mrs. Melva Kishpaugh                 Ms. Lucy Lohr                       Ms. Kathy McGuire                    Mr. & Mrs. James Nelson Jr.
Inn at Little Washington, The       David & Debra Kitchen                Mr. & Mrs. Russell & Janet Lohr     Ms. Linda McIlwee                    Mr. Riko Newland CPA
Ms. Kitten Inskeep                  Ms. Shirley Kite                     Ms. Dorothy Lomax                   Ms. Patsy McKelvy                    Ms. Karen Newlun
Harold & Doris Inskeep              James & Clare Kitz                   Ms. Jo Ann Lomax                    Mr. Thomas McKeown                   William A. & Laura A. Newman
Integrative Therapies               Kiwanis Club of Orange               Mr. Leland Long                     Mr. & Mrs. Carol & Bob McMichael     Ms. Jody Newman
Integrity Automotive, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. James E. Kleinschmidt     Long Branch HOA                     Ms. Teresa McNealy                   Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Kay Nichol
It's About Thyme                    Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs.George          Mr. Eugene Longerbeam               Ms. Maureen McNemar                  Mr. Nichols Nichols
Bishop Michael Jackson Sr.                Kline Jr.                      Longview Gallery                    Ms. Mary McPhillips                  Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Trish Nichols
Steven Jackson DDS                  Mr. John Klump                       Carol Losee                         Mrs. Shirley McStay                  Mr. Milton Nichols
Ms. Lillian Jacobs                  Mrs. Rhea Knoderer                   Ms. Phoebe Lott                     Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Sondra             Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Nichols Jr.
Mrs. Christiane Jaderborg           Ms. Lori Knoernschild                Ms. Vicki Lovine                         McTarnaghan                     Judy Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Gail Jaffrey     Ms. Ethel Kocenski                   Samuel Lowe                         Alice & Terry McTarnaghan            Ms. Martha Nicholson
Ms. Virginia James                  Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Margaret        Ms. Margaret Loyd                   Mr. & Mrs. James & Donna Meade       Ms. Jamie Nick
Ms. Sharon James                          Koehnke                        Mr. Wynn Ludwig                     Mr. & Mrs. David & Rhonda            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Dorraine
Mr. John James                      Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Nancy Kolb        Ms. Joy Luke                             Meadows                               Nicklow
James G. Brumfield Elementary       Ms. Jule Konick                      Mr. Anthony Lukeman                 Ms. Bonny Mears                      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Brenda
      School                        Fran & Bob Kossan                    Mr. Cecil Lumsden                   Mr. Duarte Medeiros                        Nicklow
James Madison VFW Post 2217         Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Janet Kovach      Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lunceford       Mr. & Mrs. John & Ann Meenan         Mr. & Mrs. Qenten & Sylvia Nicklow
Ms. Martha Janoskie                 Peter, Elaine & Case Kramer          Mrs. Rebecca Lunsford               Mr. & Mrs Harry & Jayne Meisell      Nielsen Builders, Inc.
Travis & Cherie Jarrell             Ms. Joyce Kramer                     Robert MacNeil                      Mr. Thomas Mendoza                   Niitek
Ronald & Eloise Jarrell             Mr. J. Mark Kraus                    Jennifer Madden                     Merchants Grocery Co., Inc.          Ms. Katherine Nix
Mr. Henry Javor                     Mr. Bud Kreh                         Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Maddux             Merrick Family Medicine and Laser    Mrs. Mary Nixon
Jefferson Ruritan Club              Mr. Peter Kreyling                   Mr. Joseph Madigan                       Therapy                         Ms. D. Eileen Nixon
Ms. Carole Jeglum                   Ms. Virginia Kreynus                 Madison County Board of             Ms. Moon Meyer-Halstead              Ms. Eileen Nixon
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & May Jenkins     Jennifer Krick                            Supervisors                    Mr. Bill Michie lll                  Ms. Izola Noble
Michael Jenkins                     Ms. Ann Kroenert                     Ms. Lucy Maeyer                     Mr. H. Milans Jr.                    Ms. Ellen Noblin
Mr. & Mrs. John & Martha Jenkins    Mr. & Mrs. John Kromish              Ms. Mary Maguire                    Mr. & Mrs. Charles Millar Jr.        Noland Co Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Jaymee          Peggy & Douglas Kyle                 Ms. Judith Mahanes                  Mr. H. Leroy Miller                  Mr. & Mrs. Pam & Larry Norem
      Jenkins                       Ladies Auxiliary Knights of          Maidstone Construction              Mr. Ron Miller                       Mr. Winston Norris
Wanda & Robin Jenkins               Columbus Council 6328                Mr. & Mrs. Neil Mairs               Mr. & Mrs Robert & Debra Miller Jr   Don Novak
Mr. & Mrs. Harold & Doreen          Ladies Golf Association              Mr. & Mrs. Rocky & Janet            Ms. Jeannine Milloy                  Mr. & Mrs. John & Edith Nuttall
      Jenkins                       Linda LaFerrera                           Malamphy                       Ms. Susan Mills                      Ms. Vera Nye
Mrs. Lillian Jenkins                Lake of the Woods Association, Inc   Maloney & Ward Insurance            Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Mills               Mr. Bernie O'bannon Jr.
