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A fresh approach
 to this dreaded

     Ashleigh Davies-Ward
       Amanda Thomas
This primer is my attempt to explain just what this dreaded dis-ease is really about. Some
of the information is my own, while other parts are interpretations from credible sources. I
do not claim to have the whole story, but as you will see, I have identified additional
components not normally associated with cancer.

One of the fundamental problems associated with the traditional allopathic model is that it
fails to acknowledge that cancer is at all levels in our system. To treat just the physical
body and ignore the spiritual, emotional and mental connections is why it is so difficult to
make progress. The Zenna Method acknowledges the holistic model.
Then, there is the financial aspect. The whole cancer movement is hell-bent on NOT
finding a "cure"; the pharmaceutical industry does not want to put itself out of business.
But should someone come up with an effective pill based method of treating cancer, you
can expect it to be horrendously expensive (witness the Herceptin funding row).

What is on offer here fits "outside the box". At next to no cost, being able to completely
release cancer or any other serious health condition in just a few hours has to be the
ultimate "Holy Grail".

For further information please contact:
Amanda on 0432 501 798 or +61 7 3390 8687
Wynnum West, Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Ashleigh on 0401 569 030
Maryborough, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Visit our website at www.rise-beyond.com
What is cancer?
There are a seemingly endless number of ways that a body becomes ill. Dis-eases, such as
arthritis, varicose veins, ulcers and migraines are common throughout our society and indeed,
throughout the world, but these particular ones are not likely to kill you. Sure, they make your life
miserable and could shorten your
life, but that is about all they do.

On the other hand, there are "high energy disorders" such as AIDS, heart attacks and cancer to
contend with. And they definitely have the power to kill you.

As if that wasn't enough, society tries very hard to "cure" you - the treatments often being as
deadly as the dis-ease. So let us put aside AIDS and heart attacks and just concern ourselves with

This is how cancer is has been described by a publication produced by the Cancer Society of New
"Cancer is a disease of the body's cells. It starts in our genes. Our bodies are constantly making
new cells: to enable us to grow, to replace worn-out cells, or to heal damaged cells after an injury.
This process is controlled by certain genes. All cancers are caused by damage to these genes.
This damage usually happens during our lifetime, although a small number of people inherit a
damaged gene from a parent when they are born. Normally, cells grow and multiply in an orderly
way. However, damaged genes can cause them to behave abnormally. They may grow into a lump
which is called a tumour".

Does that explain it adequately? We now know that it is caused by cells acting abnormally and that
faulty genes are the cause. As far as this primer is concerned, what was written above is only a
fraction of the condition labelled as "cancer".

The Holistic Version
There is considerably more to cancer than meets the eye. For instance, there are so many
questions to ponder:
Why do some people recover from treatment and not others?
   • Why is it so painful (particularly in the final stage)?
   • What sets it off in the first place?
   • Why is it the biggest killer (33% of people die this way - and increasing)?
   • What is the "Great Gift" that cancer provides?
   • Can cancer be effectively treated holistically?
   • Are there any guarantees of success (by any means)?
   • Is it possible to detect, long before it becomes obvious?

As you can see, these questions pack a fair punch! Answers to some of these questions will be
provided within this primer. Your task is to stay alert and recognize them when you meet them.

The Holistic model I embrace is found in "The Path from Soul to Pain". What it infers to is that there
are many levels of understanding that include the mental, emotional AND spiritual aspects of
The physical manifestation of cancer is usually described as a tumour, lump or growth. It may be
benign (inert / non cancerous) or it might be malignant (cancerous). Medical tests are normally
carried out to determine if it is malignant or not.

Medical science is usually right, but as we know all too well, it can be an imprecise science. No
matter how much money and resources are poured into cancer research, we still haven't got it
sussed. Or have we?

Cancer Research - HISTORY
We are all aware that a "cure" for cancer is still a long way off, or at least that is what we are told.
But suppose a cancer cure IS available, and that it has been around for at least 80 years?
Suppose someone has actually found a way to kill cancer cells without doing damage, using non-
invasive treatments of just a few minutes every third day? Well, such a method does exist.

