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									October 2002 ~ Volume 2
A monthly update for Association members.

Mission Statement
To establish a vibrant, upscale destination area; improve business development opportunities; and enhance property values
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Highway 78 Corridor Improvement Association Meets with Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) On September 4, 2002, key staff members from GDOT met with the Executive Committee of the Highway 78 Corridor Improvement Association (the Association) to discuss the Highway 78 median project. Representatives from Gwinnett County and the Association’s consulting firm, ARCADIS, and residential liaison, MB Strickland, also attended the meeting held at Dwight Harrison Volkswagen. Emory Morsberger, the Association’s board president, kicked off the proceedings with an overview of the Association’s goals and activities to date. He highlighted the Association’s efforts to improve coordination between property owners, Gwinnett County, the city, and the state, as well as the plan to form a Community Improvement District (CID). Phillip Allen, GDOT state traffic safety and design engineer, congratulated the Association on its efforts and expressed support for the Association and its ability to enhance GDOT’s community outreach efforts. Keith Golden, GDOT transportation engineer and project manager, summarized the activities of the Highway 78 median project to date. The surveying is now complete, and GDOT has hired the engineering consulting firm of Gresham Smith to begin preliminary design plans. The Association’s Executive Committee presented the recommendations for the median project, which are documented in the Association’s Access and Beautification Plan. The recommendations focus on additional median breaks and interparcel access. In addition to the 19 median openings recommended by GDOT, the Association has reviewed 12 additional locations, five of which are now being recommended for consideration by GDOT. The highest prioritized median break is between Parkwood Road and Georgian Lane. Although GDOT had considered placing a median in this area, a suitable location could not be identified. The Association will continue to coordinate with GDOT to place a median opening here, and work with property owners on driveway openings and interparcel access. Other proposed median breaks submitted by the Association to GDOT for consideration are between Georgian Lane and Highpoint Road (at Britt Road) and between Lake Lucerne Road and Ross Road. Additional recommendations by the Association included the possibility of right-turn lanes, interparcel access, and shifting the road alignment of Highway 78 at Lake Lucerne Road to reduce the curve and grade at this location. GDOT stated its support of these recommendations and will take them under consideration. The Association also presented landscaping recommendations. Although GDOT will not incorporate landscaping into the median project, they did agree to make allowances in the construction plans for future landscaping. The Association requested that construction take place during the night hours, though GDOT expressed concern over safety at night as well as cost. Finally, the Association inquired about the possibility of incorporating bus stop pullouts since Gwinnett County plans to run buses on Highway 78 in three years. To begin exploring this option, the Association will coordinate with Gwinnett County on the exact locations of these bus stops. As a next step to this productive first meeting, GDOT will review the Association’s Access and Beautification Plan and present it to GDOT’s chief engineer.

by developing and promoting coordinated transportation and community character improvements to benefit property owners, business owners, and residents along the Highway 78 corridor.

Residents Comment on Association Activities
The president of the Lake Lucerne Estates Civic Club (LLECC, Inc.), Dr. Frenesa Hall, stated that while her primary concern is for Highway 78 to become safer to drive, she also hopes that it can avoid becoming another Memorial Drive. She would like to see the corridor attract better businesses and restaurants to the area. She commends the Association’s efforts and vision. The LLECC treasurer, Debbie Bowman, said that she is glad the Association is focusing on safety as well as aesthetics. She hopes that the aesthetics achieved through landscaping and revision of signage will promote a more peaceful travel environment that has a calming effect on traffic. If people are enjoying the drive, it may also stimulate commerce as people take note of businesses along the way. Bowman also was pleased that the Association had appointed a residential liaison to address concerns of the communities that border the Highway 78 corridor.

Highway 78 Corridor Improvement Association Residential Liaison MB Strickland

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Visit www.highway78.org to view a full-length video about the median that will replace the reversible lane system and the benefits of forming a Community Improvement District! Check out the “Links” section to find out more about the legislation established to support the formation of Community Improvement Districts in Gwinnett County.

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Highway 78 Challenges:
♦ Highway 316 has become

the primary corridor to Athens, Georgia. ♦ There is no defined Central Business District in the city of Snellville. ♦ There is no overall destination for the area. Highway 78 Opportunities: ♦ Commuting route ♦ Internal circulation route for the local community Did You Know? In the 1980s Gwinnett County was one the fastest-growing counties in the United States and Highway 78 had more commercial driveways than any state route in Georgia.

Inside this Issue: Meeting with GDOT • Access and Safety Plan • CID Update • Residents Comment on Association Activities