Emily Jenkins                       Lake of the Woods Ballroom Dance     Ms. Cheryl Mangrum                  Ms. Jocie Mills                      Ms. Sandra O'Connor
Ms. Elizabeth Love Jenkins                Club                           ManTech                             Mr. Jeff Milnos                      Mr. & Mrs. Jesse & Teresa
Ms. Katherine Jenkins               Lake of the Woods Lions Club         ManTech Int. Corp                   Minor Hill Manor Homes                     O'Donnell
                                    Foundations, Inc                     ManTech International Corp          Mr. & Mrs. Walter Minter             Ms. Regina Offshack

 Daniel & Carol Ogle                 Mr. & Mrs. Bob & Tina Powell         Jeffrey & Terenda Rizer              Ms. Frances Shaffer                   Mrs. Linda Spillman
 Ms. Rita Ohlert-Paul                Mr. Byron Powell                     Robert G. Bledsoe Bldg. Co.          Mr. & Mrs. Vernon & Mary              Brent & Lynne Sprinkel
 Ms. Sue Olinger                     Mr. Mike Powell                      Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Lois Roberts          Shanholtz                        St Patrick Church
 Mr. Steve Oliver                    Mr. John M. Powell                   Roberts Home Medical, Inc.           Mr. Michael Sharman                   St Thomas's Episcopal Church
 Ms. Patricia Oliver                 Fred Powell Jr                       Rochelle Christian Church            Mrs. Jean Sharpe                      Ms. J. Claire St. Jacques
 Ms. Marge Oliver                    Mr. C. Richard Powers CPA            Ms. Chrisi Rogers                    Ms. Blair Sharpe                      St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
 Ms. Tiffany Oliver-Goode            Ms. Marion Poynter                   Ms. Jane Rollins                     Mr. Aubrey Shea                       Mrs. Paula Stafford
 Ms. Fran Olson                      Ms. Karen Pozderac                   Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Alice Rollins   Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Anne Shea           Ms. Joan Staiko
 Orange County Moose Lodge           Precious Blood Catholic Church       Kevin Roop                           Sheet Metal Workers international     Ms. Shirley Stalder
 Orange Lions Club                   Mr. & Mrs. Lee & Kris Presgrave      Donald T. & Joanna K. Rosenberger    Association Local # 100               Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Carol Stallings
 Orange Paint Center                 Helen Prestipino                     Ms. Gloria Rosenfelder               Mr. & Mrs. David & Donna              Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Cynthia
 Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Susan          Mr. Frank Prewoznik                  David & Elsa Rosenthal                    Sheffield                              Stamps
       Orlando                       Mr. & Mrs. James & Myra Price        Richard & Barbara Rosica             Mr. Walter Sheffield                  Joseph & Anne Stanavich
 Orlean United Methodist Church      Mr. Dennis Price                     Marilou Ross                         Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert & Judy Shelton     Cleaver & Ruth Standley
 Mr. Bobby Orr                       Prince William Hospital              Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Essie Rossi      Ms. Candice Shelton                   Mr. John Stanley
 Mr. Bill Orzechowski                Mr. & Mrs. Mary & Bob Pritchett      Ms. Star Rothrock                    Ms. Athena Shelton                    Mr. & Mrs. John & Priscilla Staples
 Ms. Danita Otruba                   Mrs. Genevieve Pritchett             Ms. Roselyn Rothrock                 Mr. & Mrs. Matt & Cindy               Mrs. Mary Starkey
 Mr. & Mrs. James & Shirley Ott      Ms. Lucy Pritchett                   Ms. Ellen Rousseau                   Shepardson                            State Farm Insurance Quality Team
 Ellen Otto                          Ms. Ellen Pritt                      Mr. Keith Rowand                     Aubrey & Katherine Shepherd           Bill & Judy Staton
 E. J. & Libby Ouellette             Ms. Sandra Proesch                   Mr. Joseph Rowe                      Anita Sherman                         Mr. James Steele lll
 Overlook OBGYN                      Mr. Adam Pullman                     Mrs. Ora Roy                         Shibuya Hoppmann                      Drs. Dick & Terry Stein
 Ms. Stacy Owen                      Tom & Tara Purcell                   Ms. Gladys Roy                       Mr. & Mrs. David & Dagny Shiells      Mr. Chuck Stein
 Mr. Sidney Pace ll                  Mr. & Mrs. Henry & Frances Purcell   Mr. James & Rebecca Rumpler          Mr. & Mrs. William Shiff              Ted & Ann Stelter
 Ms. Janice Palleria                 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Dorothy Purks    Ms. Joni Runaldue                    Ms. Sue Shifflett                     Marie Stephenson
 Esther Palmer                       Ms. Becky & Angela Putnam            Mrs. Doreen Russell                  James S. & Cathy A. Shiflett          Mr. Leslie Stewart