A number of respected scientists and inventors independently and collaboratively, established that
a particular bacteria triggered cancer. It could also transmute cancer cells back into healthy cells
again, given the right encouragement. Royal (Roy) Raymond Rife, along with Wilhelm Reich,
Gaston Naessens and many others led the way with research into "somatids" which are the
smallest living organisms. One of the many unique qualities is that Somatids are virtually
indestructible. They found that under certain conditions, somatids turned into bacteria - one form
being "Pleomorphic". Pleomorphic bacteria then turned healthy cells into cancer cells.

As you can imagine, they were excited by their findings, but certain people had other ideas. The
American Medical Association (AMA) saw this research as a serious threat to their operations.
Through the actions of two AMA protagonists: "Doc" Simmons and Morris Fishbein (who followed
Simmons) during the 1920's through 40's, a campaign was waged against this work. Through the
legacy of these two men, millions of people have been denied alternative cancer treatment that
could have saved their lives.

Even today, the AMA is still hard at work suppressing anything that promises a "cure", without the
use of expensive drugs. Other countries also have their equivalent organizations, funded to varying
degrees by the pharmaceutical companies. I have no doubt that my information would also rankle

Cancer research / treatment is second only to the petro-chemical industry for dollars invested or

Cancer research – HOLISTACALLY
To treat cancer requires an understanding of what it involves - at all levels. This is what I
understand about cancer:

Pretty much the same understanding as that described earlier, except that WHERE the cancer
occurs also has a story to tell. Although lumped under the same umbrella heading, breast cancer is
not the same as prostate cancer. Nor is knee cancer the same as lung cancer. No matter where it
manifests, the physical cancer has the power to kill you. It manifests where it does for many
reasons. Cancer is NOT "random"
When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their reaction is usually: Shock! Horror! Death sentence!
etc. Especially so when it arrives unannounced. The mind then goes into overdrive as it tries to
figure out the implications and options of this new direction. Prior to being told, they may have had
an inkling something was wrong - or they might not have. More questions than answers are what
this level provides, as they try to comprehend the message. The mind also drives the body.

Cancer is first and foremost an issue about suppressed emotions. Where the cancer manifests
provides powerful clues as to WHAT emotions are actually suppressed.

Not only that, but while those suppressed emotions are left unresolved, then progress will be slow
or ineffective. I will also add that left undisturbed, these suppressed emotions WILL eventually kill

At a spiritual level (note - nothing to do with religion), there are huge lessons attached to cancer.
The specific lessons related to cancer usually centre around the significance of emotional
openness, rather than emotional suppression. The lessons of cancer are intentionally hard
lessons. At the spiritual level, they usually centre around a single question: "why?"

For further information on this line of thinking, please read “The Path from Soul to Pain” by Brian
   •   Hereditary: Medical science has established that your genes may carry programs that can
       cause cancer to be formed. In that case, it may be just bad luck that you drew the short
       straw. What's worse, there's nothing you can do about it.

   •   Immune System: It is also well established that your immune system is involved with
       cancer. If your immune system is working well and fully functional, then you have much less
       chance of developing cancer. Consider this! Chemo and radiation destroy your immune
       system (if not already destroyed previously by you).

Pleomorphic Bacteria
At the source of the physical level manifestation are "Pleomorphic bacteria". These living
organisms grew from Somatids and are specific to cancer. They help create cancer by transmuting
healthy cells into abnormal ones.

It is well known that chemical toxicity can trigger cancer. Asbestos is probably the best known, but
really, ANY chemical compound that is foreign to the body and detrimental to it is potentially
carcinogenic. The more toxicity, the greater the risk.

Strangely, time is an essential ingredient in the creation of cancer. Time to incubate; time to
announce itself; and time to kill. Each stage is a vital component in our quest to understand cancer.

Emotional Suppression
What you suppress can kill you. For instance, Liver cancer is "suppressed rage". Throat cancer is
"suppressed vocal anger” and prostate cancer is "anxiety about growing old". These are typical
issues with typical causes. Bear in mind there is more to it, as we shall shortly see.

Life's Purpose is about learning lessons. If you are alive, then you have lessons to learn. Again,
“The Path from Soul to Pain” by Brian Cattermole has more info on this topic. At the heart of
EVERY health issue are lessons, not just with cancer.