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Association Submits Highway 78 Access and Beautification Plan to GDOT
The Association presented the Highway 78 Access and Beautification Plan to GDOT last month. The purpose of the plan is to complement the GDOT median design plans with recommendations for infrastructure and landscaping improvements to the U.S. 78 corridor. The median will replace the reversible lane system from East Park Place Boulevard to Scenic Highway/SR 124 and improve traffic safety along the corridor. To date, GDOT has completed the project concept development and surveying. Completion of design is expected by November 2003. The earliest possible construction start date is July 2004. The project includes sidewalks and three lanes of traffic in each direction, with very little need for additional right-of-way. The Association’s recommended improvements are being coordinated with GDOT for inclusion in the final design plans. The Access and Beautification Plan includes two primary elements: the Access and Safety Plan and the Landscape Plan. An overview of the Landscape Plan will be featured in next month’s newsletter. The Access and Safety Plan will improve access to business and residential establishments, while maintaining safe and adequate operations along the corridor. The five components of the Access and Safety Plan include (1) median openings, (2) right-turn lanes, (3) traffic signal recommendations, (4) minor roadway realignments, and (5) interparcel access. Median Openings GDOT’s median design plans currently include provisions for 19 median openings. Fifteen of the 19 median openings will have a traffic signal. The Association recommends that 17 of the 19 median opening have traffic signals. At the request of the property and business owners along Highway 78, the Association reviewed 12 additional locations for median openings that met GDOT spacing requirements. The Association evaluated and prioritized each of the 12 possible median openings based on need, existing or potential interparcel access, engineering feasibility, and right-of-way constraints. Seven were eliminated based on initial review by Association board members. The remaining five were further reviewed and analyzed to be included in the Access and Safety Plan. In order of priority, these locations are: • Between Parkwood Road and Georgian Lane • Between Georgian Lane and Highpoint Road (at Britt Road) • Between Lake Lucerne Road and Ross Road • Between Davis Road and Stone Drive (at Camp Circle/Pucketts Drive) • Between Walton Court and McGee Road (at Scenic Drive) Roadway Realignments The Association identified recommendations for roadway realignments based on safety concerns and/or to improve operations and intersection geometry at: • U.S. 78 near Lake Lucerne Road • Paxton Drive at U.S. 78 • Gresham Circle and Lake Lucerne Drive • McGee Road and Cambridge Street • Walton Court at U.S. 78 Interparcel Access The addition of median openings will assist with access from U.S. 78. The Association will work closely with property owners to increase access between parcels, especially where a median opening is proposed. The Association recommends interparcel access at all median openings and throughout the corridor. Median Openings Currently Planned by GDOT (at Intersection with Highway 78)
With Traffic Signals: • East Park Place Boulevard • Parker Court/Davis Road • Stone Drive • Lake Lucerne Road • Ross Road • Hewatt Road • Killian Hill Road/Bethany Church Road • Veracruz Drive/Oakland Park Blvd. • Parkwood Road • Highpoint Road • Walton Court • McGee Road • Fountain Drive • Knollwood Drive • Scenic Highway/SR 124 Without Traffic Signals: • Glenn Club Drive • Georgian Lane • Paxton Drive (Traffic signal recommended by the Association) • Lake Lucerne Drive (Traffic signal recommended by the Association)

Community Improvement District Now Forming
“The Perimeter CID is either managing or monitoring projects totaling $425 million, leveraged with only 2 to 3 percent of CID funding. These projects range from a bridge and HOV lanes to outdoor lighting and landscaping.” – Yvonne Williams, President, Perimeter Community Improvement District

Association Board of Directors President: Emory Morsberger, Avalon Homes 770-921-8508 Vice President: Kenny King, Monarch Land Development 678-344-1565 Secretary: David Hunt, Allpoints Realty 770-972-7700 Treasurer: Dwight Harrison, Dwight Harrison Volkswagen 770-979-2000 Art Mezzullo, Noro Management 404-233-1902 Art Riling, Yellow River Game Ranch 770-972-6643 Bill Gower, Brand Bank 770-985-1941 Dennis Nash, Property Owner 770-241-1364 Greg Baranco, Baranco GMC 770-985-3333 Larry Pearson, IDA Finance 770-982-6562 Nancy Patel, Comfort Inn 770-465-1888 Ronnie Cail, State Farm Insurance 770-979-8600 Tony Britt, Britt’s Home Furnishings 770-972-2808 W.H. Britt, W.H. Britt & Associates 770-972-4200

The Association is actively signing up property owners in order to activate a Community Improvement District (CID) along the Highway 78 corridor from the DeKalb/Gwinnett County line eastward through a portion of the city of Snellville. As of October 4, 2002, property owners of 119 parcels in the proposed district have submitted written consent forms to the Association to support the formation of a CID. A CID is a self-taxing district created through the cooperation of nonresidential property owners and local government entities. The revenues generated from the proposed CID are used for planning and construction improvements within the district. When the Association receives written consent from a majority of property owners representing 75 percent of the value of properties within the proposed district, Gwinnett County and the city of Snellville can pass a resolution to approve the CID. Once formed, the CID will continue the Association’s current coordination efforts and accomplish improvement projects along the corridor. The initial focus will be to affect the final design of the Highway 78 median project. However, the CID will remain intact beyond the completion of the median to fulfill the Association’s long-term goals of creating a safe corridor to drive through, an upscale destination area, and a first-rate living environment. Car Dealerships Sign On What do Gregory Baranco of Baranco GMC, Dwight Harrision of Dwight Harrison Volkswagen, and Pat Hoban of Performance Nissan & Mazda have in common? These property and business owners are taking action to improve the Highway 78 corridor. Each has joined the Association and supports the formation of a CID. As Highway 78 fast becomes a major venue for new car dealerships, the vital model for property owners to ensure the area’s safety and continued prosperity is to form a CID. Most recently, Tom Paul of Carey Paul Honda joined the Association and signed on to support the CID. The Association extends a special welcome to Tom! Progress as of October 4, 2002 CID Parcels: 578 parcels are in the proposed district. Property owners of 119 parcels have signed CID consent forms, representing 21 percent of all parcels and 14 percent of total property value in the proposed district. Association Membership: 24 property owners joined the Association during the period of September 1 - October 4, 2002.

Recommended Right-Turn Lanes in the Access and Safety Plan
Eastbound and Westbound at: • Glenn Club Drive • Pucketts Drive/Camp Circle • Ross Road • Killian Hill Road/Bethany Church Road • Parkwood Road Eastbound at: • Davis Road • Henry Clower Boulevard • Oakland Park Boulevard • Scenic Drive • Valley Drive Westbound at: • Britt Road • Fountain Drive • Highpoint Road • Lake Lucerne Drive • Lake Lucerne Road • Paxton Drive

Imagine a Better Highway 78: Before and After

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