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Fellowship is the highest level of membership within the College and demonstrates an ongoing
commitment to excellence in health service management. Fellowship is a significant professional
achievement and should be the aim of all College members. Its standing is recognized both nationally
and internationally in the health management arena. The following information is provided to encourage
members to consider this unique learning opportunity.

Why Undertake the Fellowship Examination?

•   Consolidates previous learning and experience in the health sector
•   Provides a forum for debate and updating knowledge on current issues, including management,
    ethics, law and population health
•   Demonstrates a high level of commitment as a professional health service manager
•   Like other specialty colleges, shows a level of professional achievement
•   Is recognised by the College as achieving the highest level in the College
•   Provides recognition of accomplishment to prospective employers
•   Provides opportunity to participate in College activities such as the Board of Directors
•   Is recognised internationally.

The Board of Directors reviews applications to enter the program and sets the program that determines
Fellowship of the College. The Board recognises that health service managers develop their careers in a
variety of ways and have established four criteria to evaluate Fellowship eligibility: Continuing Professional
Development, Qualifications, Employment History and Professional Contribution. A scoring system has
been developed for each of the criteria and an overall threshold score determines eligibility for Fellowship.

College members wishing to participate in the program and advance to the status of Fellow must meet
criteria to be eligible to join the Fellowship program. A threshold criterion requires at least three years
participation in the College’s Professional Development Program at the time of examination; or a minimum
of 1 year membership of ACHSE plus 2 years membership of a professional College that focuses on
further education ie RCNA, RCGPs, Certified Practising Accountant.

The Fellowship Process – What’s Involved?
College members joining the program will have the opportunity to review, in a supported group,
concepts, issues and current events of relevance to health managers. Recommended readings have
been established by the Board.

Assessment is via
      • Major oral examination; OR
      • Submission of thesis, published papers and/or case studies.

Major oral examinations are held each year in conjunction with the ACHSE National Congress.

Alternatively, candidates wishing to submit a thesis, published papers or case studies for consideration
can apply to the Board of Directors for approval of a specific topic. The topic must be relevant to health
management practice. The paper is then reviewed by a panel of Fellows for currency and coverage of
the topic. A minor oral examination may also be conducted.

For detail on either approach contact the Chief Executive Officer (02) 9878 5088 or
How can we help - Study Groups for Major Oral Exams.

Group Coordinators have been appointed in all Branches in Australia as well as New Zealand and Hong
Kong to study the curriculum which has been developed and continually updated over many years.

Being part of a study group means participating in a teleconference once a month, sharing the
information and insights you have gained during your self directed study time. The study group provides
a structured learning program, set reading material, sharing of tasks, together with group discussions. In
essence, oral exam preparation using this approach shares the workload and maintains individual
motivation. Candidates use the College Web Page to source information and study

There is a range of recommended readings, journals, contemporary articles and web sites which form
part of the examinable material.

There has been overwhelming positive support of the study groups from members who have advanced
to Fellowship status through this process.

Candidates’ Perspectives on the ACHSE Fellowship Program and Study Groups

Why undertake the ACHSE Fellowship Program?
I had recently completed my Masters degree and was looking for further opportunities to continue my professional
development. A couple of colleagues suggested that I consider the College’s Fellowship Program as it would
enhance my knowledge of the health sector and assist in further developing my management skills.

The Value of the Study Group
Apart from enhancing my knowledge and skills development, I met a great group of people with broad and diverse
backgrounds that share the same passion for the health care sector. By debating and discussing various topics we
developed a comprehensive understanding of the issues and challenges facing the sector and ideas on how they
could be addressed. The Study Group timelines helped to pace and motivate us all. The Fellowship Program also
improved our ability to source and research information necessary to contribute to the knowledge base of the
sector and is also applicable to the workplace. I still maintain contact with members of the study group and we
still share information on topical issues.
John Anderson, Victoria

What did I get out of it?
The Fellowship Program was a terrific way to undertake some structured learning of contemporary health issues.
Through regular facilitated group meetings we were able to examine and analyse issues to a much greater degree
than might otherwise be done because of the rich and diverse experience that each candidate brings to the table.
Because our group also chose to meet at different health care sites, this provided additional new learning
opportunities. Above all, however it was good fun and a relatively painless and supportive way to prepare for the
Fellowship Exam.

I would encourage any member wanting to enhance their leadership capacity, improve their healthcare system
knowledge, and have some fun at the same time to sign on for the Fellowship Program.
Simon Brewin, Victoria

The Benefits
I found being part of the ACHSE Fellowship Study Group beneficial as it provided me with an opportunity to
discuss study materials and bounce ideas off fellow students. The study materials and guidance of the Study Group
provided an excellent foundation for the Fellowship Exam.
Paula Corrigan, Queensland
Members wishing to undertake the Fellowship program through the major oral process,
whilst participating in a study group, should contact the Chief Executive Officer, on phone
02 9878 5088 or email for further information.

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