Black Energy
This is the very core of cancer. In your auric field are colours that can be measured with modern
computer technology. They can also be seen or sensed by those sensitive (clairvoyant) to the
energies. Of all the colours, black energy is always associated with cancer. If you have black
energy in your aura and it looks stagnant, then cancer is present, or on its way. It is also a pre-
cursor and may be present, years before anything physical appears.

A key point to make at this time is that THE BLACK ENERGY IS THE REAL CANCER. You do not
have physical cancer without it. Therefore, by eliminating / releasing the black energy, the person
will NOT develop physical cancer. Conversely, release the black energy and the physical cancer
STOPS from that moment onwards! Much more will be said shortly.
The "All conditions must be met" Principle
Before a cancer can manifest, a certain number of conditions must be met. Taking the previous
factors into account, let us explore this next model.

Suppose four conditions needed to be met before cancer appears. It's like having four flags. When
all four flags are up, cancer is present. But when only one, two or three are up - no cancer. It can
be any combination. Here's an example:

Flag one: Hereditary It's in your genes. Oops! Too bad! One flag up.
Flag two: Toxicity Yes, at the age of 23 you were exposed to toxic material (e.g. hairspray, paint,
xylene etc), now at age 63, you still have some of that toxicity remaining in your system. Note that
it doesn't have to be a known carcinogen such as asbestos. ANY chemical that is foreign to the
body is potentially toxic. Another flag is up.
Flag three: Emotional suppression / blockages At an early age you chose to suppress
emotional issues, rather than cleanly experience and release them. You are now holding
considerable quantities of sadness, anger and anxieties. Three flags are up. No cancer yet.
Flag four: Time Suppose flag four is raised because you passed a certain age. You did not know
it, but a flag was set up before you were born to trigger on day 23,000 of your life. On that day, up
went the final flag. The program automatically kicked into "cancer creation" mode - simply because
all the required conditions were now met.
Other flags: involve your Immune System and specific triggers (e.g. Exposure to UV Rays). It
also involves the Lessons and whether the lesson will actually be learnt. Your Soul has a vested
interest in you. It wants you to learn the lesson it so carefully set up for you. Nothing happens by
accident. There could be any number of time related flags set up to trigger throughout your life. All
it takes to stop the cancer is to lower ANY of the flags that can be lowered. In this case, toxicity
and emotional blockages are the only ones. The other two will ALWAYS remain up. HOW we deal
with the emotions and toxicity is explained shortly. You only need to lower ONE flag to stop the
cancer. Lowering two just makes it more definite.

Types of Cancer
There are as many forms of cancer as there are parts of the body. Without going too deep, here
are some of the common ones (not in any particular order):
    • Breast cancer: Women with this condition have one common quality - they are all carers -
       caring for everyone else, but not themselves! Cancer here is all about looking after "number
       one". Guilt, selfishness, Self worth and especially, issues over giving / receiving abound.
    • Lung cancer: This actually has little to do with smoking. The lungs represent our
       "aliveness". Suppress the aliveness, and you could generate lung cancer. Lots of sadness.
       Smoking is just another "flag".
    • Prostate cancer: Growing old is something many men worry about. Loss of virility, strength
       and independence are symptoms of suppressed emotions in this area. Anxiety is rife.
    • Throat cancer: Pure and simple - not speaking your truth. Vocal anger is dominant here.
    • Liver cancer: The liver is where we store anger. Suppressed anger or rage leads to this
       cancer. Hepatitis and many other conditions are also linked to the Liver. Cancer is just ONE
       way to kill you.
    • Leukaemia (blood cancer): Blood is vital to every cell in the body. It delivers oxygen and
       nutrients and it removes waste products. The blood is at the very essence of life. Suppress
       the "life essence" and you could create Leukaemia.
   •      Brain cancer: Also known as a brain tumour, this is very common and few people survive
          it. It's about stubbornly resisting changing with the times - by holding on to old beliefs etc.
   •      Pancreatic cancer: The Pancreas is involved with regulating blood sugar levels. Suppress
          the "sweetness" in your life and you could end up with this one. Diabetes is another issue
          linked to the pancreas.
   •      Bowel cancer: The bowel is involved with the elimination of waste products. When you
          hold onto old ideas and attitudes that no longer serve you (if indeed, they ever did), then
          watch out!
   •      Cervical / female reproductive region: Cancer anywhere in this region relates to the
          value of life itself; of new life and new beginnings. It is also linked to the sex act which has
          its own set of issues.