 Paramount Baptist Church            Jo & Norman Pycha                    Gene & Pat Ryan                      Ms. Cathy Shiflett                    Ms. Donna Stewart
 Mrs. Susan Parker                   Kenneth Quagilo                      S & N Communications                 Mr. Howard Shirley                    Lt. Col. (Ret.) Patricia Stewart
 Dan & Joanna Parker                 Ms. Elaine Quasebarth                SAIC                                 Ms. Geraldine Shores                  Stock Building Supply
 Thomas & Hilary Parker              Mr. & Mrs. James & Joyce Queen       Mr. J. Sanders                       Mr. & Mrs. Frederick & Beatrice       Katina Stockbridge
 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Beverly Parks   Mr. Gil Queitzsch                    Mr. Henry Sanders                         Short                            Bonnie Stone
 Ms. Orphie Parr                     R.L. Rider & Co. Contractors         Mr. & Mrs. Roy & June Sandsmark      Mr. & Mrs. Alan & Adele Shotwell      Mrs. Frieda Story
 Mr. Robert Parsons                  Shirley Racey                        Ms. Andrea Sarate                    Ms. Doris Shular                      Lisa Strahley
 Mrs. Katherine Partlow              Ms. Kristen Ragan-Ott                Angela Saunders                      Ms. Judy Shulick                      Margaret Strawser
 Pathology Associates of             Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Barbara Raggo    Mr. & Mrs. Margaret & John           Shuman Builders, Inc.                 Ms. Matha Strawther
       Fredericksburg                Frank & Sandy Ramey                        Saunders                       Ms. Lynn Shutts                       Ms. Julia Strickland
 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth & Jeanne         Col. & Mrs. Luis & Miriam Ramos      Mr. Richard Savino                   Mr. Benjamin Sicnolf                  Mrs. Anna Stringfellow
       Patterson                     Rappahannock Electric Cooperative    Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Loretta Saxe      Mrs. Melissa Sikes                    Ms. Rosemary Strittar
 Mr. & Mrs. Homer & Addie            Rappahannock News                    Mr. Henry Scalloms                   Carolyn Sills                         Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Susan
       Patterson                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Radell          Ms. Dorothy Schaeffer                Mr. and Ms. Ronald & Susan Simar            Strittmatter
 Ms. Phoebe Patton                         Rasmussen                      Mr. Peter Schaumber                  Ms. Peggy Simmons                     Herman G. & Maria C Bird Stubbe
 Paul's Auto Body                    Ms. Flora Ratcliffe                  Ms. Karen Schenck                    Mr. & Mrs. Don & Genny Simmons        Mr. & Mrs. Lonny & Amanda
 Mr. Eric Paulson                    Ms. Janet Rathbone                   Scheulen, Patchett & Edwards, P.C.   Howard & E. Maxine Simmons                  Sturgeon
 Mr. Michael Paulson                 Mr. & Mrs. Luther & Janet Ratliff    Mr. & Mrs. Wade & Laura Schick       Mr. Dale Simpson                      Mrs. Helen Sturgill
 Ms. Ruth Pavlik                     Ms. Esther Raub                      Ms. Barbara Schiener                 Mr. Allan Simpson Jr.                 Mr. James Suddreth
 Ms. Rebecca Paxton                  Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rawlings            Ms. Kathryn Schmeidler               Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Peggy             Mr. James Sudduth
 Mr. & Mrs. Hunter & Jeannette       Mr. Warren Rawson                    Ms. Mireille Schmidt                      Simpson                          Virginia Sullivan
       Payne                         Mrs. Marion Ray                      Mr. Frank Schmuff                    Charles & Jennifer Sims               Ms. Mary Summer
 Mrs. Valorie Payne                  Re/Max Crossroads                    Ms. Fiona Schnieder                  Ms. JoAnn Sims                        Summit Community Bank
 Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Carol Payne    Mr. Mike Realo                       Robert & Virginia Schoenike          Mr. Robert Sinclair                   SunTrust Investment Services, Inc
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 Mrs. Frances Payne                  Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Vera Reece        Todd & Erika Schrader                Mr. John Sinclair                     Superior Paving Corporation
 Mrs. Mary Payne                     Ms. Jane Reed                        Mr. & Mrs. Enos & Nora Schrock       Ms. Shirley Sinclair                  Ms. Linda Suter
 Ms. Patricia Payne                  Anthony T. & Mary Jane Reed          Mr. Frank Schruff                    Ms. Theresa Singleton                 Mrs. Henry Sutherland
 Richard & Alice Payne               Mrs. Violet Reed                     Mr. Mark Schuler                     John & Sheila Sisk                    Ms. Ann Sutphin
 Ms. Barbara Payne                   Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & Irene Reeder     Ms. Susan Schupp                     Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Sisson             Mr. & Mrs. George & Janice Sutton
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 Phoenix Lodge No. 59-1.0.0.F.       Upton H. Richards Jr                 Mr. Matthew Seay                     Evan & Audrey Snyder                  Charlie & Barbara Taylor
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 Poplar Springs The Inn Spa          Ms. Nancy Ritch                      Mr. & Mrs. Virginius & Jane          Clarence & Doris Sparks                     Terry
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 Ms. Dawn Postma                     Ms. Gail Ritchie                     Ms. Gloria Shackelford               Ms. Kathryn Spatz                           Thalwitz
 Steven Poulos                       Ms. Gail Ritter                      Shady Grove Baptist Church           Mr. Wayne Spellman                    The American Legion Post 156

The Cameleer                         Mr. Bob Treanor                      Mr. & Mrs. Louie & Shirley Walker   Mr. David Wheeler                     Ms. Fances Woodson
The Fauquier Bank                    Mr. Fred Tremaine                    Ms. Trisha Walker                   Ms. Gayle Whetzel                     Mr. & Mrs. Carroll & June Woody
The Grapevine, Inc.                  Mr. Jon Trevathan                    Ms. Julia Walker                    Mr. & Mrs. Jim & Beryl White          Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Dawn Wotton
The Hall Family Foundation           Trigon Development, LLC              Dr. and Mrs. Brevard Wallace        Mr. Michael White                     Mr. & Mrs. George H. & Diane
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The Lake of the Woods Church         Richard & Beatrice Turner            Sheila Walter                       Mr. & Mrs. Stuart & Karen White       Ms. Barbara Wright
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Rodney S. & Nancy Jo Thomas          Mr. & Mrs. John & Nancy Tyers Jr.          Wampler                       Mrs. Anna Whyte                       Ms. Nancy Wyle
J. Thomas                            Mr. John Uhar                        Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Marlene        Mr. Harry Wicht                       Ms. Nancy Wylie
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Jane Thomas                          United Way of Northern               Warrenton Dermatology & Skin        Mr. Gene Wiley                              Yamasato
Mr. George Thomas                          Shenandoah Valley                    Therapy Center                Ms. Helen Wiley                       Ms. Diane Yancey
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Mrs. Alvis Thompson                  Utz & Shepherd, Inc.                 Mr. & Mrs. Curtis & Patsy Weakley   Ms. Emily Williams                    Mr. & Mrs. Larry & Sherry
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Mr. Richard & Natalie Thompson             Vanlandingham                  F. Wister & Edyth M Weaver          Stephen & Annette Willis              Ms. Jeannette Youmans
Ms. Karen Thompson                   Terry Vasquez                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Joann Weaver   Mr. & Mrs. Craig Wilt                 Ms. Jean Young
Mr. Walton Thompson                  VEC Employee Association             Mrs. Virginia Webb                  Ms. Barbara Winchester                Bayard & Charlotte Young
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To Be Enterprises                    VFW Post 7638                              Weinland                      Ms. Paula Wirth                       Everett & Barbara Yowell
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Mr. Joseph Todd Jr.                  Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Susan           Ms. Shelby Welch                    Wise Foundation                       Mr. & Mrs. James & Terry Yowell
Mrs. Amy Todd                              Vignola                        Ed & Nell Weld                      Ms. Angie Wiseman                     Mr. Johnnie Zarecor
Jack & Ann Todd                      Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Villatoro          Mike & Betty Weld                   Mr. & Mrs. David & Patricia Witmer    Mr. Adrian Zarr
Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Rebecca         Ms. Florence Violett                 Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Saundra Weller    Mavourneen Wolfson                    Ms. Marjory Zenger
      Tolliver                       Mr. Russ Voelker                     Wendell B Nix Revocable Trust       Wolftown Ruritan Club                 Ms. Mildred Zenger
Mr. Eddie Tolson                     Adrianna & Thomas Waddy              Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Christine      Mrs. Priscilla Woll                   Mr. & Mrs. James & Melissa
Col. & Mrs. F. X. & Louann D.        Mr. & Mrs Thomas & Patricia Wade           Wentz                         Mr. Fred Wolsak                             Zimmerman
      Toomey                         Mr. John Wade                        Ms. Rives Wetsel                    Woman's Club of Orange                Mr. & Mrs Kathy & Joe Zinn