Cancer has also been known to appear in these areas: penis, ovaries, mouth, cervix, testicles,
eyes, knees, bones etc etc. NO part of the body is exempt!

Here is a similar model to explore, which takes into consideration all the previous ideas. It shows
the cancer process starting at the "all conditions must be met" stage and ends with the termination
of life. It also shows the various checks and balances associated with the "lessons":

                               Pathway to Cancer
         etc              Bear in mind also that you Soul has the final say whether you live or die even if you
                          deal with your lessons e.g. you may be too weak to go on living. It may opt out and
                          let you start again in another life.

                                                           Yes for
                            Pleomorphic                    choice #1
                           bacteria return                 = cancer                                   NO for
    e.g. genes              to somatids                                                               choice #2
                             (possibly)                                                               = death

                               Are all              Somatids           Cancer            Is the
       FLAG                  conditions               create           creation         lesson           Death
   e.g. immune                  met?              pleomorphic
                                                                       process          learnt?

                                             NO                                                          NO
       FLAG                  checking
  e.g. emotions             REFERENCE=                                 Black
                           Life’s Purpose                              Energy

       FLAG                                                 Choice # 1 Are all conditions met?
       e.g. time                                            Choice # 2 Is the lesson learnt?
How does it work? These four flags are only some of the possibilities, but suppose ALL four flags
are up, then the 1st choice is fulfilled. YES, ALL conditions ARE met. The somatids are then
encouraged to create Pleomorphic bacteria, which then create cancer in the appropriate area of
the body. Where it is created is dependent on the black energy AND the health of your chakras
(discussed next).

The next part of the process involves the second choice - that of whether the lesson is learnt. If it
is, then the Pleomorphic bacteria are encouraged to return to being somatids. The cancer is now in
"remission". If not, then the final box kicks in and you reach the "permanent alternative" stage (i.e.
death - game over, planted etc). At all times the mechanism is in place to re-launch the cancer
process all over again.

It should be obvious that cancer does NOT happen by "accident". There is a set procedure in place
that is absolutely precise and "perfect". All this so you can exercise FREE WILL, because that is
what is at stake here.

The Simple Approach
If all that information is too much and you are perhaps feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all, here is a
much simpler model:

It all starts with the suppressed emotions. In that brew will be all manner of anger, sadness and
anxieties. The mixture will be unique to each human being and represents your Life's Purpose.
The issues will be the exact opposite of that which you have come to learn, experience or resolve
(refer to Life’s Purpose on last page).
From that volatile mixture of suppressed emotions comes the black energy into the auric field. It is
derived from - but is now independent of - those suppressed emotions. What it does is set up (and
feeds) the cancer in the part of the body best suited to the lesson(s) involved.

Through the mind, the physical body creates the lump, tumour or growth normally associated with
cancer. Finally, an understanding may take place as to the message of emotional suppression
versus openness (i.e. the lesson).

Because we are physical creatures that are "alive" (say, compared to a rock), we rely on networks
- blood, nerves, pain sensors, touch, etc to keep us informed of what is around us. At a purely
energetic level are other networks, the dominant one being our chakra system.

There are 7 major, 21 minor, and about 960 lesser chakras throughout the body. For this exercise,
only the 7 major ones will be discussed. They are:
7) CROWN Located at the top of the head, this is our connectedness to the universe, God,
spirituality etc.
6) THIRD EYE Just above the eyes in the brow, this is about communication with the world beyond
the physical.
5) THROAT In the throat itself, this is how we communicate and connect with the physical world,
and how we express ourselves.
4) HEART The centre of love. Right where the physical heart is, we express love, security and trust
issues here.
3) SOLAR PLEXUS In your tummy button, this is the seat of our emotions/ personal power and
how we draw in energy from around us.
2) SACRAL In the pubic area, this is about balance - giving and receiving, as well as sexual
1) KUNDALINI At the base of the spine this is your
connectedness to Mother earth, plus raw physical power.