Ms. Martha Toomey                    Ms. Carol Waggoner                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Liz            Mr. Willis Wood                       Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Veronica Zito
Mr. Robert Tott                      Ms. Nancy Walbridge                        Wettingfeld                   Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Brenda Wood         Mr. & Mrs. Curtis & Nancy Zopp
Mr. & Mrs. Tim & Karen Tott          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Walbroehi          Ms. Christine Wheatley              Molly Wood
Mr. Harold Tott                      Mr. & Mrs. Frank & Bernice           Mr. & Mrs. Isaac & Louise           Ms. Elissa Woodall
Jade & Debra Treanor                       Walker Jr.                           Wheeler Jr.                   Mr. & Mrs. James & Velma Woods

   Letter from the Director of Development
                             The ancient Chinese curse goes                                  come the obstacles. We tackle problems rather than wait for
                             “May you live in interesting times.”                            someone else to fix them for us. Contributing to organiza-
                             Well, these days we all understand                              tions that provide essential care, like Hospice of the Rapidan,
                             what this means. Economic uncer-                                during difficult times makes each of us part of this proud tra-
                             tainty and conflicting predictions                              dition. The rewards of giving during challenging times are
                             for the future leave everyone con-                              also greater. Knowing that you have stretched just a little
                             cerned. Change is scary, so it is nat-                          further to make a difference in the life of someone who
                             ural to become more circumspect                                 needs it means more in the lean times.
                             and to try to conserve resources
                             when practical. To make matters                                 I urge you to make sure your year-end giving list includes
                             more confusing, all this turmoil is                             support for dignified and compassionate end-of-life care
  Rose Cornelious
                             hitting right at the end of the year                            right here where you live. You can make your tax deductible
  when most Americans make the majority of their charitable                                  contribution to Hospice of the Rapidan by returning the
  gifts. Giving is in the spirit of the Christmas season and has                             enclosed card or by contributing securely on line at
  become something of a national tradition as well.                                 If you have any questions, or if you or your
                                                                                             company is interested in helping to shape the future of hos-
  Yes, we are in a difficult economy. What most do not realize                               pice care in our area in a significant way, please contact me
  however is that each contribution makes so much more of a                                  at 540-825-4840 or
  difference when times are tough. When resources become
  scarcer each donation contributes more to the care we can                                                                                                 Rose Cornelious
  provide and the quality of life for a patient. Historically,                                                                                     Director of Development
  Americans respond to adversity by joining together to over-

 Redskins Raffle Ticket Winners
                                               Jacques drew the two winning tickets       hospice made for their dear friend
                                               and join all of us in congratulating       who passed away 10 years ago. We
                                               Jerry, Frank and Guadalupe, and their      would like to thank the many staff
                                               lucky friends.                             members, volunteers, and local mer-
                                                                                          chants in all five counties we serve
                                               Jerry Raines is a resident of Culpeper     who helped sell raffle tickets through-
                                               and currently serves on Hospice of the     out the summer. The raffle raised
                                               Rapidan's board of directors. He elect-    $4,200 which will help us provide the
                                               ed to go to the game against the           best hospice care possible to all who
                                               Dallas Cowboys. Frank Schmuff, of          need it in our area regardless of their
                                               Warrenton, served four years of active     ability to pay.