There are a total of 12 energy points associated with these 7
chakras. Five have a front (feeling) and a rear (mental)
aspect. It is possible to identify the presence of cancer in the
body by measuring with a pendulum (programmed a certain

ANY chakra centre that is 100% closed indicates that
cancer is either present, or is about to appear. This
method has proved to be highly accurate and can be
done in just a few minutes by just about anyone.
What’s next?
It doesn't take much to get rid of cancer, once you understand what is required. What I am about to
suggest will challenge your belief system.

As with all health conditions, there are lessons involved. Cancer is just one way to work through
lessons. Heart attacks are another - intimately linked to issues of love, security and trust (heart
chakra stuff). By the way, heart problems are mostly about those unresolved issues festering away
at a surface level.

At the heart of the Zenna Method is the need to liberate the suppressed emotions. The more
emotional release work done, the greater the chances of survival.
    • Healing of the physical body - by whatever means
    • Clearing of toxicity - the more the merrier
    • Strengthening the immune system
    • Education / understanding about "why me?" (most important!)

And then there is the black energy to deal with. If you do everything above, but do not clear the
black energy, then you still run the risk of dying. The next time cancer returns, your odds of survival
are invariably much worse.

ZennaE is able to release most, if not all, of the emotional issues in a way that is fast, safe
and effective.

Zenna Healing can totally remove the black energy from your aura, and It can neutralize
most, or all of the toxicity, and... It can heal the physical body to the maximum possible. It
may even improve your Immune system as a bonus.

For someone with cancer – at any stage a normal session would involve:
   • A ZennaA reading (optional)
   • 20 minutes of Zenna Healing to release all cancer energy.
   • One ZennaE session of up to 1 hour to release FEAR based energy from all chakras,
      allowing the body to return to a natural state of balance and good health.
   • Stages 1 and stage 2 of the Transcension process to ensure cancer energy stays a thing of
      the past!
   • 40 minutes of Zenna Healing to neutralize toxicity.
   • A further 20 minutes (optional) of Zenna Healing to repair any damage to physical body due
      to blocked chakras.
   • Discuss stage 3 of Transcension which offers the ‘violet flame’ energy on a permanent

It is unlikely you would need more. Built into those sessions is a considerable "education" element.
Upon completion, I would expect the condition to have been released. NOTE: I offer no
guarantees! This work should not be misinterpreted as "medicine", I want to make it absolutely
clear that I am NOT medically trained. All I am is a Natural Health Practitioner, but I do know that
these techniques are REAL, and they WORK!
ZennaA is a form of dowsing using a pendulum and a set of templates / procedures to identify (i.e.
measure and assess) energy patterns. This is what can be achieved in about one hour:

    •   Measuring the state of the 12 energy centres known as the 7 major chakras
    •   Identifying the presence of anger, sadness, anxiety feelings on those chakras
    •   Identifying the ENERGETIC presence of cancer, diabetes or any other critical health
    •   Answering "yes"/ "no" questions
    •   Identifying how many "lessons" you have come into this lifetime to work through
    •   Identifying how many have been completed - to date
    •   Checking relative levels of minerals / vitamins / toxicity in the body
    •   Checking each vertebrae for problems
    •   Checking every part of the body for problems
    •   Establishing what "bottom lines" or “beliefs” are currently active
    •   Establishing the strength of those bottom lines
    •   Establishing what colours are in your auric field
    •   Establishing where specific problems are located

All in all, it is possible to read just about every part of the energetic field. Problems identified in this
reading may or may not indicate problems in the physical body. One thing it DOES NOT
ADDRESS is whether cancer is in the physical body. For that, you need to go to a medical

ZennaE is the next stage required to actually RELEASE the emotional blockages AND the black
energy. The session is totally confidential and private and may take up to 2 hours. One session is
usually sufficient to clear out any cancer issues.

Zenna Healing takes just one hour to restore health and balance back into the physical body. It
can also clear out any chemical toxicity. Upon completion of the session, the cancer should now be

Follow-up checks are recommended!

For further information please contact:
Amanda on 0432 501 798 or +61 7 3390 8687
Wynnum West, Brisbane, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Ashleigh on 0401 569 030
Maryborough, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Visit our website at www.rise-beyond.com
DISCLAIMERS for ZennaA, ZennaE* and Zenna Healing (respectively)

•   Be it known that I am not medically trained, nor do I pretend to be.

•   ZennaA is nothing more than an education / awareness process.

•   ZennaA is based on measuring and interpreting ENERGY patterns within the person. It is
    NOT medical diagnosis, because nothing in this process relates directly to the physical

•   Abnormalities are not necessarily an indication of actual physical health problems.

•   The assessment may very well show up the potential for serious illness. It is entirely your
    responsibility to seek medical help, should the assessment disturb you.

•   ZennaA assessments are only valid at the time of measurement.

•   Chakra dys-function or inappropriate practitioner activity can lead to physical health

•   Chakras become dys-functional when there is an "energy blockage" at the chakra.

•   Energy blockages are caused by unresolved emotional issues - usually a legacy of

•   ZennaE is not a therapeutic or counselling process. Nor is it intended to replace or
    complement any existing therapeutic process I may be, or have been involved with. The
    practitioner facilitating this session may not be trained in the psychological or counselling
    fields. I regard the process itself as simply a means of observing thoughts (both real and
    imagined) and emotions. I participate in this session with this understanding. By signing
    here-with I fully absolve the practitioner, the founder and any associated personnel from
    any liability in any form from any immediate or future outcomes of this session.

•   Zenna Healing provides a form of healing that is truly holistic and takes into account the
    emotional, mental, and spiritual needs, as well as those of the physical body. Therefore,
    Zenna Healing may or may not provide the results you expect. This does not, in any way,
    negate its effectiveness.

•   Zenna Healing Practitioners are (invariably) lay people without any medical training. As
    such, they are unable to diagnose or offer medical advice.

•   Zenna Healing is not intended to replace any medical treatment you may be currently
    receiving. Merely treat it as one that assists the healing process.

•   Zenna Healing is not involved, in any way, with "guidance", or the clearing of "past life
    issues", "karmic debt", or "emotional / energy blockages".
Life's Purpose
You came into this lifetime to resolve, learn or experience something. That "something" involves
the previous abuse of:
    POWER               LOVE              FREEDOM             NON APPLICATION

From that, you created a sense of Life's Purpose - a "wish list" of objectives and goals for this
lifetime. Each item can be considered a "lesson". They are there because YOU placed them

You express your Life's Purpose as a series of programs. Each program is complete in itself and
runs concurrently with all others. Each program has a unique "bottom line", which is the exact
opposite of that which you aim to achieve. You either: Deal With, Or will Die (D.W.O.D's) by these
issues - such is their impact on your health.

Each D.W.O.D. issue manifests an array of feelings. These feelings can be headed:
 • Anger (either: vocal or gut-wrenching pillow thumping variety)
 • Grief (tears, tears and more tears - lots of sadness)
 • Anxieties (victim consciousness, phobias, sabotage behaviour, paranoia, addictions,
    obsessions, confusion, etc)

Only when an issue has been cleanly released, is it possible to look back and say: "Now I
understand what it was about" i.e. "I have learnt the lesson".

That is how you fulfil your Life's Purpose. Every person on this planet is likewise fulfilling their Life's
Purpose. You are not alone!
                                                 I’m OK

       Stress illness Ego                                             Acceptance Wellness

       Heart attacks Selfishness                                         Respect Trust

       Stubbornness Control                                    Unconditional love Compassion

               Pride Grudge                                         Forgiveness

          Arrogance Contempt

                        MAD                                             GLAD
                                  ANGER                        LOVE
                              “Hey look at me”            “Happy Chappies”

                              AGGRESSIVE                    ASSERTIVE
You’re NOT OK                                                                       You’re OK
                               CRIMINAL                   SUBMISSIVE
                                “Life Sucks”                 “Poor me”

                                ANXIETIES                    SADNESS
                        BAD                                              SAD
              Greed No regard for Self                          Not good enough Don’t deserve

      No self esteem No regard for others                     ‘Wasting’ diseases Shy

              Numb Deep hurt                                    Passive/insecure Conditional love

              Hatred Intense fear                               Low self esteem Depression

             Callous Out of control                         Victim consciousness Apathy

          Insensitive                                                      Weak Cancer


                                               I’m NOT OK

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