                                               duty as a corporal in the United
 Frank and Guadalupe Schmuff,                  States Marine Corps and is currently       We are also thankful to the many
 enjoyed the Redskins/ Steelers                in the Reserves. Frank and his wife        Hospice of the Rapidan volunteers who
 game!                                         Guadalupe attended the Pittsburgh          sold raffle tickets throughout the five
 Jerry Raines and Frank and Guadalupe          Steelers game. They are expecting          county area we serve, and wish to
 Schmuff were the lucky winners of             their first child in May.                  recognize the efforts of two area mer-
 this year's Redskins ticket raffle, each                                                 chants, The Shoppes at Mountainwood
 receiving four tickets on the 40-yard         This is the 10th year Ann, Claire and      and Black Wolfe Coffee, who support-
 line, nine rows behind the Redskins           Nancy Garrett have generously donat-       ed this event with energy and enthu-
 bench to the home game of their               ed these tickets and we are genuinely      siasm. They clearly understand the
 choice. Ann Mattingly and Claire Saint        thankful for their support. This is        value of the vital care we provide and
                                               their way of honoring the difference       we are grateful for their support.

     Hospice of the Rapidan Partners with Area Professionals for
     National Healthcare Decisions Day
     Hospice of the Rapidan will commemorate National Healthcare     The seminar and luncheon will be held at the Warrenton
     Decisions Day on April 16th with a free seminar and lunch-      Visitors Center on Thursday, April 16th from 11:30 am to
     eon in Warrenton which is open to the public. National          2:00 pm. The event is free, however space is limited so
     Healthcare Decisions Day is designed to raise public aware-     reservations are required. To secure your seat please RSVP
     ness of the need to plan ahead for decisions related to end-    by Monday, April 8th by contacting Nancy Walbridge at
     of-life care and other medical issues whenever patients are     540-825-4840 or
     unable to speak for themselves, and to encourage the use of
     “advance directives” to communicate these important deci-       This year's event will be co-hosted by Sarah Atkins, AAMS, a
     sions. Attorneys, financial advisors and other professionals    financial advisor with Edward Jones Investments, Michael A.
     will join us to help area residents understand their options    Mays, an attorney in Warrenton specializing in elder law, and
     and make sure their choices about the health care they want     Randolph Minter, Director of Moser Funeral Home. A medical
     to receive, and do not want to receive, are honored in the      social worker from Hospice of the Rapidan will also be avail-
     event they cannot speak for themselves.                         able to answer questions.

     The seminar is free and open to anyone interested in this       These professionals will address a variety of topics relating
     important but often overlooked aspect of personal planning.     to healthcare decision making and advance directives, other
     Free advance directive forms and legal advice will be avail-    aspects of personal planning, sharing your decisions with
     able. Lunch will be provided.                                   your loved ones, and will be available to answer questions
                                                                     and help with advance directive forms, which will be avail-
     Following Benjamin Franklin's adage that “nothing is certain    able for free. Further information about advance directives,
     but death and taxes,” The Health Law Section of the Virginia    including free forms, is available on our website at
     State Bar started an initiative in 2006 to make the day after
     tax day Virginia Advance Directives Day to increase aware-
     ness of this important issue and to make it easier for people   For more information contact Nancy Walbridge at 540-825-
     to learn more about it. In 2007 Governor Kaine issued a         4840 or
     proclamation acknowledging the day, and in 2008, following
     Virginia's lead, the effort has expanded nationally and was
     renamed National Healthcare Decisions Day.


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